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Overall Component Testing Process Component Test Planning The main ideas of Component Test Planning are: •

Determination of the expected test results for each test case

Determination of the overall strategy of component testing, test plan of the project and test plan of all possible exceptions

Documenting the beginning of each test

Checking of the reproducibility of test cases

Component Test Specification

Identification of data to enter into each test case, which are defined by special design techniques of component testing

Component Test Implementation is the execution of all test cases defined in the specification. General scheme of the overall process of component testing:

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QATestLab 154a, Borschagivska str., Kiev, Ukraine ph.: +38(044)501-55-38

Component Test Recording •

Cross-checking and recording of each implemented test

Analyzing the reasons for rejection to avoid them in future

Record the obtained test coverage and test configuration

Verification for Test Completion is used for checking the completion of software testing criteria

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Overall Component Testing Process