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Anu was a short little girl.

She was also a chubby little girl.

In fact, she was the shortest, chubbiest, and littlest girl in her class.

The other children in the class would tease her, because of how short and chubby and little she was.

“Stop making fun of me!” she shouted angrily. But the kids wouldn’t stop teasing her.

She decided to not play with them anymore.

She sat in the corner, and looked at the other children enjoying themselves.

She felt sad and lonely.

Right then, she heard a sound and looked around.

She thought to herself, “I wish I had someone to play with.”

Behind the rocks and under the tree, she found someone crying.

He was a big tall boy. He was also a thin tall boy.

“Hello. Are you okay? Why are you crying?” she said.

In fact, he was the biggest, thinnest and tallest boy in his class.

It was a boy named Chintu.

“All the kids in my class tease me because of how big and thin and tall I am,” he cried.

“They say that I’m as tall as a tree,” said Chintu.

“They say that I’m as small as a mouse,” said Anu.

“Well, don’t cry,” said Anu, “they tease me too.”

“They say that I’m as thin as a snake,” said Chintu.

“They say that I’m as fat as a cow,” said Anu.

Anu and Chintu started laughing. “We’re both so different,” said Chintu.

“It’s okay. The two of us can still play together.” said Anu.

And so, Anu and Chintu spent their time playing together, laughing together, smiling together and having fun.

The other kids would think, “Wow. They really seem to be enjoying themselves.�

Soon, Anu and Chintu became the best of friends.


A storyboard for layout reference. This was made for the storybook "Annu's New Friend."