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international study tour griffith university & james cook university

frankfurt wurzburg berlin venice + milan

maikki’s visual diary

art student traveller & tourist •  I looked  forward  to  the  Study  Tour  for  the  art,  the   architecture,  the  travel  and  the  experiences  with  like   minded  people.  I  have  travelled  abroad  before…..   •  …however,  this  was  my  first  group  tour  and  my  first   =me  travelling  without  my  partner……..something  new   for  me…   •  …I  love  sending  and  receiving  postcards  from  travels   and  this  has  been  a  basis  for  this  visual  diary…  

Dubai Interna=onal  Airport   We  had  a  few  hours  in  transit  here   a9er  14  hours  on  the  plane.     The  architecture  interested  me,  but   there  was  a  lack  of  comfortable   seaAng  for  relaxaAon.  

Frankfurt, Germany mainly a  modern   city,  clean,  green  with  a  historical  centre  

the largest  financial   centre  of  Europe    

Lothar Baumgarten   Frankfurt  Le,er  1989-­‐91  

Frankfurt MoMA  

Nam June  Paik  One  Candle   1988  

mighty fine  coffee  

a few hours in frankfurt                   Romerberg  Square  

…we enjoyed  a  beauAful   sunny  warm  day…and  a   guided  coach  tour  

Frankfurt Opera  House  

The street  posters  are  unfamiliar  yet   somehow  the  art  is  familiar  

Wurzburg picture  perfect  for  lovers  of  historical  European  architecture,  charm   and  grace  –  a  patchwork  quilt  of  styles  

Fortress Marienberg,  Wurzburg    

This is  steeped  in  history  which  dates  back  to  704  AD.  So  much  to  see.    

5 days in Berlin – not  long  enough!  

Bridget Riley  @  Galerie  Max  Hetzler,  Berlin  

Perfect space  for  these   perfect  works  ….   sublime……  

Jewish Museum   Berlin    

The feelings  I  experienced  visi=ng  this  museum  will  stay  with  me  forever.  This  is  partly  to  do   with  the  exhibi=ons,  but  more  powerful  was  the  architecture  designed  by  Daniel  Libeskind.         He  called  this  “Between   the  Lines”.    

The pared  back  paleZe  of  finishes,  the  gently  sloping  floors,  the  strange   corners,  the  exaggerated  voids  and  the  angles  leS  an  unease  in  my  psyche.  

The Wunderkammer  Olbricht  at  ME  Collectors  Room    

  My  art  pracAce  may    lean  towards  the  wunderkammer   or  cabinet  of  curiosiAes.       Collec=ons  include  scienAfic  instruments  (scien=fica),   precious  artworks  (  ar=ficialia),    

rare phenomena  of  nature  (naturalia),  objects  from  strange  worlds  (exo=ca)     and  inexplicable  items  (miralilia).  

This collec=on  is  from  the   Renaissance  and  Baroque   periods  –  what  a  gem!    

…..aSer all  that  art,  some=mes  it  was   good  to  have  a  quiet  liXle  drink  ….  

@ the  Sky  Bar,  Andels  Hotel   where  we  stayed  in  Berlin  

Window shopping,  looking  at  interes=ng  things  that  remind  me  of  Europe  

…the city  of   love….  

…the city  of   dreams  and   fantasies…     …canals   instead  of   streets…     …boats   instead   of  cars….    

…every photo  is  a   postcard…  


via Garibaldi,  Venice    -­‐  art  on  shop  windows                                          Loved  it!!  

Hotel Gabrielli,  Venice  

our hotel,  a  tradi=onal  family  run  Grand  Hotel  since  1856.       Rooms  are  quite  small  but  comfortable,  con=nental  breakfast  was  preZy   good  except  for  the  bread.    

Courty ard oasis  

rom View  f   f the  roo   terrace

Breakf as courty t in  the   ard  

With   y Del  m   ie room

The Encyclopedic  Palace      55th  Venice  Biennale  2013   So  much  art,  so  liZle  Ame!    

The Spanish  Pavilion  –  ar=st  Lara  Almarcegui     This  was  my  introduc=on  to  my  first  Venice  Biennale…..    

The sight,  size  and  the  smell  of  the  installa=on     of  earth,  rubble,  soil,  glass  and  sand  was   overwhelming.    The  ar=st  has  been  working  at  the   boundary  between  urban  regenera=on  and  decay.    

Brazil Pavilion  –  ar=st  Odires  Mlaszho  –  Inside  /  Outside   A  series  of  new  works  using  Encyclopaedia  Britannica  inspired  by  the   principles  associated  with  the  Mobius  strip.       The  volumes  have  been  altered  and  transformed  into  twisted   forma=ons  of  book  sculptures.    

There was  a  quietness  and  an  organic  feel  to  these  transmuted   encyclopaedias.                                                                                                        Love  at  first  sight.  

Russia Pavilion  –  arAst  Vadim  Zakharov  -­‐  Danae   The  divine  myth  about  the  impregnaAng  of  the  Greek  Figure  of  Danae  is  subject  to   numerous  readings:  

in this  case,  golden  rain  falling  is  a  reference   to  the  seducAon  of  Danae  as  a  symbol  of   human  lust  and  greed,  as  also  of  the   corrupAng  influence  of  money.  

…a few  images  of  some  of  the  art  …   very  inspiring  

Textures of  Europe   ..this  is  art  too..  

Milan images    

Church of  San  Maurizio  al  Monastery  Maggiore,  Milan   The  plain  façade  conceals  a  jewel  box  of  an  interior    completely  decorated     with  Renaissance  frescoes  from  floor  to  ceiling.    

Milan Cathedral  –"The  Cathedral  is  an  awful  failure.  Outside  the  design  is  monstrous  and  inar=s=c.    

The over-­‐elaborated  details  stuck  high  up  where  no  one  can  see  them;  everything  is  vile  in  it;  it  is,  however,     imposing  and  gigan=c  as  a  failure,  through  its  great  size  and  elaborate  execu=on.“  Oscar  Wilde  in  a  leXer  to  his  mother    in  1875.    

Celebra=ng the   end  of  our   study  tour    

The last  supper  

caused by the emergence Many thanks  to  Rainer  Werner  for  the  summer  school  lecture   at     economically weakened but University  of  Applied  Sciences    FHWS  Wurzburg  about  the   E U   a nd   i ts   h istory.     newly democratic Eastern He  made  a  dry  subject  very  interesAng.   nations  


2009 Treaty                      of       Lisbon instituted

The moXo  is  by “United   diversity”     all 27in   Member States th th 9  May  is  Europe   ay  to   celebrate   peace   and   2013 DThe 28 member country unity  (anniversary   f  the  accession original  ideas   for  the   is Croatiaowith on EU  known   as  1, the   Schuman  Declara=on  in   July 2013 1951).     The  EU  anthem   is  “Ode   to  Joy”  from  Lwhich udwig  van   Treaty of Amsterdam Beethoven’s   Symphony   o.  9   issues brought about Nsocial 28  countries  are  the  Member  States     regarding employment and  There  are  23  official  languages  so  that  members   living conditions in the EU may  speak  in  their  mother  tongue  to  express   2003 Treaty f Nice dealt with the themselves  correctly   created the PopulaAon  oconsequences f  490  million  which   is  7%  oby f  the   of Amsterdam caused by world’s  Treaty popula=on   emergence economically EU  produces  the 30%   of  the  world’s   GDP   but newly democratic The  euro  is  tweakened he  official  currency   since   1999   Eastern The  European   flag  has  nations 12  golden  stars  on  a  blue   background,   number   of  stars  dinstituted o  not   2009the   Treaty of Lisbon represent   countries,   however   bythe   all m 27ember   Member States the  circle   symbolises   nity     2013 The 28uth member country EU  wins  Nobel   Peace  Prize   2012   is Croatia within  accession on th      2013  The  28July  member   country  is  CroaAa     1, 2013

Also, many  thanks  to  Markus  Kaiser  who  ran  the  photography  workshop   at  University  of  Applied  Sciences  FHWS  Wurzburg.       He  travelled  to  Brisbane  for  our    “How  I  look  at  it”     pop-­‐up  exhibiAon  at  the  White  Box  at  QCA.   My  theme  was  vendors  and  produce.  

Upon reflecAon….    

travelling with  a  group  of  like  minded  people  meant  a   diversity  of  company,  opinions  and  personal  percepAons.       We  explored  and  discovered  different  cultures,  a  huge  

range of    arts,  local  cuisines,    regional    beverages,  local   customs    and  had    fabulous  experiences.  

We  saw  architecture  old  and  new,  stunning  and  ugly  but   all  memorable  and  different.  

This was  a  wonderful  grand  tour  for  me  and  sharing  the     art  experiences  with  the  group  made  it  a  richer  one.   Last  but  definitely  not  least,  Dr  Craig  Douglas  imparted  his   knowledge  of  the  history,  arts,  cuisines,  arAsts,  cultures   and  ciAes  we  visited  and  so  much  more.  Thank  you  Craig!    

References •  •  •  •  • 

All photographs  &  video  clips  by  Maikki  Toivanen  (except  the  ones  of  me).   Audio  technician:  Rod  Thompson.   Images  for  European  Union  slide  from  hXp:// european    -­‐    retrieved  October  3,  2013.   Beethoven  Symphony  No.9  In  D  Minor  by  London  Symphony  Orchestra   downloaded  from  itunes,  retrieved  October    12,  2013.   Text  for  Russian  Pavilion  by  Vadim  Zakharov  for  the  Danae  catalogue  by  Hatje   Cantz  publica=on.  

Leila Maikki Toivanen - 2013 Art Theory Study Tour  
Leila Maikki Toivanen - 2013 Art Theory Study Tour  

2013 Art Theory Study Tour