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Volume 15, Issue 2, Dec 15, 2016

Qatar Toastmasters Club

Club: 2910, Area: 18, Division: Q, District: 20

Qatar Toastmasters Club email: website: Meetings: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha - Qatar Time: 7:00 PM

CLUB’S MISSION To provide a mutually supportive, friendly and helpful learning environment to allow all members to realize their potential and nurture their oral communication and leadership skills.

Qatar Toastmasters Club Ex-com President VP Education VP Membership VP Public Relations Treasurer Secretary Sergeant at Arms

TM Rajesh Nair

TM Johnny Abou Zeid

TM Saad Ghosn

TM Rasha Abualhasan

TM Sujith Lukose TM Ibrahim Abbas TM Pradip Sadiye


Dear Toastmaster, Another issue of Toasted Tidings means another opportunity to learn from each other, from our fellows' experiences, practices and wisdoms. For me, every time I start working on this newsletter, I immense in reading, editing and organizing the content I receive from our great contributors who share the passion with me. The chosen theme speaks for itself, Qatar Toastmasters Club is progressing through this term by leaps and bounds, the efforts of the ex-com and the achievements of QTM members have done us proud. In this issue I made sure to include inspiring stories by our members that show the importance of a family and how it defines the very essence of our identity, the importance of walking by faith and being deaf to negative thoughts.

I would like to make use of this occasion to encourage you to participate in the upcoming contests. Contests give you the chance to challenge yourselves and know where you stand in your Toastmasters journey. Enjoy reading! Regards, TM Rasha Abualhasan Vice President Public Relations Qatar Toastmasters Club


Dear Toastmasters, Time has flown so fast and we have already entered 2017. We have just finished the first half of the term and I am pleased to announce that we have met the club objectives so far and are moving ahead in full steam to finish the term with flying colors. We had a great learning experience in the first half, some of the meetings I distinctly remember are with the themes namely Movember and the National Day. The club members enjoyed a great outing in the outskirts of Doha city in a laid-back farm house. It gave a good opportunity for the new members to know their fellow members in the club. Our meeting in the Dhow away from the shores of Doha docked in the mid of the Arabian Sea was another unique meeting to remember. We had a combination of meeting cum fun time for the members where they displayed their wit and skills depending on the situation. I would like to acknowledge the tremendous team work by the Ex-com and the subcommittee which has made the toastmasters journey very fruitful and enjoyable till now. It is contest season and I look forward to members winning the Division contest and representing Qatar in DTAC 2017. Now is the right time to implement the theme of the Club – Reflect, Refine, Redefine, right from the start of the year and pursue your goals. I wish all the members of Qatar Toastmasters Club a wonderful and prosperous 2017!

With best wishes,

TM Rajesh Nair President, Qatar Toastmasters Club


It gives me immense pleasure to write the Division Director’s message in “Toasted Tidings”, Newsletter of my home club – Qatar Toastmasters Club (QTM). “Leaps and bounds”, the theme of this edition of Toasted Tidings is appropriate for QTM and its members. QTM is the 2nd oldest club in Qatar with 20 years of dedicated and exemplary service towards the development of its members. Hundreds of men and women have benefitted from QTM and I can proudly say that I am one of them. I have cherished every moment of my 11 years of association with QTM. I was with the club for more than half its existence, in its leaps and bounds. QTM in its spectacular 20 years of existence has achieved the highest club performance award “President Distinguished Club”, by Toastmasters International for almost every year. It also achieved 10 out of 10 DCP points several times, consecutively for the last 5 years and I am sure this year will be no exception. It clearly shows the level of commitment and dedication of its Executive Committee (Excom) and the members. Every year, a new Ex-com takes over and they take this responsibility in all its seriousness. With the support from dedicated members they strive to surpass the achievements of the previous years. The current Ex-com is doing an excellent job and I am sure they will ensure that the club finishes the term with flying colors. It will be a great support for the Area 18, Division Q and the District 20, in achieving their objectives and goals. QTM is one of the very few clubs in the region which still has one of its founder (Charter) members still actively involved in the club activities. Past International Director DTM George Thomas is a regular presence in the club, which he helped to establish 2 decades ago. QTM is a melting point of many cultures by virtue of its large membership base from diverse nationalities. New members get themselves acquainted to this multicultural environment and get off to a great start and progress in leaps and bounds. Seasoned members stretch themselves as required, to ensure that members’ and club’s goals are achieved. QTM has produced the most number of Division Directors in Qatar (proud to be one of them), not to mention the many Area Directors and other Officers at various levels with Toastmasters International. I wish QTM continue its success story by helping more and more men and women to achieve their dreams and in the process help the Area, Division and District to achieve their Goals. With regards, K. Thayalan Division Q Director, District 20


May God bless QTM to grow in leaps & bounds. Qatar Toastmasters Club is one of the finest Clubs I have come across. During the last 10 years since I joined Toastmasters, I have had the opportunity to visit almost all clubs in Qatar. The growth of Qatar Toastmasters Clubs is always been by leaps & bounds. The current team of leaders in the Excom is doing a fantastic job in the running of the Club. Each & every member is a star by himself/herself. This term, the Division Directors of Divisions E, Q, S & T chose me to be the TLI Chair. One of my responsibility in this capacity was to conduct two Club Officers Trainings. The first training was conducted in June & the second one in December in 2016. We were all surprised with the enthusiasm of the Excom members in attending the COT-2 as well as the Judges Training that followed. Our decision to combine the Judges Training with the COT-2 was in a way, a very wise decision. There were many advantages: 1.By combining two events, the effort for arranging logistics (venue, refreshments, Adio-Video equipment) for one event was saved. 2. Attendees could save one weekend as they could attend 2 events during one weekend. We also had a record attendance of 110 attendees for a Judges Training. There were gains for the Trainers as well. As they conducted the COT-2 in the form of a Group Discussion, they could claim the credit for their Advance manual speech from the “Facilitating Discussion Manual”. Therefore, it was a Win-Win situation to all the stakeholders. I still remember the days when I revived this magazine “Toasted Tidings” in 2008, when I was the Editor of this magazine. Initially I brought out the first edition of just 8 pages & the sae was released by our senior most member & past International Director DTM George Thomas. His kind words of praise motivated me to bring out two more better & colourful issues which finally won the “Best Newsletter” award in the Division as well the District PR Magnum awards. Hence I feel really proud & privileged when I write a few lines in this magazine. Let me take this opportunity to thank for giving me this opportunity & to wish the Editor & our dynamic Club VP-PR Rasha Abualhasan & the members of the Ex-com for bringing out another beautiful issue of “Toasted Tidings”. Wishing all the very best to Qatar Toastmasters Club & its fantastic members to win many awards this year. May God bless QTM to grow in LEAPS & BOUNDS. Raghavan Menon, DTM Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Chair - Qatar


Dear Qatar Toastmasters and Guests, Have you ever noticed how each year seems to fly by quicker than the one before? It seems like one minute we’re ringing in the new year with fireworks, parties and new year’s resolutions, then a few minutes later (or at least that’s how it feels) we’re already preparing for end of year parties, reading the year in review and counting down to midnight. What happened in between??? Leaps and bounds is the theme of this edition of Toasted Tidings. That’s how the years fly by. Can the same be said for our own progress? Do we develop ourselves by leaps and bounds? In my view real progress happens by little hops, skips and jumps. Stepping from one challenge to the next. Yes, real change happens in small steps - one project at a time, one speech at a time, one day at a time. Only when we turn around and look back over time do we see how far we’ve come. Your journey in Toastmasters doesn’t happen by leaps and bounds. It’s slow and steady like the tortoise and we all know how that story ends… Don’t get me wrong. If you want to improve by leaps and bounds, you can. It just takes time, dedication and self-discipline. Zig Ziglar once said “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs”. The new year has brought you 365 new opportunities. On December 31, 2017 when you’re looking back, I hope you will be able to say that you used those 365 opportunities to grow by leaps and bounds. With best wishes for the year ahead, TM Rukhsana Khan Area 18 Director



Oralee, vamonos, la migra, mojada. (Hey, let’s go, the border patrol, You wetback) these are several words that come to mind when I think of my childhood. Yo soy Margarita. I am Margarita. Challenging circumstances are part of life, that’s not going to change. However, that doesn’t mean that you are a victim of circumstances. Your attitude and perception are something that you create. They are not dictated by your circumstances. You always have a choice! From the beginning life was a challenge for me. I was born to a Mexican migrant family traveling in the back of a pick truck with my six sisters and one brother. My father was a “trucker”, a crew leader for Mexican field workers for the Wilson Bros in Indiana. Days were long and nights were short. I learned from the age of nine that a new day was another long laboring day for my parents, my siblings and myself. It meant that once the planting, cleaning and harvesting of the tomato and corn was finished, we were on the move again to plow the next fields in another state. I loved learning at school but we never stayed long enough to finish a term as the season changed so quickly. As soon as I started to become comfortable around the new kids to develop friendships, it was time to move on. It was difficult to say goodbye. New challenges were waiting for me.


As time passed, the exposures to all these new things lead me to identify and accept, that which was different. It enabled me to open my mind and change my mindset with each new situation in front of me. When I was 25 I married a foreigner, moved across the globe to Qatar. That meant a change in the family pattern that shaped my cultural beliefs and practices. It meant a change in social and the cultural forces of the new environment I now lived in. The challenge I faced after living in Qatar shortly after eight years of marriage was to become a single parent with four children. Oh don’t feel sad. I felt by my decision that I could be a better individual and better parent, a model not understood by many. Family has always been important to me since my childhood, so moving with my children far away, not having access to their father, was not an option! With Qatar’s aspiration to advance and develop its country and offering new opportunities to Qataris I chose to stay in Qatar to face the challenge. I knew that the only way to succeed as a parent was to be focused, create family structure and build a cohesive intimate family by becoming proactive. I believe “family defines the very essences of our identity.” My children and I created new family traditions to bond closer. I found an opportunity at Qatar Foundation to empower not only myself, but also my children and people I encountered. VCU Qatar encourages its employees to engage in community outreach projects. “When the doors open you jump in before it closes,” my mother would always say. I dove in. I began to network and establish relationship with people in the community. I read the telephone book to find out what companies were listed, a very good source if you’re new to a place. I drove all over Qatar to find my way around, and found many of the companies I read about in the telephone directory. My research proved handy. In 2003 I met two entrepreneurs with the same dream. I opened an interior design business providing 120+ job opportunities for skilled workers. It’s now ten I believe “family defines years and still ongoing. the very essences of our identity.” In 2008 I found interest in motorcycles and learned to ride. I developed confidence and motivation. Little did I know that I would join five women riders to initiate an annual cancer awareness rides in Qatar. In 2010 I joined 15 passionate women who wanted to empower women through a support group. With all our energy we worked days and weeks to create what is now Qatar Professional Women’s Network with over 6000+ followers and over 40 women attending our monthly event. This year I co-launched a 5 year Men’s Health Awareness campaign endorsed by the Supreme Council of Health. There is much more to tell. I will stop right here. We all face challenges in life. You can embrace, move forward to grow (pause) or your can give up. I choose to look for a blessing in every challenge to unlock my untapped strengths and abilities dormant inside me. It has made me who I am today. Yo soy, Margarita. I am Margarita.



We make all efforts to look good on the outside. We cover ourselves with the best clothes. But sometimes we overlook that hole in our underwear and wear it anyway just because no one will see it. Mend yourself from the inside and you will shine on the outside. When you open your Maggi to find an extra packet of seasoning, remember that somewhere someone is going to eat a tasteless Maggi. Share your blessings with the less fortunate. Just like a tight underwear that is uncomfortable to wear, in life we need to let go of things and people. Holding on will only bring you pain. So, loosen up and stay happy. When you dip a biscuit too long in the tea it breaks and falls inside. You feel sad but at least you know that when you finish the tea you can still find that biscuit at the bottom. Don’t be saddened by little offsets in life. Through persistence and patience you will see success in the end. When you feel frustrated that you forgot to buy toothpaste in the morning, think about those who have no teeth. Count your blessings and always say thanks for what you have. Like we mix water in that hand wash bottle to stretch it for few more days, in life, when you feel like giving up say NO! And go that extra mile to conquer the world. Do you use your soap till it becomes a transparent film? Or are you rich enough to discard it when it becomes too small to hold? Learn to appreciate small things in life. Stick that small piece of soap to the new bar and give it a new life. If you use body wash then I am not talking to you folks! A chance of someone walking into your office is higher when you decide to break the wind taking advantage of the solitude. Don’t lower your guard! Never! Always be ready for anything! Sometimes you smell that sock and say, Nah, I can wear it one more day. Do you show the same amount of acceptance with your spouse? It’s ok to be not perfect. Just embrace your partner’s shortcomings and stay together as long as you can because, life is short.

TM Thomas Joseph


“If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up NO where”. My first major goal was to graduate from a reputable university and earn a degree. In 1989 I joined one of the best universities aiming to earn my BA degree in Management. Unfortunately, few months later the unexpected happened. My father was diagnosed to have brain stroke and he was permanently totally disabled. Being the sole breadwinner of a family composed of a wife and 3 children and being the only guy in the family, I had to give up on my goal and went on to find a job to support my family to overcome the financial burdens. However, my mother insisted that I have to continue my studies no matter what it takes. She used to tell me: “you have to complete your studies and earn your degree. I don’t know how but I am sure you can do it”. When I asked her how? She used to say: “How is not your business. Do what needs to be done. Walk by faith and not by sight. If you believe enough in what you are doing and if you know why you are doing it, then you can do it”. My mom was 45 years old at that time. A cool, calm and quiet lady. She had only 12th grade education but she had a PHD in mother-will. Despite the financial and economical challenges that I faced I successfully graduated in 1992 with a BA degree in Management. Here I would like to quote the famous words of Abraham Lincoln who said: ”All I am now and all that I hope to be I owe it to my mother. I graduated in June 1992 with a hope to find a job and support my family. But this was not possible due to economic and political situation at that time. After 8 months of extensive job search, one day while reading the newspaper I saw an Ad asking for sales people with no sales experience to join a reputable insurance company in Kuwait. This was a strange requirement and I still remember all what was required a person who is a fast learner with a burning desire to succeed. Training and financial support is available for the right candidate.

I applied for the job and went through the whole recruitment process and luckily I was selected. I went straight home and informed my mom who was sitting with my youngest sister. I remember my sister telling me: “make sure that they pay you on weekly basis because you are not going to last till the end of the month”. My mom looked at her with large angry eyes and told her: “Don’t ever say this again to your brother” and she looked at me and said: “Son don’t let other people opinion about you to determine your destiny. God Bless you and I wish you all the best. I landed in Kuwait on the 3rd of June 1993 with a high hopes and tremendous expectations to meet the company requirements. After attending an intensive 4 weeks training program, we were asked by our Direct Manager Mr. ARVIND ABRAHAM to go out to the market and apply whatever we learned in the classroom. I remember his words very clearly when he told us if you are able to sell insurance in Kuwait you will be able to sell Ice in Alaska.


Imagine yourself in Kuwait in the summer doing door-to-door sales in 50 degree Celsius and 80% humidity in a market where insurance awareness is very low. It was the hardest thing you can ever imagine doing, yes it is hard but it is possible. It is hard when the temperature is extremely high and the insurance awareness is extremely low. It is hard when people don’t know the value of protecting their families’ dreams, it is hard when people don’t know the importance of financial planning. It is hard when there are shifts in the economy specially that Kuwait has just come out of war. The company’s goal was to write 2 policies a month which is 24 policies a year in order to get your full commission. You are only supported financially for the first 3 months. After that you are on your own. The first 4 months were like hell. I was able to write few policies but unable to meet the company’s set criteria. It was not an easy task at all. One day I was feeling frustrated, devastated, extremely depressed and above all home-sick. I went to my boss and told him: “Mr. Arvind I can’t do it anymore, I am going back home”. He smiled and told me: “listen carefully, 95% of the people who join us they drop out after 2 months because they do not believe in themselves and most importantly they do not believe in what they are doing. They suffer from lack of faith. The reason you stayed is because you have something special, you have greatness within you. The fact that you accepted this challenge means that you are uncommon. Uncommon people seek opportunity and not security. But in order to survive and succeed you have to be hungry”. Here I answered him: “but I am not hungry I just eat. You keep on telling us you have got to be hungry what do you mean by that?” he said: “you need to be hungry for success. People who are hungry are unstoppable. People who are hungry are relentless. People who are hungry never give up. Go and face the market again. Give it one more try”. I went and I faced the market, no major difference or changes. Again I was bombarded with lots of rejections and objections. I was rejected on average 50 times a day more than I had hair in my head. This was 20 years ago when I had a head full of hair. Again, I was feeling frustrated, devastated, depressed and home sick I went to Mr. Arvind and told him this is my final decision, I am going back home. He told me: “listen Saad; People are so negative that they have to say NO ten times before they say yes. Don’t take it personally. Make NO your Vitamins. Every NO you hear will get you one step closer to a Yes and at the same time believe in what you are doing. Think of it as a mission job and not a commission job. You should be proud of what you are doing. You are actually protecting many families to reach their goals if the breadwinner is no more”. In other words he was telling me believe in what your are doing. Put a meaning to it, have a purpose in what you are doing. Here I remembered my mother’s golden words walk by faith not by sight. With this new mindset I was successfully able to achieve my whole year target in April 1994. I was then transferred to Dubai to head a team of 5 sales people. It took me 9 months to realize that most people fail in life not because they aim TOO HIGH and MISS. Most people fail in life because they aim TOO LOW and HIT. Dear Colleagues, any goal you would like to achieve will be easier if you ask yourself why I need to achieve it? If you know the answer to why, how is not important. You can endure anyhow. How is not your business…. walk by faith and not by sight. TM Saad Ghosn Vice President - Membership


A frog decided to reach the top of a tree. All frogs shouted. “Its impossible, its impossible” Still the frog reached the top. How? Because, he was deaf and he thought, everyone was encouraging him to reach the top. The moral of the story goes like this: “BE DEAF TO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, IF YOUR AIM IS TO REACH YOUR GOAL”. There is no limitation to the mind except those that we create, both possible and impossible are the off-springs of our own thoughts. If we want to reach our goal, sometimes we may have to deliberately pretend deaf. Deaf to the negative sounds that we may hear. The greatest obstacle to success isn’t outward competition. It’s inward doubt. The biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself. If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. So, 90% of those negative sounds come from inside and not from outside. It’s true that in certain situations in life, it may be difficult to think positive. Life is really tough. Its not very kind at times. Sometimes its a battle of mind, it’s a battle of heart, it’s a battle of will. There are so many things that we can’t control, we can’t control injuries, we can’t control the weather, we can’t control the world economy and so many things that are part of our life, but we can control our attitude, we can decide how we should respond to that. We don’t always choose what happens to us, but we can choose to see it as positive, to believe it is for the best and to use it to grow. The more adversity we face the more positive we have to be. What I learned from my experience is that, when I think positively, it let me do everything better than negative thinking will. “It’s a big fact and greatest truth that only the one with positive expectation can take the next nearest step of action.” Keep the faith. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you start to hope for it. For most of the people, past failures are the biggest block that hinder them from taking the next step. Failures may happen in our life. Everyone has failed but successful people never gave any failure a chance to defeat them. There is a famous quote from the book, think and grow rich that, ”no one ever is defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality”. Most of the important things in the life have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.


Consistent failure does not make a person a failure; loosing hope does. Falling on a bicycle does not mean that you can never learn, but giving up on trying again simply means that you have stifled your chance. We all know J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter. The author didn’t magically become richer than the Queen of England overnight. Penny-less, recently divorced, and raising a child on her own, she wrote the first Harry Potter book on an old manual typewriter. Twelve publishers rejected the manuscript! A year later she was given the green light by Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury. What if she stopped at the first rejection? The fifth? Or the tenth?

The measure of success can be shown by how many times someone keeps going despite hearing only no. Colonel Sanders: The founder of KFC. He started his dream at 65 years old! He got a social security check for only $105 and was mad. Instead of complaining he did something about it. He thought restaurant owners would love his fried chicken recipe, use it, sales would increase, and he’d get a percentage of it. He drove around the country knocking on doors, sleeping in his car, wearing his white suit. Do you know how many times people said no till he got one yes? 1009 times! So many people will tell you “no", and you need to find something you believe in so hard that you just smile and tell them “watch me”. Learn to take rejection as motivation to prove that you are right. Follow your dreams. A hospital study done on 100 elderly people facing death close to their last breath. They were asked to reflect about their biggest regret, nearly all of them said they regretted the things they didn’t do; the risks they never took, the dreams they didn’t pursue. There is a small poem: “It’s impossible said pride, it’s risky said experience, it’s pointless said reason, give it a try whispered the heart.” When I planned to join toastmasters, I heard a negative voice from the inside. “How you are going to speak in front of a group? “But I think It was a genuine question because this is not something I was used to. When I was about to give my icebreaker I again heard the same voice. Again I could close my ears to that voice. But now, it is easy for me to become deaf. I still have a long way to go but I’m already so far from where I used to be and I’m proud of that. My expectation is that no matter what happens, I must be resilient, I will figure it out and I will make the next step towards progress and growth. My goal is to bring the best out of myself. Here in toastmasters, I am surrounded by many positive minded strong people who helped and supported me to expect better things in life. With that support, I wish my life could be more beautiful by helping and supporting others to grow. I don’t know what you want to achieve in your life but I know one thing about you. There is greatness within you. You have things, gifts and talents that you have been bestowed with. And all you have to do is to be deaf to negative thoughts. When we start to think positive, our eyes start to notice positive things. Our ears start to hear positive sounds, our mind start to find positive people. When we think positive, the world around us will be filled with good things, and only good things! TM Bincy Chris


Division Q of District 20 - Toastmasters International conducted a enriching workshop on 18th November 2016 titled “Conquest 2016” at the Birla Public School, Qatar that focused on the quintessential elements of effective communication - the use of the English language, creative writing, storytelling techniques, analytical thinking while designing the anatomy of a speech, impromptu speaking skills while thinking on our feet and the use of humor. The workshop was well attended by participants both within the Toastmaster community and outside including many students, teachers, community leaders and enthusiastic learners from several countries and cultures. Division Q Director Thayalan Kailayapillai welcomed the gathering and emphasized the need for a workshop that focused on fundamental skills of public speaking. Conquest 2016 was entirely conducted by local champion speakers who have achieved success at prestigious public speaking contests and have consistently emerged as champions in public speaking over the years. Many of the resource speakers are Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) and top leaders in the Toastmasters fraternity in Qatar. DTM is the highest award bestowed by Toastmasters International in order to recognize members with a superior level of achievement in both communication and leadership. The resource speakers were Malini Sahni DTM, Rammohan Rai DTM, Manzoor Moideen DTM, Mou Bera DTM, Philip Cherian, Nisha Shivram, Abhishek Chattopadhyay, Jonathan Sequeira and Joseph Amande. The event chairperson Mou Bera DTM quoted , “This workshop is by us and for us, we have a rich pool of resource speakers and it is unprecedented that 9 speakers get on stage in the same event to address the Quintessence of Communication, the workshop intends to give attendees the chance to meet the champions and learn from them”.


The guest of honor, Rajeswar Sundaresan DTM, District 20 Finance Manager, lauded the efforts of the organizing team and referred to "The Member Mantra" of which Mike Storkey International President of Toastmasters International is a staunch proponent. It is about the experience a Toastmaster derives from club and beyond. Sundaresan said: “Training and networking events such as these enhance member’s experience and improves perception about Toastmasters program for the added value it provides. Toastmasters Movement has been helping millions learn the art of public speaking and leadership since 92 years and it’s truly a blessing for the people in Qatar that they have access to such an organization.” Qatar Toastmasters Club members’ contribution to this event was outstanding; led by TM Thayalan (Division Director), TM Rasha Abualhasan co-anchored the event with DTM Bera, TM Abualhasan handled registration and marketing campaign as well. TM Thomas Joseph provided technical and PR support. TM Salem Zyoud handled the timer’s role. And of course TM Sinto George and TM Pradip Sadiye ensured all logistics matters were as per the plan. Believing in the importance of SERVICE, which is one of the Toasmasters’ values; we at Qatar Toastmasters Club grab every opportunity to support our Toastmasters fraternity in Qatar and worldwide.


Division E Grand Workshop was held on November 4th, 2017 under the theme “Move Ahead in Life”. The workshop was split into 2 segments; the first one was delivered by Dr. Kartak, DTM, Humorous Speech Champion of District 20. DTM Kartak gave guidelines on how to deliver a winning humorous speech and the audience were able to watch the video of his speech delivered in DTAC 2016 in Abu Dhabi. Afterwards, the Past President of Toastmasters International, DTM Mohammed Murad took over to take us through the journey of his life. He unleashed some personal milestones that affected his direction and made him what he is now. DTM Murad believes in the 4 H’s as essential elements of leadership: 

Head: open your mind to new experiences and knowledge 

Heart: take risks and be courageous

Health: protect your heart and your head, mind is the driver 

Humility: be humble and pursue the purpose The tips give by DTM Murad were supported by personal stories of his own life; career, family, Toastmasters, education...etc. Throughout the presentation, DTM Murad kept repeating the question that changed his life: “is leadership for you?” The audience have practiced some communication exercises as per Murad’s request.

It is always a pleasure to listed to DTM Murad and we look forward to attending more presentations for him.


On November 26th, 2017 we got the pleasure to attend an educational workshop organized by Division T in Qatar. The workshop was delivered by the 1st runner up - World Champion of Public Speaking 2015; DTM Aditya Maheswaran. The workshop was opened by a 10-minute motivational presentation by DTM Mohamed Makhlouf, Program Quality Director (PQD) of District 20. DTM Makhlouf took us through some tips for EXCELLENCE; desire and passion, firm blueprints and goals, belief in ourselves, mentorship and focus and hard work. DTM Maheswaran did share very useful tips ad techniques that could be used throughout our Toastmasters journey while preparing our Competent Communicator speeches. For example, he introduced the PQRS technique; Picturization: stimulate the audience imagination, Repetition: make a trend line, Sensory: tap the senses not the tears and Transportation: call the audience to action. Moreover, DTM Aditya mentioned mind mapping and flowcharts as a useful techniques in script writing and public speaking. DTM Maheswaran concluded the workshop by saying: “you cannot see the end of your Toastmasters journey, that is why faith is important” and he said something worth thinking of: “if you can get out of Toastmasters what u can get out of Toastmasters then u cant get out of Toastmasters”..

Thank you Division T, DTM Makhloud and DTM Maheswaran.


Organized by the Chair of Toastmasters Leadership Institute, DTM Raghava Menon, the second Club Officers Training and Judging Workshop were held on Friday, December 9th, 2017. Members of the four Divisions in Qatar; E, Q, S and T, attended the interactive training and workshop.



We in Qatar Toastmasters Club believe in learning and growing by developing strong bonds of friendship among the club members. We strive to create a comfort zone and maintain comradeship which proved to be a great contributor in our journey towards excellence. Our 431st meeting on Nov 20, 2016 was held on a dhow. A dhow is a traditional sailing vessel used in the Gulf region. The theme of the meeting was “Offshore Escape� and it intended to give members the opportunity to experience things differently. The vessel sailed away and anchored in the mid of the Arabian Sea little few kilometers away from the shore line. We had three members delivered prepared speeches and all of the members participated in fun-filled, team building and energizing activities through which they got the chance to communicate, to plan and to compete. Members were given the chance to unleash their creativity in groups by stepping out of the usual meeting context. One could see display of teamwork in full swing. In Qatar Toastmasters Club, we try to make priceless memories that last a lifetime.







ENVISIONED FUTURE “To be the first-choice provider of dynamic, high-value, experiential communication and leadership skills development.�

MISSION We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.

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Toasted Tidings - Dec 2016  
Toasted Tidings - Dec 2016