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QCCP June 2012 Newsletter


In this newsletter Jackie Ranken wins the AIPP 2012 Landscape Photographer of the Year Mike wins 3 silver awards & 1 silver distinction in the Travel category. Images from the Kinloch Landscape workshop Spaces left for this weekends Portraiture workshop. Grab a seat to Queenstown this weekend 15-17 June 2012!

Thank you for all then congrats that I have received. The title of “AIPP Landscape of the Year” is one that I really enjoy. This is the third time I have have won this category in Australia. The first and second time was in 2001 and 2002 with my series of abstract aerial landscape images.. The AIPP stands for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. This years awards included over 3000 entries. “For me, it’s all about that initial vision, taking my skills and creative thinking, and then seeing it come to life as a print” says Jackie. “Having complete control from the concept, right through the creative process within camera and to the fine art prints has been the key to my success as a photographer”.

Over the last ten years since moving to NZ I have learnt so much about photography and will keep on learning. Setting up Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography and Photo

Safaris with Mike Langford (my husband) has been one of the most fruitful times in my life. We have learnt together how to use a digital camera as a creative tool, much like and artist will use a brush. In 2002 I was shooting with film now I am shooting primarily with my fantastic Canon EOS 5DMKIII and when the moment is right our Phase One QI160. Gear is important but it’s not as important as the idea or vision.The frame of mind in which we shoot is becoming more and more important to me. I try to keep connected and sensitive to the things that visually excite me. This goes all the way through to printing my image. Having control and being able to make direct and intuitive decisions at the time of printing is wonderful. Success is many things to many people, I believe a successful life is one where the individual has found a balance between work and play, a balance between love and war, a balance between all the other polarities you can think of. I strive for a life of grace and humility. I know that’s asking for a lot but where are we if we have no goals. When people look at my images I hope to communicate a sense of ‘self’ that resides in all of us. I feel we are all seeking for moments of harmony and balance. My winning portfolio consisted of three Images within the Nevis valley and one from the head of Lake Wakatipu at Kinloch.

See all category images at this link.

Mike Langford won 3 Silver Awards & 1 withdistinction with images from our trip to Myanmar in 2011.

Here is mike in front of last years 2011 Travel Photographer of the Year images that were on display at the Expo in Melbourne. The chap biting his coat tails is well know Australian Commercial photographer Ian McKenzie. See interviews at these links. HERE And HERE

May 2012 Kinloch Workshop, the book will be ready to see soon.

Up Coming New Zealand Workshops 2012 June 15-17 Portrait Landscape (Queenstown) $1200

August 16-20 Mount Cook winter landscape $1200

• Join our QCCP Workshop Flickr Group, • Mike is always looking out for images to publish and critique, as part of D Doc in D Photo magazine. If you have an image you think Mike might be able to help you with, (an image that has problems, but you are not sure what they are). Send him a small 72 dpi, 600 pixel wide jpeg file to and ask him for advise.

September 27-Oct 2 Haast-West Coast $1400


October 17-21 Fiordland - Milford Sound $1400

October 26-29 Portraiture - (Queenstown) $1200

Workshops for 2013 April 12-15 Autumn Colours-Queenstown April 19-22 Autumn Colours-Queenstown

• Please send me an e-mail if you want more information or want to book into any of our workshops. As always, the groups are cohesively small in size which ensures quality time spent with everyone and the group has a chance to really get to know one another. More info. at

Photography competitions are a great way to get your images ‘out there’ and to help you use your photography in a pro active way. You might even win. BUT be careful, read the fine print and make sure that you are not signing away the copyright of your work. By just entering the work, you maybe allowing the organizers to use your images, when and where they like, even if you don’t win.... that might be OK and it’s nice to be published. BUT, you no longer own them.

Canon If you are a Canon user, consider joining the Canon’s web site - World of EOS l/home/ Mike and myself are part of Creative asia.

• If you would like Mike and myself to come to ‘your part of the world’ and run a workshop, let us know so we can consider it and plan ahead.

A fantastic conference and image judging. Check it out. You can see the judging “Live” on line.

QCCP June Newsletter 2012  
QCCP June Newsletter 2012  

QCCP June Newsletter 2012. With links to Jackie's AIPP Landscape Photographer of the year images. Mike's Travel images and up coming worksh...