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Quezon City Christian Academy 52 Mariano Cuenco St., Quezon City Tel. Nos. 712-49-70; 732-28-16

Circular # 008-1112 DATE


June 30, 2011



Parents / Guardians of High School Students



Ptr. Michael Tampo, Bible Teacher Rev. Billy Arcayan, Bible Teacher


Mrs. Marie B. Ong, Officer In Charge


Church Attendance Guidelines


------------------------------------------------------------------------Herein is our church attendance guidelines. It has been tailored in such a way as to give consideration to unique family or individual circumstances without compromising our vision and mission. We are looking forward to a most fruitful partnership with you in raising up young people who really love God and His church above all. 1. All High School students are required to attend a Christian church (i.e., Christ-centered, Biblebased, protestant, evangelical church) at least one Sunday of their choice each month. 2. For those who have a “home church” (meaning, a church where a student is an official member or an acknowledged regular attendee) other than the Quezon City Evangelical Church, they are required to accomplish the following: a. Submit to the office at the start of the school year (note: one-time only) a certification from the church, signed by the senior pastor or an authorized assistant, and bearing the church official seal, to show that the student is indeed a member or acknowledged attendee of said church. b. Submit monthly: i. the Church Attendance Form (from the QCCA admin office) signed by the pastor or an authorized assistant; ii. the summary of the sermon on that Sunday, typewritten, one page short-sized bond paper, 1.5 spaces, font size 12, arial; iii. a copy of the Sunday worship program sheet (if the church has such publication) showing the date, title and passage for that Sunday. 3. Those who have no home church must attend the Quezon City Evangelical Church. Together with those students already attending QCEC, they are also required to submit: a. the Church Attendance Form signed by the QCEC pastor or his authorized assistant; b. the summary of the sermon that Sunday, typewritten, one page short bond, 1.5 spaces, font size 12, arial; c. a copy of the QCEC Sunday worship program sheet showing the date, title and passage. 4. Deadline for the submission of monthly requirements is the Monday after the last Sunday of the month. Failure to do so will give the student a mark of “0” (zero) in his/her Bible project for that particular month. --------------------------------------------------------------------Circular # 008-1112 ACKNOWLEDGMENT SLIP I have read the Circular #008-1112 dated June 30, 2011 regarding the Church Attendance Guidelines.

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__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”. Proverbs 22:6

Circular #008  

Guidelines re church attendance

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