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QCCP January 2012 Newsletter

QCCP- Top shots from our 2011 Landscape Workshops The top shots from each workshop are collated into books. To see these books visit simply enter qccp in it’s site search engine and you will have access to all our workshop books or click on the links below.

Fiji March 2011 Faith Naivaluwapa, Laura Pittman, Sandy Wind, Lesley Wild, Maree White, Jeanette Crickett and Iso Tokolautawa This years Fiji Workshop dates 29 June- 2 July 2012

Autumn Colours I 2011-Full Sue Weterings, Vanessa Lei Broad, Julie Martin, Leiong Goh, Priscelle Chapman, Rowens Richards, Josh Donnally and Andy Goldsworthy

Autumn Colours II 201I-Full Carol Jordan, Russ McLean, Jenny Crump, Denise Aitken, Charles Jarvie, Cherll Ryan, Rob Norman, and Clare Bristow

Kinloch Landscape May 2011 Rose-Maree Burns, Thomas Jensen, Annalie Viljoen, Darryn Morgan, Brian Eastwood and Ray CliftonThis year Kinloch workshop

This year the date is set for May 17-21 2012

Volcanic Rotorua Landscape Workshop June 2011 Paula Whitearce, Lorraine Milne, Kerry Dean, Sarah Timmings and Kathy Bodley

This years Volcanic Workshop has one extra day June 22- 25 2012

Mount Cook Winter Landscape Workshop August 2011 Dayaram Ganda, Clare King, Gaylene Donaldson, Alyssa Thomas, Russ McLean, Pat Sheumack This years Winter Workshop dateAugust 16-20 2012

West Coast Landscape Workshop September 2011 David Metcalf, Melissa Parr, Carmel Cook, Andy Holt, Lesley Dyer, Jenni Taylor, Kerri Setch and Kevin McKay This year- 7-11 September 2012

Fiordland Landscape Workshop Oct 2011 Danielle LeGassick, Jo Smith, Dave Harris, Rowens Richards, Michael Fellows, Cora Wright and Emma Miller This year workshop date October 2-6 2012

The Books Over then year 2011, I have changed the layout of the books to represent what we feel are the best images from each photographer instead of mixing everyones images up together to tell the story of the workshop. The last four workshop books have been created in Apple’s Aperture program which is an upgrade from their Iphoto program (I recommend people not to use the latest versions of Iphoto because there is not enough control) . It’s through the process of ‘doing’ that I learn. I hope you are inspired to make your own books of your own photography. By what ever means you find. The secret I think is to find something that works for you and stick with it. nThe steps I.

Make A first edit of all your favourite images, then view them all together, moving them around on the screen in your ‘finder’ (Mac). THis will allow to you can see what images are going to work together and how many pages you will need to allow for the book.


It’s better to have less images printed bigger, than more, possibly weaker images printed smaller.


Allow your books to have a rhythm and create some sort of style.

IV. It helps to have all your images print ready before you upload the into your book layout. Links What makes a great image? Put simply, it’s an image that catches your eye, it holds your attention and gets better the longer you look at it. It’s emotive, it has something to say and it’s technically good. A great image is an image that communicates something new, in a new way. What ever, it’s the personal interpretation of a subject that’s the most rewarding for everyone. In our workshops and Photo Safaris we are constantly evaluating students images, the reason for this is ‘to learn’. We ask the right questions; at the time of exposure and in the critique sessions. For instance: • What are you seeing? We ask you to say it in words? Then we let you know what we are seeing when we look through your viewfinder and offer suggestions on how to make what you are seeing more obvious. • How do you feel about the subject? We offer suggestions on how to communicate this feeling. This process may sound daunting to a novice but once you get into the practice of it, it works.

2012 Photography Workshops with Mike and Jackie We are all set for this years workshops and encourage you all to think about enrolling as soon as you can. Many of our workshops are limited to just eight students to two tutors (Mike and myself). This way you know

you will receive all the one to one time you need to solve any of your photography issues. We also encourage the group to share with one another; this makes the experience very rewarding and enjoyable. Beginners as well as the more experienced photographers always go home having learnt something valuable. The critique sessions are so productive. Immediate feedback that is encouraging and guiding. If you are feeling like your in a bit of a slump, come and join a workshop group and get excited again. Life's too short not to take the opportunities when you can.


Please take a look, and join us on The Picture Lounge is now representing our prints. 48 Helwick Street Wanaka.

Field Guide to Landscape Photography The cost NZ$40 + $5 postage in New Zealand or NZ$8 postage to Australia. For other international postage please ask Jackie. Payment to our NZ or Australian bank account or via paypal. Visit our STORE

QCCP Workshops for 2012 February 24-27 Portraiture $1200 - Queenstown March 17-18

Light Fantastic Photo Expo- Fremantle Western Australia-lecture/workshop

April 6-9 Autumn Colours - Queenstown $1200 (waiting list ) April 13-16 Autumn Colours - Queenstown $1200 (waiting list) April 18-21 Canon Photo5 workshop Winners FULL. May 17-21 Kinloch-at the head of Lake Wakatipu $1480 June 22-26 Volcanic Workshop - Rotorua $1450 June 29-July 2 Fiji - $1300 August 16-20 Winter Landscape - Aoraki Mount Cook $1200 September 7-11 West Coast - Haast to Franz Josef $1400 October 2-6 Fiordland - Doubtful Sound $3100

Please send me an e-mail if you want more information or want to book into any of our workshops. As always, the groups are cohesively small in size which ensures quality time spent with everyone and the group has a chance to really get to know one another. More info. at

Photography competitions deadlines coming up February 2 Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards January 22 January 20

Fore other inspiration- Past competitions AIPP NZIPP

In the next Newsletter more from out trip to Myanmar. Here we sit on a roof top at sunset in a city called Myitkina. The start of our adventure!

The Irrawaddy River at Myitkina Myanmar

QCCP January 2012 Newsletter  

QCCp January 2012 Newsletter, with links to all the Landscape Photography book made throughout 2011. The dates for this yrears Photography...

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