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HEAD OF SCHOOL’S MESSAGE This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.  – Horace Walpole

The reason why I quote this illustrious and capable man, is because this man’s oeuvre has often served as a model for successive (Gothic) plots. Walpole was also capable of critical initiative. Both are equally important skills, We expect our graduates from the Griffith Film School to be good storytellers for the screen, and as you will see they can do this. Moreover, we want them to demonstrate that they have something to say on that screen. At the Griffith Film School we encourage exploration that pushes boundaries and takes risks with truth, form and subject matter. Whether we work with motion graphics, hand drawn anime, 3d animation or heart-felt dramas, documentaries and live television, all of us must engage in debate and discussion about which stories to tell and how   to represent this world we all share. We officially opened our doors at Southbank in November 2004 but, under the auspices of the Queensland College of Art, we have a proud artistic history that dates back over 125 years. Not only have we played an essential role in enriching the lives of our students but also the local and international animation, film and television industries. In January of this year I was appointed the new Head of Griffith Film School and it is my greatest pleasure to congratulate our graduating students from Screen Production, Animation and, for the first time, a pioneer class from Games Design. Tonight’s program comes from students across all areas of the school, Undergraduate and Post Graduate students of Screen Production, Animation and Games. What you will see tonight are our 2010 graduating students’ final year projects. Each of these projects has demanded creativity, energy, 2

commitment, passion and above all good collaboration skills. As you sit back and the stories unfold and engage you with their surprising characters here tonight, please remember the dedication and hard work required to bring these wonderful creations onto the big screen. Tonight’s films cover a great diversity of themes, styles and interests, but for all the students, this journey from concept to screening follows a long and challenging path. Particularly if they are to make their graduating film a true milestone in their journey towards the profession. I would like to take this occasion to thank our sponsors for their ongoing support and commitment to Griffith Film School as our students and staff make this shared journey. I would also like to recognise our staff and guest lecturers who work so enthusiastically to share their own specialization skills with the students. Only through everyone’s dedication, hard work and late nights is this ambitious program possible. I sincerely hope you enjoy tonight’s graduation screening.

Professor Herman Van Eyken  Head of School, Griffith Film School  Queensland College of Arts  Griffith University 3

Maddie & Monty 4:00MIN

Maddie is a 5 year old girl with a big imagination. When her tummy grumbles with hunger in the middle of the night, Maddie recruits her toy dinosaur Monty for a quick trip to the kitchen. Little did she know that the path ahead would be full of perils and dangerous beasts!


ANIMATION DIRECTOR/ Alexis Dean-Jones DIRECTOR/ Ashleigh Beevers PRODUCER/ Sara Fonseca VOICE ACTOR/ Samantha Barrett

Epiphany in Darkness 4:00MIN

A poetic and nightmarish trip through the mind of a troubled man in pursuit of hope. Faced with terrifying representations from his past, he is pushed deeper into darkness toward the most horrific realisation of his life.

DIRECTOR/ Justin Bowen PRODUCER/ Graham Schneider, Justin Bowen WRITER/ Justin Bowen ANIMATION/ Justin Bowen, Graham Schneider, Alexis Dean-Jones DESIGN AND ILLUSTRATION/ Justin Bowen, Graham Schneider SPECIAL EFFECTS AND COMPOSITING/ Justin Bowen COMPOSER/ Timothy Bond SOUND DESIGN/ Matthew Springall



A girl struggles against the laws of physics and native fauna to create a vegetable garden. Garden is made up of four small films:


the physics of potting mix

the physics of lemons

the physics of tomatoes

the physics of harvesting



In a snowy winter, a son had a quarrel with his mother before going abroad. The mother tried to stop him but the taxi took off.




A spritely dog, in ancient China. A wealthy Emperor, with a coveted Crown. Disaster ensues on the day that the Dog sets his eyes on the Crown. The playful dog Max instantly runs off with the crown, making a fool of the emperor and his chasing guard. An epic chase commences, but is there more than meets the eye?


CREW/ Ian Chua


A strange and bizarre tale, depicting a young girl’s reflective journey into the shady world of her suppressed creative consciousness.

DIRECTED/ Matthew Carey-Gorey PRODUCER/ Brendan O’Connor VOICE ACTORS/ Elizabeth ‘Pete’ Peebles, Joshua Connolly, Mere CHARACTER ANIMATION/ Matthew Carey-Gorey, Mari Saaiman ENVIRONMENT AND PROP ANIMATION/ Mari Saaiman, Brendan O’Connor CLEAN UP/ Mari Saaiman, Matthew Carey-Gorey, Brendan O’Connor SPECIAL EFFECTS/ Brendan O’Connor, Matthew Carey-Gorey SCRIPT/ Brendan O’Connor SOUNDTRACK/ Daniel O’Brien



A story about love lost and love found.

DIRECTOR/ Sylvia Chin PRODUCER/ Yu jia Wang SCRIPT AND STORYBOARD/ Yu jia Wang CHARACTER MODEL AND RIGGING/ Ka Kuen Yueng, Yu jia Wang ENVIRONMENT MODEL/ Sylvia Chin MUSIC/ Daniel O’Brien ANIMATION/ Sylvia Chin, Yu jia Wang, Ka kuen Keung, Bo Wang SOUND/ Ka Kuen Yueng LIGHTING AND COMPOSITION/ Sylvia Chin



Recovering in hospital, and existing in a world where the line between fantasy and reality is blurred, is this little girl a prisoner or a patient? Is she sane or is she trapped in the world of her imagination? One way or the other, this girl needs to find an escape from her torment.

CHARACTER ARTIST/ Moski Tsai ANIMATOR/ Moski Tsai, Chi-Cheng Chiu VISUAL EFFECT/ Moski Tsai, Chi-Cheng Chiu ENVIRONMENT ARTIST/ Chi-Cheng Chiu (Chiu)


CROSS HARES 3:12mins

Cross hares is the story of a chance encounter of two opposing recruits on the battlefield. Both of these soldiers are incompetent, yet opposites in almost every other way. After the smoke of the battle has cleared, it is revealed that their more skilled comrades have been killed. It is up to these rivals to fight each other across a war torn field. The fated combatants engage in a brutal gunfight as they draw closer to one another. Before the final shot can be delivered, by some incredible turn of fortune, the soldiers come to an unexpected realisation. They come to learn that their differences are only skin deep... also  they’re rabbits.

DIRECTOR/ Thomas Renn CONCEPT ARTIST/ Brad Nielsen, Neil Martin, Thomas Renn ILLUSTRATOR/ Brad Nielsen CHARACTER DESIGNER/ Brad Nielsen 3D MODELLER/ Brad Nielsen, Neil Martin, Thomas Renn ANIMATOR/ Brad Nielsen, Neil Martin, Thomas Renn STORYBOARDER/ Neil Martin, Thomas Renn TEXTURER/ Neil Martin, Thomas Renn SPECIAL EFFECTS/ Neil Martin RIGGER/ Thomas Renn COMPOSITER/ Thomas Renn EDITOR/ Thomas Renn SPECIAL EFFECTS/ Thomas Renn


Whistling in the Dark 4:00MIN

One evening, as a firefly is snuggling down for a good sleep, a noisy bat decides to go for a walk.

DIRECTOR/ Monica Broadley PRODUCER/ Monica Broadley SET BUILDER/ Monica Broadley SET ASSISTANTS/ Hannah Brown, Melissa Lamb


Rock Him Up 4:28min

This is a music clip for my band Girl With Cake for our song ‘Rock Him Up’. It is a mixedmedia animation using hand drawn images and photography. Tension gradually builds during the clip for a sinister ending. Inspiration was gleaned for the narrative content (for the song and the clip) from real life and other girl hero advocates.


CREW/ Sarah Anita Vardy

what we’re playin’ for 3:55min

A young boy makes his way through the bustling city streets when he unexpectedly stumbles upon a playground. Standing there as he watches from afar, a girl plays basketball on a 10 ft hoop, nailed to the side of a tree. Never having played or even seen basketball before, the boy is curious yet hesitant to approach this new-found wonder.

WRITER/ William Maldonado DIRECTOR/ William Maldonado ANIMATOR/ William Maldonado ART DIRECTOR/ Mana Iijima PRODUCER/ Mana Iijima ASSISTANT ANIMATOR/ Hong Kyum Kim MUSIC COMOPSER/ Daniel O’brien



This film explores the connection between Chinese calligraphy and dance, highlighting their natural beauty and harmony.

DIRECTOR/ Zhi-Ming Su MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN/ Jimmy Ho SCRIPT/ Zhi-Ming Su EDITOR/ Zhi-Ming Su ANIMATION DESIGN/ Zhi-Ming Su CAMERA/ Zhi-Ming Su, Andreas Kjelsaas CAST/ Mai Yu Yao, Zhi-Ming Su


Viola 3:52min

Viola is a young woman who can create music in a unique way. Alone in her apartment, she struggles to perfect her song. The door opens and Lucien, a seemingly charming man, offers to help her. Hesitant at first, Viola accepts his help and they begin to dance. But Lucien is not who he seems to be and Viola needs to find the courage and the strength to break free and return to her music.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Alexis Sudgen VOICE ACTORS/ Veronica Morland, Jack McTaggart MUSIC/ Fourplay SOUND/ Anusha Matthews



For a father it is never easy to say goodbye to his daughter. At the wedding, the daughter left with father’s protection...



bear up 4:38min

Bear Up tells a humorous tale of a little boy chasing a shiny red balloon while lurking around a run-down theme park. He encounters a sinister looking Robotic Bear, which vendors the helium balloons at a price of a dollar coin. Although, the bear is out of order, the boy continues to insert a coin. Now the boy must “bear up” and face the consequences of bringing the bear to life.

PRODUCER/ Ahmed Nashabe, Luke Harris DIRECTOR/ Ahmed Nashabe ORIGINAL MUSIC/ Grant Kirkhope PRODUCTION DESIGNER/ Ahmed Nashabe, Luke Harris VISUAL EFFECT ARTIST/ Ahmed Nashabe SOUND/ Ahmed Nashabe, Luke Harris LEAD ANIMATOR/ Ahmed Nashabe ANIMATOR/ Luke Harris LEAD MODELLER/ Ahmed Nashabe MODELLER/ Luke Harris, Jaimi Anderson, Hannah Brown



Every year, for the last 56 years, every August, a small country town known as Murwillumbah holds the peculiar Tweed Valley Banana Festival and Harvest Week. During this time several streets close down, markets are held, banana trees are tied to street posts and the town celebrates a tradition. The festival highlights include the “Banana Queen” beauty pageant and the parade, where floats drive through the heart of the town under the supervision of mascots Banana Jim and Sugar Sue. However, there are people in the town that believe that the festival has had its day, and that changing social conditions are endangering the festival. In the modern world today, a world filled with insurance red-tape and a lack of respect for community values. Can the Banana Festival survive intact, or will the popular parade be given its final  marching orders?


DIRECTOR/ Adam Finney PRODUCER/ Stuart Patterson DOP/ Peter Merten EDITOR/ Espen Dammen EDITOR ASSISTANT/ Damien Cauci RESEARCH/ Angela Hibbard CAMERA OPERATORS/ Robert Brodie, Kiran Sangherra SOUND DESIGNER/ Roman Albert FEATURING/ Chris Chrisostomos, Carol Mudge, Kevin Gilbert, Grace Molloy, Bob Anthony Jr.

The Red Garden 12.22MIN / 7D / ART

A twinkle in the rabbit’s eye  Caught the girl who happened by

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Celia Finter PRODUCER/ Joanne Lyon

But, when the evening suddenly turned stale  And the rabbit hopped up and turned tail The little girl used imagination wild  Drew on forces, that destroyed the child And in the morning, by the bush  A Squeal! a Squeak! ...and then shush... Little rabbit no longer able to hop  Mr Pop... it’s here you stop.

DOP/ Rob Brodie FIRST AD/ Jarred Bocca PRODUCTION DESIGNER/ Elise Kowitz EDITOR/ Tara Brown VISUAL EFFECT/S/ Matt Crump SOUND/ Dorian Radic MUSIC/ Julian Marsckhe CAST/ Emma Wright, Emily Pollard, Jason King


The Fireworks From 1989 14.55MIN / HD / FOREIGN DRAMA

The Tiananmen Square protests may have happened twenty-one years ago, but the screams and gunshots in Le’s dreams will not go quiet. Now living in Australia, away from his wife and daughter, Le has devoted himself to the pro-democracy movement. But an encounter with an old friend teaches him that his devotion may be misguided.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Francis Chen CO-PRODUCERS/ Michael Jones, Francis Chen, Angela Hibbard FIRST AD/ Yuki Takagi, Perri Krom DOP/ Dan Corbett PROD. DESIGNER/ Zany Lau Kelly McLeod, Francis Chen EDITOR/ Tom Walters VISUAL EFFECT/S/ Perri Krom SOUND/ Tom Walters CAST/ Xiao Gang, WendyXu, Xixi Xu, Christian Man



13.30MIN / 7D / HORROR When James mistakes a friendly bushman for a monstrous Yowie he shoots him dead. Will he and Vivian’s relationship be strong enough to get them through and escape the Aussie bush? Will they even be able to survive  the night?

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Cole Bayford PRODUCER/ Jarred Bocca FIRST AD/ Jonathan Martin DOP/ David Jeffery PROD. DESIGNER/ Kelly McLeod EDITOR/ Kiran Sangherra ORIGINAL SCORE/ Christopher Clark SOUND/ David Thibault CAST/ Rupurt Raineri, Anna Kennedy, Brendan Smoother


Postcards to Nowhere 10.18MIN / 7D / ROMANTIC COMEDY

Flynn is lonely, he has just moved house and his job is in jeopardy. So when he starts receiving postcards from a mysterious woman intended for the previous tenant, he quickly falls in love, but there’s a catch, she doesn’t know he exists. When it finally comes time to meet his mystery love, Flynn must choose between chasing his dreams, and keeping  his job.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Tarren Schneider PRODUCER/ Talitha Lawson FIRST AD/ Damien Cauci DOP/ Mitchell Kennedy PROD. DESIGNER/ Fiona MacIntosh EDITOR/ Leigh Ockey SOUND/ Adam Pratt MUSIC/ Tania Brand, Jeremy Lunnon CAST/ Simon Edds, Brett Molloy, Jessica Willacy, Chloe Newcombe, James Harris, Aaron Gane and Louise Gavin



10.18MIN / HD / ROMANTIC COMEDY Nancy, a sixty-eight year old widow who spends her days playing mah-jong and knitting quilts is thrust into the exhilarating world of internet dating when her eccentric tech-savvy friend Iris decides she needs a little “man action” to spice up her life. Taking the name ‘GOLD3N_GRL’ as her online alias, Nancy embarks on a series of dates that will  change her outlook on life, love, and the internet forever.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Todd Murray PRODUCER/ Matt Minter FIRST AD/ Talitha Lawson DOP/ Adrian Pagano PROD. MANAGER/ Tarren Schneider PROD. DESIGNER/ Joanne Lyon EDITOR/ Nathan Helder CONTINUITY/ Naomi Kume BOOM/ Ding Weicong GAFFER/ Josh Davidson SOUND/ Angela Hibbard MUSIC/ Ben Miles CAST/ Penny Brown O’Dare, Penny Brown O’Dare, Dryden Bingham



15.00MIN / 7D / DRAMA Talisman is a young man with unnatural powers. He can feel everyone’s mental pain around him, and if he touches them, he absorbs it all, which then manifests physically on him as cuts and wounds. Leading a lonely night-life, his world is turned upside down when his dream girl turns out to be more painful than anyone he has ever encountered, and soon, he owes her the world.

DIRECTOR/ Øyvind Welle WRITER/ Øyvind Welle PRODUCER/ Arild Grindheim DOP/ Mitch Kennedy PROD. DESIGNER/ Kelly McLeod EDITOR/ Anders Goberg SOUND DESIGNER/ Arild Grindheim MUSIC/ Lars Welle CAST/ Kimi Swindells, Meisha Lowe, Eric Scott, Caroline Bailes, James Harris, Rob Griffiths


A Picture of War

8.40MIN / 7d, 5d, 16MM / DRAMA A humble war photographer sits alone in an art gallery as he watches his work being put up. Deep in thought, he stares at one particular photograph; he can almost see her hair blowing in the breeze. This is the night of Greg Foster’s final exhibition but the photographs of poverty, war and decaying human condition look out of place in the swanky gallery. An inconsolable cry cuts through the murmer of the affluent crowd and Greg turns to face his photograph. Haunted by the memories behind each picture, Greg must overcome his trauma and return to the world he once belonged to.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Kristy Campbell PRODUCER/ Rachael Janssen FIRST AD/ Peter Cunningham DOP/ Lucas Tomoana PROD. DESIGNER/ Kelly McLeod EDITOR/ Anders Goberg VISUAL EFFECT/S/ Matt Crump SOUND/ Shaun ‘Butters’ O’Brien CAST/ Keiran Brice, Allan Todd, Eric Scott


In Bloom (clip) 2.30MIN / HD / DRAMA

East meets West when the lives of two young musicians Kai and Rose intersect. A talented musician from China, Kai travelled to Australia to further his studies with the hopes and expectations of his family on his shoulders. Rose struggles to keep up with her music when she is burdened by the weight of responsibility at home. As the two get to know one another better, they realise they can help each other in more ways than one.

DIRECTOR/ Monica Goh, Yongming Guan WRITER/ Yongming Guan, Monica Goh PRODUCER/ Jim Hancock and Monica Goh DOP/ Yongming Guan PRODUCTION DESIGNER/ Katrina Trussler EDITOR/ Jody Bergedick VISUAL EFFECT/S/ Ahmad Halimi SOUND DESIGNER/ Rhys Forrer MUSIC/ Sherman Ko CAST/ Quentin Yung, Rachel Hinton-Smith


Maxwell and Sierra and the inside out 10.18MIN / HDCAM, SUPER 16MM / ART The squeaky clean world that Maxwell and Sierra live in becomes suffocating and empty, until the weight of the inside pulls them in. As Sierra struggles to comprehend Maxwell’s path, she comes face to face with her own conscience, and is confronted with the toughest decision of her life.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Hannah Ariotti PRODUCER/ Naomi Kumé DOP/ Kristy Campbell PRODUCTION DESIGNER/ Billy Heinemann, Cathy Clur EDITOR/ Alex Cottier VISUAL EFFECT/S/ Timothy Baker, Jaimi Anderson, Mitch Macrae, Will Del Mar MUSIC/ Craig Mitchell, Andrew Wrangell CAST/ Anna McGahan, Craig I’Anson, Rupert Raineri


The tale of the Mischievous Fudge thief 13.34MIN / 5d / MUSICAL

There lives a small Rat, with a big dream. Unlike any rat before him, this Rat aspires to be human. When Rat comes upon a quaint little town, Fudgeville, “where everyone’s happy,” he knows that this is the place for him. The townsfolk of Fudgeville have one word on their lips – “fudge.” In a community where no other luxuries exist, fudge is the symbol of the townsfolk’s love, addiction and sacrifice. When a talking, singing, hat-wearing Rat walks into Mr Connigan’s Fudge Shop, the townsfolk do not take to him kindly. Feeling rejected and not wanting to dismiss his dream, Rat concocts an extravagant, foolproof, genius plan that only a rat could formulate… Will Rat’s plan help him gain acceptance to live as a human, or will his ratty nature overcome all his efforts and cause him to be an outsider forever? The Tale of the Mischievous Fudge Thief is a heart-warming, fun musical set in the 1800’s about a small Rat who, on his ambitious journey, discovers more about the town and about himself than he ever anticipated… 30

DIRECTOR/ Elise Kowitz WRITER/ Laura Drummond, Elise Kowitz PRODUCER/ Peter Cunningham DOP/ Robert Brodie FIRST AD/ Hannah Ariotti PROD. DESIGNER/ Laura Drummond EDITOR/ Cathy Clur SOUND/ Shaun O’Brien MUSIC/ Dan O’Brien CAST/ Dale Pengelly, Paul Bryant, Joel Burke, Malcolm Gamble


8.42MIN / 7D / COMEDY Bottled is a short comedy about the experiences that can occur on a night out under the influence of alcohol. Liquid courage brings out the often suppressed and seldomdiscussed feelings that the typical man tries his best to avoid. Vomit is not the only thing coming up tonight.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Michael Sloane PRODUCER/ Ryan Miller PROD. MANAGER/ Jarred Bocca FIRST AD/ Rachael Janssen DOP/ Ben Jaensch PROD. DESIGNER/ Billy Heinemann EDITOR/ Kelvin Bugler SOUND/ Dorian Radic CAST/ Sean Walsh, Nathan Wright


Black Keys Music Video 4.00MIN / 5D / DRAMA

When Brianna and a boy simultaneously play the same key while practicing on different pianos, something magical happens. She is transported to a magical room, with three doors as the only way out. Two lead to other magical rooms, while the last is locked. Brianna needs to find the right key, through the help of the boy, to open it and get back  to reality.

DIRECTOR/ Øyvind Welle PRODUCER/ Tiffany-Jayne Martin DOP/ Yongming Guan PROD. DESIGNERS/ Joelle Peters, Liz Tyson-Doneley EDITOR/ Joelle Peters MUSIC/ Brianna Carpenter CAST/ Brianna Carpenter, Alex Ansaldo, Josephine Bell, Tom Combes, Alex Hoffman



6.30MIN / 7D / DRAMA It’s a story about Jason, a young man in his early twenties. While taking his shortcut to work he is confronted by two men Victor and Michael. They harass him and proceed to mug him. The next day on the way to work he takes a different route in order to avoid running into Victor and Michael which causes him to be late to work again. Day after day he repeats this continuously, trying to push himself to confront Michael and Victor but always backing down. His supervisor, Jim, notices his tardiness and confronts him, advising him to fight back. Jim gives him an ultimatum. Either he resolves this matter or he will be let go due to his tardiness. Torn between peer pressure and doing what comes naturally to him, Jason has to decide what is the right thing to do.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Anishka Jayasinghe PRODUCER/ Anishka Jayasinghe DOP/ Adrian Pagano PROD. DESIGNER/ Maryanne Paterson EDITOR/ Richard Khouri SOUND/ Adam Pratt MUSIC/ Daniel O’Brien CAST/ Jason Martyn, Jim Symonds, Marco Naddei, James Harris, Harold Martyn, Stuart Hirth, Victor Hayes, Ozzie Devrish, Michael Marsden, Lindsay Hocking



9.07MIN / HD / FANTASY Good-natured Balloon Modeller Bernard finds himself in a nightmare where everyone has black balloons looming over their head. It is a sad, chaotic and cruel world. He wakes with a shock and is relieved but soon realizes he can still see balloons hovering above people. Quickly he learns that the colour of the balloons represents that person’s positive or negative emotional well being. Using this new ability, he sets himself on a quest to brighten the lives of those around him. What he will learn though is that sometimes, what others need isn’t a quick fix, but just a friend or someone to listen.


DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Josh Davidson PRODUCER/ Adrian Pagano FIRST AD/ Espen Dammen DOP/ Ben Jaensch PROD. DESIGNER/ Laura Drummond EDITOR/ Chris Airey SOUND/ Ryan Miller MUSIC/ James Grundy CAST/ Craig Ingham, Jenna Kenney, Lorraine Page

The Missing Box 10.15MIN / XD CAM / ART

Adam, a wealthy and successful telecommunication engineer, has completed the list for a ‘Happy and Successful Life’. However, a constant nightmare about an unusual phenomenon leads him to question his success.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Arun Ketsirat PRODUCER/ Christopher Newton DOP/ Raymond Nguyen FIRST AD/ Mark Zaltron PROD. DESIGNER/ Tammy

Will he find what he is looking for? The story takes place in a world in which  both voice and facial expressions have  been forgotten.

Nguyen, Kayla Howard EDITOR/ Jasmine Marosvary CONTINUITY/ Tim Gibson VISUAL EFFECT/S/ Jacob Pedersen SOUND/ Raymond Nguyen, Jacob Pedersen, Ryan Brown, MUSIC/ Ryan Brown CAST/ Matthew Wilson, Taryn Madeley, Alex Newton, Mercedes Porter


one evening 8.55MIN / 7D, 5d / ART

Heading home from work one night, Albin catches a glimpse of a girl being attacked in an alleyway, but can’t be sure whether it was real or a figment of his imagination. The vision of the girl haunts him in his dreams, where now Albin is her assailant. As Albin falls further into a nightmare world, his guilt at his inaction and at his perverted dream manifests as a strange and terrible tree that invades his life.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Christopher Hocking PRODUCER/ Sean Mergard FIRST AD/ Stuart Patterson DOP/ Peter Merten PROD. MANAGER/ Perri Krom PROD. DESIGNER/ Pip Sugden EDITOR/ Pip Sugden VISUAL EFFECT/S/ SOUND/ Chris Airey MUSIC/ Jamie Seyfang CAST/ David Keirnan, Veronica Morland



9.59MIN / 7D / ROMANTIC COMEDY Sushi, I Love You follows the story of Paul;  a bored and unhappy office worker whose life  is fatefully interrupted by a mysterious beautiful woman. From the first moment of their encounter, a series of events begin, in which Paul takes on the task of chasing the perplexing woman, and the greater task of winning her heart. Seen through the imaginative mind of Paul in his pursuit of this compelling beauty, a once normal sushi train restaurant becomes the playing field in a surprising and shocking game of love that celebrates sushi like no other.

DIRECTOR/ WRITER/ Roman Albert PRODUCER/ Sally Wortley DOP/ David Jeffery FIRST AD/ Sean Mergard SECOND AD/ Adrian Pagano PRODUCTION DESIGNER/ Alex Silva EDITOR/ Cole Bayford ANIMATION/ Thomas Renn, Elena Renn, Alexis Sudgen SOUND/ Kiran Sangherra MUSIC/ Jack McKenna EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/ Isaac Ray CAST/ Jesse Richardson, Demi Harman, Simone Nicole


Blockets Skill/Arcade

Blockets is a 2D multiplayer rocket-based arena combat game, where blowing up walls makes it easier to blow up your friends.

PROGRAMMING/ James Cunningham CONCEPT/ James Cunningham ART/ Cameron Schilling, Zac Duff LEVEL DESIGN/ Nic Gomez



Skill/Arcade Bullet is an arcade action game. Players must use timing and skill to blow things up and rack up points.

DESIGN/ Tyson Foster PROGRAMMING/ Tyson Foster TECHNICAL ART/ Tyson Foster DESIGN/ Nic Gomez PROGRAMMING/ Nic Gomez ART/ Nic Gomez, Kai Hulme ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING/ James Cunningham, Daniel Lee Deppe


Call of Kebablhu Adventure Game

Call of Kebablhu is a tale of a young man on the search for a Kebab in a strange universe.

DESIGN/ Nic Gomez STORY/ Nic Gomez, Zac Duff SCRIPT/ Nic Gomez DESIGN/ Kylie Findlay PRODUCTION/ Kylie Findlay ART/ Kai Hulme, Cameron Schilling, Kylie Findlay CONCEPT ART/ Zac Duff DESIGN/ Zac Duff STORY/ Amjad Alkharsan, James Cunningham SOUND DESIGN/ Jade Pegg


KanaKana Learning/puzzle

In order to properly learn a language reading is important.

DESIGN/ Adam Smith PRODUCER/ Adam Smith

In KanaKana, the process of learning the two basic letter systems of Japanese (the syllabaries) is simplified through use of a fun and simple game.


Phoenix Puzzle/Action

A lone reconnaissance soldier is sent to an abandoned cybernetic facility after a distress signal was sent from within the compound.

PRODUCER/ Tyson Foster PROGRAMMING/ Tyson Foster TECHNICAL ART/ Tyson Foster RIGGING/ Tyson Foster, Amjad Alkharsan, Grant Davidson, Michael Stuart CONCEPT ART/ Kai Hulme, Grant Davidson TEXTURING/ Kai Hulme DESIGN/ Nic Gomez MODELLING/ Amjad Alkharsan, Grant Davidson, Michael Stuart TEXTURING/ Amjad Alkharsan ANIMATION/ Michael Stuart, Paul Stapelberg ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING/ Daniel Deppe SOUND DESIGN/ Jade Pegg


Run and Gun

2.5D Sidescroller/Action Save the girl and kill the baddies in this fast paced over the top 2.5D action adventure. A game where you only have to do two things. Run. And. Gun. Starting in the dockyards and moving to fast paced train battle. Run and Gun builds to a Man vs. Helicopter boss fight worthy of the classics.

ORIGINAL CONCEPT/ James Cunningham PROGRAMMING/ James Cunningham, Daniel Le Deppe ENVIRONMENT DESIGN/ Cameron Schilling PROPS ANIMATION/ Cameron Schilling CHARACTER ANIMATION/ Paul Stapelberg ENVIRONMENT PROPS/ Paul Stapelberg, Daniel Le Deppe SOUND DESIGN/ Jade Pegg PARTICLE EFFECTS/ Kylie Findlay


snow ball skill

Snowball is a Jump and Dodge game in a harmonic setting. You tumble down a hill avoiding obstacles, as you grow larger and larger in size. A nicely paced game for everyone to pick-up and play.

PROGRAMMING/ Delia Hamwood DESIGN/ Delia Hamwood DESIGN/ Henrik Pettersson ART/ Henrik Pettersson CONCEPT/ Henrik Pettersson PARTICLES/ Kylie Findlay


UP DOWN READY Skill/arcade/retro

Up Down Ready is a simple, retro two-button game. At first, it may look like every other flash game you’ve ever played – but here, the rules can change at a moment’s notice. Be prepared for anything! Winner of the 2010 Freeplay Award for Best Design in a Game.

PROGRAMMING/ Delia Hamwood DESIGN/ Delia Hamwood DESIGN/ Henrik Pettersson ART/ Henrik Pettersson CONCEPT/ Henrik Pettersson ART/ Kai Hulme DESIGN/ Kylie Findlay


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Ding WeiCong 0402 992 990 Director, Cinematographer

Dorian Radic 0433 463 353 Sound Designer, Editor, Writer

Elise Kowitz 0437 136 659 Production Designer,   Director, Writer

Espen Dammen

Fiona Macintosh

Francis Li Chen

0400 739 729 Editor, Writer

0403 724 366 Writer, Director

0424 393 310 Editor

Jacob Pedersen Hannah Ariotti 0420 399 943 Ha� Director, 1st A.D, Set Dresser

0431 199 588 1st AD, Sound Designer, Editor, Producer

Jasmine Marosvary Jarred Bocca


0437 728 342 Producer

0419 729 604 Editor

Jo Lyon

Jonathan Martin

0422 556 666 Producer/ Production Designer

0432 827 771 Producer, 1st AD

Kayla Howard

0439 509 952 Writer, Director, Gaffer

0425 441 165 Production Designer,   Graphic Designer, Editor

Kelly Mcleod

Kelvin Bugler

0450 186 965 Production Designer

0404 117 897 Editor

Kiran Sangherra

Kristy Campbell

0450 187 040 Editor

0423 726 996 Director/Cinematographer

Josh Davidson

Laura Drummond 0421 718 646 Production Designer, Director, Writer

Leigh Ockey 0410 686 433 Director, Editor

Lucas Tomoana

Mark Zaltron

0421 693 136 Cinematographer

0434 873 283 1st A.D, Sound Designer, Cinematographer, Editor

Marisa Bartolini

Matt Crump

0438 010 669 Writer, Producer, Researcher, Production Design

0414 152 244 PreViz, 3D Modelling, Animation, Composition

Matt Minter

Michael Jones

0415 450 694 Writer, Director, Editor, Publicity

0421 315 834 Producer 51

Screen Production Continued

Michael Sloane

Mitchell Kennedy

0405 229 762 Director

0423 210 926 Cinematographer

Naomi Kume 0433 448 650 Producer/Production Coordinator

Nathan Helder 0411 825 531 Director/ Editor

Paurush Kuntal 0432 410 474 Director, 1st A.D. Director, Producer, Production Manager, Script Writer

Perri Krom 0404 068 484 1st AD, VFX

Peter Merten Peter Cunningham 0439 969 209 Producer

0403 617 161 Cinematographer, Camera Operator

Pip Sugden

Rachael Janssen

0435 515 871 The�bag� Editor

0402 577 426 Producer/Assistant Director

Raymond Nguyen 0432 651 641 Cinematographer, Sound Designer, Editor, Producer


Robert Brodie 0417 640 145 Cinematographer

Roman Albert

Ryan Miller

0423 919 446 Writer, Director

0423 954 877 Writer, Director, Producer

Sean Mergard Sally Wortley 0402 375 034 Director, Producer

0422 375 587 Producer, Editor

Shaun O’Brian

Stuart Patterson

0434 992 947 Sound Designer

0422 024 566 Producer

Tammy Nguyen

0423 228 476 Producer, Production Co-ordinator

0432 238 348 Production Designer, Makeup Artist, Video Jockey

Tara Brown

Tarren Schneider

0448 587 180 Director, Production Designer

0407 352 916 Director, 1st A.D.

Talitha Lawson

Todd Murray Tim Gibson Editor

0414 594 637 Writer, Director

Tom Walters

Weicong Ding

0430 576 547 Editor, Sound Designer

0402 992 990 Cinematographer, Director

Yuki Takagi

Zany Kayi Lau

0413 421 186 1st AD

0433 928 938 Production Designer, Makeup Artist, Video Jockey 53

Screen Production POST GRADUATE

Anishka Jayasinghe

Arild Grindheim

0421 984 570 Writer/Director/Producer

0416 709 948 Producer/Sound Designer

Guan Yongming

Jody Bergedick

0401 221 917 Cinematographer

0434 941 351 Editor

James Hancock

Katrina Trussler

0438 764 203 Writer/Researcher

0418 872 989 Screenwriter - Television and Film

Monica Goh

Ă˜yvind Welle

0432 519 097 Screenwriter/Producer

0424 415 723 Director/Writer

Tiffany-Jayne Martin 0433 872 603 Producer/Editor/Writer



Adam Smith

Amjad Alkharsan

Cameron Schilling 0410 619 354

Daniel Deppe

Delia Hamwood 0439 644 168

Henrik Petterson

James Cunningham 0413 966 963

James Wood

Kylie Findlay

Lee Kai Hulme

Nicolas Gomez

Paul Stapelberg

Tyson Foster 0410 747 004 tyson 55

Design by Elise Appleton at Liveworm Studio

2010 Griffith Film School Graduates  

2010 Griffith Film School Graduates and a program of the final films they produced.

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