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18 Easy Decorating Ideas To Makeover A Room In A Day

Are you still looking for some cool home decorating ideas? Then, Here it is. We are happy to share you 18 of those awesome home decorating ideas with you.

1 Add pot plants Buy a few attractive indoor pot plants and even indoor trees to arrange them aesthetically.

2 Revive your storage capacity Think about buying a few new storage boxes and baskets to bring in some more order.


Add a rug

This will support well with the spaces in a room.


Invest in table lamps

Use a lot of mirrors to reflect light in all the areas to enable small spaces seem bigger.


Revive your wall

Place some pictures together to make a strong visual effect if you have more space.


One new feature wall

Change the color of one wall to highlight the season or use new wallpaper.


Switch your drapes

Buy a few attractive indoor pot plants and even indoor trees to arrange them aesthetically.


Sofa gets a makeover

Invest on some stunning cushions to enhance your old sofa.


Replace the handles

Transform old storage spaces by replacing the handles on cabinets and doors.

10 Think texture and tone To give your room a new dimension always think about new textures and tones.

11 Change the colours Add in-trend colours to an existing room.

12 Hide old furniture Cover the old furniture with some cool coverings to change the look.


Organise the accessories

Play with logic and illusion well.


Renovate the shelf

Wallpaper or paint an existing shelf.


Fun with rearranging

Rearrange the furniture if time and space help you.

16 Mats and carpets Invest in a good Kashmir carpet to lend a slight royal touch to a light toned floor.

17 Vase A simple vase could transform your room remarkably giving a aristocratic charm.



Play with all the colours you like to suit your room in an aesthetic way.

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18 easy decorating ideas to makeover a room in a day