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MISSION Facilitate interfaith partnerships Strengthening of family and marriages Fostering a culture of service and volunteerism


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Chairman’s Message The year 2011 has been an exceptionally busy year and yet a fruitful year for us as an organisation. With God’s grace we were able to accomplish more than the year before. The credit goes to a great team within the organisation as well as collaboration with kind partners, whether they are government agencies, corporate bodies or other non-profit organisations. I must take this opportunity to thank all our partners and all the people who supported us to make our programs a success. I would especially like to express our deepest appreciation to the Department of National Unity and Social Integration for collaborating in Global Peace Leadership Exchange and Midnight Football, both of which created impacts. We are also grateful to Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for engaging us in the innovative and meaningful program of Midnight Football. The mission of GPFM is to create a culture of peace. I believe our unifying vision of ‘One Family under God’ can transcend the many barriers of ethnicity, nationality and religion, fostering love among all people as members of one human family. Moving forward, we will continue to strengthen our relationships with strategic partners developed over the last few years and engage many others in an effort to expand the impact of our programs locally and internationally. You can help us by offering your feedback and suggestions so that we can keep improving and become more effective. Our challenge ahead is to continue planting the seeds of peace in the hearts of mankind – the most important thing we can do in the world. I know that with your help, no matter what the challenges, we will achieve this ambition. I would like to thank everyone who makes this vital work possible – our supporters, donors and volunteers.

Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hjh Zaleha Ismail Chairman, Global Peace Festival Malaysia

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Introduction GPF Malaysia is an affiliate of USbased Global Peace Festival Foundation (GPFF), an international non-profit peace movement that believes the power of one human family can ease conflict in the world. That vision can be summarized in one meaningful phrase – One Family Under God. The profound truth is that all humanity is connected in a most fundamental way, beyond the differences of race, religion or nationality. Because we all share a common Origin or Source, the Creator God, all people

are part of the one human family. This simple yet powerful vision for peace is combined with a practical plan of action. The GPFF, which is headquartered in Washington, DC, develops and supports many programs and initiatives around the world for strengthening families, serving communities and engaging youth. GPF Malaysia is one of the 23 international chapters that carry out volunteer activities to promote cross-cultural understanding as a foundation for peace. By investing in programs that can bring about

positive social transformation, GPFM hopes to bring about a new culture of peace and service in our country. During the year 2011, numerous social initiatives were planned, launched and implemented in Malaysia, with guidance and support from GPFF. These included leadership conferences, educational programs, community service projects, youth workshops, activities to engage volunteers, and the building of multi-sectorial partnerships. This report is a summary of all those efforts made by GPFM in 2011.


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Global Peace Leadership Exchange (GPLE) “I do not wish my house to be walled on all sides and my windows stuffed. I want the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible.” Gandhi OBJECTIVES

1. To create a platform for exchange of best practices in peacebuilding and nation-building. 2. To foster inter-cultural understanding between Malaysia and Korea 3. To provide opportunity for Malaysians and Koreans to broaden their social, cultural and economic perspectives and build networks that can facilitate their contribution for peace-building.

“Malaysia is the best place for Koreans to experience the spirit of One Family Under God because of its ‘unity in diversity’ as a multicultural, multi-racial nation.” Mr. David Yoo, President of Global Peace Festival Foundation (GPFF) Korea

In 2011, GPF-Malaysia formed a partnership with the Department of National Unity and Integration (JPNIN) of the Prime Minister’s Department and GPFF-Korea. Together we kicked off the GPLE program in Malaysia and enabled it to become a valuable and effective platform to share best practices, ideas and experiences in peace-building. Since April 2011, the GPLE has brought together two countries for this unique purpose. Leaders from various sectors of Korean and Malaysian society participated in the programme which was held six times in Malaysia and once in Korea.

The program drew a great response from each visiting Korean delegation, expressing their high admiration for the ‘unity in diversity’ spirit of Malaysian society. The GPLE provided the Korean visitors with a greater understanding of our social and cultural framework and firmly established goodwill and friendship between the two nations. Each visit by the delegates was a pleasant surprise for them as they witnessed and experienced Malaysia’s colourful diversity and were touched by the warm hospitality.

“We are very grateful that the Department of National Unity (of Malaysia) can work very closely with the GPFF-Korea and the GPFMalaysia. Malaysians are very blessed and fortunate that we have been able to live together all these years despite our diversity and differences. So, the highest level is to celebrate. Celebrate the diversity that we have.” Y.B. Senator Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department

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During each trip, the GPLE program encompassed various activities and events to provide the Korean delegation with socio-cultural perspectives of Malaysia in interactive ways. These included: Forum to share experiences and best practices — various local partners were invited to talk about their projects and efforts to bring about social awareness and peace. Peace and Friendship Exchange Ceremony — each Korean delegate was paired with a Malaysian. They signed a

certificate to establish friendship and exchanged gifts signifying goodwill in the spirit of building One Family under God. Community visits — Korean delegates carried out community service such as planting trees or painting murals in schools, creating value for local suburbs and villages. Meanwhile through the home visits, delegates enjoyed kind hospitality from their host families while gaining a unique insight into local customs and way of life. Cultural experience — delegates were exposed to various traditional and cultural

performances while savouring traditional dishes, ethnic delicacies and local fruits. They were also given opportunities to try their hand at making authentic local food and take part in local craft and games.


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Awareness of Malaysia

Between April 2011 and October 2011, the GPLE attracted some 400 Korean delegates from various backgrounds to visit Malaysia which led to a huge positive outcome and multiple benefits for everyone. A majority of these delegates are change-makers and opinion leaders such as current and former members of parliament, heads of government agencies, and provincial and county councillors. Their experience in our country has helped to change their perception of Malaysia which in turn has influenced others.

“Through this GPLE, I realized that the perception I had towards Malaysia up until now was a big mistake. The aspect of accepting many different religions and co-existing in harmony was a great shock. The slogan ‘One Malaysia” has a very similar concept to our GPFF slogan of ‘One Family Under God’ and the Malaysian culture supports that idea, which made me feel more attracted to Malaysia.”

“For over 5,000 years, Korea has focused on purity, exclusiveness and oneness. But recently we have been challenged by different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and values. Malaysia is the best country to help Korea learn how people can co-exist peacefully despite their diversity.”

The majority of Korean society has little knowledge about Malaysia compared to neighbouring Thailand and Singapore. The GPLE not only introduced our country to Koreans, but gave them a unique and deeper insight into our culture, religious faiths, tourist attractions, natural heritage and other rich diversities. Many Korean delegates expressed surprise by the many beautiful places and abundance of culture. Others were moved by the heart-warming Malaysian hospitality. In essence, we established ambassadors of 1Malaysia in Korea.

Dr Young-Sun Song, Honourable Congresswoman, Republic of Korea

Dr Chang Yeon Lee, Director of Social Education, Taekyeong University

Unity in Diversity – A model for peace The Korean delegates were fascinated by how our multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multireligious society could exist harmoniously and how its people lived together peacefully despite the differences. Whereas Korean society is homogenous with its uni-lingual and uni-racial population, they view our ‘unity in diversity’ as a model for learning to boost national harmony.

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Promotion and income for tourism

Category of Korean Leaders who visited Malaysia

The duration of each GPLE 2011 programme in Malaysia was approximately four days and within this period, the Korean delegates helped to generate revenue for Malaysia through accommodation, meals, ground transportation, shopping and other local expenditures. More importantly, their memorable experience here will ensure their return and encourage them to recommend Malaysia as a travel destination to their fellow Koreans.

“Through the model of Malaysia as a multi-racial, cultural and religious nation…I was able to understand the GPF activity for global peace. I was deeply impressed that Malaysian GPF carries out social contribution programs such as Power of 10 Sen and Midnight Football in connection with Asian Football Confederation, etc. … I shall strive for global peace and community contribution hereafter. Creating a culture of volunteerism Korean society experienced rapid development over the last 40 years. One of the important factors was the launch of ‘Saemaul Improvement Campaign’ in the early 70s. This campaign shaped a nation of selfhelped, diligent and volunteering citizens. By engaging the Korean leaders in community service activities in Malaysia, they can become role models for Malaysian citizens.

You Ki Joon, Former Asan City Councilman & CEO of Koryo Development Co. Ltd.

Peace is the common ground for both GPFM and JPNIN. In line with the motto of One Family under God, we should continue to celebrate diversity, and that’s why we keep receiving these Korean delegates and having this meaningful programme with them. Mr. Gandesan Letchumanan, Deputy Director General, Department of National Unity & Integration


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GPLE Photo Summary


3RD GPLE – JULY 2011

2ND GPLE – JUNE 2011


The first delegation comprised 36 Koreans who were given an introduction to the role played by the Department of National Unity and Integration. Several partners working closely with GPF Malaysia were also invited to speak about their projects and perspectives on peace-building. Part of the GPLE program included a scenic Putrajaya Lake Cruise and an eye-opening cultural visit for the delegates to two communities, Kampung Malaysia Raya and Taman Kajang Mewah.

A 67-strong group from GPFF Korea, led by its director Park Jongchun, was welcomed this time. The group consisted of members of the foundation who were also leaders in their own communities and business or social organisations. Activities included a Leadership Workshop, Leadership Exchange, a visit to a local community (Sungai Ramal Luar Kajang) for interactive cultural activities, plus a visit to AFC to learn about the football governing body’s efforts towards social responsibility.

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This visit by 108 Korean delegates represented the biggest group yet to participate in the GPLE. Among the delegates was Honourable Congresswoman Dr. Young Sun Song, who also serves on the Global Leadership Council of GPFF. The 3-day program included a Friendship Exchange Ceremony, a cultural visit to the Taman College Heights community, home visits, local entertainment, plus a dinner banquet graced by Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

“Unity in Diversity: The Malaysian Experience” was the theme of a peace forum hosted at Universiti Kebangsaan in conjunction with the visit by 56 Korean peace activists. Besides the forum, the delegation visited a community at Kampung Tambak Paya, Melaka and learnt about their customs and lifestyle. They were also delighted to attend a high-tea meeting with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Senator A. Kohilan Pillay and to share their experiences in Malaysia.


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The visit by 60 Korean delegates coincided with the celebration of Tanglung and Zhang Festival. Brand new experiences awaited them at the Chinese community in Kampung Cempaka, Petaling Jaya where the residents demonstrated some Chinese traditional cultural arts and taught the delegates to play carom and held a table tennis match. They also attended a peace forum, held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.


The 6th GPLE comprised a business forum at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia and a special luncheon with its Deputy Minister, Y.B. Dato’ Mukhriz Tun Mahathir. The 30 Korean delegates were warmly welcomed for a community visit to Taman Menara Maju in Klang and the next day, they enjoyed a friendly Malaysia – Korea golf match for charity followed by a luncheon with Y.B Senator Kohilan Pilay.

A delegation of 33 Malaysians were excited to be part of the first GPLE visit to the Republic of Korea. The 3-day program included an official welcome by North GyeongSang Provincial Council and a memorable cultural experience at the MunGyeong Omija Village where our Malaysian delegates learnt to make Omija (Schisandra Berry) juice and the famous Korean delicacy, kimchi. They were also given a special introduction to ‘Sae Maul Undong’ and Korean history, which was followed by a luncheon hosted by the Malaysian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea. The program ended with the presence and participation of the delegation at the much-anticipated 2011 Global Peace Convention, held in Seoul.


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Midnight Football Utilizing the power of football to change lives Midnight Football ‘Off the street, On the ball’ has been hailed as the first program in Asia to use the social power of football, with other peer-support mechanisms, to guide youthat-risk (aged 18-years and below) towards involvement in healthy activities. This 8 month program was jointly organised by GPF Malaysia, Asian Football Confederation and Department of National Unity and Social Integration.


1 To encourage at-risk youth to stay off the streets where they risk becoming social misfits and committing crimes. 2 To foster character building and education through football, providing a platform for at risk youths to realise their potential and stay out of trouble. 3 To provide potential football talents to explore opportunity of long term career in football. The pilot program was launched in September 2010 and has since proven successful in bringing about positive change among participants, some of whom had disciplinary problems in school or were in juvenile reform school.

“The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is pleased that we could roll out this partnership program (Midnight Football) to benefit the youths and community. The efforts that GPF Malaysia invested to make this program successful is highly commendable.” Mr. Ingill Ra, Director of Social Responsibility, AFC

The second edition of Midnight Football was launched on 29 July 2011 and was implemented at Bandar Baru Sentul in Kuala Lumpur for a period of 8 months. The program created a greater impact as the activities did not just target the kids but also engaged the parents, teachers and the community at large. The program contains five components — football training, character building workshops, parents and teachers engagement, and community carnival. A wide-range of topics was covered such as dream big, leadership, service for others and healthy living. It also provided opportunities for participants to make new friends and receive guidance on becoming independent, useful and contributing citizens. The synergy between the partners, i.e. Department of National Unity & Integration (JPNIN) and Asian Football Confederation (AFC), helped make the on-going programs run smoothly and also helped engage various sectors of the community. Other partners involved are UNICEF, Sports Planet, University of Malaya (Sports Centre), Ministry of Education and PROSTAR.

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TESTIMONIALS Ever since my son Husni was young, I always looked for good programs for him to take part in. Out of all the programs which he participated in, Midnight Football (MF) is the one I like most. MF is unique as it is an 8-month program, not just a short event. MF provided my son lots of opportunity to learn. Before Husni join the MF program, he was a very careless person, poor in time management and managing his own life. After a while in MF, I can see positive changes as he is getting more responsible, more organized and manages his time better. I heard he told the MF organizers that he really wants to change himself since the day his mother cried for him. As a father I felt really touched and grateful to all the staff of the MF program who are willing to take time to give attention to these kids. Before this, Husni was quite uncontrollable and lacked good manners, but now he has become more respectful towards family members at home. I’m really proud of him. At times my wife and I would go and see him practising futsal and we noticed a lot of improvement in his football skills as he could now play very well. We are really pleased to see our son’s transformation through MF. I strongly feel that MF program is really great and will benefit the young generation. En. Husin Bin Mahidin, Father of MF participant Before joining MF, I was a very lazy person. I disliked sharing my thoughts with others and I only mixed around with my own friends. But after joining lots of activities in MF program, I gained new friends from other schools and finally I managed to break through my comfort zone. MF is really an awesome program because it has lots of benefits and it also helps to unite all races as a family. Finally it helps to discover our hidden talents. Loshannaa Ravichandran, MF participant Midnight Football is a good program for students, as football can be an effective instrument to build character and discipline. The lessons from the game and the whole program can be applied in all aspects of life. En. Mohd Shairi Pauzi, sports teacher at SMK Bandar Baru Sentul We are honoured to be part of this program and our staff worked hard throughout to coordinate the programs with GPFM and AFC. The greatest reward is to see the positive changes among the MF participants. En. Mohd Rosli bin Alias, District Officer of JPNIN Sentul I am so glad that Midnight Football is being held at Sentul. This program has helped those kids to develop self-discipline, a sense of responsibility and a greater awareness of the world they are living in, which will definitely help them in the future. My hope is this program will expand to other areas and even other countries. Edwin, Head Coach of Midnight Football (2nd Edition)


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“The MF program has helped my son build better self-confidence to be better able to pursue his interests.� Mr. Darshan Singh THE ON-GOING PROGRAMMES:

Leadership Camp

Workshop for parents

Weekly futsal training

To instil leadership skills such as teamwork, communication and ownership while providing experiential learning through community service and challenging activities. Attitudes improved, more respect and trust was developed between the organisers and the kids, and they showed greater acceptance of different cultures and races.

Conducted by UNICEF and attended by 25 MF kids with their parents/ family members. It created opportunities for both sides to interact and helped to instil healthy parenting skills. The outcome was more trust and understanding with the parents and better family dynamics.

Participants improved their futsal skills while learning positive values such as sportsmanship, respect, discipline and teamwork. The sessions also helped the kids to bond with each other despite attending different schools.

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Community Carnival Held on 18 December in Bandar Baru Sentul, the carnival helped to strengthen the neighbourhood spirit, build a better relationship between the MF kids and the community, and motivated JPNIN and AFC to invest more in expanding the good work of MF across the country and Asia.

Reflection & Evaluation for 1st phase of MF Feedback from the MF participants was conducted via a questionnaire. They also shared what they learnt and gave suggestions for improvement.


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Power of 10 sen “It is not about collecting millions of dollars, it is about empowering millions of children…” Tan Sri Zaleha Ismail The Power of 10 Sen is an educational programme to foster the culture of service and living for others. By encouraging our youth and children to believe that even 10 sen has the power to change lives for the better, it helps to cultivate compassion and instils the virtue of giving.


1 To foster the culture of giving and living for others via educational programs and value-based activities 2 To address the needs of underprivileged children, especially in education and health 3 To empower children and youths to bring about social change through innovative ideas in the spirit of social entrepreneurship In 2011, the Power of 10 Sen gained support from the private sector via partnership on projects, which helped to increase awareness of the campaign and its power to make a strong social impact.

“When we were approached by Global Peace to talk about Power of 10 Sen (in the Upin & Ipin series), we had a hard time doing it. However, in the end, we developed a story about the children’s effort to help their friend who faced misfortune when his house was destroyed in a fire. So in this story we teach the children how to care and share between friends. Their awareness can help others and it only needs to start from something small.” Tuan Hj. Burhanuddin Bin Md. Radzi Managing Director, Les’ Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd.

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F&N partnership

F&N used the brand of Power of 10 Sen during the Ramadhan month to raise donations for children’s charity.

Upin & Ipin partnership

Upin & Ipin is a hugely popular animation TV series in Malaysia produced by Les Copaque, Malaysia’s first 3D animation company. It features the life and adventures of twin brothers in a fictional Malaysian kampung and helps to instil positive values in its young audience. The show was a perfect partner to promote the ‘Power of 10 Sen’ message and not only did it highlight the campaign, but it also featured the GPFM Chairman, Tan Sri Zaleha, as an animated character!


4/16/12 4:39:23 PM


Power of the Brand The campaign made such a strong and positive impact on Malaysian mind-sets that the concept was extended to other countries but adapted to their local currency. GPF Malaysia had the pleasure of building and supporting the program in Indonesia, Mongolia and Korea.

Power of Rupiah

Power of 10 Tugrik

Power of 1,000 Won

Creative Juice partnership Creative Juice Kuala Lumpur is an award-winning “ideas” agency that does brave, unconventional and cutting edge communications work. CJKL has been supporting Power of 10 Sen projects since 2010 and came up with a new and effective website for the campaign.

“It’s such a simple concept — 10 Sen can actually change the world, but it needs everyone to contribute so I would like to be that 10 Sen or Creative Juice would like to be that 10 Sen… this is basically one of the initiatives we’ve done together and we won’t stop here, we definitely will contribute more.” Mr. Sa’ad Hussein, Managing Director, Creative Juice Kuala Lumpur.

“We are very proud that our Power of 10 Sen program has been adopted by other countries. We have collaborated with Indonesia and Mongolia on the concept and we also assisted our Korean counterpart with ‘Power of 1,000 Won’.” Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hjh Zaleha Ismail, Chairman of GPFM


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15 4/16/12 4:39:25 PM


Character Education “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” Martin Luther King Jr.

Our current education system emphasizes a whole child developmental approach — intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. However, the reality is that the pursuit of excellence in education seems to give greater emphasis to academic excellence at the expense of the other three aspects of education. That is the reason why Character Education was born. Good character formation among our children is a key to internal well-being and emotional maturity which promotes

a positive value system and keeps them away from negative social influences.

this national programme is themed ‘Towards 1Malaysia, A Nation of Character’.

The Character Education Program (CEP) is a multi-pronged approach to building character among the youth. It aims to foster ethical responsibility and caring among young people by modelling and teaching good character through an emphasis on universal values. Also known as Character Education Programme @ Malaysia (CEP@M),

CEP@M was designed to complement the ethical and moral lessons taught in school and comprises both cognitive and experiential learning. The hope is that it will become an integral part of co-curriculum programmes in primary and secondary schools. The target group for implementing the CEP are those aged between 6 and 18 years.


1 To nurture virtues and positive character traits that will guide the young to become responsible individuals and enhance personal growth, families and communities 2 To provide a long-term solution to reinforce development of character in a non-formal curriculum 3 To foster national unity and social integration in schools through multi-cultural learning 4 To build caring school communities in a positive learning environment

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The programme consists of a three-way focus on School, Family and Community:




4 Major Life Goals in CEP@M 1








“Character ethic is the foundation of success” Stephen R. Covey Phase 1 of the programme began in 2009 with the proposal paper being presented to the Director General of the Ministry of Education. In 2010, collaborations were established with four universities: 1 Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) 2 Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) 3 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) 4 Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) The respective university deans of the Education Faculties/ Departments appointed key module writers to create relevant and effective characterbuilding components. Approximately 20 lecturers are involved in the on-going project which comprised activities such as modules writing, meetings with government agencies and retreats to develop strategies. Between August 2010 and September 2011, GPF Malaysia also held regular meetings with the module writers at Institut Integriti Malaysia (IIM). Phase 2 of the programme will take the CEP@M to the next level by carrying out training sessions for the counselling teachers, implementing test-runs on pilot groups, evaluating progress, refining modules, and connecting counselling teachers to the appointed module writers.


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Global Peace Volunteers “There is something deeply spiritual in serving others. It is not something we should do only for a day, a month, or even a year. It has to become a way of life.” Dr Hyun Jin Moon The Global Peace Volunteers (GPV) program is about raising a new generation of young people who selflessly live for others and make efforts to bring about social change and a peaceful world. The programs are designed to provide a platform for undergraduate students to exchange ideas and learn through service to foster a lifestyle of volunteerism. It is also an opportunity to raise young leaders of character, values and virtues. In 2011, student leaders representing student organizations from various universities were invited to attend a series of Global Peace Volunteer programs which aimed to create a caring community within the university compound. GPV encourages students to pursue personal excellence by challenging one’s limitations and using their abilities for the greater good.

2011 Program line-up: 1 Young Leaders Assembly 2011 on April 16, 2011, at University of Malaya. Jointly organised by GPFM & University of Malaya and supported by Ministry of Higher Education, the assembly held panel sessions on two topics: The power of service & Leadership for the future.

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2 Global Peace Volunteer Camps series: 21-22 May – 1st GPV Camp. Location: Outback Broga, Semenyih. 40 participants. 18-19 June – 2nd GPV Camp. Location: Kuala Selangor. 34 participants.

The GPV Camp modules comprised leadership development, experiential learning, challenging activities, team-building games and community service projects.


4/16/12 4:39:35 PM


TESTIMONIALS A very well-prepared workshop that motivated all the participants and encouraged us to make a difference in our lives. Challenging our limits is important in our life. We have to use our potential to the fullest. Change ourselves first before we change society.

This workshop opened a whole new chapter in my life, to many experiences that I haven’t experienced before. I was taught to love truly, to trust, to forget differences and love all, under one God. The inspirational videos inspired me to an enormous extent and now I want to be like those individuals. I feel like now, there is purpose.

Initially, I thought that it would be somewhat of a boring program. But the instant the programs started I loved every moment. I gained a lot of knowledge and was very much inspired by all the things they did. By the end of the workshop I think I became a changed person who wants to unify and help the whole of mankind.

Luthfan Areka Adi

Sabeera Cader

Mohamed Riza


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19 4/16/12 4:39:37 PM


Global Peace Convention (GPC)

As one of the key programs under the Global Peace Festival Foundation (GPFF), the Global Peace Convention brings together leading voices from around the world including social entrepreneurs, scholars, government policy makers, faith leaders, business representatives and civil society partners. This annual convention provides a world-level platform to share best practices and develop collaborative strategies to address issues in education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, community-driven development, and conflict resolution, guided by a vision of One Family under God. The GPC also offers an opportunity to initiate new partnerships, develop new programs and strengthen existing ones.

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4/16/12 4:39:42 PM


In November 2011, GPFF hosted the 3rd Global Peace Convention which was held in Seoul, Korea with the theme of “Peace building in East Asia and the Unification of the Korean Peninsula”. It was attended by 600 delegates from over 30 nations including Malaysia who brought the second biggest delegation — a total of 33 representatives from various sectors. The Malaysian delegates had the opportunity to participate in breakaway dialogues and workshops which offered avenues for networking, sharing experiences and studying current issues : 1 New Interfaith Paradigm: Faith Leadership and Peace-building in East Asia 2 Establishment of Social Integration Model for East Asia Peace 3 Empower Students with Character, Leadership and Citizenship 4 Women’s Leadership, Human Rights and Peace-building 5 Parliamentary Round Table Session


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21 4/16/12 4:39:51 PM


Global Peace Awards “I never expected to receive such an award. I never thought I was doing anything remarkable. I have spent my life doing the things I believed I ought to do.” Tan Sri Zaleha The main highlight of the three-day event was the presentation of the first annual Global Peace Awards which served to officially recognize and honour those who have shown exemplary dedication and public service in their respective areas. Awards were conferred to outstanding leaders in in the areas of Service, Family, Faith, Governance, Culture, and Scholarship, reflecting the importance of multi-sector cooperation in sustainable peace building and economic development. It was an immensely proud moment for the Malaysian delegation when one of our own was called to receive an award. Malaysian child welfare advocate Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hajah Zaleha Ismail, who is also Chairman of GPF Malaysia, was conferred the first Global Peace Award for the Family. Tan Sri Zaleha was recognised for her tireless work in advocating better welfare of women and children through years of service in government and non-governmental social service. Among her roles, both past and present: 1 President of the Malaysian Council for Child Welfare, the premier national non-governmental organization promoting the well-being of children 2 Former Chair of the National Population and Family Development Board 3 A former Member of Parliament 4 Former President of ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organizations 5 Former President of National Council of Women’s Organizations.

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4/16/12 4:39:57 PM

I must really congratulate GPFM for the very important role that it is playing. We are able to gather here for the 5th GPLE due to the fact that GPFM and GPFF Korea are both committed to the objectives of promoting peace and to learn from each other in the spirit of peace-building and nation-building. Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Lee Lam Thye, Board of Trustees, Yayasan 1Malaysia


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23 4/16/12 4:40:03 PM


GPF MALAYSIA BOARD MEMBERS Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hajah Zaleha Ismail CHAIRMAN

Associate Professor Normah Mohd Dali Dr Tengku Naufal Tengku Mansor Dato’ Mary Ritchie Dr Teh Su Thye Executive Team

Datin Paduka Yong Dai Ying Dr Teh Su Thye

Mr Sabar Md Hashim

Executive Director

Mr Puniamurthy Krishnasamy

Ms Fong Pick Ching

Ms Gui Lei Lan

Mr Nicholas Lee

Chief Administrator Director of Program Development

Mr Nelson Loong Mr James Poon Ms Gillian Chan

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Mr Jim Lee

Director of Global Peace Volunteer

Mr James Poon

Director of Leadership Development

Ms Linda Heng

Director of Resource Development

Ms Taqinah Mohd Tahir Program Assistant

Ms Alice Cornwell Neocharum

Program Assistant

Ms Maslizawani Bt Mokhtar Book-keeper


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Anual Report 2011  

Report on GPFM Programs 2011

Anual Report 2011  

Report on GPFM Programs 2011