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Publishers’ Note

Jon-Paul Grice (left) and Brett Barter (right) with Jim Cogdell before a walk up over pointed dogs for quail.


Volatility, Tragedy, Triumph, Opportunity


nother year is in the books folks and what an emotional roller coaster it was. We witnessed some of the most volatile months in history. Talks of our economy and the debt ceiling ran rampant. Tragedy hit Japan in the form of an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the richter scale. Good finally triumphed when Seal Team Six ended the ten year pursuit of Osama Bin Laden. Steve Jobs, a technological Godfather, now rests in peace. For our society, and humanity in general, it was a year that tested patience, a year that humbled us, and a year that hopefully we can learn from. In our personal endeavors with QCExclusive, the feeling is eerily similar. 2011 was a year full of polarity (on a much smaller scale for us of course). The ups and downs tested our patience, humbled, and exhausted us. It also taught us so many lessons. It presented an opportunity that we plan to grasp and one that will prepare our team and improve our publication going forward. We tried to incorporate many of the lessons into this first issue of 2012. We worked hard to deliver better imagery, increase our artwork and illustrations, improve our editorials, and so much more. We did this because we want our readers to love this magazine. We want to encourage you, once you read and explore the new issue, to contact us ( to let us know what you think about the issue. Good, constructive, or bad, we want to hear your comments so we can continue to constantly improve our product. We also plan to publish our first “Letter to the Publishers” section in our next issue, so you, the readers can be heard and published yourselves. In this issue, enjoy reading about the pursuit of Gentleman Bob (the Bobwhite quail) in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Explore the classic cocktails of eras past and meet some of the best bartenders in the Queen City. Take a gander at the refined fashion of winter 2012. Get out of the city and into the snow with our comprehensive guide to skiing. Take a journey with us through Charlotte’s history during the Civil Rights Movement. And most of all enjoy the new year. Sincerely,

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On The Cover Stefon Huebner, Bartender At Cosmos pouring a gin martini. Photo By Jamey Price


In The Pictures 20


68 Chanel Tote


The Good Life Products 19

Must Haves For 2012


Arts & Culture 24

Classic Cocktails 41

Design 26

The Spirit Of The Beloved Community 46

The Seductive Home The World Is Bending

Be Our Guest Into The Midst Of The Glow

Food & Drink 28 Aphrodisiacs

Handmade 30

Bloodline In A Barrel

Health & Beauty 32 Cold Weather Fix The Big Grin

Winter Tablescapes

Charlotte’s Sophisticated Drinks

A tribute to J. Charles Jones Esquire and The Freedom Riders

Into The Pines 52

Wing Shooting At The Fork

Winter Refined 58 Fashion + Design

A special thanks to Modern Salon & Spa for providing stylists for our “Winter Refined” photo shoot.

Motorworks 36 Sport Utility

Real Estate 38 Pocket Listing




The Concierge Travel Guide 68 Ski The South

Food & Drink Guide 70

Oysters Rockefeller

40 Restaurants To Taste In The Queen City


Last Word 74

res·o·lu·tion [rez-uh-loo-shuhn] the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure,


For subscriptions or advertising info feel free to contact us at or visit us online at 8 • • Jan/Feb 2012

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Sonyais CEO & Founder of Harris & Barnes, Inc, an international image and personal branding company and the newly launched Int’l Fashion Style Academy based in Charlotte, NC. She is known worldwide as a passionate educator and style expert among clients and colleagues including Fortune 100 companies. She currently resides in Charlotte.

Kit Mackie

Kit, food writer, has an appetite for the written word. Having spent over ten years cooking both in restaurants and a successful catering company her passion for food and drink is only exceeded by her love for telling stories. She is currently working on a degree in Journalism.

Dan Ormsby

Dan was raised in Charlotte and has been in the photography business here for 26 years. He enjoys shooting products the most, and enjoys specifically getting the lighting and composition correct. He also enjoys fishing, the outdoors, wood working, and his family. Dan has been married for 30 years and has three childen.

10 • • Jan/Feb 2012

Kevin Cole

Erica Hanks

Melissa Justice

Fashion Editor, Erica knows what’s in style. In the past, as a stylist and consultant for major retailers, she honed her craft. She has become one of Charlotte’s premier voices in fashion. Erica has a background in writing, editing, and photography. She lives in Charlotte with her husband and three children.

Melissa grew up on Long Island. When she turned 18, she moved to the Carolinas and has been here ever since. A displaced Yankee with three children and a loving husband, she’s learned to relax after having worked in the public sector. Now she sits lazily reading, writing, and drinking ice tea.



Sarah Catherine Norkum

Kevin is originally from Streator, Illinois and moved to Charlotte from Dallas in 2001. He changed careers when he was 28 to pursue photography. He loves shooting products, events, and model/ actor’s portfolios. When not shooting, Kevin enjoys golf, fishing, state fairs and the great outdoors.

Melinda is an International Business and Spanish graduate of The College of Charleston. She has lived and traveled the world picking up a few languages and cultures along the way. A lover of all things culinary: food, wine and good living. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Stéphane, friends, and most importantly family.


Jamey Price is a Charlotte born and raised sports photojournalist specializing in anything that moves fast. His passion for sports came from his love of athletics. He has competed as a swimmer, triathlete and steeplechase horse racing jockey among other endeavors. Jamey loves Jimmy Buffet, Nikon cameras, and anything with a Ferrari logo on it.

Originally from Charlotte, Kasey attended college at the College of Charleston and graduated with a degree in Art. She loves to paint and travel the world. After returning from a year teaching abroad in Argentina, Kasey decided to settle in Charlotte. She currently works as a massage therapist, paints pet portraits and commissions, and teaches art.

Hade E. Robinson JR.

Hade is manager of the personal styling department at Nordstrom in South Park. Hade has a keen eye for the latest men’s and women’s fashion and can help you redesign your wardrobe or style you for special events. Consider him your personal shopping and reinvention consultant.Hade’s work has been featured in many of Charlotte’s best local magazines.

Owner of Sarah Catherine Studio Of Design, Sarah is a native Charlottean and NCIDQ-certified graduate of the Art Institute of Charlotte, spends her days racing around the Queen City working with her beloved clients, drawing inspiration from artists and fashionistas, and doing her part to make the world a more beautiful and stylish place.


Jami Svay decided to forgo college dreams of being a fashion designer once she realized that makeup artistry combined her love of color and fine art. She has worked on a range of celebrities including Brooklyn Decker and Michael Jordan and has done work for Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, and Real Simple magazine, among others.

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PUBLISHERS Brett Barter Jon-Paul Grice AmAndA UprichArd


YUmi Kim

Three doTS


JennY hAn


rAchel pAllY

TrinA TUrK

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Top Twenty Events

JAN 20

Cale Yarborough

JAN 20 - FEB 5 The Borrowers

FEB 10 - 12

John Williams Spectacular

BRIDAL SHOWCASE (1/8) Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Bridal Showcase will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center. Wedding professionals will show you how to make the transition from fiancée to bride and groom a more stress free experience. In attendance will be fashion, food, floral arrangements, photography, and honeymoon destinations plus many other venues to assist you on that special occasion. Men’s Wearhouse and David’s Bridal will host the finale fashion show. $10 on-line; $12 at the door / 501 S. College St. / 704.339.6000 /

NASCAR HALL OF FAME INDUCTION (1/20) The NASCAR Hall of Fame will be holding an Induction Dinner and Ceremony honoring Richie Evans, Dale Inman, Darrell Waltrip, Glen Wood, and Cale Yarborough, all of whom have demonstrated the love and dedication needed to be awarded such an honor. $40-$75 / Charlotte

Convention Center, Crown Ballroom / 400 E. Martin Luther King Blvd. / 800.745.3000 /

FEB 10 - 26 Rapunzel

FEB 17 - 26 Cabaret

FEB 27

Youth Orchestra

THE AMEN CORNER (1/13-28) The Amen Corner, a play written by James Baldwin and produced by On Q Productions was written in 1961. The story centers on Sister Margaret Alexander, a local neighborhood preacher who loves her flock but whose faith is tested by her son’s dream of becoming just like his father, a musician who returns home to die. Visit the Duke Energy Theater to take in three wonderful acts. While experiencing this faith based play you will be closely connected to gospel music. $17-$22 / Duke Energy Theater / 345 N. College St. / 704.333.4686 / youarenowonq. com.

EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES (1/14-15) Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes will be presented by the Children’s Theater of Charlotte and the Grey Sea Puppets. Not a typical rendition, puppets will be used to tell the tale with a cast of animal characters. Both children and adults alike will find the production both entertaining and rewarding. $12-$14 / Wells

Fargo Playhouse / 300 E. 7th St. / 704.974.2780 /

MEMPHIS John Patrick Shanley’s (1/3-8) Blumenthal Performing Arts Doubt will present the 2010 Tony Award (1/20-2/5) John Patrick Shanley’s winning Broadway musical Memphis Doubt, a parable had its first run off at the Ovens Auditorium. Set during Broadway and reopened on Broadway the 1950’s in Memphis, Tennessee, in March 2005. Awarded a Pulitzer the play is about an underground in 2005, the play depicts a clash of dance club. Based on true events, a { PUBLISHER’S CHOICE } values in a Catholic school in 1964. white DJ and a black singer burst on Sister Aloysius suspects a priest of the scene and try to change the world. inappropriate behavior with a male The story line is irresistible; the dance and song fun and energetic. student; however, her accusations and his declarations of innocence $20 + / Ovens Auditorium / 2700 E. Independence Blvd / only prove to propagate further moral issues. $18-$24 / Theatre 704.372.1000 /

Charlotte / 501 Queens Rd. / 704.376.3777 /

CHARLOTTE SYMPHONY CLASSICS 5 (1/13-14) The North Carolina Symphony will present the Charlotte Symphony Classics 5: Rachmaninoff’s Paganini Rhapsody. Conductor Grant Llewellyn and pianist Joyce Yang are featured artists. Music by Liszt and Rachmaninoff will make the evening memorable. $12.50-

THE BORROWERS (1/20-2/5) The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte presents the Borrowers, a play in two acts perfect for primary and middle school aged children. The play, based on Mary Norton’s classic The Borrowers is about the Clock family who live beneath the kitchen floor boards of an English country home. Once discovered, they soon venture outdoors and find a world new and full of adventure. $18-

$80.50 / Belk Theater / 130 N. Tryon St. / 704.972.2000 /

14 • • Jan/Feb 2012

$24 / Mccoll Family Theater / 300 E. 7th St. / 704.973.2780 /

concert. $12.50-$25.50 / Belk Theater / 130 N. Tryon St. / 704.972.2000 /

THE BEST OF OMIMEO (1/28-29) The Omimeo Mime Theatre has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years. The Best of Omimeo will feature vignettes from previous performances, as well as comedic acts based on vaudeville, acrobatics, and circus arts. The Fettuccini Brothers will be guest performers. $12-$14 / Wells Fargo Playhouse / 300

A JOHN WILLIAMS SPECTACULAR (2/10-12) The greatest movie scores by John Williams will be featured at the John Williams Spectacular at the Belk Theater and performed by the Charlotte Symphony. Music from Star Wars, Hook, Close Encounters, Schindler’s List plus many more will be performed. $21.50-$71.50 / Belt Theater / 130 N. Tryon St. /

E. 7th St. / 704.973.2780 /

704.373.1000 /

DANSTALLATIONS (2/4-4/28) Danstallations is a joint project between the Martha Connerton/Kinetic Works, the New Mint Museum of Art Uptown, and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. Various pieces of art will be interpreted by dancers and later discussed at the Bechtler. The creative process will prove enlightening to both performer and observer.

SPAMALOT (2/17-19) Spamalot is an irreverent parody filled with a rousing score and plenty of laughs. A spin off of the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail film, it tells the tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. $20-$99.50 / Knights Theater at Levine Center for the Arts / 430 S. Tryon St. /

$10-$15 / Bechtler Museum of Modern Art / 704.338.1533 /

Comedian Nikki Glaser (2/10) Comedian Nikki Glaser returns for a second time to the Queen City. Taking the stage at the Mill in No Da she will be accompanied by fellow comics Devan Penegal and Chris Layton. Ms.Glaser has performed all over the country but she is best known for having made it to the semi-finales on Last Comic Standing, and as guest artist on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. $10-$14 / The Mill / 3306A. N.

FEB 17 - 19 Spamalot

Piedmont Community College / 704.330.6534 /

Davidson St. / 704.331.9898 / degenerateclt. org.

Rapunzel (2/10-26) Rapunzel, a Brother’s Grimm fairy tale comes to the stage. Keeping true to the original story, the play tells the tale of Theo and Helga who long for a child and Gothal, the witch, who finds Theo stealing from her garden and as punishment forces him to give up their first born daughter. As Rapunzel grows up she dreams of companionship and love. $14-$18 / Wells Fargo Playhouse / 300 E. 7th St. / 704.973.2780 /

CABARET (2/17-26) Central Piedmont Community College presents Cabaret, based on the 1966 Tony award winning play on Broadway and the later film starring Liza Minnelli. Set in 1920’s Berlin it centers on a 19 year old English cabaret performer and her relationship with an American writer prior to the rise of the Third Reich. The decadence of the Kit Kat Klub runs parallel to the political tide running thought Nazi Germany. $15-$21 / Central

FEB 10

Nikki Glaser

CRAZY LOVE (2/11) Crazy Love, presented by the Carolina Voices is a musical compilation of songs performed as a tribute to the theme “love”. A wide variety of music by different artists is featured. During intermission there will be a treat of champagne and chocolate. $20$29 / McGlohon Theatre / 345 N. College St. / 704.374.1564 /

Lollipops Family Concert (2/11) The Charlotte Symphony presents a Lollipops Family Concert 2011: A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. Conductor Jacomo Rafael Bairos will present Benjamin Britten’s classic while children learn to recognize different instruments through tunes of the Beatles. There will be various hands-on-activities prior to the

The Carolina Pro Musica (2/18) The Carolina Pro Musica will present an evening of beautiful music. Bach’s Cantata 180 and the Easter Oratio, selections by Telemann, a baroque composer, and vocal works by Handel will be performed using historic instruments and played in the style of the period. Don’t miss an engaging evening of music. $7.50-$15 /St.

Martins Episcopal Church / 1510 E. 7th St. / 704.334.3468 /

The Hearts for Hope (2/14) The Hearts for Hope is a fundraising luncheon to educate the public and benefactors on Research and Treatment of Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries. $40 Charlotte Country Club / 2465

Mecklenburg Ave / 704.355.4048 /

Charlotte Symphony Winter Concert Charlotte (2/27) Symphony Youth Orchestra Winter Concert will be performed at the Halton Theatre. It’s an amazing opportunity for young musicians’ grade 4th through 12th to show off their hard work. Acceptance to the Youth Orchestra and Junior Youth Orchestra is by audition and provides the student with weekly instruction and symphonic experience throughout the year. $6-$8 Halton Theater /

1206 Elizabeth Avenue / 704.972.2000 /

ITS EASY TO GET YOUR EVENTS LISTED HERE. send upcoming event details to or call us at 704.268.9497.

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Society & Soirees

TRC 25th Year Anniversary, Patriots Gala, Book Signings, Fashion Shows, and Adrienne Maloof 1





WHO WAS THERE 1. Samuel & Annette Givens and Gladiolus & Thad Givens 2. Moll Anderson and Sarah Catherine Norkum 3. Kelsey Halford and Jessica Lamb 4. Lynn Conger and Chris Estridge 5. Sgt John Hyland, Sgt Carlos Evans, Rosemarie Evans, Caroline Randel 6. Randall, Kate, and Jayma Hanauer 7. Arsalan and Arezo Hafezi 8. Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif 9. Hade E. Robinson Jr. and Dylan Holmes 10. Erica Hanks and Karen Kane


8 10

7 9

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Good Life















2012 Must Haves For

Laura James Jewelry’s Tea Caddy necklace ($228) used to have an ordinary purpose, but the designer has transformed it to an extraordinary must-have piece.

Classic Collection Cuff Links feature a subtle champagne-tone gold plating, classic Montblanc 3 rings motif and facetted inlay from Montblanc Boutique @ Southpark Mall. $435

Limited Edition Breitling Navitimer Super Constellation pays homage to the restoration of a classic and remarkable plane - the Super Constellation from the 1950’s era. Limited to 1,049 pieces, the Breitling Navitimer Super Constellation is 42mm wide in polished steel and includes a Breitling Caliber 23 automatic chronograph COSC Chronometer certified movement. Shown here with a brown crocodile strap from Diamonds Direct Southpark. $7,350

Melvin’s Zig Zag Bullet cuff ($220) goes with a variety of looks and is all the arm candy you’ll need in a statement piece. Poole Shop

Jan/Feb 2012 • @qcexclusive • 19



Good Life







For the Lady: Shoes & Jewelry


inter is all about luxurious fabrics and textures. No need to order off a website; shop local in our Charlotte shops and boutiques that have everything you need when it comes to this year’s Winter trends. We pulled these beautiful shoes and accessories from local boutiques Sloan, Poole Shop, Scout & Molly’s, Laura James Jewelry, and department store Neiman Marcus.

1. Hettye Miller Fur boots from Sloan, $495 2. Chanel tote from Neiman Marcus, $2900 3. House of Harlow booties from Poole Shop, $168 4. Murphy silver leaf earrings from Scout & Molly’s, $36 Vintage bracelets from Laura James Jewelry, $74 each Natural stone earrings from Scout & Molly’s, $39 Vintage “Griffin” necklace from Laura James Jewelry, $228 Melvin Silver cuff from Poole Shop, $220

The Tea Caddy If you aren’t familiar with what a tea caddy like the one used on Laura James’ necklace above is, tea steepers became popular in the mid 1800’s and are used for steeping loose tea leaves and herbs. No respectable British household is without one.

20 • • Jan/Feb 2012

5. Anniel flats from Poole Shop, $278 6. Melvin Octopus cuff from Poole Shop, $150 Tea Caddy necklace from Laura James Jewelry, $228 Gold earrings from Sloan, $75








For the Gentleman: Watches And Accessories 7. William Henry money clip features a ladder Damascus body, preserved mammoth tooth inlay, diamonds, silver brown screws from Donald Haack Jewelry, $495

9. William Henry knife features a heat browned Wave Mokume frame, snakewood scales, Cooper Wave blade, spessartite gemstones and sterling silver handle from Donald Haack Jewelry, $1250

8. The TAG Heuer Carrera’s Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph is accompanied with a black alligator strap and features the high-tech Calibre 16 movement which powers the chronograph functions like central seconds, plus minutes and hours. This is a must for auto enthusiasts. Found exclusively at David’s LTD. Jewelers at the Village of SouthPark. $4400.

10. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II is the successor to the original Oyster that accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay to the summit of Mount Everest. Found exclusively at David’s LTD. Jewelers at The Village of Southpark, $7750.

Know your history The Henry William Studio money clip above is made from the tooth of a wooly mammoth, a creature that inhabited Earth as far back as 150,000 years ago. Also known as the Tundra Mammoth, most of this creatures bones are not fossilized but rather are preserved organically due to frozen temperatures.

11. Luxurious genuine Indonesian Karung leather wallet with natural dots is lined with butter soft, chocolate lambskin, jacquard from Montblanc Boutique Southpark Mall, $785 12. Limited Edition Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph with Green unidirectional rotating bezel and black dial with black sudials on a stainless steel classic mesh bracelet from Diamonds Direct Southpark, $5,550

Jan/Feb 2012 • @qcexclusive • 21



Good Life







Winter Gear for 2012 Dragon APX Goggles (Opposite Page) The Super Anti Fog treatment on these goggles was first used by NASA on spacecraft windshields and astronaut’s visors in mind blowing temperatures and conditions.

1. Potolono leather gloves from Neiman Marcus, $170 NM fingerless gloves from Neiman Marcus, $225 2. Bear Paw Kola Apre’ Ski Boots from Ski Country Sports, $129.95 3. Jo Gordon scarf from Poole Shop, $455 Jo Gordon mittens from Poole Shop, $98 Jo Gordon gloves from Poole Shop, $105 Splendid fingerless gloves from KK Bloom, $76


hen looking for cold-weather gear, style and function are crucial. We’ve found the best Winter accessories from a variety of local boutiques and department stores in the Queen City including KK Bloom, Poole Shop, Neiman Marcus, and Ski Country Sports. They are sure to keep you cozy and on trend from the streets to the slopes this season. 22 • • Jan/Feb 2012

4. French Connection fur snood from The Pink Hanger, $128 Vintage Fur Cuffs from Sweet Repeats, $44.50 5. Gucci ski goggles from Nordstrom, $195 6. Sauce Fur hat from KK Bloom, $58 Mitches Genuine Rabbit Head Bands from Ski Country Sports, $49.95








Winter Gear for 2012 ( Plus one really cool camera) 7. Women’s Swany Toaster Mitten with affixed glove liner from Ski Country Sports, $69.95

8. Sorrel Cheyanne Premium Duck boots are waterproof with a super warm Thinsulate lining from Ski Country Sports, $110 9. Men’s Swany SX70 Gloves feature Triplex Insulation System and Dryfinger II Insert from Ski Country Sports, $89.95 10. Sorrel Joan of Arc Apre’ Ski Boots feature a water proof suede upper with faux cuff from Ski Country Sports, $139.95

11. Go Pro Hero 2 Action Camera features 1080P Video recording, still photography, is waterproof, shockproof, wearable and mountable for all action sports enthusiasts from Ski Country Sports, 299.95 12. Dragon APX Goggles feature 100% UV blocking lens and Super Anti-Fog which is often used on the windshields of spacecrafts and astronaut’s visors from Ski Country Sports, $184.95


or most men in Charlotte, the colder months aren’t exactly your favorite. If you are one of those guys that are lacking in the winter wardrobe department, we’ve got you covered. Our staff of snow bunnies have scouted out some of the best looking, warmest, and all around great winter wear and accessories to carry you through to Spring. The Duck Boot The “duck boot” was popularized by hunters in the second half of the 1800’s who waded in the marshy waters of Maine and Massachusetts trailing ducks. In 1912, the duck boot was designed for mass-production by LL Bean so non-duck hunters (but still outdoorsy types) could wear them on their treks.

Jan/Feb 2012 • @qcexclusive • 23


Good Life







Beautiful imagery and emotion are prevalent throughout Moll Anderson’s new book

In The Seductive Home, Moll welcomes you inside to share more than visual inspiration; she opens her doors to invite you to touch, feel and experience the romance of a seductive lifestyle. The rich beautiful photographs offer more than a glimpse of the luxurious, elegant homes. Inviting rooms beckon you inside, revealing soothing backdrops infused with colorful touches that add an element of surprise to relaxing mood inspired spaces. Warmly lit rooms reflect upon the rich mix of textural elements that invite the sense of touch. Carefully placed focal points delight the eye while adding drama to the surroundings. “Seduction evokes emotion – it’s exhilarating, joyful, surprising, and most important, it’s sensual. You’re drawn in and you want to experience more. That defines what I call the Seductive Home,” says Anderson. “It’s always found in all the decadent details. The finishes, the textures on the walls, and how the paint color catches the light in such a way that you yourself are lit beautifully. It makes you feel flirty and fabulous.” Moll’s keys to creating intimate spaces are highlighted throughout The Seductive Home journey. Her sensoryscaped approach is immersed in keys to color, texture, scale, lighting, and scent. Each of the inspired homes, Seductive Old World, Seductive Modern City and the Seductive Southwest, reveals Moll’s seductive vision, influenced by fashion and the colors, textures, and surroundings of their locations. She also

teaches readers how to create a Seductive Boudoir, Seductive Tables for Two and provides tips for Seductive Entertaining. The final chapter of the book offers the before and after transformation of each location revealing how an empty shell can become an extraordinary seductive home. Moll visited Charlotte in early December for a book signing at SouthPark’s Neiman Marcus and the day was successful for everyone involved. After viewing the book in person, it is absolutely stunning and a great addition to any library. The book is available now exclusively at Neiman Marcus locations across the country including the SouthPark location ($125 or $225 for the limited gold box edition). A mass edition of the book will be available in February online and at retailers across the country for $55. FOR MORE INFO VISIT WWW.MOLLANDERSON.COM/WIRED

The World Is Bending


culptor Rick Lazes has been creating sculpture for three decades. Rick’s current series, entitled “The World Is Bending” makes a social statement about the changes and challenges that people around the 24 • • Jan/Feb 2012

world are encountering during the early part of the 21st. century. Rick believes that “Art should be about the relationship between artist and art lover. Sculpture is meant to be beautiful, balanced and tactile.” Currently Rick’s medium of choice is wood (walnut, cherry, maple and poplar) which he


steams and bends into organic forms, exposing the natural beauty of the grain and enticing spectators to engage and study each piece. Rick’s studio is located at the NC Music Factory in Charlotte and is a must visit. His work may also be viewed online at

Scan to learn more

Consultation | Design | Construction Award winning “Design-Build� remodeling rm serving Charlooe and Lake Norman

Visit our website for more information, current promotions, remodeling tips and insight



Good Life

Winter OR Valentine’s


Be Our Guest

A New Approach In The New Year


by Sarah Catherine Norkum • Photos by Dan Ormsby

ith the holidays behind us, depression begins to set in when the tree comes down, the decorations disappear, and the twinkling lights twinkle no more. January greets you with gym memberships, strict nutrition guides, and a list chocked full of overwhelming goals to pursue, forcing this inaugural month to dampen the spirits. This year is your chance to take a different approach, transitioning your home from holiday to a winter wonderland, allowing you to keep the spirit alive and your mood in check. Extend an invitation to your loved ones one more time, for an intimate dinner party to savor those last few moments of holiday decor that can easily gain new life in a different light. Mercury candleholders and centerpieces have another chance to sparkle, decadent dinnerware shines once again in the spotlight, champagne flows, and fresh flowers and warm textures inspire your guests, ensuring all spirits are lifted.

26 • • Jan/Feb 2012

PRODUCTS SHOWCASED Winter Setting Kim Siebert Snakeskin Placemats, Frosted Glass Tumblers: Neiman Marcus. White Dinner Plate and Hemisphere Gold Stripe Salad Plate: John Dabbs. Kim Siebert Napkin Rings: Elizabeth Bruns. Valentine’s Setting Kim Siebert Red Crocodile Placemat, Frosted Glass Tumblers: Neiman Marcus. William Yeoward White/Gold Charger: Elizabeth Bruns. White Dinner Plate and Syracuse Rose Salad Plate: John Dabbs. Crystal Napkin Rings: Cotswold Marketplace. Other: Table, Linens, Ghost Chairs, Gold Flatware: Party Reflections Alexander Scott: 19th century Marble White Grapes: Sandy Luther Mercury glass votives: Zena McDaniel Capital Riser: Kathleen McMahan Mercury Orbs: Plush Interiors Cotswold Marketplace: Lucite Wine Chiller Bucket: Swell Decor Bark Candleholders



In The Midst Of Its

GLOW by Sarah Catherine Norkum Photos by Advanced Renovations


ire breathes life, and life commands your attention. We immediately become mesmerized by the energy a fire creates, attracting all our senses from the simple glow of an ember. Our soul awakens, connecting first to the woodsy aroma, before becoming embraced by the warmth and the light on our skin. The sound of a crackling log transports our mind to another time - we are instantly connected, attached to a moment in time that resonates in our heart. Family gatherings surrounding the fireplace are full of stolen moments instilled with love and laughter, bonding the memories forever. Conversations, stories, and discussions linger in the shadows of the stone, originating from the heart of it all, the hearth. Dreams, aspirations, and goals were all imagined and revealed in the midst of its glow. The How To Make hearth beats with emotion, an The Perfect emotion that transcends from Fireplace Fire generation to generation. 1) Place kindling in We believe in family. We the center of your believe in tradition. We believe fireplace grate. in building a strong home to 2) Place two split logs house those traditions, starting at either end of grate. with the core. The fireplace 3) Lay two pieces is the center of attention, and of wood across the rightfully deserved as it’s two split log ends and above kindling, purpose in history has proved one at the front of the to be a source of warmth, fireplace and one in security, peace and memories the back. to come. 4) Light several No matter where life takes pieces of paper and us, we can always rely on place with kindling. Voila! the foundation to which it all began ... our home, our hearth, our heart.


“It’s the national addiction: warmth on chilly winter nights, innocence on Saturday afternoons, the essence of hearth, home and blissful abandon.” -Patricia Linden

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Valentine’s Day foods to get you in the mood

Oysters RockEfeller One Dozen Beef and Bottle



melie’s in North Davidson is a selfproclaimed “Parisian shabby chic” bakery that will have your taste buds saying “merci beaucoup” the minute you walk in and catch a whiff of the sweet sugary goodness baking. They offer every classic French sweet (pastries, petit fours, éclairs), and savory (croissants, baguettes, tartines) as well as fresh housemade soups and sandwiches, but for the fourteenth day of February

the food that will get you in the mood is their Heavenly Chocolate Mousse that features divine layers of chocolate mousse in an edible chocolate cup topped with a Strawberry. Chocolate contains tryptophan, a building block of serotonin, a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal. It also contains phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine, is released in the brain when people fall in love.

1/4 lb Frozen Spinach 1/4 lb Butter 1/4 cup dry Sherry 1/2 cups crackermeal 3/4 cup parsley flakes 1/4 tbls cayenne pepper 1/2 tbls tarragon leaves 1/4 Onion chopped fine Oysters are rich in rare amino acids that increase sex hormones.

Melt butter, add sherry and crackermeal. Mix Well. Then mix parsley, spinach, cayenne, tarragon and onion separately. Add butter mixture and mix well. Add 1 tbls on the top of each oyster on a half shell. Top with bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and paprika. Cook approx 12-15 mins. (4 per serving).

{ GARDEN OF LOVE } Fruits and vegetables known to increase desire

Aphrodisiacs For Your Ears: Top 10 Love Songs For Your Valentine

The Cure Love Song 1989 Elvis Presley Love Me Tender 1956

Beatles Something 1968

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Frank Sinatra Otis Redding Alison Krauss Randy Travis The Way You These Arms When You Say Forever and Look Tonight Of Mine Nothing At All Ever Amen 1964 1962 1995 1987 Etta James Whitney Houston Peter Gabriel At Last I Will Always In Your Eyes 1961 Love You 1986 1992

Award Winning Cuisine Private Receptions Live Music Valet Parking



$ 95

Restaurant & Bar

TUSCAN ASTERS Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm & 9pm-Close

Available In Bar Only



Center City Charlotte Corner of 5th & College St. T) 704.927.2583


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Bloodline In A Barrel


Most think whiskey or wine but James Broyhill sees furniture manifested.

n 1926, in the small town of Lenoir, North Carolina, a man began to build a chair. That man, James Edgar Broyhill, turned that one chair into a furniture empire that, in its heyday, was one of the largest employers in the state. Four generations later, James Thomas Broyhill II was given a whiskey barrel. In a small makeshift workshop attached to his home in South Charlotte, the barrel sat amongst random pieces of wood, camouflage waders, shotgun shells, and old nostalgia. Finally, James decided to do something with that old barrel. He took it apart and with the thirty three individual wood strips known as staves, the galvonized iron hoops, and the basics of woodworking taught to him by his maternal grandfather, his first piece of furniture was born. According to the Winston Salem native, “The inspiration behind the whiskey barrel creations developed out of a personal challenge to create something unique out of something with true character.” The whiskey and wine barrels that he uses to build these special pieces define character. They are traditionally constructed out of American White Oak, the interiors are lightly charred, the curvitures and bends are fluid, and the aged wood is physically strong and sound. The wine barrels, also, because of the stain from the red wine, have an amazingly colorful finish. The barrels, according to James, “Provide a great medium for creating furniture and the appearance of the aged wood is what really brings the pieces to life.” Since that first bench was planned and completed he has proudly built a variety of unique pieces ranging from benches and bar stools to gun racks, wine racks and even candle holders. “While I am proud to carry the Broyhill name, I am even more proud to carry on the tradition of creating unique furniture pieces out of wood,” James said. In an era where furniture comes in boxes with pegs and directions, an artisan philosophy like James’ should not go unnoticed. We will never know if furniture is in his blood but without a doubt the artistry and craftsmanship of his bloodline is resurrected in his authenticity. Currently in his workshop, sits a wine barrel. It will be taken apart, and from it, he will build his next piece, a dog house for his black labrador, Wrangler. After that project he is available for custom pieces or if you would like to purchase an item you can contact James at Right Top: James T. Broyhill II with his black labrador, Wrangler. Right Bottom: Barrel Bench, Left: Whiskey Bottle Holder 30 • • Jan/Feb 2012

“The inspiration behind the whiskey barrel creations developed out of a personal challenge to create something unique out of something with true character.”

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Cold Weather Fix Five ways to hydrate your winter skin


by Jami Svay

ry, flaky skin is never appealing. Unfortunately it’s a common trait during the winter months. With a few simple tips and amazing products here is how you can maintain your glow all year-round.   Why does the winter weather make your skin dull? In winter; low temperatures, low humidity and strong, harsh winds deplete skin of its natural lipid layer, which keeps the skin from drying out. The dry air from furnaces and other heating sources also suck the moisture out of skin. To keep skin soft and supple, your goal is not to add moisture to skin, but to keep moisture in. 1. Exfoliate everywhere

Your skin cells are turning over constantly. Exfoliating gets rid of your dead skin and reveals the new. It also gives you a smooth canvas to apply your makeup. Exfoliate your face 2-3 times a week. (St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub $3.99). Don’t forget your body. Great skin doesn’t stop at your neck. (Neutrogena Energizing Sugar Body Scrub $9.99) 2. Moisturize

Using two different moisturizers is a plus. One that’s rich and creamy to wear at night to combat lines and

32 • • Jan/Feb 2012

SKIN CARE NOTE Does drinking lots of water really help your skin? Surprisingly, doctors say no! Drinking tons of water won’t give you luminous skin. However, people who drink lots of water tend to have better health habits and that improves skin function.

wrinkles and a lighter formula to apply during the day. It protects your skin from harsh weather and helps with slowing down the aging process. (Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief $34.00)


Take advantage of the steam from your shower and/or bath, let it hydrate your skin. As soon as you get out of the shower, pat dry, then immediately use a rich body cream. (H2O Plus Body Milk Lotion $19.50)

3. Cracked lips

We lick our lips thinking that we’re giving them moisture, but really our saliva contains an enzyme that makes them dryer. Keep a lip balm on you at all times. It also serves as a good primer for your lipstick. Remember nothing looks good over dry cracked lips. (Kiehls Lip Balm $7.50)

5. the layering method

Using just lotion in the winter won’t do. After you apply your lotion use a light oil on your skin. It serves as a sealant and locks the moisture into your skin. If this is too heavy for you, do this step only at night. (BioOil $11.99)

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Big Grin The

by Jon-Paul Grice


Illustration by Kasey Murray

A resolution that will make you smile.

rying to get me to smile in a family photo is like pulling teeth, pun intended. I’m not saying you can’t catch me lauging in random pictures in photo albums, but I guarantee if you do ever come across a photo of me with a big grin, its a candid. I just don’t like staged pictures. In fact, I’ve made hundreds of excuses over the years, of varying degrees, for why I don’t like smiling in them. I once told a family member after getting berated about not smiling that I thought if I smiled for a picture that the camera would steal my soul. Say it ain’t so, a lie of this tribal magnitude, just to hide the real reason; I simply do not like the way my smile looks. It may sound shallow or trivial, but truths are truths. I know there are thousands of people out there that feel the same way. Most recently, I’m sure many of you, during the holidays, had to take all those photos and in the back of your mind, you weren’t ecstatic about your smile. You did the usual eat drink and be merry and looked in the mirror and made the same resolutions that you did last year. “I’m going to eat healthy, work out, and lose that ten pounds of holiday stuffing.” But the resolution you really wanted to make was one involving that smile of yours. I know what you are saying to yourself. You’re thinking, “I don’t remember my teeth looking that dark or crowded last year? Do they really look like that or did I just drink a lot of red wine over the holidays.” Well, instead of making one of the normal resolutions on January 1st, this is the year that you should actually do something about those less than perfect teeth. There’s no excuse not to. I have long feared going to the dentist and have tried hard to avoid them. Ever since I was a child just hearing the D word gave me the chills. But factually, dentists these days aren’t the ones from our childhood. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in the last few years, the technology is cutting edge, and the techniques have evolved dramatically.

34 • • Jan/Feb 2012

Strides in cosmetic dentistry have created a much faster and easier way to have the smile that you have always wanted, a smile that can improve your confidence, and make you feel better. Talking with several friends in the industry about mine and other people’s insecurities led me to this realistic option for all of you out there that want to improve your smile. Porcelain veneers have been around since the 1980s, but they have evolved thanks to a new modern material that is thinner, stronger, and more beautiful than ever. Due to the extreme strength of the new porcelains, veneers can now be fabricated at minimal thickness of about an average business card. This means that in many cases these micro veneers can be applied to the existing tooth with little or no grinding of your existing tooth, no shots, and no pain. Because these veneers are so conservative, one can preserve the health of your natural teeth while eating comfortably. And you never have to worry about your tooth chipping or breaking. The best part about these new veneers is their natural beauty. They are available in beautiful natural white to ultra white shades, can replicate the beautiful translucency of natural teeth and can give you that amazing smile you want. For those who want to really make a change and start 2012 off on the right foot this is a great and realistic option, one that will boost your confidence and make you smile for many years to come.

“ I once told a family member after getting berated about not smiling that I thought if I smiled for a picture that the camera would steal my soul. Say it ain’t so, a lie of this tribal magnitude, just to hide the real reason.” CONSULT AN EXPERT AT ADULTDENTISTRY.COM


To: From: Barbara Herd

Questions about cosmetic surgery? AFTER

Date: 24th October, 2011




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Dr. Dan Waldman

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Shameless Plug Our Fashion+Design (starting on page 59) features a beautiful Ford Model-A. provided by Misty Meadows farm located in horse country in Waxhaw. The beautiful classic was the perfect backdrop for some stunning photos and fashion.

Photo courtesy of Land Rover


2012 Range Rover Evoque New Land Rover Evokes Sport and Style


and Rover is making a big splash for 2012 with its brand new Range Rover Evoque. Although its classified in the compact luxury SUV segment, this mighty mite went head to head with 9 other SUV’s and came out on top with the highly coveted distinction of Motor Trend’s SUV of the Year Award for 2012, and is touted to “transcend conventional perceptions of a sport/utility vehicle; seamlessly combining sporty styling and agility, with off-road prowess and utility.” It is offered in a 2 door coupe and a 5 door hatchback, with 3 unique designations: Pure, Dynamic, and Prestige. All trims are very well appointed with luxury and gadgetry galore. When compared to it’s competitors, it may seem a bit undersized, but it’s wide stance and fold down seats make it surprisingly roomy and offer plenty of cargo space. All trim levels employ a 240hp 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder coupled with a 6 speed automatic transmission. Nicely Equipped Base Price: $41,995.

Recently the fly fishing and outdoor sports company, Orvis auctioned off a rare 1959 Land Rover 109 Series II. The Series II was only in production for three years, from Fall 1958 to Fall 1961. Its iconic body style is still replicated, most recently by the Defender 90 and 110. The classic was sold for a whopping $160,900.

MERCEDES-BENZ ML350 2012 commemorates Mercedes-Benz 125th anniversary, and the 3rd generation of their wildly popular SUV. Though you’ll have no problem recognizing this as an ML with its defining forward leaning stance; the redesign looks sportier with a more chiseled front fascia, front and rear LED and fiber optic lights, 19inch wheels, and a rear aero-spoiler to complete its new aggressive styling. Chrome accents a plenty abound the contours for a more polished presentation. The interior boasts all kinds of technological wizardry like its new command center with a huge 7” screen, dual climate zones with climate and humidity control to eliminate window fogging, heated and cooled cup holders to keep your sweet tea ice cold and your coffee piping hot, and Ipod integration and USB connections keep you amped up and plugged in. A 302 bhp V6 comes standard. Optional power plants are a more fuel efficient diesel, or for fans of the heavy weights, the 450hp turbocharged ML63 or the 5.5-liter twin turbo AMG. Base Price: $48,865. Photo courtesy of Hendrick Motors of

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We know what makes you smile :)

Saving enough on your mortgage to watch the big game on your big screen. America’s Fastest Growing Mortgage Company

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Good Life Southern Living


Extraordinary renovation blends Old World European with modern luxury on a secluded .78 acre lot with formal gardens, pool, outdoor kitchen & living areas. Architectural details throughout feature reclaimed stone & wood, vaulted ceilings, arched doorways, plus French & Italian antique fixtures, railings, chandeliers, sink, & a limestone fireplace (circa 1750). 6BR/5.1BA. $2,395,000



Pocket Society

ltra-exclusive “pocket listings” give the seller a sense of privacy because the listings are not marketed to the masses. Pocket listings usually are more exclusive, which can make them more attractive. Bottom line, they give more control to the seller and can help assure that potential buyers are qualified. On the opposite spectrum, pocket listings are uber attractive to buyers who desire a property that is different and unique, one that not everyone can own. You’re probably asking yourself, ‘Who’s privy to getting the inside scoop on these listings and how can I be one of those lucky few?’ The answer is executives, athletes, and even other brokers, and for the lucky few, private databases are available. To get access to these listings you have to ask questions, find the right realtors who carry these types of listings, or be lucky enough to be in the loop. The McDevitt Agency has offered us the rare opportunity to share with our readers one of the few “pocket listings” that you will ever see in print. This 4,000 square foot custom built penthouse (photos above) overlooks Tryon Street at 230 S. Tryon. If you were paying attention you now know where to look for access into this secret network of unlisted luxury properties. For more info on the above property visit

Stunning renovation and extensive addition designed for casual living and entertaining. Tremendous attention to detail and luxury living. 6BR/5.1BA, 4-room Master Suite, elevator, gourmet kitchen, heated pool with spa, guest house above detached garage. Wired for SmartHome & security cameras. Green details include reclaimed wood, solar water heater, green roof in rear & more. $2,995,000



A luxurious sun porch invites guests to into a tropical getaway year round. $899,900



Not all the action is on the water. This “garage mahal” can handle anything on wheels. $979,000

Elegance abounds in this graciously appointed great room. $899,000

Totally renovated 5BR/3.2BA home with an addition on over 1 acre. Highlights include wine cellar, indoor (half) basketball court, vaulted Great Room with rough hewn beams & floor-to-ceiling FP, stainless steel kitchen, two 2-car garages, secondary living quarters, & spectacular, private outdoor living areas with Gunite pool, spa, & terraces w/fireplaces. $1,650,000


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COCKTAILS Illustrations by Kasey Murray

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or a while there, we had gotten away from the golden era of cocktails. This was a time when a martini was a perfectly acceptable thing to order for lunch. A time when you could look across a crowded room and tell a lot about a person by what they had in their glass. A dark libation in a rocks glass was seen as a mark of distinction, and a martini glass full of clear spirits meant that you were looking to unwind from a hard days work. Drinks had cool names like a Sidecar, Pink Lady, and Manhattan. American icons like Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor were the epitome of American indulgence and were sipping the stuff like it was going out of style. My how things change. We seemed to have lost the verve of that era and started opting for drinks with more mixer and less alcohol. It got to the point that your grandma was probably drinking a stiffer drink than you were. I digress. Much to our delight, the classic cocktail has recently enjoyed a renaissance of sorts. Now is our opportunity to pick up the torch that was dropped years back and get back to the glory days. We at QCExclusive set out to find these classics in the lounges, restaurants, bars, and pubs around Charlotte. Along the way we found some spectacular bartenders that are leading this cocktail movement, as well as introducing Charlotte to some more modern classics and top shelf martinis. Here are their favorite recipes and specialties. Joke around with us. Tell us your cheesiest bar or drink jokes at or



Muddle Cherry and put in a Rocks Glass Put in the ice next Top Shelf Whiskey Sweet Vermouth Garnish w 2 Cherries

Whiskey Sour

Old Fashioned


Top Shelf Whiskey of your Choice Sweet and Sour Mix Garnish with a lime wheel

Muddle Orange Slice (No Skin) and Cherry and Place in Rocks Glass Add Ice Overtop Top Shelf Bourbon Whiskey Dash of Sweet Vermouth 2 Drops of Bitters

A cornstalk walks into a bar. The bartender says, ‘Wanna hear a good joke?’The cornstalk says, ‘I’m all ears!’


Woodford Old Fashioned

Muddle Fresh Orange, Maraschino Cherry in a rocks glass. Add pinch of sugar, and a dash of bitters Top with Ice Pour 1 ¼ oz Woodford Reserve Top with soda water





Bartending is a lost artform. That said, we found a true master mixologist of 10 years at Mez in Travis Brown. Travis loves to make the classics and he shared a few of his favorites with us. The Gin Ricky and the Sazarac, an old southern classic.

Classic Flirtini

Flat out, Margaret knows how to make Martini. Her go to is the Flirtini because it’s light and fruity. Margaret’s Classic Flirtini

Kettle one Vodka, Cointreau,Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Champagne.

Travis’ Gin Ricky

1 1/2 oz Plymouth Gin, 1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice, 1/2 oz blood orange juice, 1/2 oz honey syrup, shake and double strain, and pour over ice in a collins glass, top with club soda. Travis’ Sazarac

Rinse rocks glass with absinth. Mix rye whiskey, 2 dashes of bitters, 1/2 oz simple syrup in a shaker, strain into rocks glass with absinthe. Garnish with lemon peel.

3 men walk into a bar. The Fourth one ducks.



2 oz cognac 1 oz Sweet Vermouth 20 oz fesh made sour mix sugar rim Maraschino Cherries and Orange garnish

The earliest known use of the word cocktail is The Farmer’s Cabinet on April 28, 1803

5 Manly Drinks For Men

Hole In One

42 • • Jan/Feb 2012

Bourbon Ginger Rum And Coke

Tom Collins Scotch On Rocks

A screwdriver walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, we have a drink named after you!” The Screwdriver responds, “You have a drink named Murray?”









11 Cover Shot Of Stefon Huebner by Jamey Price



1)Sidecar, Cosmo’s Cafe 2)Tom Collins, Brio 3) Blue Hawaiian, Mickey and Mooch 4)Negroni, Villa Antonio 5)Rusty Nail, City Tavern 6)Gin Martini, Cosmo’s Cafe 7)Pink Squirrel, Cosmo’s Cafe 8)Harvey Wallbanger, Mickey And Mooch 9)Old Fashioned, Whiskey Warehouse 10)Manhattan, City Tavern 11)Whiskey Sour, Beef And Bottle

A rabbi, a priest, and a Lutheran minister walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, “Is this a joke?”

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LIBATIONS Pink Squirrel

¾ oz Amaretto ¾ oz white crème de cacao 1 ½ oz half and half ¼ oz grenadine Manhattan

2 oz Buffalo Trace 1 oz Sweet Vermouth Dash Bitters Cherry Garnish JEN KRESGE

The Old Mr. Boston Official Bar tender’s Guide is considered the Bible Of Booze and has been since



Jen is another bartender that loves the nostalgia behind the classic cocktails. Her specialty is a good old fashioned Dirty Martini, but she also makes some instant modern classics that you’ve got to try. Jen’s Dirty Martini

Ketel One Vodka, Short squeeze of olive juice shaken and served as cold as possible. Garnish with a blue cheese stuffed olive.

Jen’s 131 Mainiac

Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Peach schnapps, fresh squeezed sour mix (lime,orange,lemon, simple syrup).

sugar, fresh mint leaves served on the rocks. Andy’s Basil Smash

Cardinal Gin, St. Germaine elderflower liqueur and fresh basil and lemon juice

Jen’s Pometini

Pom Liquer, absolute citron, cranberry and sour mix BRIAN LARUSSO DRESSLER’S, BIRKDALE

Brian is another great Ambassador of the classic cocktail movement, and knows how to make some serious drinks of days gone by. He makes a great Brandy Alexander for you gentleman, and for you ladies, he also knows his way around a martini shaker and his Margatini is a must try. Brian’s Brandy Alexander

Corbel Brandy, Fresh Creme, White Creme de Cocoa, shaken and served up in a martini glass with chocolate around the rim.

Andy’s Goldrush Martini

Barenjager Honey Liquer, Makers Mark, fresh lemon


We caught up with Mamie who has been a professional mixologist for 6 years and knows how to make a killer cocktail. Mamie’s favorite classic cocktail is the Gimlet. Mamie’s Gimlet

Belvedere Vodka, Fresh squeezed Lime Juice, Roses Lime Juice shaken and served up with a lime wheel. When Mamie’s not making the perfect Gimlet, she likes to unwind with a Slighty Dirty Vodka Martini on the rocks with Blue Cheese stuffed Olives. 3 men walk into a bar. The Fourth one ducks.

Brian’s Margatini

Patron Silver, Domain Di Cantone french ginger liquer, sour mix served up in a martini glass. ANDY MAUER SOUL GASTROLOUNGE

Andy has been a bartender for 6 years and has some serious skills behind the bar. He too is a fan of the old time southern classics and was gracious enough to share his recipe for his modern Mint Julep, as well as his modern classic Goldrush Martini and Basil Smash. Andy’s Mint Julep

Makers Mark, granulated 44 • • Jan/Feb 2012

Old Charlotte Nostalgia hanging at George Fine’s Beef and Bottle



Watermelon Infused Martini

Fresh Watermelon Whipped Cream Vodka Triple Sec 1/2 oz Watermelon Juice Garnish with watermelon slice Negroni

1 ½ oz Campari 1 oz Tanquerey Gin ½ oz Sweet Vermouth Garnish with slice of orange

Rusty Nail

3 oz Dewars ½ Oz Drambuie Served in Rocks Glass Pink Lady

1 ½ oz Gin Dash Bitters Splash Grenadine Topped with Sprite or Seltzer


Harvey Wallbanger

1 ½ oz Stoli Orange 1 ½ Galiano Splash of OJ


THE COMPLETE BAR 14 Essentials of the Home Bar

Mural in Mickey & Mooch in Huntersville pays homage to the era

Espresso Martini

½ oz Kalua ½ oz Frangelica ½ oz Baileys ½ oz Espresso Martini Glass lined with chocolate syrup

A guy walks into a bar and sits down next to a lady and a dog. The man asks, ‘Does your dog bite?’The lady answers, ‘Never!’The man reaches to pet the dog and the dog bites him. The man says, ‘I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite!’ The woman replies, ‘He doesn’t. This isn’t my dog.

5 Cocktails For The Belles

Blue Hawaiian

1 oz Bacardi 1oz Malibu ¼ oz Blue Curaco ¼ oz Pineapple Juice Distilling of scotch began around 500 AD with the Dalriadic Scots

Out On The Town, Try One Of These

Famous Mint Julep



Tom Collins

1 ¼ oz Gin Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice ¼ oz. simple syrup 2 oz. soda water Flirtini

2 oz Absolut Raspberry .5 oz Cointreau .5 oz.. Pineapple .5 oz. Cranberry .25 oz Prosecco Mixed together. Pour into chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.

QUOTES Humphrey Bogart “The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” Favorite Drink: Gin Martini


Bar Knife, Vermouth, Double Jigger, Muddler, High Ball Glass, Bottle Opener, Rocks Glass, Drink Strainer, Tongs, Corkscrew, Shaker, Martini Glass, Bitters, Brandy Snifter

Whiskey Lemonade


The first cocktail party ever was allegedly thrown by Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, in May 1917

Dos and Dont’s Do tip your bartender. Don’t drink and drive. Do buy a drink for a belle. Don’t be excessive. Do have the time of your life.

Winston Churchhill “Always remember that I have taken more from brandy than brandy has taken from me.” Favorite Drink: Hine Brandy William Faulkner “Civilization begins with distillation.” Favorite Drink: Mint Julep F. Scott Fitzgerald “Sometimes I wish I’d went through those good times stone cold sober so I could remember everything but then again, if I had been sober, the times probably wouldn’t have been worth remembering.” Favorite Drink: Gin Ricky

Earnest Hemingway “I drink to make other people more interesting.” Favorite Drink: Mojito Bette Midler “I try not to drink too much because when I’m drunk, I bite.” Favorite Drink: Martini Dorothy Parker (poet) “I love to drink Martinis. Two at the very most. Three I’m under the table. Four I’m under the host.” Favorite Drink: Dirty Martini Frank Sinatra “I may run for the office of president. Gimme a bottle and a glass and I’ll get America off its ass.” Favorite Drink: Bourbon & Water Oscar Wilde “Work is the curse of the drinking class.” Favorite Drink: Absinthe

‘I was tired one night and I went to the bar to have a few drinks. The bartender asked me, “What’ll you have?” I said, “Surprise me.” He showed me a naked picture of my wife.’ -Rodney Dangerfield Jan/Feb 2012 • @qcexclusive • 45


Spirit Community The

of the Beloved

A tribute to J. Charles Jones, The Freedom Riders, and the many others who were catalysts in integrating Charlotte and the South.


On a chilly Sunday morning I stand in line at a crowded coffee shop on Trade Street, in the Third Ward of Charlotte. As I wait for my morning cup of coffee, I take a look at who is around me and can’t help but notice the different people. It’s a cultural melting pot, and no one seems to notice. Weaving through the crowd, coffee in hand, I can’t help but think about the differences a few decades have made. These people, who now coexist peacefully, would not have been able to do so fifty years ago during segregation. For many people, segregation is known only as a word written in history books, speaking of a racial divide that defined generations before them. Segregation, by definition, means to separate or set apart from a main body or group. However, by simply reading the definition of the word, we lose the true meaning. To those whose lives were defined by segregation, it was much more than a simple separation; it meant the loss of basic rights and human dignity. And by “rights” I’m not speaking of the right to vote or freedom of speech, because during this period in history, these privileges were reserved for whites. What I am referring to are the simple things we often take for granted such as the right to take public transportation without having to sit in a section according to skin type, to drink from the same water fountain as everyone else, and to eat lunch at a counter that was, back then, reserved for “whites only”. In fact, that very injustice fanned the flames of a movement that would change the course of history. It started with four young, black students from A&T University who decided to take a stand, or ironically, a seat at the lunch counter of Woolworth’s department store on February 1, 1960. Franklin McCain, David Richmond, Ezell Blair, Jr., and Joseph MacNeil sat at the whites-only lunch counter and politely sought service. They were denied, but their strength and courage to seek equal treatment inspired thousands to take a stand and begin the sit-in movement; the very thing that changed Charlotte’s history. by Kit Mackie

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Young J. Charles Jones Esquire

An integrated group of Freedom Riders in Alabama protected by the National Guard. Jones is standing to the right of white Freedom Rider with the glasses.

There is a spirit of strength that settles among those who have taken part in changing history. That very spirit is settled over Charlotte; home to leaders who have not only changed the city but have taken part in shaping the path of our nation. It is a unique and humbling experience to make the acquaintance of such a leader. Even more unique is a meeting that starts with the feeding of fish. Koi fish are fascinating creatures. A Japanese symbol for perseverance in adversity and strength in purpose, it is no coincidence that they should be a part of my first interaction with civil rights leader J.

May 17, 1954 Brown v Board of Education

Summer 1954 Charlotte Airport Sit-In

Supreme Court rules that “separate but equal” is unconstitutional. Applied only to schools.

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Reginald Hawkins and others sit down at new airport restaurant. A letterwriting campaign with federal agencies results in desegregation of the airport restaurant.

Charles Jones. Dressed in a black turtleneck sweater vest and slacks, he warmly welcomes me and my colleague ushering us into the greenhouse, which he has constructed as an alternate power source for the home he and his wife Jackie have spent years developing. As he hands us both koi food pellets, a smile stretching from ear to ear, he tells us that on the count of three we are going to toss in the food. He then addresses the fish as he would his dearest friends, bids them good eating and on cue, we toss our rations into the pond. As the fish feast, Jones’ gentle warmth emanates throughout the room and, in almost a whisper, he

July 2, 1955 Rock Hill School desegregates

July 2, 1955 Charlotte School desegregates

St. Anne School desegregates. "Catholic school in Rock Hill only school in SC that is integrated," headlines the black Pittsburgh Courier.

School desegregation in Charlotte starts with 4 black students. Photo of Dorothy Counts being jeered makes national news.

“There was a day, when I was about six, that Jonesy had been accused of smiling at a white lady uptown and the word was out that they (the Klan) were going to get him. So my father and his friend put Jonesy in the trunk of the car with some food, and they drove off.” great grandparents who were born slaves, to surround us with style, wisdom and grace, and to help us walk our paths with wisdom, inspiration and compassion. His rhythmic prayer is heartfelt and a chill creeps over me as I imagine the ancestors’ presence. As he finishes, I find myself in awe of him and once again I am speechless so I say the only thing I can think of, “If you don’t mind, we would like to hear your story.” Fortunately, that’s enough for him and we are thrust forward into a journey of courage, dedication, pain and ultimately, positive growth.

tells us that our spirits are now a part of his home and that we are welcome to enter. Taking a seat in his office, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of reverence for the history surrounding me. Posters of freedom fighters, news articles, law books, and family photos adorn the walls. As he takes a seat in the rich leather chair, I am at a sudden loss for words and unprepared to ask this man, who has seen so much, to tell me about his life. As if reading my thoughts, Mr. Jones begins to speak. He begins our meeting with a humble prayer inviting the ancestors, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Dr. King, Gandhi and his

In the early 1800’s, slavery was a way of life for most African Americans. As the world evolved and developed, slavery was abolished, but segregation lasted well into the 1960’s until the Civil Rights movement. Well known are the stories of Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, whose courage moved a nation to desegregation, but lesser known are the stories of local heroes like Jones who found himself in a unique position to become one of the leaders of a movement that would change Charlotte indefinitely. It started with the recognition that something needed to change. Jones grew up in Chester, SC in a totally segregated community. “I never had a sense of being different. My father was a Presbyterian preacher; my mother was an English teacher, and as children, we would shoot marbles and have fun. However, we knew there were clear lines. For instance, there was a fellow named Jonesy, who had an IQ of maybe 64, who shuffled along kindly and Daddy would get him to help dig the garden and do chores. There was a day, when I was about six, that Jonesy had been accused of smiling at a white lady uptown and the word was out that they (the Klan) were going to get him. So my father and his friend put Jonesy in the trunk of the car with some food, and they drove off. I didn’t understand it at the time, but they were saving him from being lynched – just

February 1, 1960 Greensboro Sit-Ins Launched

February 9, 1960 Charlotte Sit-Ins Begin

June 1960 Wheelchair Sit-In

July 1960 Charlotte Sit-Ins Progress

Four freshman at NC A&T University: Franklin McCain, David Richmond, EzeIl Blair, Jr., and Joseph MacNeil. Students sit at whites- only lunch counter at downtown Woolworth variety store, politely seek service.

Spokesperson J. Charles Jones along with fellow organizers Heyward Davenport and B.B. De Lame lead some 200 students from Johnson C. Smith University to downtown Charlotte where they sit-in at all lunch counters.

Rev. Cecil Ivory, of Rock Hill, long confined to a wheelchair, rolls up to McCrory lunch counter and asks for service. He says he is violating no custom, since he is not sitting in a lunch counter seat. He is denied.

Lunch counters now open to black customers. Upscale restaurants will not desegregate until 13th, when Mayor Stanford Brookshire arranges for pairs of black and white leaders to eat together.

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for smiling at her. I began to realize the harsh consequences of 1960, the Charlotte sit-ins gained a foot hold with department not obeying the rules.” stores seeing a severe loss in sales. Just two weeks later Mayor Jones grew up in a well educated family and quickly learned Brookshire arranged for pairs of black and white business how different he was treated because of the color of his skin. leaders to eat lunch at “upscale” restaurants and progress With the strength of his grandmother who taught him to, “… began to take shape. stand up tall, speak in proper English, look people in the eye Jones’ spontaneous laughter erupts again as he recalls, “We and don’t think you’re better than anyone,” he quickly realized organized a boycott. Don’t shop where you’re not respected. his mission to speak out against segregation and the need for a Then we were joined by a number of white people on the non-violent movement for change . picket line. They became very integrated. People started to February 1, 1960 Jones, a student at Johnson C. Smith realize how crazy this was.” University, was on the way home from participating in the In late July the boycott became intense. Department stores National Youth Summit Conference in the Soviet Union when decided that because they were losing money they were going he heard a news report about the four young black students to do the “right thing” so they wouldn’t have to file from A&T college who sat at a whites-only lunch bankruptcy. Two days later the mayor called Mr. Jones counter at Woolworth’s department store politely and informed him that the bi-racial committee had requesting service. It was just the encouragement negotiated an agreement with the merchants on Jones needed. He quickly convened a meeting the street level. with the Vice Chair of the student council and Jones quiets, the ghost of a memory passes student body in Biddle Hall and announced before his eyes and in a hushed tone recalls, his intentions to go to Woolworth’s the “He said to me, (Mayor Brookshire) ‘You can following day, dressed in his “go to meeting, go quietly tomorrow and be served without and a little sweet water” (church clothes and any fanfare or problem. ‘ And so the next cologne) with the intention not to leave until day my father and I went down to the lunch they opened up for service. counter at Leggett’s department store. The “That night I remember thinking, ‘Oh waitress smiled at us and took our order – I man, what have I done?’”, but the spirit of got a tuna fish sandwich and Daddy got a hot his ancestors encouraged him and the next day dog and a Coke. And coffee, some of the worst he did as planned. He anticipated a handful of coffee in the world – and we were sitting there, students waiting to join him but was surprised to quietly eating and Daddy looked at me and said, find over two hundred had gathered in the hall, ‘Son, I’m proud of you.’ And I looked at Daddy “…ready to rock and roll.” So that’s what they Jones being processed after and said, ‘I’m proud of you. Thanks for the lessons being arrested for his part did. They started at Woolworths and took over all of when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em, when to in the Freedom Rides in of the street level lunch counters in Charlotte. take a stand but also when to walk away.’ And Montgomery, Alabama Jones, familiar to the press for his participation we sat there and finished quietly. It was Leggett’s in the Youth Summit, was questioned by reporters. When asked, food but it clearly had a sweeter taste because we had earned “What is this all about?” he simply responded by quoting the the right to sit there.” It was a step in the right direction for Declaration of Independence, noting, “We are going to be here Charlotte. every day to point out the contradictions between what you Seeing the need to help elsewhere, Jones and a few friends claim you are and how you behave. I’m standing here dressed traveled to Rock Hill on January 31, 1961 to sit-in with nicely, speaking intelligently and nonviolently, but I can’t get students from Friendship Junior College. The group, later a hot dog and sit at the lunch counter to eat it. What’s up with coined the Friendship 9, made a pact to sit-in, got arrested that?” And from that point on, the why of what was and did jail time on the chain-gang. They served time at York happening with the student sit-ins became the focus. County Prison Farm shoveling mud from the river banks. They would not accept the word “no” any longer. Jones brought their ‘Jail, No Bail’ form of protest back home The sit-in movement spread nationwide. In July of with him. Their dedication to nonviolence made Charlotte one

Early 1961 Freedom Rides Proposed Tom Gaither proposes Freedom Ride. Activists, black and white, ride on Greyhound and Trailways buses through the South and attempt to integrate seating and stations dramatizing the fact that desegregation had not yet caught up with Court rulings. 50 • • Jan/Feb 2012

May 9, 1961 Freedom Riders Beaten Freedom Riders beaten in Rock Hill. John Lewis of SNCC and Albert Bigelow are beaten at the Rock Hill bus station, the first violence encountered as protestors begin their famed ride.

Mid-May, 1961 Violence In Alabama

Fall 1961- Spring 1962 The Albany Movement

Diane Nash takes charge of Freedom Ride. The Riders meet horrific violence in Alabama; a mob burns the bus and beats occupants. CORE tries to stop the Ride, but Diane Nash of SNCC steps in as organizer and keeps it going.

Led by Charles Sherrod with help from other SNCC activists including J. Charles Jones, young people in Albany, Georgia, take on a staunchly segregationist city government using a tactic of filling the jails. Hundreds are jailed winning international attention..

of the most peaceful areas during desegregation but even so, but, with moments like that to reflect on, the city began a slow there were times when Jones and his friends questioned their evolution. Leaders made a conscious decision to respond to own safety. what was happening and to be as rational and non-violent Clearing his throat, he quiets for a moment and then as possible. Schools saw integration, Charlotte became recalls, “Around 1962 in Terrell County, Georgia we one of the first places in the country to integrate the busing were trying to get people to register to vote. So we had system, and one day at a time, the city formed itself into the this meeting way out in a rural progressive, diversified banking city church one Saturday night. Twenty that it is today. “They were denied, but their people had come quietly, like slaves Jones’ journey has led him through would steal away after master had some of the most dangerous, racially strength and courage to seek gone to sleep, to meet. We were at segregated places in the nation. He has equal treatment inspired the meeting and there was lookout traveled to different countries in his checking to see what was happening thousands to take a stand and quest for peace and equality and along around us. He came in and said ‘The the way, he has encountered many begin the sit-in movement; Sheriff’s out there with the head influential people. He shared jail time the very thing that changed of the Klan, and the Marshal is out with Dr. King, crossed paths with Bobby there taking tag numbers.’ Everyone Kennedy and was even a guest on the Charlotte’s history.” knew what the taking of tag numbers Oprah Winfrey show during a special meant. It meant that at any point you segment on the Freedom Riders. could just come up missing. Just then the sheriff slammed He continues to inspire generations through motivational the doors of the church open and yelled, ‘This is an speaking, his law practice and through rallying the local illegal meeting. You know we’ve got your tags. Break this community to keep the streets clean, neighborhoods safe, and meeting up now.’ students educated. His plight is one for the sake of diversity, Jones looks me squarely in the eyes, tears welling up and love, peace and human connection, to build a beloved begins to rock gently in his chair. “There was this older lady, in community, and through his actions, along with the guidance her early sixties. She started rocking and singing.” And as he of his ancestors, that is exactly what he has accomplished. recalls this woman’s haunting song he begins to sing the words, - A Special Thanks “Oh freedom, oh freedom, oh freedom over me. And before I’d To Tom Hanchett be a slave, I’ll be buried in my grave.” Tears streaming down his face, he clasps his hands together and rocks in the chair, “We all started singing with her, ‘And go home to my Lord CELEBRATE BLACK and be free.’ And the old woman stood up, continuing to sing HISTORY MONTH and walked out of the church. The sheriff ushered us out as we February is Black Hiswere singing, yelling at us to stop. As she walked by the sheriff tory Month. Visit the he quieted, and we didn’t hear any more from him.” It turned Levine Museum of the out that the old woman had been the midwife that delivered the New South to learn more sheriff out of his mother’s body. She had nursed him from her about the history of the own breasts, taught him life’s lessons. She had raised him. Civil Rights Movement in “I was so inspired by that sister,” he says as he wipes the Charlotte. Visit our website at for tears from his cheeks, “because that was a combination of the a list of amazing events experience of slaves, the negro spiritual songs, the pain and in Charlotte celebrating the humility. When that sister stood up,” he shakes his head Black History Month. and sighs, “we were afraid because you knew at moments like that there was a possibility you could be plucked out.” Jones sitting in his library It would be a few years until desegregation was complete at his home in Charlotte

July 2, 1964 Civil Rights Act Signed

October, 1964 MLK Receives Nobel

April 4, 1968 The Assassination MLK

April 11, 1968 Fair Housing Act Signed

President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the civil rights act which prohibits discrimination of all kinds based on race, color, religion, and national origin of all kinds.

Martin Luther King Jr. becomes the youngest man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed by James Earl Ray at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

Civil Rights Act of 1968 bans discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing allowing legal ownership to everyone.

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Top Left: Charles Cooper Bottom Left: Zeb Blake and Dexter Top Right: Tim St. Germain Middle Right: Dixie Bottom Right: Jim Cogdell

INTO THE Below the tall, lean, swaying Carolina Pines, nestled in thick, combustible switchgrass rests a covey of unsuspecting quail. We know they are there because of Dixie. Written by Jon-Paul Grice

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Photos by Kevin Cole and Jamey Price

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orty five minutes to the east, in southern Stanley County, miles from the clean lines of the skyscrapers on Trade and Tryon, there are two rivers that mingle with each other. One runs fast, brown in color, full of sediment and mud. The other is slightly slower, abundant, and glassy. This confluence is where the Rocky River meets the Pee Dee. You can still see the fish weirs from ages ago set up by the Siouan and Pee Dee tribes. They sit in the gin clear water, forming a conveyor belt of sorts, with the purpose of easily trapping fish. On the shores lining both waterways and beyond into the forest framed by the two rivulets, slender pine trees sway--a soft breezy back and forth movement in unison--like their fore fathers hundreds of years ago. Thickets of bush hide the sight of indigenous wildlife, but the sound of their existence permeates the moist air: crunching of dried leaves, snapping of twigs, angry squirrel chatter, and the spooked rush of deer running from man’s scent. To this day, at that junction there’s not a house in sight, no reminder of what era we live in, only vast countryside.

For the most part the land is as it was in 1771, when the Colson’s, a prominent southern Stanley County family, built The Ordinary. The large “saddle bag” two story log cabin provided lodging for those passing through. Warm meals, refreshing drinks, and decent beds were available to travelers before heading out the next day. Stables provided shelter for road weary horses while grooms assisted in the brushing and caretaking of horses followed by fresh water, hay, and oats. The tavern served up spirits including rum from the West Indies, brandy, wine, hard cider, and ale. Historical records even point to The Ordinary as the first licensed tavern in North Carolina. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington, after defeating Cornwallis and ultimately winning the war, spent the night on the Colson’s land thanking the people all the way down the King’s Highway to Charleston. Nearly two hundred and fifty years later this land, entrenched in history, is still known as The Fork. Jim Cogdell, owner of the The Fork Farm and Stables, is steward to the 1,600 acres. Now the land is home to some of the best sporting grounds in the South, featuring a world-class equestrian training facility, a European style sporting clays course designed by British designer John Higgins, unmatched upland game hunting, and a sustainable farm. It was early when I arrived to meet Jim. As I approached the timber structure in the middle of the property called The Ordinary, the morning fog had just about lifted and all that remained was a bit of dew glistening in the morning light. My shoes were damp as I walked through the grass, and there was a chill in the air, but my spirit thrived in preparation to paying homage to the Colson’s legacy. The Ordinary, now a gun lodge, was the starting point of my introduction to Gentlemen Bob (the Bobwhite Quail). Jim, a man of 70, greets me with a smile. His youthful eyes and white curly hair speak volumes as do his clothes: his orange hat, khaki and orange vest, and camouflage hunting chaps. Jim’s a confident man whose 54 • • Jan/Feb 2012

“ This is the end of the rainbow for me. This is my last walk about, right here on this farm.”

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SPORT knowledge of the great outdoors has made the farm a success. He’s accompanied by three men. Zeb Blake, a young man who loves the country and especially dogs, is private in nature. He is most known for being one of the South’s premier dog trainers. Possessing an instinctive dog-like quality, Zeb communicates with his animals as if he is part canine. Charles Cooper, a local from Norwood, North Carolina manages the farm. He’s a big man with a giant mustache and one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen. Pure happiness exudes from him and you can’t help but feel the love he has for the job. Tim St. Germain, a wing shooting guide and soft spoken transplant from the West was heading out into the pines with us as well. Two off-road terrain vehicles called Gators were parked next to the gun lodge. Perfect for muddy trails, I soon found myself getting ready to roll. On the back of one sat a dog box. In between the bars staring back at me were two pointers: Dixie, a two year old German Short Haired Pointer trained by Ronnie Smith Kennels and Dexter, a handsome local dog trained by Zeb. Loading up some gear, it was only a short amount of time before we took off into the Pines. I sat shotgun as Jim who loves to push the Gator to its limit sped through the thickets. Barbs on the edge of trails occasionally slapped my face while gator sized puddles launch thick dark mud into the air and onto us. We were truly in the thick of it. Choosing a spot under a canopy of pines, we parked and unloaded the pointers. With the butt of the gun lodged under my armpit, muzzle pointed towards the ground, I headed out to make my acquaintance with the bird of the South. Zeb took the dogs in hand and commanded them with strength, shouting orders, and blowing whistles that were heeded to perfection. Our walk up on the quail had started. Nestled in thick, combustible switch grass rested a covey of unsuspecting quail. We knew they are there because of Dixie and Dexter. With hundreds of years of pointing heritage in their bloodlines, the dogs stood, statuesque, noses pointing just ten yards away. We walked in the direction of the point and the quail instinctively responded. They knew something was bearing down on them. It wasn’t the normal predator, the bobcat or the hawk. It was the barrel of a Perazzi over and under shotgun and the rustling of chaps and boots through the grass. In an instant, the covey rose out from under cover and took off in all directions, weaving in and out of the Carolina Pines, playing peek-a-boo and hoping to stay out of the sights of my twenty gauge. I shot twice. Perfectly still, the dogs stood, steadying the wing, waiting for one to drop, but none did. We had just flushed out quail and shot the timbers like we were on a South Georgia Plantation, and I couldn’t get my gun up fast enough. It was an opportunity missed, but one I would learn from just hours later. We moved out of the pines and into the fields of sorghum. “The romance of the grass fields looks like the ocean,” Jim said as we started walking with Zeb and a new dog. Dexter and Dixie were put back in their kennel because the humidity in the South makes a dog’s nose lose its scent. We also had to be careful not to let the good dogs hunt till they dropped. We marched into the thicket waiting on a point. 56 • • Jan/Feb 2012

Zeb’s whistle blew and the dog responded. He walked forward several yards in between tall grass leaves and briars and then stopped. Like a wax figure at a museum, he pointed. From tail to snout, the dog stood its ground as if in rigamortis, not twitching or moving, simply focused on the work at hand. It was time to flush. Again, the birds went every which way, flying closer to the ground than they did in the pines and only several feet above the sorghum. I squeezed the trigger just once. As the spray hit the quail, jubilation hit my face. All the while, the calm work-dog eyed the fallen Bob, and then on cue ran quickly, fetching the quail, and returning it to Zeb. Jim was as excited as I was after watching me shoot my first quail. “If you were twelve years old, I’d a hugged you twenty damn times, but you being a grown adult, you probably would’ve turned me into your HR department.” That’s the tradition of upland game hunting at The Fork. It’s not a blood sport out in those fields. “It’s not about the killing at the farm, its about the journey and the fellowship,” said Jim. “The great gift at [his] age and how [he] wants to leave a legacy is the ability to see that event--a boy, young man, or adult shooting his first quail--occur knowing that Bobwhite gave his breath to continue its legacy.” It was quite the journey. I left the city far behind and got out into the woods, shot my first quail, learned a lot of history, and met some great people and dogs. But the most important lesson I learned was the value of conservation and outdoor education. Jim’s efforts have improved the land, balanced the waterways, and improved the forests. At The Fork, Jim operates a sustainable farm that grows everything from corn and sorghum to milo, sunflower, and switchgrass, acting as important cover for reintroduced quail. They also act as an important filter of pathogens and protects the surrounding waterways. He raises and releases quail and other birds by the thousands, protecting them from predators in surrogators for the first five weeks of their lives, and then releasing them so they can let their instincts take control. He is constantly promoting the importance of outdoor education and conservation to the youngsters who will ultimately be responsible for the future of our wildlife. The Fork is Jim’s legacy, and the best part about all of this, is long after he is gone, the balance of the land will remain. As Jim so eloquently stated, “This is the end of the rainbow for me. This is my last walk about, right here on this farm. My ashes will be spread across several places on the farm that I love and it (The Fork) will be put into a foundation for the education of children, wildlife habitat management, animal husbandry, for all species of wildlife and conservation.” But until that day comes, I’m sure there are plenty of days full of more acquaintances with Gentlemen Bob. The Fork Farm And Stables is located just forty five minutes from Charlotte in Norwood, North Carolina. The Farm offers a world-class equestrian facility, sporting clays, and upland game hunting. A special thanks goes out to The Fork for allowing us to see first hand what is so special about the farm. FOR DETAILS ON THE FORK VISIT WWW.FORKSTABLES.COM

“At the farm, its about the journey and the fellowship.”

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Top: Dexter Bottom Left: Tim St. Germain Bottom Right: Jim Cogdell

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On Andrew Blazer, $448. Non-iron dress shirt, $88. Heritage dress pant, $248. Bowtie, $55. Pocket Square - $40. From Brooks Brothers


REFINED PHOTOS: Angela Cox STYLING: Brad Wilson, Brooks Brothers; Erica Hanks, QCExclusive; J. Nathan Hewitt, Taylor Richards & Conger; Hade Robinson, Nordstrom SouthPark MAKEUP: Heather Renee Vasquez, Modern Salon & Spa HAIR: Codie Lagotte, Modern Salon & Spa LOCATION: Misty Meadows, Waxhaw, NC

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FASHION + Design


long with the brisk temperatures, the season ushers in sophisticated fashion, accentuated by cool tones and bright pops of bold colors. With vintage plaids for men and ladylike refinement, we

transition effortlessly into the New Year. These looks, from some of the best boutiques and haberdasheries in the city, are worn by four Charlotteans who understand design, functionality, and style. They are some of the best architects and interior designers in the Queen City. A breathtaking winter day at the Misty Meadows farm in Waxhaw is the blueprint for Fashion+Design.

FASHION + Design

Sarah Catherine Norkum

sarah catherine COLLECTIVE sarah catherine collective is a full service interior design studio with an objective to emphasize a modern eclectic, yet classic approach in the design community. Her studio strives to make the world a more stylish place by providing innovative, holistic design solutions, relentless attention to detail, and customer service beyond her clients’ greatest expectations. Sarah Catherine, a native to our great Queen City, spends her days racing around the city streets working with her fabulous clients, drawing inspiration from artists and fashionistas, and polishing her love affair with all things beautiful. Design is in her blood, a true passion, and her zest for life can be seen through every encounter, the stories behind her designs, and the pages of her blog. A graduate of The Art Institute of Charlotte and NCIDQcertified, Sarah Catherine believes every client has a story to tell, and her goal is to bring that story to life by defining their own personal style within the walls of their home.


On Sarah Catherine Trina Turk fur jacket, Nordstrom, $298. DVF silk blouse, Coplon’s, $210. Michael Stars lace cami, Fresh Boutique, $49. AG tuxedo legging, Fresh Boutique, $180. Gucci shoes, Nordstrom, $1100. Necklace, KK Bloom, $210. Town & Reese earrings, KK Bloom , $32. Heather Hawkins Anaconda bangle, Fresh Boutique, $88.

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FASHION + Design

Traci Zeller

TRACI ZELLER DESIGNS Traci Zeller is best known for her clean, sophisticated mix of classic and modern pieces, resulting in elegant, yet comfortable interiors. Traci developed her refined aesthetic through years of extensive travel, including exposure to the finest art, architecture and interiors around the world. As a busy mother to active twin boys, she knows how to create beautiful spaces where children are welcome. Degrees in both accounting and law enable her to assist clients with budgets and contracts throughout the design process. Traci also authors a design blog in which she shares her stylish favorites with as many as 120,000 readers per month.


On Traci Smythe coat, Nordstrom, $695. Beth Bowley sweater, Fresh Boutique, $245. Bajra wrap scarf, Coplon’s, $358. BlankNYC skinny cords, The Pink Hanger, $88. Cole Haan boots, Neiman Marcus, $348. Earrings, KK Bloom, $88. Ring, KK Bloom, $24.

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FASHION + Design

On Andrew Barn jacket, $298. Navy cardigan, $138. Non iron shirt, $98.50. Supima jean, $148. Belt, $98. Suede wing tip shoes, $398. From Brooks Brothers

Andrew Woodruff

WOODRUFF ARCHITECTURE Andrew Woodruff is a residential architect and founded Woodruff Architecture in August of 2006 at the urging of his wife, Jessica. Andrew began his professional career designing schools and churches which turned out to be great training for a residential architect. He had to learn to build consensus from very different personalities that comprise a committee, deliver a beautiful (most often historic), functional, and affordable solution. This translates well into residential architecture for the very same reasons and enables him to take his clients vision and translate it into a reality that exceeds expectations. Andrew enjoys all styles of architecture, from Georgian to Arts and Crafts to Modern. He believes outstanding design comes down to great function, pleasing proportion, and material detail. His goal is always to make additions and renovations that blend seamlessly with the existing house and new houses to blend seamlessly with the existing neighborhood. Woodruff Architecture has also completed several green projects and facilitated many historic tax credits for his clients.


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Michael Williams LIQUID DESIGN

Michael Williams, Co- founder and President of Liquid Design, was named one of the year’s “40 under 40” by Building Design and Construction magazine. Liquid Design is a green award winning “total package” design firm in Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in building design, space planning, interior design, and, project management. Mostly modern and always with an “earth-friendly” conscience, they have fallen in love with the residential design process and it shows in their work. Their residential design work is ranging and exciting; for example the award winning Celadon & Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Residence.  Two signature residential projects currently under construction are the highly anticipated earth-green ultra modern WhiteHaus and the transformative neighborhood infill dwelling FormHaus. Michael’s career at Liquid Design has provided the opportunity to work throughout the United States and beyond as well as in culture rich areas such as the United Arab Emirates and remote areas in Europe bringing an international flavor along with regional influences to their studio.


On Michael Z Zegna Sport coat , $945. Earnest Sewn jean , $195. Eton shirt, $275. Gran Susso sweater, $195. Billy Reid boots, $495. From Taylor Richards Conger

FASHION + Design

On Sarah Catherine Suewong beaded dress, Neiman Marcus , $470. Elie Tahari coat, Neiman Marcus, $875. Bracelet, The Pink Hanger, $44. Earrings, The Pink Hanger, $19.

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On Andrew Trussini suit , $1395. Ermenegildo Zegna Dress shirt , $265. Brunello Cucinelli pocket square, $140. Micky tie, $175. Trafalgar belt , $85. From Taylor Richards Conger

65 • • Jan/Feb 2012

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FASHION + Design

66 • • Jan/Feb 2012

On Traci Dahlia McPhee gown, Neiman Marcus, $350. Fur wrap, Neiman Marcus, $1170. Stacked bangles, KK Bloom , $78 each. Necklace, KK Bloom, $46.

67 • • Jan/Feb 2012

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The Concierge TRAVEL Ski The South


Courtesy of Cataloochee Ski Area

Driving distance from Charlotte are some amazing winter ski destinations offering both sport and relaxation. Or, if you crave more than east coast skiing, check out our Fly In, Ski Out Section. Appalachian Ski Mountain Blowing Rock, NC As the closest ski destination to Charlotte with less than a two hour drive, Appalachian Ski is an ideal playground for winter enthusiasts to soak in the wonderland that is Appalachia. App boasts 10 slopes, a panoramic outdoor ice arena, Midnight Blast skiing every Friday and Saturday night for January and February, and 3 terrain parks to entertain and enchant any member of the family. For you non-skiers, and lounge lizards, there is a 46,000 square foot base lodge complete with restaurant and bar and a 200-foot long observation deck where you can relax with a cup of hot chocolate or winter cocktail and do some people watching! Approx. Drive time from Charlotte: 1 Hour 51 Mins. Where to stay: The Village Inn at Blowing Rock Where to relax: Westglow Spa Where to eat: The Speckled Trout While you’re there also do: Moses’ Cone Manor Projected Days Open: 100 Average Snowfall: 80”

Cataloochee Ski Resort Maggie Valley, NC This snow laden paradise nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains offers breathtaking views and a ski resort that has something for any level rider. Beginners can gain confidence on Rabbit Hill and Easy Way, intermediate riders can test their skills on Lower Omigosh, and advanced thrill-seekers can test their chops on Upper Omigosh or really push the limits in the Cat Cage Terrain Park on the rails, ramps, and boxes. Cataloochie offers family friendly pricing and packages where children 17 and under ski free Monday through Friday anytime an adult lift ticket is also purchased. For all you non-skiers, relax by the fire at the Lodge or slide your way over to the Maggie Valley Snow Tube World. Approx. Drive time from Charlotte: 3 Hours Where to stay: Cataloochie Guest Ranch Mountaintop Luxury Lodging Where to relax: The Lodge Where to eat: The Rendezvous Restaurant and Lounge While you’re there also do: The Shop at Cataloochee Projected Days Open: 130 Average Snowfall: 40”

68 • • Jan/Feb 2012

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort Sugar Mountain, NC Sugar Mountain is the largest ski area in North Carolina with over 115 acres of skiable trails and also offers the largest vertical drop. Take in the panoramic views and scenery while indulging in one of the most complete winter playgrounds that the Carolina Mountains has to offer. Take your pick from a plethora of family fun activities like a lap around the ice rink, a shred in the snowboard park, a winter hike on the snowshoe trails, or show off your skills and compete in a Nastar competition. Approx. Drive time from Charlotte: 2 Hours 20 Mins. Where to stay: Yonahlossee Resort Where to relax: Bulldog Beer and Wine Where to eat: Sugarfoot Grille While you’re there also do: Grandfather Mountain Projected Days Open: 130+ Average Snowfall: 78”

Wolf Ridge Resort Mars Hill, NC Formerly known as the Wolf Laurel Ski Area, this family oriented resort offers something for everyone from beginners to expert level skiers and snowboarders. Wolf Ridge has been busy this last off season with the widening of the slopes, and the addition of all new terrain in their attempt to make this the most spacious and easily navigable ski area in North Carolina. A new quad lift makes long lines a thing of the past and expedites your ride up the mountain so you can pack in as many runs as possible. With two lodges on site, grabbing a bite or a hot chocolate is convenient as well. Approx. Drive time from Charlotte: 2 Hours 40 Mins. Where to stay: Scenic Wolf Resort Where to relax: On site hiking trails Where to eat: The Lodge Steak and Rib Restaurant While you’re there also do: Mars Hill Snow Tubing Projected Days Open: 100 Average Snowfall: 65”


Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort Gatlinburg, Tennessee Located in Eastern Tennessee at the pinnacle of Mt. Harrison in The Great Smokies, this place is all about convenience and is close enough to Charlotte with only a 3 ½ hour drive time to make it worth checking out as an alternative to the more well known NC ski resorts. In addition to being a great ski and snowboard destination, it offers a laundry list of other on site activities like the Alpine Slide, Wildlife Encounter, Water raft rides, Spider Wed, Bungee Run, Amaze’n Maze, Chair Swing, Kiddie Land, Arcade and much much more. For all you shoppers, there is also a 62,000 sf Tramway Mall complete with an ice rink, quaint shops, and all kinds of dining options. Approx. Drive time from Charlotte: 3 Hours 35 Mins. Where to stay: Where to relax: The Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway Where to eat: Ober Gatlinburg Restaurant and Lounge While you’re there also do: Hollywood Wax Museum Projected Days Open: 90 Average Snowfall: 35”

Canaan Valley Resort Davis, West Virginia Located in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains; Canaan offers 39 trails for all skill levels and a massive amount of natural snow with an annual snowfall of 150 inches! They were voted by USA Today as “One of the coolest mountain towns in North America”, and with a vertical drop of 850 feet and the longest run at 6,000 feet, it is as challenging as you want it to be. Snowboarders are also welcomed to have free reign on Canaan’s new Terrain Park which features rails, mailboxes and other shredworthy fixtures. Plenty of other winter activities like cross country skiing, Airboarding, snowshoeing, snow tubing, and ice skating are also there for the taking. Approx. Drive time from Charlotte: 6 Hours 30 Mins Where to stay: Canaan Valley Resort Where to relax: Highland Inn and Spa Where to eat: Golden Anchor Restaurant While you’re there: Horseback Ridiing. Projected Days Open: 108 Average Snowfall: 150”

Snowshoe Mountain Snowshoe, West Virginia Snowshoe is the reigning heavyweight champion and holds the distinction of being the largest ski resort in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regions. It also receives the most natural snowfall of any of the resorts that made our list with a mind blowing 180 inches per season. As a testament to its massive size, Snowshoe is made up of two distinct mountains that you can ski with just one lift ticket. Their terrain offers challenges for any skill levels, and they are one of the best venues

in the sense of recognizing the ever growing population of snowboarders in that they offer 3 different terrain parks that are usable by both skiers and snowboarders. In addition to offering skiing and snowboarding, Snowshoe offers snowshoeing, snowmobiling, snow tubing, cross country skiing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, hot tubs, and spa facilities and much more. Drive time from Charlotte: 5 Hours 30 Mins Where to stay: Loggers Run Townhomes Where to relax: Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon Where to eat: South Mountain Grill Projected Days Open: 135 Average Snowfall: 180”

Photo Credit: Snowshoe Mountain Resort


California TAHOE



Lake Tahoe is a skiiers paradise. Located in the northern part of California, Tahoe offers year round breathtaking views but winter is truly amazing. Its just a one stop flight from Charlotte to the Reno Tahoe airport (from $695) and a short shuttle ride to the slopes of Squaw Valley where you can ski all day and relax all night at the Resort at Squaw Creek’s award winning spa.

Trying to pick a resort in a state plentiful with ski resorts is tough, but Aspen Snowmass’ reputation proceeds itself. Not only is the mountain world class but the town is sophisticated offering some of the best shopping, food, and entertainment in the state. Aspen Alps is the choice for luxury lodging and relaxation. The one stop flight from Charlotte starts at just $942.



Idaho? It may not sound like it, but Idaho is truly one of the best destinations in the country. The Sun Valley resort offers a wide variety of winter activities from tubing to heliskiing and visiting stay at one of the seven cottages for ski in, ski out convenience. It’s a two stop flight from Charlotte to Sun Valley (from $898) but if you are looking for a ski trip a little off the beaten path it is worth the travel time.

Big Sky isn’t just about phenomenal skiing. It is about the winter vacation experience and it all starts at the heart of Big Sky, the Mountain Village where lodging, food, and shopping are more than plentiful. Relax in your amazing mountain villa right by the in room jacuzzi or fireplace and unwind after a gratifying day on the slopes. The one stop flight from Charlotte is well worth it at just $1223.



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The Concierge FOOD & DRINK

Gallery Restaurant



The Concierge is your guide to the best food and drink in the city, from Uptown to South Charlotte, to the Lake. To inquire about getting your restaurant posted here please contact us at Ballantyne/South Charlotte


CRU WINE SHOP Imagine a laid back, friendly bar atmosphere with an incredible wine list, variety of fine cheeses and cured meats coupled with a gourmet “bar food” menu. Check out their calendar of events to sign up for one of their many wine tastings.

BONTERRA DINING & WINE ROOM This beautifully renovated 110-year old church became the deliciously elegant restaurant it is today over 10 years ago. A hidden gem in Dilworth, Bonterra both architecturally and culinarily will not disappoint. Boasting over 200 wines by the glass and an additional several hundred in their cellar, Bonterra is more than just food. The menu is designed with wine in mind! They offer a vast array of cheeses, olives, cured meats and spreads for nibbling while wine tasting, as well as a full dinner menu complete with steaks and seafood, but don’t forget to save room for dessert and port!

GALLERY Awarded by Wine Spectator in 2011 with the “Award of Excellence”, Gallery offers contemporary American cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, daily. Don’t get too attached to a particular dish though; the menu changes seasonally to provide patrons with fresh, local ingredients. TERRACE CAFÉ Once only a breakfast and lunch spot, this culinary delight is now a triple threat since offering dinner. With two locations in the Charlotte area, Ballantyne and South Park, Terrace Café offers the best of every meal. Think Red Velvet Waffles and four choices of Eggs Benedicts for breakfast, any combination of soup, salad, sandwich or quiche for lunch, and Coconut Thai Crab Cakes and Pan Fried NC Trout with pineapple butter for dinner. There is something for everyone, whether you are a “foodie” or someone that just plain likes food! VILLA ANTONIO Located in the heart of Ballantyne, this jewel combines old world Italian cuisine with new world charm. Villa Antonio features only the freshest ingredients on their chef-inspired menu all the way down to their cannolis. If you’re looking for an upbeat spot with a great drink selection, this is the place.

70 • • Jan/Feb 2012

300 EAST 300 East is a culinary staple in Dilworth. This is the place where you will find the local crowd. The American-infused Global cuisine will knock your socks off. Did I mention all the desserts are made in house by a pastry chef whose job is solely to make tasty desserts? Must I say more? NIKKO A very well known staple in the Southend neighborhood, Nikko has earned its place as one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Charlotte. With their impressive sushi selection, who would debate it? Their traditional Udon noodle soups are available for all of the less adventurous eaters out there and the chic lounge-like ambiance is great for socialites. ZEN FUSION In the mood for sushi? No.. Chinese? Spanish tapas with sangria? This place has something for everyone. Zen has every traditional dish from most Asian countries plus an entire Spanish menu. It is literally a fusion between Zen Asian and the very much missed menu

at Sole restaurant. Try the Paella, Vietnamese Bun or Pho, Pad Thai, or select from the delicious sushi menu. The hardest part of this dining experience is deciding what to get. And don’t forget the tres leches for dessert! Elizabeth FIG TREE Located just minutes from uptown in a beautifully restored bungalow in the historic Elizabeth neighborhood, this quaint restaurant specializes in seasonal cuisine; taking cues from French and Italian inspired dishes. It offers an award-winning and value based wine list that is sure to please. Known for its exceptional service this is a great spot for a romantic dinner for two or a fun evening with a private group. LUPIE’S Mondays are the best at Lupie’s because of the meatloaf special. Or is it Thursday’s special of chicken and dumplings that I like more? That’s a toss-up with no losers. While you’re there take in Lupie’s history and down-home feel. Huntersville/Lake Norman CORKSCREW WINE SHOPPE & BAR This wine-lover’s dream is tucked away in Birkdale Village. They are fully equipped with wine to suit everyone’s taste and experts who can point you to a wine that best suits your palate. Whether you are a connoisseur or a beginner, there is something here for you. MICKEY & MOOCH A Big Band themed restaurant, fitted with life size murals, offers a casually elegant dining experience and a sophisticated meal at an exceptional price. A great local meeting place.

The Concierge Food & Drink Guiide

NORTH HARBOR CLUB Enjoy dining right on the water, on the patio, at North Harbor Club. Choose from a variety of mouthwateringly fresh seafood dishes, pastas and salads. North Harbor Club provides a creative and fresh dining experience for everyone. Montford / Selwyn GOOD FOOD Another one of Bruce Moffett’s (owner of Barrington’s) creations. From its start Good Food has a pedigree and credibility few restaurants in the city have. Sometimes legacies such as this are hard to live up to but not for Good Food. The modern, warm atmosphere soothes and the tapas plates delight, bite after bite. NOLEN KITCHEN Nolen Kitchen is a chic, modern restaurant located on Selwyn Ave with a relaxed atmosphere, extensive wine list, and a stellar menu. The brunch is especially popular, most notable are the benedicts and French toast.

CRÊPE CELLAR KITCHEN & PUB Where else but NoDa do you find casual French cuisine in a pub setting? The Crêpe Cellar offers this elusive combination of French street food and comfort food. Serving up sweet and savory crêpes with baguette pizzas, Steak & Frites, and of all things…Fish & Chips! If you want to kiss your heart goodbye, try the Crêpe Suzette if you dare, but don’t say we didn’t warn you! GROWLER’S POURHOUSE For all of you “beer snobs” out there (you know who you are) this is your haven. With a rotating selection of the best craft beers in the U.S.A., it’s no wonder they were listed as one of “America’s 100 Best Beer Bars”. Growler’s Pourhouse has a food menu designed for one thing, beer. But don’t judge just yet, there’s more to this “beer food” than meets the eye. Start off with a cheese and beer pairing or


CABO FISH TACO You haven’t really eaten in NoDa unless you’ve eaten here! And we always go for the classic, Cabo’s Signature Beer Battered White Fish Tacos with a salt-rimmed glass of the house “El Cheapo” Margarita. With an extensive margarita and tequila selection, and an unrivaled SoCal Menu, Cabo (as it’s known to the locals) makes you want to catch a wave and sport those sunglasses at night!

SOUL GASTROLOUNGE I never thought I wanted a mounted peacock on my wall until I went to Soul. The gastrolounge serves innovative sushi and international tapas with a casual and modern flair. Hob-knob with the hippest of Plaza Midwood here and don’t forget Sunday brunch. Two words: Chicken. South Park BARRINGTON’S RESTAURANT Reservations are highly recommended for this delectable, cozy, upscale, American bistro, aptly named for its chef, Bruce Moffett’s hometown in Rhode Island. Specializing in seasonal, local, and organic ingredients, this restaurant is a true culinary gem. With white table linen service, every dish is carefully planned and prepared right down to the last ingredient; you can truly taste every detailoriented flavor in every bite.

SELWYN PUB Quite possibly the best patio in all of Charlotte, featuring wide screen TV’s and outdoor fireplaces, Selwyn Pub offers great bar food, pizzas, and a fine selection of beers and spirits. Tarheel fans pile into this place to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. (704) 333-3443

AMELIE’S FRENCH BAKERY Open 24/7, this self-proclaimed “Parisian shabby chic” bakery will have your taste buds saying “merci beaucoup” the minute you walk in and catch a whiff of the sweet sugary goodness baking. Offering every classic French sweet (pastries, petit fours, éclairs), and savory (croissants, baguettes, tartines) as well as fresh housemade soups and sandwiches, Amelie’s also specializes in European-style espressos, machiattos, and lattes. And just in case the pastry case wasn’t enthralling enough, Amelie’s offers live music weekly to keep you entertained.

LULU For some of the best French cuisine in town try Lulu’s; you’ll feel right at home. If you don’t know what to order because everything on the menu sounds so good: For brunch look no further than the Country Benedict; a perfect marriage between the South and the South of France. The dish features Neese’s pork sausage, fried green tomatoes, poached eggs, and hollandaise. If you’re not in the mood for breakfast the burgers are tasty.

Trade Restaurant And Bar SLIDER TRIO

beer cheese dip. Then move on to one of their mouth-watering house ground and stuffed meat sausages with a side of bourbon beans or sweet potato salad. This place has it all, including raw oysters on the half shell, steamed peel & eat shrimp by the pint, and so much more! And all of it in the name of beer. Plaza Midwood BISTRO LA BON Bistro La Bon on Central is unassuming and absolutely delicious. Dinner is full of treats and they excel at dessert. However, if I had to pick the best of this Charlotte restaurant it would be the Sunday brunch buffet. Get there early, it’s crowded for a reason.

BRICKTOP’S With multiple locations throughout the Eastern seaboard, BrickTop’s offers an eclectic selection including American, Asian, and French fare. It’s a place that is hard to describe other than to say it has anything you are in the mood for and we guarantee it will be fantastic. With a fun, circular bar and outdoor lounge, BrickTop’s is even a great place to mingle while sipping one of their innovative cocktail concoctions (we like the French 75) and an order of flatbread. BRIO TUSCAN GRILLE BRIO!, (meaning “lively” or “full of life”) is a casual, white-tablecloth restaurant serving authentic, northern Italian food. BRIO brings the pleasure of the Tuscan country villa to the American city. At BRIO you can enjoy their premium quality steaks, chops and pasta and on Saturdays and Sundays until 3pm BRIO has a wonderful brunch. For the brunch, sit outside and take advantage of their refined outdoor dining experience. CAFÉ MONTE BAKERY & BISTRO Here very classic, traditional French country fare meets patisserie. Specializing in freshly

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The Concierge: Food & Drink Guiide

baked goods (including croissants and baguettes), this place has all the French favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as seasonal and daily specials. With a bistro setting right down to the wicker chairs and tiled entry, Café Monte is classic French. THE COWFISH Burgushi anyone? Yeah, we said “burgushi” and it’s bur-fabulous! We sat at the sushi bar and played Pac-Man on the touch screen countertop (think iPad countertops) while dining on amazing sushi and burgers. All of the sushi was phenomenal, and the Ahi Burger was amazing. And while the menu is extensive (and a little overwhelming), it’s best to go with your gut. If it sounds like a strange thing to combine, everything is also served separately, but what’s the fun in that? It’s usually packed, so call ahead for reservations if you can. GEORGE’S BRASSERIE Cheers to any restaurant that puts the wine list on the back of the lunch menu, sells great wines by the carafe, and offers bottomless mimosas for Sunday Brunch. Now that’s how the French do it! Although, George’s puts a slight modern twist on classic French cuisine, the entire vibe is all French. With nightly seafood specials, a fresh raw bar, and mussels served five different ways, George’s will never disappoint. Try any one of their specialty cocktails, our favorite is the “De Gaulle’s Masterpiece”, the description is a little adventurous, but so worth the risk! THE PIZZA PEEL & TAP ROOM Located off the beaten path, The Pizza Peel has an extensive beer menu with a beer club, beer poker, trivia night, and exceptional pizza. Using fresh ingredients, this place has an outof-this world menu featuring excellent wings, salads, and sandwiches. ROOSTER’S WOOD-FIRED KITCHEN A Jim Noble Restaurant, Rooster’s is a true local and southern kitchen, right down to the

stuffed roosters on the wall. Rooster’s features only seasonal, fresh ingredients from local farm partners. Mainly all à la carte, the menu includes delicious cured meats, steaks, seafood and of course, poultry, as well as generous, mouth-watering sides such as Anson Mill’s ground grits with bacon, buttered butter beans, and fire roasted beets. Yum-my. TACO MAC The name is very misleading to a person who has never been inside Taco Mac. Yes, they do have tacos but ask someone the back story of this chain of restaurants. It’s so simple, no one could guess. What isn’t simple is their beyondextensive beer list and their straight from Buffalo, NY buffalo style wings. This is the place to be to meet up with some friends, drink some beer, eat some wings, and watch the game. You should go join the Brewniversity Uptown BLUE RESTAURANT & BAR This award winning Charlotte restaurant offers a wide array of flavors and dishes from around the Mediterranean region. Executive chef Gene Briggs has assembled an unparalleled multi-cultural menu that is sure to take your taste buds on a whirlwind journey and give you a dining experience like none other. Whether you desire French food, Italian food, Spanish food, Moroccan food, Mediterranean food, or American fine dining, they have got you covered. Expect to be wowed by some of Blue’s staple dishes like the Moroccan Lamb Tagine and Tenderloin a la Blue, or step even further outside of the box and try the Duo of Wild Boar. CAPITAL GRILLE We aren’t able to fit the amount of awards this place has on this page. Let’s put it this way: If they had a trophy room it would probably be as big as their wine cellar, which allows you to choose from over 5,000 bottles. Hankerin’ for a steak with a beyond impressive romantic atmosphere? Two words: Capital Grille. McNINCH HOUSE RESTAURANT Entrenched in the history of the city, the McNinch House was built in the historic fourth ward in 1892 for Charlotte Mayor Sam McNinch. For the last twenty-two years it has been one of the go-to dining destinations in the city and recently received an award of excellence from Wine Spectator.

Wooden Vine Wine Bar and Bistro UPTOWN

72 • • Jan/Feb 2012

SAVOR CAFÉ Located just near the stadium, Savor serves up lunch and dinner with real soul. Every day is a new day here with different,

George’s Brasserie MAC & CHEESE

fresh, local specials and southern classics. All desserts are made in house and guaranteed to make you drool (yeah, there’s a “Cobbler of the Day” too). There’s even homemade strawberry lemonade. So save room for dessert and savor this hotspot voted one of Charlotte’s Best Lunches in 2010. TRADE RESTAURANT AND BAR Executive Chef Francisco Jimenez, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York has created an exceptional menu full of quality ingredients. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable and the confidence displayed by the staff is reverberated in their new predominantly Southern menu. VIVACE So good. So chic. Located in The Metropolitan, Vivace’s makes you think you’ve left the Carolinas and jetsetted to a glamorous Italian urban locale. We could just stare at the décor for hours. Who would have thought that a wall of wood could be so stunning? Offering cuisine for every palate (including separate gluten- and meat-free menus), Vivace is all italiano (even the “Employees Must Wash Hands” plaque in the bathrooms are in Italian) and every bite is oh so delicioso. Is there any detail they missed? We think not. WOODEN VINE WINE BAR & BISTRO Amongst the hustle and bustle of Uptown is Wooden Vine, a wine and tapas sanctuary. Chef Jon Martinson whips up some of the best food in the city including the crispy pork belly and grits while sommelier David Soper pours the finest handpicked wines.

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Last Word


res·o·lu·tion [rez-uh-loo-shuhn] - the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure,



t’s that time of year again, new encouraged to keep going on our path to beginnings, new goals (or same goals, achieve whatever it is we have decided to new year) for some of us. A new year do. My challenge to you for this year is to brings new opportunities, lessons change your mindset, and have the resolve learned, and often times, resolutions. to stay positive. Unfortunately, most resolutions are broken To put that all into perspective, let’s take within the first seven days of their declaration. into consideration the story in our tribute to J. That may lead some to believe that these so Charles Jones and the Freedom Riders as told called resolutions weren’t very important to on page 46 of this issue. African Americans us in the first place. I don’t think that’s the were told they were second class citizens who case at all. I think it all comes down to one would never have the same rights and freedoms overall and inherent flaw, that other men were given. “As you think of Jones was beaten, he was our mindset. What type of mindset are we in when your resolutions jailed, and was broken we make a resolution? down to the point that this year, resolve most people would have Let’s take a second to to focus on what just accepted what was deconstruct why it is that year after year we given. But he didn’t. He will make you make a resolution, and instead envisioned what happy, and your then fail to achieve it. he called “The Beloved In my own personal actions and habits Community”, which was experience, anytime I will follow suit.” a place where all men make a decision based on are free to eat where they things I don’t like, I typically do not follow please, sit where they please, and live in through with whatever it is I’ve decided I harmony. Jones kept that feeling forever want to do. Our thoughts become our actions in his heart and mind. No matter what the and when we have negative thoughts about circumstances, he kept his focus and resolve, something, we are more likely to have those and pushed through any obstacles or setbacks thoughts bring us to a mindset that tells us that came his way. In the end, through his we are not good enough, or that things are thoughts, which translated into his actions, he too far gone to change. This causes us to was able to achieve what he set out to do. falter, and often times we give up on our As you think of your resolutions this goals and resolutions. On the flip side, when year, resolve to focus on what will make we envision things that will make us happy, you happy, and your actions and habits will and are able to recapture that happiness follow suit. over and over again in our minds, we are Happy New Year to all!

ADVERTISER INDEX Adult Dentistry – 17 Advanced Renovations – 25 Angela Cox Photography – 18 Bang & Olufsen – 9 Blue -29 Brio – 29 Chris Bonnefoux – 4 Creative Camera – 74 Daniel Waldman DPM – 35 David’s Ltd – 2,3 Diamonds Direct – Back Cover Fork Farm and Stables – 7 Graper Cosmetic Surgery – 35 Guaranteed Rate – 37

HM Properties – 75 PLEASE Kevin Cole Photography SUPPORT KLM Massage – 35 OUR Lake Norman Realty – 39 SPONSORS Lantern & Scroll – 13 Little River Winery -12 For advertising Outland Cigars – 6 information email Pealeaux & Bailey – 33 Pink Hanger – 12 Platner Builders – 11 or call 704-218-9192 Shane McDevitt - 5 Taco Mac – 31 Thai Orchid – 29

704.552.9292 Representing Charlotte’s luxury real estate market. 4725 Piedmont Row Drive 75 • • Jan/Feb 2012

Suite 120

Charlotte, NC 28210

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One heart Three legends




With its Manufacture Caliber 01, Breitling has created the most reliable, accurate and top-performance of all selfwinding chronograph movements – entirely produced in its own workshops and chronometer-certified by the COSC. A perfectly logical accomplishment for a brand that has established itself as the absolute benchmark in the field of mechanical chronographs.

W W W. B R E I T L I N G . C O M

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