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BUILDING your guide

Inside: Some helpful advice & useful tips on building your next home with David Reid Homes. Open 1pm till 4pm Friday and Saturday. OF LIVING DESIGN • CONSTRUCTION • PROJECT MANAGEMENT COMMITMENT • SUSTAINABILITY

David Reid Homes is an iconic New Zealand brand with a proud and longstanding history. It is consistently recognised and awarded for its commitment to the highest quality building standards and is proudly New Zealand owned and operated with a nationwide network of 22 franchise branches. Our commitment to you is more than just the delivery of your dream home. David Reid Homes manages your building project from concept to completion. We listen to your specific requirements and custom build to meet your needs. We guide you through the building process to ensure you get the desired outcome from one of the largest investments you will ever make. We pride our business on five key pillars: Design, Construction, Project Management, Commitment and Sustainability. These key elements ensure we are consistently Raising the Standard of Living for New Zealanders and their families.



Design At David Reid Homes we build an environment around you which reflects the needs of you and your family. Whatever your budget, we will ensure you get what you are looking for.

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Construction We are passionate about building exceptional homes and we pay attention to every construction detail. We also build houses that reflect the individuality of their owners. We raise the standard of living - from insightful design and project management to quality construction.

Project Management We will assign you with a project team of building professionals to oversee every aspect of your home’s progress. From specifications through to progress updates and budgets, it’s all taken care of, to ensure your home becomes a reality.

Commitment When you build with us you will receive a fixed price contract so there are no surprises. For your added peace of mind, we carry comprehensive insurances and are able to offer you the David Reid Homes Rock Solid Guarantee and the Master Builders Guarantee or Homefirst Builders Guarantee.

Sustainability Our design process gives consideration to the environmental options that will make your home energy efficient, healthy to live in and provide year round comfort.




Where do you want to live?

What size home do you need?

How long will you live in your home?

• Within walking distance to schools? • Somewhere with a view? • Easy access to the motorway? • Close to parks? • Walking distance to the shops? • In a family friendly area? • In the country?

• Do you need 4 bedrooms for a growing family? • Do you work from home and need a study? • Do you need room for a boat? • Do you need extra room for entertaining? • Do you want 2 living areas? • Do the kids need a theatre room? • Do you want a separate toilet?

• Is it a family home for ten years to come? • Is it your final dream home? • Is it something for the meantime until your family grows? • Is it an investment property? • Are you downsizing for retirement?

Ask us for a copy of the Room Calculator and our Wish List.


IF YOU WERE A CHAIR… WHAT WOULD YOU BE? There are so many things to think about when you’re building your new home. But the design of your home on the inside is often the most exciting and rewarding part. How you style the inside of your home depends purely on your individual tastes, design style and colour preferences. You can make your home a reflection of your personality, whether you like ultra modern, contemporary, rustic or a little bit of country. We thought we’d help you to start thinking about the style of your home… So, what design of chair best describes your personal style?

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Modern European Simple and sensuous using light toned woods, curved edges and overall smoothness.

Country Rich in history reflecting a simple, relaxed style of decorating with warm woods and simple lines.

The English Den Careful and meticulous craftsmanship provides an air of elegance and luxury.

POP Characterised by the use of bright colours, expressive forms and synthetic materials.

Classic Timeless classic is simple and unfussy with high level functionality. Great design which survives for many generations.

Contemporary Urban and innovative design with smooth, clean, geometric shapes.

Modernist Modernism rejects ornamentation and provides an uncluttered and minimal look.

Lodge More rough-cut than stylized. Casual, warm, and inviting with the beauty and style of a traditional holiday lodge and the great outdoors .






New Romantic

New Yorker

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When you build with David Reid Homes, the initial consultation covers a number of key areas to determine the right building method for you. You can either choose from a range of packages and homes from our standard plan range, or design something specifically for your individual needs. But don’t worry, we’ll help you determine which is the best road for you.

1 Option One. Unique to you.

2 Option Two. Enhanced by you.

Design & Build Often, our clients demand their own footprint; an individualised home tailored to its unique geographic setting or its build environment. David Reid Homes are the design & build specialists. Our design & build service ensures the home we design is 100% personalised to your requirements. To ensure we get it right there are 5 key milestones in the design & build process:

Standard plan David Reid Homes has spent many years compiling a range of house plans that are diverse in size, style and features. We have an industry leading library of homes. You can take inspiration from these and add your own personal touches. The following house plans cover a range of options which include timeless classics, family homes, holiday homes, retirement homes or investment property. Whatever your budget we will work with you to help you understand the options and ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

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1. We visit your section and take the time to understand your lifestyle requirements.

4. The excitement of building then begins. Once we have the building consent, we begin to build your home.

2. We develop full concepts and provide you a complete cost estimate based on your design. Here you can see your home start to take shape, how the rooms will be formed, and the overall design features of your home.

5. Finally it’s time to move in! But that’s not the last you’ll see of us. We work through a detailed maintenance schedule with you, and follow up with a client satisfaction survey.

3. Once we’ve agreed on the final concept, work will begin on the working drawings. When you are happy with the working drawings, inclusive of all your requirements, we will prepare a fixed price contract.

Heritage The Heritage range is classical in design and has timeless elegance.

Lifestyle The Lifestyle range is larger expansive homes where space is less constrained.

Pavilion The Pavilion range is typically two or more linked pavilions. This allows homes to start small and grow with a family. Growth can be planned to enable a first home with one bedroom to become a family home.

Prime The Prime range is well tested designs that are cost effective to build and able to fit a variety of section sizes, and make a great family home.

Contemporary The Contemporary range is modern in design and includes many architectural features.


If you’re wondering what happens through each stage of the building process, here are the basic steps to completing your new home.



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1 Show home visit Come and visit us at one of our stunning show homes in your local area • Visit to find out details •

2 Initial design and process meeting We visit your land with our Building Consultant and discuss and document your ideas, needs, house plans and budgets

6 Colour selection/finishes Whilst your plans are in Council you select the colours and finishes for your new home • Our colour consultant will be available to assist • You may also consult with the kitchen designer and landscape designer to discuss your specific requirements •

7 Construction project management Construction begins soon after Council consented plans are received • A start date is determined and indicative timeline is presented • Progress payments will be due as per the contract • Two weekly project photos are taken and regular site meetings held •

3 · · ·

Concept design of your new home Concept Authorisation form is signed Design and briefing meetings with the architectural designer Concept design and cost estimate is prepared and amended if necessary

4 · · · ·

Decision to accept estimate and plan preparation On acceptance of the estimate your house plans will be prepared Working Drawings Authorisation form is signed Your selections are documented in the addendum to specification Working drawings are prepared and finalised

5 Contract documents and Council building approval • A Fixed Price Contract is prepared and presented for your approval • Signing of contract documents, including building contract, working drawings, addendum to specification and guarantee documentation • The building consent application is prepared and lodged with Council for approval (you may also need to apply for resource consent)

8 Quality Control Construction is now completed • Final inspections and full quality control checks are undertaken •

9 Handover - completion • Your home is cleaned and final Council inspection is arranged • You will be asked to inspect your new home with the Construction Manager • Once the home meets your approval a David Reid Homes representative will meet you at your home to present the keys and an information pack about the house and product warranties 10 Moving in It’s now time to move in and enjoy your new home • Your David Reid Homes representative will advise you of the 90 days’ maintenance period, and the conditions of your guarantee • Your follow up will also include a Client Satisfaction Survey •


ROCK SOLID GUARANTEE When you’re building a new home you want to be assured that your builder is committed to producing a final product, exactly as you asked. To give you peace of mind throughout the building process, we have developed the following package of Guarantees to lower the risks and provide you with cover to help protect your investment. All of our homes come with a Master Build Guarantee or a Homefirst Builders Guarantee. By way of example the Master Build 7 Year Guarantee provides limited cover for: • Loss of deposit up to 5% of the Contract Price to a maximum of $20,000 if the building hasn’t started. •

Non completion up to 10% of the Contract Price to a maximum of $30,000 if the house or work isn’t finished. •

Defects in materials and workmanship, or structural elements, for 2 years after completion of the building.

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• Defects in specific structural

elements of the building work, after expiry of the Materials, Workmanship and Structural cover, for a total cover of 7 years from acceptance of the Guarantee.

In addition to the above guarantees you can request a David Reid Homes Guarantee. The David Reid Homes Guarantee is an enhanced deposit and non-completion guarantee to make sure the initial deposit you pay to your David Reid Homes builder is protected, assuming that you don’t pay more than 10% of the contract price. It also guarantees that when you start building a David Reid home it will be completed. We are confident this guarantee covers more than most other policies in the market. Overall, it’s a rock solid commitment to you and another way David Reid Homes is raising the standard.


Common questions Q: How does the David Reid Homes Guarantee work? A: Throughout the build you make progress payments to your builder to pay for completed stages. If the builder is unable to complete the project your exposure would generally be the difference between what you have left to pay (as per contract value) and the cost to complete the project. In the event there is a shortfall after claiming on your other guarantees, the David Reid Homes Guarantee protects you by covering this amount. Q: What if the builder who starts my home is unable to complete it? A: The David Reid Homes Guarantee means your home will be finished in accordance with your signed building contract. Q: Where can I get more details on the Guarantees and cover provided? A: For details of the cover and limitations that apply ask your David Reid Homes building consultant for the Guarantee provider’s documentation. Q: How do I apply for the Guarantees? A: A David Reid Homes Guarantee, Master Build Guarantee, or Homefirst Guarantee is not provided automatically by engaging a David Reid Homes builder. There are charges and separate Guarantee Agreements must be completed and accepted by the Guarantee companies. Q: Who is the underwriter of the Guarantees? A: The Master Build Guarantee is underwritten by Master Build Services Limited; the Homefirst Builders Guarantee is issued by Builtin New Zealand Limited and underwritten by Contractors Bonding Limited; and the David Reid Homes Guarantee is underwritten by David Reid Homes Guarantees Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of David Reid Homes Limited.


SUSTAINABILITY The sustainability of your home, and your living environment need to be carefully considered throughout the building process. From the initial planning stages of your home, right through to the materials you use and the trees you plant. To ensure your home stands the test of time in the tough New Zealand environment, sustains your family and its needs, and achieves optimum efficiency, you need to consider the big picture in sustainability. This includes its durability, cost effectiveness, comfort level, health attributes and overall efficiency. Here’s just a snapshot of the areas we think about, and encourage you to consider when designing your home: Planning • Take advantage of the way your

section faces, and your home’s orientation to the sun • Understand whether other properties shade you, and which direction does the prevailing wind come from • Plan your deck or pergola along north and westerly facades for optimum outdoor living

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• Create efficient storage including rubbish separation for recycling or composting.

Energy efficiency • Place living areas north-facing to

optimise sunshine hours and keep your home warm and dry Minimise windows on the south side to prevent extensive heat loss • Consider the location and size of your windows • Ensure your insulation levels are appropriate for the location • Using thermal slabs such as concrete pads or tiles to retain heat • Optimise the pitch and orientation of your roof, if solar panels are an option • Create natural cross-room ventilation. Materials • Use environmentally friendly and durable materials • Install double glazing when appropriate • Minimise construction waste throughout the building process • Minimise use of solvent based finishes. Water conservation • Install water-efficient toilets and

low-flow showerheads • Reuse of greywater for irrigation • Undertake rain water harvesting if and where applicable.

Appliances/lighting • Install low-energy light fittings and efficient appliances • Consider all heating and ventilation options for your home • Fit timers and thermostats to control your energy usage • Choose an efficient hot water system. Landscape • Maximise the use of permeable

ground surfaces • Plant and landscape for shade, insulation and privacy • Grow fruit trees and vegetable gardens to encourage sustainable living. Use • Aim to create optimal user

comfort and health throughout the home • Undertake a maintenance schedule to ensure your home is up kept over time. A well-designed, well thought-out home design can have benefits to you, your family, and the environment in the future. It’s something that may take a little extra time now, but you will reap the rewards in the years to come.

As part of the design process, consideration is given to the options that will make your home sustainable, and therefore healthy to live in, Sustainability brings and provide all year round together a range of virtues that are necessary in a home, comfort. including efficiency, durability, maintainability, Robert Tromop. Manager and cost effectiveness to Monitoring and Research EECA build and operate.” Wellington

“A sustainable home is one that ‘you can sustain and it, in turn, will sustain you’.



What suppliers do you use? Over many years of doing business David Reid Homes has established relationships with a number of key suppliers. With our wide range of sub-contractors and supplier relationships we can ensure that you have the full choice of products and services at a competitive price. We get the best prices from supply partners that understand quality and service.

What is your square metre cost? Many home builders get initially trapped with square metre rates. The simple truth is – a discount in price, is a discount in quality. You get what you pay for. We build for people wanting small cheaper homes or small luxury homes all the way to large cheaper homes or large luxury homes. Whatever the budget, we will ensure you get what you are looking for – every home built with our award winning attention to detail.

Are there any hidden costs with a Fixed Price Contract? There are no hidden costs. Your contract will outline what is included and what is not. We give you a complete addendum to specification showing everything that has been allowed for including appliances, bathroom fittings, hardware etc. This along with your full set of plans will leave you in no doubt, when you sign your contract to build with David Reid Homes. In some instances we will be unable to give a fixed price on certain items such as if the kitchen design has not been finalised. In this instance we will include a realistic quotation amount (PC sum) for the type/size of the home. How long does it typically take to build a new home? Building length will vary depending on the section and the complexity of the design. We can discuss this with you in full detail after we have visited your site. We understand there are many ‘time’ guarantees offered by other businesses, but we want you to move into a home that you love, not just one that is completed on time. This means although we work to a timeline and stick to it, if doing so means having our name on a poor finished house, we would rather extend the timeline out.

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If you would like more advice on the building process, our building consultants are here to help. Call us on 0800 000 007 for free, no obligation advice.


If you would like more advice on the building process, our building consultants are here to help. Call us on 0800 000 007


David Reid Homes "Your guide to building"  

Inside: Some helpful advice & useful tips on building your next home with David Reid Homes.

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