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Cheryl Luckett dishes on her quickly growing residential design business, “Dwell by Cheryl,” and her inclination toward economical luxury for families.

BY COREY MILLER | PHOTOS BY Cam Richards Photography and Jamey PRICE

108 • • MAR/APR 2016

Luckett’s latest project incorporates

How did you decide to go into interior design? I’ve always loved design. My dorm room was voted “Best Decorated” two years in a row. In fact, one year, it was the room they used to tour prospective students. I would light candles and have the place smelling really nice! However, it wasn’t until working in Corporate America as a Registered Dietitian for nearly a decade that I started to yearn for some way to exercise my creative muscles. Seeking an outlet, I launched my business in 2012. It has seen phenomenal growth over the past four years.

What kind of design education did you receive? I earned a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science which provided a foundational knowledge of Interior Design. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that I decided to return to school to complete my studies in residential design. I’m finishing up my final semester and I’ve learned so much in the program. I don’t know that it’s influenced my style as much as it has informed it. I believe there’s a difference between knowing what works and knowing why it works. My design education has provided me a better understanding of the “why.” natural and tropical pieces for a resort feel.

Cheryl Luckett is relatively new to the interior design fray, but she’s hardly inexperienced. Her career as a Dietitian and expertise in Family and Consumer Science have constantly thrust her into the homes of others, and she thrives in that environment. The inner workings of the Charlotte family — what matters to them, and what makes a space theirs — not only interest her, they inform every facet of her career and every corner of her residential spaces.

QC Exclusive Issue 2 - 2016  

The Quintessential Charlotte Magazine's second issue of 2016 takes on the topic of luxury in the Queen City and the Carolinas.

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