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TOASTED TIDINGS Qatar Toastmasters Club

Club: 2910, Area: 18, Division: Q, District: 20

Volume 14, Issue 1, Sep 15, 2016

Reflect.. Refine..


Together We Can..!

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Table of Content About Our Club ·············································2 From the Editor’s Desk ···································3 Club President’s Message ······························4 Area Director’s Message ·································5 Our Theme 2016-17: Reflect Refine Redefine ····6 Reflect Refine Redefine ·································7 Make Time to “Reflect, Refine and Redefine”·····8 Club Officers Installation ································9 Club Officers Training (COT) ························· 10 Division Q Awards Night ······························· 11 Know Your Ex-com 2016—2017 ····················· 13 The Announcement of Our Theme·················· 14 Awards We Got So Far ································· 15 In Lighter Vein ············································· 16 Snaps from Our Meetings ····························· 17 Toastmasters International···························· 18


About Our Club Qatar Toastmasters Club email: website: Meetings: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha - Qatar Time: 7:00 PM

CLUB’S MISSION To provide a mutually supportive, friendly and helpful learning environment to allow all members to realize their potential and nurture their oral communication and leadership skills.

Qatar Toastmasters Club Ex-com President

TM Rajesh Nair

VP Education

TM Johnny Abou Zeid

VP Membership VP Public Relations

TM Saad Ghosn

TM Rasha Abualhasan


TM Sujith Lukose


TM Ndeye Wade

Sgt @ Arms

TM Pradip Sadiye


From the Editor’s Desk

Dear Toastmaster, It gives me great pleasure to serve as Vice President - Public Relations for the term 2016-2017 and I would like to welcome you to our first issue of Toasted Tidings for this year. In this issue, the ex-com thought that there is nothing more important to discuss other than our theme for this term; Reflect, Refine and Redefine. If you notice that these words have one thing in common: the prefix “Re”, which means “again”. Qatar Toastmasters Club theme is all about pausing from time to time, thinking about where we stand and where we are heading and then making appropriate decisions. In other words: Reflect on your journey... Refine your choices... Redefine yourself… Moreover, these three statements involve only the mind where all our thoughts are being cooked so we need to be wise and careful with our thoughts as they drive our behaviors and eventually our lives.

Happy reading!

Regards, TM Rasha Abualhasan Vice President Public Relations Qatar Toastmasters Club


Club President’s Message Dear Toastmasters, It is indeed an honor and privilege to address you as the President of Qatar Toastmasters Club and roll out the first newsletter of Club – Toasted Tidings for the term 2016-17. With almost 2 decades of service to the society Qatar Toastmasters Club has been creating leaders and better communicators, as part of Toastmasters International’s mission. The Club has been awarded President’s Distinguished Award continuously for thirteen years continuously in a row now, which speaks volumes on the professionalism, performance and achievement of the club. Apart from this, the club has earned numerous awards in most of the relevant areas. This truly shows how the past leaders have successfully led the club to an enviable position with the help and support of their ExCom team and the members. Along with the club, members from all walks of life too made great strides in their educational pursuit of leadership and communication skills. What I like about our club is that Qatar Toastmasters Club offers a platform where fun is part of learning and training, with multicultural nationalities and provides a great ambience for an amazing learning experience. Qatar Toastmasters Club provides an apt opportunity to realize your goal for self and personality development. I am sure Qatar Toastmasters Club would continue to soar at greater heights with the active support of its wonderful members. With best wishes,

TM Rajesh Nair President, Qatar Toastmasters Club


Area Director’s Message Dear Fellow Members of Qatar Toastmasters Club and Guest Readers, It gives me great pleasure to share a few thoughts with you in this term’s first newsletter. Six years ago when I started my journey in Toastmasters I had no idea where I was headed. Six years on, the distance I have travelled is beyond my imagination. Reflecting on those six years, I can see how day by day they have refined me, and year by year how they have redefined many things for me, including my definitions of happiness, success, and who I can be. It’s a never ending process of reflect, refine and redefine. It is this same process that is the secret of Qatar Toastmasters Club’s success. The members of this club regularly reflect on how we are doing, we continuously refine ourselves, and we continually redefine the limits of our success. The result is a club that goes from strength to strength, members who inspire each other to improve, meeting after meeting. It’s a place where Leaders Are Made. Success also carries with it the risk of complacency. Complacency is the enemy of success. To fight against complacency we must reflect, refine and redefine. By doing that, Qatar Toastmasters will continue to be a role model of success for all clubs, not just in Area 18 but also in Division Q, District 20 and beyond. In Toastmasters we learn by doing. We learn even more by reflecting on what we’ve done.

Confucius said: Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous. Reflect on this quote. Never stop refining. Don’t be afraid to redefine your limits. I wish you all a year of limitless learning, and success beyond your imagination.

TM Rukhsana Khan Area 18 Director


Our Theme 2016–17: Reflect Refine Redefine As the saying goes, “The journey of the thousand miles begins with a single step”, it is more important to focus on your goal and take the right step in the right direction in order to achieve success. Whether you like it or not – we all are in a rat race in this competitive world. Due to this situation, many a times we lose focus of our goals and forget to reflect and refine our ways for our own success. We have kept this term’s theme as “Reflect Refine Redefine” so that it would remind, encourage and motivate the members to follow and implement the process for their own and club’s benefit. But where do we begin and how do we begin?

REFLECT: You may start with your short term goal or long term goal in mind. REFINE: Try to understand where you have reached in last few months or year. See if the progress is satisfactory or has room for improvement. REDEFINE: Learn from your mistakes and understand your shortcomings. See where and how do you need to change in order to achieve your results. Capitalize on your strength and be passionate about your work and goal. Be confident, keep going, and enjoy your journey! It is easily achievable if you set your targets and follow this procedure on daily, weekly, monthly quarterly or yearly basis. Just have a simple plan of action and implement it successfully.

TM Rajesh Nair President, Qatar Toastmasters Club


Reflect Refine Redefine There was once a farmer, who discovered that he had lost his watch in the barn. It was a special watch and he had great sentimental value attached to this watch. He searched for the missing watch for a quite some time, without success. Next day he enlisted the help of a swarm of children in the hope that their boundless energy will help him in this endeavor. To his dismay, this also proved to be of no success. As the children left and he was about to give-up, he was approached by a little boy who offered to find his watch. The farmer looked at the boy and thought, “Why not, after all he looks sincere enough” and let him in. After a while the boy returned and handed over the lost watch to the sheer delight of the farmer. Immensely pleased, the farmer asked the boy, how he succeeded, where others had failed. The Boy said, “I did nothing, but sit on the ground and listen. In the silence, I heard the ticking of the watch and I could easily find it.” In this digital age, we are bombarded by a lot of things every day and not surprisingly multi tasking is the mantra of our times. But, apart from doing things mechanically are we doing things with our full involvement, are we doing things to the best of our abilities and more importantly are we enjoying what we are doing. These are some thoughts that crossed my mind as I was writing this. In order to be successful in the long term it is very important that we take time off to de-clutter our lives and thoughts, to listen to our inner voice, to realize what really matters to us. This is Reflection. While you reflect, don’t just think but think about how you are thinking. If you plan out your thinking process you will think more productively and you will be amazed at the quality and depth of your thoughts. This is Refining. From quiet Reflection and Refining emerges a stronger more powerful you, who is going to lead a life not based on what others think, but based on your thoughts, your beliefs and your convictions. That is the stuff leaders are made of and that is - Redefining. Incidentally, three Rs happen to be theme of Qatar Toastmasters for this year.

TM Krishnamoorthy S, ACB ALB Immediate Past President, Qatar Toastmasters Club.


Make Time to “Reflect, Refine and Redefine” I can say that I was somehow blessed to work under the supervision of one of the leaders whom I really salute till date. In October 2004, I was given a new assignment as a Marketing Executive directly reporting to the Regional Marketing Manager David Yip, a bright fellow from Singapore full of energy and enthusiasm. From the first time you meet this guy you will find out that he has extraordinary traits and capabilities of a successful leader. One time I asked him what is the secret of your outrageous success. He smiled and answered: “I make time to think”. Every morning Mr. Yip spends at least 45 minutes with his eyes closed, deep in reflection. He is neither praying nor meditating, he is deeply thinking in other words he is reflecting, refining and redefining. Sometimes he is analyzing business challenges. Other times he is thinking about new markets, or new products. Still other times he is being introspective on the meaning of his life and what he wants it to stand for. Often, he is simply dreaming up new ways to grow on both the personal as well as the professional level. He was of the rare people whom you see very calm, smiling despite all the pressure and stress he had on his shoulders. I learned a lot while working with him but one thing that I always remember is that Mr. Yip was practicing deep thinking regularly. He used to tell me that making the time to reflect, refine and redefine is a superb strategy for success at work and in life. It gives you the opportunity to analyze where you stand now, and where you want to go. He might be right because too many people are so busy in doing and executing things and they forget to make time to reflect, refine and redefine. But what if they are busy doing the wrong things? It is extremely disappointing and frustrating to discover that you are investing all your time, energy and potential climbing a mountain only to find – once at the top- that you climbed the wrong mountain. Making time to reflect, refine and redefine ensures that you are on the right mountain. Here, I would like to refer to a statement written by Peter Ducker, the management expert, who said it well: “there is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” By making time to reflect, refine and redefine, you will have a better sense of your priorities and what you need to focus on. Your actions will be more thoughtful, cautious and deliberate. You will make better decisions and wiser choices. More time reflecting, refining and redefining will make you less reactive. You will become clearer on the best uses of your time, which will in turn, save you time and will also give you an opportunity to provoke some amazing ideas and inspire big dreams. TM Saad Ghosn Vice President Membership 8

Club Officers Installation


Club Officers Training (COT)

All ex-com members have made it to the first club officers training held at Birla Public School on Jun 24th, 2016 Yes! In full swing we start off the term and we will keep it up!


Division Q Awards Night

Qatar Toastmasters Club is PROUD to announce that it has bagged all the prestigious awards at the Division Oryx Awards held on June 25th, 2016 for the term 2015-2016. We have won in all the categories we have contested!! 

Best Club of the year

Best Toastmaster of the year : TM Rasha Abualhasan

Best Newsletter : Toasted Tidings (Editors: TM Rasha & TM Karen) http://!newsletter/cha62

Best Website : (Webmaster : TM Rasha)

year ahead.


On top of that, our members received tokens of appreciation for their great effort as Div Q leaders: 

DTM Raghavan Menon

TM Thayalan

TM Rajesh Nair

TM Nevine Kamel

TM Lesiley Mathew

Congratulations to all our beloved members and excom! Together... we did it. Now, we aim at taking QTM to a higher level.


Know Your Ex-com 2016—2017 We are at your service.. Let us.. REFLECT, REFINE, REDEFINE!

President TM Rajesh Nair

VP-Education TM Johnny Abou Zeid

Secretary TM Ndeye Wade 13

VP-Membership TM Saad Ghosn

VP-Public Relations TM Rasha Abualhasan

Treasurer TM Sujith Lukose

Sergeant at Arms TM Pradip Sadiye

The Announcement of Our Theme


Awards We Got So Far


In Lighter Vein


Snaps from Our Meetings


ENVISIONED FUTURE “To be the first-choice provider of dynamic, high-value, experiential communication and leadership skills development.�

MISSION We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.

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Toasted tidings sep 2016  
Toasted tidings sep 2016