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Truth About Abs Review So everyone is talking about Truth About Abs, but is it worth all the talk? Find out in the following in-depth review of Mike Geary’s program that has been a hit since it was released a couple of years back. What is Truth About Abs All About?

Truth About Abs is a training program that aims at conditioning your body to achieve a defined physique. Specifically, the program is designed to give you a sculpted body using simple workouts that are not torturous. There are many amazing features in this program that is delivered as an e-book guide. All the techniques are based on principles that have been proven scientifically, and they basically make use of the natural responses of the body to dietary input and physical output to give lasting changes. Unlike most programs out there that offer ‘quick fix’ solutions, the approach used in this program gives permanent results in a healthy

way. Quick fixes tend to cause rapid elimination of water from the body, leading to the initial weight loss that makes the program seem to be working. In reality, this approach is unhealthy and can lead to improper functioning of several body organs. The Truth About Abs program comprises several exercise routines that are designed to build up the core muscles in the body and strengthen them, and these exercises are complemented by a healthy nutritional plan that helps to minimize fat in the body. There are so many good things that make this program standout. Firstly, you will not find the dreaded crunches, sit-ups, or complicated exercises for the tummy. Also, you shouldn’t expect to find any boring cardio routines and there are no fat-burning supplements to take alongside the main program. If you’re used to the agony of having to endure regular sit-up sessions (that lead to little or no results), then this program will be a big eye opener. Most people are not aware that you can actually tone your tummy without tortuous exercises. The Truth About Abs changes all that and shows you how to get a sculpted tummy without subjecting your body to miserable routines.

The techniques in this program are carefully designed to work your abdominal muscles in the most efficient way while providing the right balance of nutrients through a healthy diet plan. All those dieting mistakes that have dogged your weight loss efforts for a long time are corrected in this program. Once you begin with the program, you’ll notice positive changes within weeks as the techniques start to melt the fat and build lean muscles. This is one of the most refreshing experiences you will have and, better yet, the changes will be permanent. What’s more, the workout routines in the program have a host of other benefits for the overall health of your body. What Are The Exact Contents of the Program? The Truth About Abs program is not just a weight loss and body conditioning program, but a complete guide to a healthy lifestyle change. It starts with a general introduction in the first chapter basically highlights what you’re going to find in subsequent chapters. This is followed by a chapter on ‘Relative Body Fat or leanness’. This is basically how to determine the amount of fat you have in the body and why it is important to keep your body fat percentage low.

Chapter 3 is one of the most important in the guide as it outlines the entire plan for conditioning the abdominal muscles. Essentially, it tells you where and how to get started with the real ab training. There’s a wealth of information you’ll learn in this chapter, such as the structure of abdominal muscles, how to properly position the body, the right ab exercises, and more.

Chapter 4 discusses dieting in general. There’s basically everything you need to know about dieting and weight loss; what you should do and what you shouldn’t do; metabolic rate and lean body mass, and more. Chapter 5 has several sections discusses different topics, including the effect of metabolic processes on training, a comparison of single-joint and multi-joint exercises, how to train for a lean body, and how to gauge work output during lean body training.

Chapter 6 compares free weights to mechanical tools and this is a very crucial aspect of any weight loss program. A lot of people give up on weight loss training because they cannot access proper equipment dictated upon them in other training programs. Not so with this one and you’ll find out more in this chapter. There’s a section that discusses cardio and its associated problems. Mike Geary also gives his own solution to the cardio problem here. The last part is an in-depth discussion on how long training sessions should be and their frequency. There’s also a FAQ section that answers all the typical questions that people have about this program. There are simply many things to love in this program but one that will catch your eye is that Mike Geary goes to great length to stress the usefulness and importance of the different workouts and targeted routines outlined in the program. You’ll like the part where he bursts a couple of myths about weight loss, such as the long held notion that lengthy cardio are what you need to trim your tummy, and things of the sort. Mike Geary aptly educates users of his program about how the body responds to different physiological stresses. When subjected to relatively moderate exercises like cardio, it adapts and starts to store fat

for such times of moderate physical stress. For details beyond this, you obviously need to purchase the program and learn for yourself. Bottom line You cannot be serious about losing weight and getting the shape you crave if you’ve not yet got The Truth About Abs. This program is simply unlike any other you’ve come across. The techniques in the program have been carefully designed to be very effective for the purpose they are intended to achieve. They are complemented by an equally effective diet plan that will lead to a comprehensive weight loss experience unlike any you’ve managed before. The program is 100 percent recommended, so go and get it today.

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