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Automated testing is very interesting implemented.

Check of the results performs by the check of images and recognition of text on the screen OCR. One of the platforms uses famous ABBYY. By the way, testing is available only for Enterprise customers and it is discussed each time individually.

Advantages • • • •

Black box – there is almost no interference in your application; One tool and a test script for all mobile platforms; A variety of devices; You can test any application: native, html5, mobile sites.

Disadvantages • •

Automatic testing is expensive; Big lag when interacting with your phone.

I really want to debate in the comments. Who is developing mobile applications, answer, if it is not difficult, a few questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Under what platform are you developing? What kind of application? (games, banking, business applications, medicine) Do you use unit tests, why? Do you automate testing UI, why? If you would have to automate, what tool would be ideal for you?

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Automated Testing of Mobile Applications. Absolute Black Box. Advantages and Disadvantages.  

Automated testing is very interesting implemented.