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Need an Update? In today's Sketch Star animation world, it seems more people are involved in drawing than there ever was. Sometimes, it is time for new updates which can enhance the game and at the same time, be helpful in keeping the artists happy. The thing that S. S really need in the next update are several new design tools and text Tools. Using S. S graphics software you can create animation, and work with different types of brushes. The major discussion here is what Sketch Star should add in their Future Updates. I comprised a condensed list comprised of a few ideas found in the forums

1. The current fonts are too old. The Sketch Star team could add more fonts in the future by making new font options where and artist can use more than 3 default fonts

2. It would be great to have joints as objects so everyone can make their own puppets. Then you would be able to share your objects and puppets in a big sketch star vault, so if someone sees a character you made, and you shared it, they can also use it in their animations. The objects would have a count of how many times it was used and could have an indicator of how popular the object is.... kind of like stock photo sites

3. It would be useful to increase the size of the “MY Objects� folder. If you could save more of your own objects it would be easier and quicker to make animations. The capacity would be more like 100 objects and an option for artists to create their own folders to save their objects to. Have an update you'd like for Sketch Star? Tell the staff about it using the "What features would you like to see in Sketch Star in the future?" thread on the forums

Artists of the week! Week 1 - Clymenus

Week 6 - Bue3064

Week 2 - Smudger8180

Week 7 - Anit13

Week 3-Ckgummi

Week 8 - December12

Week 4 - Chesleigh

Week 9 - Frostline

Week 5 - American Girl

Week 10 - ???

what's next for these artists? After the winner of Artist of the Week, for week 10, is decided. The ten previous winners will be competing again for:

Artists of the week: The Full Monty out of the ten voted top artists, who is the best? this competition will happen every 10 weeks

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understand What is this formula we keep hearing about? When the new Sketch Star contests came out, we were all astonished at the rankings. Some of us disgruntled by what we saw, others very confused. We were told by the Sketch Star staff that these new contests were using a formula made especially to help them run more than one contest at a time. This formula was not very new, actually it was being used for the topics in sketch star which would rank drawings for a certain topic. Nobody really cared what their rank was in a topic, though few asked how it worked. But, when the contests came out and there were awards at stake many jumped at the opportunity to find out how it worked. Though staff has not revealed everything about the formula, and probably never will, they have answered a few questions concerning the involvement of a formula in the contests. Some people are trying to crack it as we speak, even using

by making test animations and trying to find out what key elements it holds. Some have even gone as far as getting outside software to try and crack the formula. I cannot stress enough how wrong that is. So what are we seeing when we look at the rankings? Some think it s a careful ratio of editors picks, views, votes, favorites, and fans while others think it is about length of animation. Though some have taken initiative and are trying to figure it out, others are asking questions to staff or to other members who might have some insight. What worries most people the judging. Some are uneasy that a formula will control everything. Well, I can tell you that this information is not true. In fact, the formula was available in previous contests, ranking certain animations so that staff could weed out the off topic sketches Here is a true and false list of myths about the new system

Ranking are based on votes


we have been told that there are many factors to how people are ranked including popularity, quality, editors picks, view, votes and favorites.

You can't enter the contest without using the contest tag


you can always enter an animation by clicking on the "enter this contest" tab

You can enter as many sketches as you want


Judges will remove anything that is off topic to the contest

There are no judges, everything is based on the formula


Judges are allowing the formula to weed out any sketches that might not be top 10 material but will step in when the contest is near an end

Animations can win more than one contest


animations entered in different categories can potentially win more than one contest, as they are entered for different categories. much like an actress can win more than one award for her skills.

A new animation will always win over an old one


the advantage that recent animations have over older ones is marginal and quality animations are bound to stay at the top of the chart. However, new animation have a better chance at being on top because they want to give the new ones a shot at the spotlight

what do your fellow forumers think? "...I really feel that the previous votes system' was easy to understand and looked like it made sense ...Now the pages look like a confusing jumble....what is going on with the 3 day still says top voted...but it just looks random... " ~ Boiled Sprout

"...Try to see positive side of new things..." ~Merybel

"The contest subjects are a bit odd too... I've never heard of Justin Bieber... couldn't it have been much wider subject like Pop and Rock bands? Slightly off topic... to me the whole look of SS pages using the new formula now have the look of a broken mirror... someone swept all the bits up and pieced it back together again but now the image is all jumbled up. It's OK by me if everyone likes it that way... but I feel the 'Top voted (last 3 days)' window would be less confusing if it was called "Random Selection (last 3 days)'... just a thought" ~ Wonkystick "Hey, I'm liking this , now that I understand. I like the ability to put more than one sketch in. Thank ya guys and gals! Bet ya can guess what category I am most focused on." ~Felicia "I really don't care. I get bored, I do an animation in one or two days i enter the contest,I lose and I don't care so the time doesn't matter to me " ~AlissonSs

Making a gallery on the Sketch Star Forums? you need the essentials Gallery of

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