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Stupid Girl in Foreign Land Part III 2433 QCA 2013 European Study Tour Tess Hinkleman

That s either completely correct or absolutely wrong

If you want something nice, you have to work with your imagination I went into the trip without a set agenda. I feel that the best experiences of any expedition are the ones that flash by in simple moments, that are either forgotten entirely or remembered as an inside joke between friends. I went to see and learn the environment without constrictions. My photos are a reflection of those moments and the way I saw them.

Dubai Airport Being a Washingtonian American, I am both proud and ashamed to see such fast food chains taking over the earth. Holla Seattle.

To Frankfurt! One of the reasons that I was excited for this trip was that it meant I was traveling to not only new countries but a new continent. Only Africa, South America, and Antarctica left to go. Easy.

Frankfurt We landed in Frankfurt, Germany. We were tired, hungry, and in desperate need of a shower. Taking in the local sites, I ve seen many street performers before but Europe seems affluent in the cometake-a-picture-giveme-money kind.

In the canvas (flesh)

Roy Lichtenstein

100 Cans of Campbells Soup – Andy Warhol

Growing up, I was never really taught about artists or art history in any grade of school. It wasn t until I ignorantly stumbled through South Bank s doors that I started to fill the void. It s wonderful to see the works in person that

One thing that I noticed as a general observation amongst the group was that everyone couldn t believe how green Germany was. Its lush pines and greenery look very much like that of the plant life that I grew up with in the states. It made me a tad homesick‌

To Wurzburg


Although the weather was unexpectedly cold, wet, and dreary for the majority of our stay in Germany, my roommate and I were lucky enough to get a spectacular view in the city that seems to be the unanimous winner.

Fortress Marianberg On our first day of exploration, we split up in groups to assess the lay of the land. My group s first destination was the fortress/castle atop the hill. Marienberg. Built in 704 A.D., the castle served as a residence for prince-bishops for nearly five centuries. It has also known its fair share of slaughter.

NO CRITICISM JUST CELEBRATION In actuality, to ascend the hill to the fortress is about a 15-25 minute walk. My group took 4 hours. As this was the beginning of our European excursion, we all had set goals in our minds of what we wanted to take pictures of. It was partly because of this day that I threw that idea out the window.

THIS IS THE CONCEPT My initial idea was to take pictures of this shark in different locations. I would then make up some sort of elaborate metaphor about how the shark symbolizes this and that and how that relates to so-and-so. I was completely burnt out with the shark by the time we moved on to Berlin.

My favorite. Thanks to Lauren for noticing it. Fate!

WHAT WE TALK ABOUT WHEN WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT ART Funny story: As began our ascent, we came across these great stairs and decided to take some corny pictures. Towards the end of the shoot, Rachel here Ă ďƒ  happened to look up and notices a man watching us out of the window of the building behind me. As we try to nonchalantly continue on, the man makes a point of knocking on the window to get our attention as if to say, Yes, I m watching you make fools of yourselves.

The Residenz Completed in 1744, the Residenz is a palace that leans heavily on the baroque design motif. It sustained heavy damage during WWII and its restoration has been in progress since 1945.

Throughout the residenz we continually came face to face with the reconstructed ornaments and images of the originals. Although I m happy they re taking the time to remake their history, some of their remakes aren t quite like the originals and seem to somewhat lack the aura.

‌ The Residenz s surrounding gardens were actually my favorite part of the visit there. Although they were sculpted and primped, they didn t feel as fake as the inside did.

There was everything from weddings to student battle reenactments

Of course, we also checked out the local Doms (churches) and the art they held within

The University of Applied Sciences Wurzburg

At the University, we were able to present some of the pictures we had taken thus far and get feedback on how we should proceed.

We also learnt about the European union, although at one point I did drift off and drew the shark‌

Although we concentrated on our own projects, Rachel, Lauren and I also tried a collaboration on Surrealist Pics

Don t smell it, just swallow it

Before our photo presentation, I wanted to take some photos from the Marienberg at night. One thing led to another and we all went out to dinner as a group, and then we stormed the castle in the dead of night. It was good.

We even saw a protest being held in sweet, lil Wurzburg. People will fight for their rights in any country.

The lord s with him I loved Wurzburg and was very sad to leave. Looking back, there s so much I didn t get to see. But we had to move on‌ Funny story: At a truck stop, while simultaneously making everyone believe I was missing, I found a truck with my name plastered all over it!

To Berlin

I guess I was really excited for Berlin, more so than any other city for our trip because I had heard the most about it.

Berlin. We arrived. That first afternoon Rachel, Lauren and I set off on our own to explore. Alas, although our hotel was magnificent, the outlying neighborhood was not. We ended up walking down the road, and instead of retracing our steps, we took a side street to circle back around. Bad idea. A few nervous glances were exchanged that afternoon. We called it quits, found an Aldi s and had a room picnic. Funny Story: Channel 5. The German s don t seem to believe in sensorship. Live long and prosper. Ă&#x;ďƒ&#x;Good movie

When attitude becomes form NEXT DAY! We set off with our tour guide to explore the East Side Gallery, check point Charlie, etc. Totally honest, it was just a giant tourist trap. It s difficult to feel the historical relevance of these places when you can buy a generic knickknack about them from a vendor 5 feet away. Boring.

NOTHING IS DETROYED IT IS JUST TRANSFORMED Victory! One of my most favorite statues during this entire excursion, the Berlin Victory Column (with a bronzed Victoria atop its peak) was built to commemorate Prussia s victory in the Danish-Prussian war.

Berlin the city was cold. It s wide open streets, flat landscape, and land-locked nature makes it feel barren of geological personality, something I ve rarely experienced.

We went to visit the Brandenburg gate, one of the most wellknown landmarks of Germany, only to find that it too had been monopolized by tourist vendors.

The Jewish Museum

Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves) - Menashe Kadishman

I was excited! Not because we d be going to a museum representing the turmoil the Jewish people had to suffer, but as a sculpture major our teacher had often remarked on both the memorial and this intallation.

That s dishonorable By the time we d reached this installation, we d all secretly had a biggirl-cry , so our emotions were frayed. At one point, Rachel actually picked a face up. Having put it back, her hands were covered in rust. Symbolic much?


This little girl in a princess costume was running around, playing games, and having a great time! After such a heavy visit to the museum, my spirits were lifted by this carefree signifier of life.

The KW The KW (Kunst – Werke) Institute for Contemporary Art is an interesting little gallery that proved to be my favorite for all of Berlin. It has several small spaces with what opens up to a large bottom floor. It also leads 6 flights of stairs to an attic type space. Kader Attia

When we went there, several shows were being exhibited at once. Everything from mirror masks, taxidermy, and clay work to interesting/disturbing broken mirrors, drawings of surgical procedures, photographs of

Can we reinvent the wheel? Now, one night, while most everyone decided to go out on the town, I became inspired to do some art. I m the kind of person who becomes really creative not from what I m seeing necessarily, but how involved I am and how creative the atmosphere is around me. It was only sooner or later I had to do something surrounded by all these art kids.

If you squint your eyes you look like a fanta

I had an idea for a future sculpture project, so basically we blended my face and torso in with the carpet of our hotel floor using only makeup.

Funny Story: Have you ever drawn a mustache on ya mutha?

That s a tattoo of my mom ^

Lets allow them to make a mistake so that they can learn Although we visited the Neues and the Pergamon, my favorite museum on Museum Island was the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery).

Flying Kites (1880-85)– Carl Spitzweg

I especially have an affinity for small, detail rich paintings because that s exactly how I paint. I feel that there s a greater intimacy, even more detail, and just as much time spent on a good small painting as there is a large one. It s cheaper too.

Claude Monet

Spring in the Village (1872) – Karl Buchhotz

No inventions just repairs Funny story: We saw ß this man on several occasions on Museum Island, and each time he was wearing a different leather/pleather/latex/ whatever outfit.

Why? Just because

Another little art project we cooked up was to recreate the twin scene from The Shining. Rach and I played The Twins, Lauren played Danny, and Rachel Long helped film it. All this at about 1:30 AM. Unfortunately, besides a couple of pictures, the footage was lost in transfer.

Besides the countless hoards of gypsies keen to steal your money and passports, the grey weather, and our surly disposition towards Berlin after having left wonderful Wurzburg, we slowly found ourself more at peace with the city and even grew to like it quite a lot.

And then we left

To Venice!

A land of water, boats, and the like, Venice is a man-made city that s lovely to visit but the tourists would be the death of me should I live there.

We found Portugal Venice is a small, bustling little city full of nooks and crannies of interesting sights. Funny story: Turn right at the Venice = SEX sign to head to the laundromat.

The Biennale

Danae (2013) – Vadim Zakharov

3D Wallpaper for Childrens Room (2009) – Vladimir Peric

By far my top two country pavilions were Russia and Serbia featuring artists: Vadim Zakharov Danae (RUS) and a collaboration of Vladimir Peric and Tomis Milos Nothing Between Us (SRB).

There should be like, violinists on every corner and stuff I also enjoyed Pawel Althammer s installation Venetians located in the central pavilion, as well as finally getting to see Marc Quin s made of his own blood!

Venetians (2013) – Pawel Althammer

Self (2011) – Marc Quin

Flesh Painting (On Voluptousness) 2012 Oil on canvas Marc Quin

We couldn t help ourselves, even at the Biennale We re art students. We can t help but to make art everywhere we go!

The Day I Experienced the Seven Stages of Grief in 1 Hour •  •  •  •  •  • 

Shock/Denial Pain/Guilt Anger/Bargaining Depression/Reflection/Lonliness The Upward Turn Reconstruction/Working Through •  Acceptance/Hope During the bell performance in the Polish pavilion I thought that the sound waves had blown out my ipod (aka my camera/life). Until we managed to revive it an hour later, I DID experience every stage.

Time to PLAY marbles At one point, I was again overcome with the need to create. We started out the evening playing the cups game on the hotel rooftop. Then in the hotel elevator‌


And then things just went on from there. Free. Styling. Everything. This led us three to make an adlib movie.

The stills from said movie

Left (2013) – Tess Dallas

It’s from mucking around and playing with video during this trip that I gained the inspiration to make my final sculpture installation for the end of my second year. The study tour has been an asset to my practice.

EST!EST! EST! The heat was brutal, the streets were packed, and odds are the Murano glass souvenirs we bought were fake. We still had a wonderful time and I know that more than one of us wished that we could have stayed in Venice for the remaining portion of the trip. But we left‌

To Milan! In three days time we not only visited shopping centres, cathedrals and an art exhibit at the Hangar Biccoca…

San Bartolomeo Flayed (1562) Marco d‘Agrate

San Bartolomeo Flayed (2013) – Tess Dallas

For better or for worse But we got caught in a rainstorm, saw Di Vinci s Last Supper and I facetimed/ drew one of my American friends.

Diana (2013) – Tess Dallas

HAPPY ENDINGS This trip was a total and complete learning experience and I m only now starting to comprehend the benefits of such an experience now that everything has started to settle in my memory. Already I m restless for another journey. Conclusion, if you re reading this, go on the tour!

All of the photographs used were taken by my own hand. All of the quotes used were heard or seen in passing without anyone to source.

Tess Hinkleman - 2013 Art Theory Study Tour  
Tess Hinkleman - 2013 Art Theory Study Tour  

2013 Art Theory Study Tour