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» 2D & 3D CAD Models

Configure and request quotes for our most popular conveyors using the online Conveyor Configurator. An intelligent assistant uses engineerdeveloped rules to make sure all your components work together properly. We’ll send your request on to your local distributor for a fast-turnaround quote.

Once you’ve designed a conveyor with the Conveyor Configurator, you can download all the 2D and 3D models, exploded views and specifications in one package. We’ve included sides/guides, drives, stands and automation accessories, so it’s easy to drop the complete conveyor system directly into your application.

Visit to get started today!

Visit to get started today!

» Standing the Test of Time Since 1981, companies around the world have relied on QC Industries for their conveyor needs. In that time, much of our business has come through word of mouth. Our customers appreciate the fact that we are a dedicated conveyor manufacturer, designing and building our products under one roof in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our 55,000 square foot state-of-the-art corporate headquarters offers a 2,000 square foot display room featuring operating conveyors and displays. We invite you to visit and gain hands-on experience with our conveyors.

» 5 Year Limited Warranty

» Applications

Our conveyors are built to last. They feature components machined on state-of-the-art equipment and either impact-resistant 10 gauge steel frames or rigid aluminum frames. To ensure quality, every conveyor undergoes rigorous inspection and testing before leaving our factory.

»» Packaging »» Assembly »» Automation »» Accumulation »» Food Processing »» Medical/ Pharmaceutical »» Metal Stamping »» Electronic Component Assembly »» Material Handling »» Bulk Product »» Automotive »» Clean Room »» Incline/Decline »» Inspection »» Labeling »» Many More

That’s why we’re proud to stand behind each of our conveyors with a 5 year warranty.

» We Welcome Special Orders If you’re looking for something a little different than our standard conveyors, we can customize it for you. Whether it’s a bracket to integrate with a customized piece of equipment, a custom drive package, or a modification to one of our conveyors to fit your application parameters — give us a call.

» Automation AS40 & AS65

»» Push-button Tension Release Tail allows easy belt changes and under-belt cleaning »» Rigid, single-piece aluminum frame or multi-piece frame (for wider conveyors) »» Large 35mm sealed, double-row ball bearings support high speeds to 400 fpm »» Built-in tee slots allow rapid accessory mounting »» Supports optional V-Guide Belts for reversing and side-loading applications »» Available with Nosebar Tails »» Available AC or Brushless DC Motors offer a compact drive with high-tech features

»» Available in end-drive (AS40; large photo) or center-drive (AS65; above)

» Specifications »» Widths: 2” to 24”

»» Profile: 1.95” high

»» Unique pivot™ drive package and movable center drive »» Lengths (Standard): 18” to 13’ let you dictate where the motor goes — at any time »» Lengths (Extended): 14’ to 26’ *

»» Load Capacity: Up to 120 lbs. »» Speed Range: Up to 400 fpm

* Longer lengths available as special orders

» Angled Frame AS40Z »» Rigid aluminum frame with tee slots »» Optional V-Guide belts aid tracking in hard-to-reach applications »» Tension Release tails flip up at the push of a button for easy belt changes and under-belt cleaning »» Sealed, double-row ball bearings for higher loads and longer life »» Z-Track design gives you greater control over belt tracking

» Three Standard Configurations

Z Conveyor

L Conveyor

R Conveyor

» Specifications »» Widths: 8” to 24”

»» Load Capacity: To 120 lbs.

»» Lengths: To 20’ *

»» Speed Range: To 200 fpm

»» Profile: 1.95” high

»» Angles: 30°, 45°, 60° *

* Longer lengths and other angles available as special orders

» Industrial 125 Series

»» Very low profile (1.89”) — fits where conventional conveyors can’t

» Specifications

»» Lube-for-Life Bearings make these conveyors maintenance-free

»» Widths: 2” to 24”

»» Profile: 1.89” high

»» Lengths (Standard): 18” to 12’

»» Load Capacity: Up to 450 lbs.

»» Lengths (Extended): 13’ to 23’

»» Speed Range: Up to 225 fpm

»» Unique snap-in sealed tail assembly — maintains proper belt tension and tracking even through belt changes

» Cleated

» Stainless Steel

» Angled Frame 125Z Series

»» Cleats are available in 7 heights from 5mm up to 3” high — corrugated sidewall belt available with 1” cleats

»» Stainless steel frame and corrosion resistant components for wipedown applications

»» Ideal for elevating or lowering applications, the 125Z Series features Z-Track for easy control of tracking

» Motorized Drive Pulley InnerDrive

»» Quiet, efficient 24vdc motor located inside the drive pulley — all within a low 2.54” profile »» Maintenance-free — no bearings or gearboxes to lubricate »» Safe — Low-voltage protects workers from dangerous currents

» Specifications

»» Variable-speed control card easily integrates with automation systems for “run on demand” applications, using inhibit/run controls from devices such as timers and photo-eyes

»» Widths: 12”, 18”, 24”

»» Load: Up to 75 lbs.

»» Lengths: 18” to 144”

»» Speeds: Incrementally variable; 7–50 fpm

»» Profile: 2.54” high

» Indexing 300 Series

Also available with Non-Profiled and Kevlar Timing Belts

»» Precision indexing accurate to ±.015” »» Positive, non-slip timing pulley and self-aligning sealed drive bearings »» Available with custom-molded cleats to fit your application »» Available convertible timing belt cleats are easily attached or removed to meet changing application requirements »» Available with steel or stainless steel reinforced timing belts

» Plastic Chain Flextrac

» Specifications »» Widths: Up to 18”

»» Belt: 10mm pitch teeth

»» Lengths: Up to 24’ *

»» Speeds: Up to 2,000 fpm

»» Profile: 3” high * Longer lengths available as special orders

» Heavy Duty 400 Series

»» Low Profile — drive end 3.03” high, frame only 2.41”

»» Heavy-duty load carrying capacities up to 600 pounds

»» More than 100 belt styles to fit any application

»» High speeds — up to 800 fpm

»» High speeds to 375 fpm and heavy loads to 500 lbs.

»» V-Guide option for side-loading or reversing applications

»» Lube-for-Life Bearings for maintenance-free operation

»» Available with end-drive or center-drive

» Specifications

» Specifications

»» Widths: 4” to 24”

»» Profile: 3.03” high (max)

»» Widths: Up to 48”

»» Profile: 3” high

»» Lengths: 2’ to 40’ *

»» Belt Pitch: 1”

»» Lengths: Up to 50 feet

»» Washdown Available

* Longer lengths available as special orders

» For More Information » QC Industries’ website – – is your resource for the most up-to-date information about all our products. »» Review our entire catalog to find the perfect conveyor for your application. »» Easily quote and configure online with the intelligent Conveyor Configurator, including 2D and 3D models that drop directly into your application. »» Download detailed installation, maintenance and parts manuals for each product. »» View Quick Clips videos demonstrating the most common maintenance procedures.

» Product-Specific Literature

Our product literature contains a wealth of information, including detailed specifications and information on sides/guides, drives, supports and accessories. Contact QC Industries or your local distributor to request a copy or download at

» Your Local Distributor or Representative With our worldwide coverage, you’re sure to find a local expert to help size and configure the right conveyor for your application. Many of our representatives specialize in specific industries and are familiar with your unique requirements. Factory training enables them to assist with even the most complex projects. Contact our sales department today at (513) 753-6000 to find your local distributor.

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