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Volume 16, Issue 3, April 15, 2017

Qatar Toastmasters Club

Club: 2910, Area: 18, Division: Q, District: 20

Qatar Toastmasters Club email: website: Meetings: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha - Qatar Time: 7:00 PM

CLUB’S MISSION To provide a mutually supportive, friendly and helpful learning environment to allow all members to realize their potential and nurture their oral communication and leadership skills.

Qatar Toastmasters Club Ex-com President VP Education VP Membership VP Public Relations Treasurer Secretary Sergeant at Arms

TM Rajesh Nair TM Johnny Abou Zeid

TM Saad Ghosn

TM Rasha Abualhasan

TM Sujith Lukose TM Ibrahim Abbas TM Pradip Sadiye


Dear Toastmaster, The third issue of Toasted Tidings is not but a celebration one. This quarter has been full of achievements and triumphs for Qatar Toastmasters Club and its members. The contest season has started back in January and the members proved their competitiveness at Club, Area and Division level. I wish them the best of luck in DTAC Bahrain 2017. It is our belief in our members that gives them a great motivation to challenge themselves, explore and overcome challenging areas in their Toastmasters journey. In this issue, our members share some inspiring stories around the theme and we a tiny side of the spirit in Qatar Toastmasters Club which is definitely the safe and friendly environment where you can practice leadership and communication skills.

Happy reading! Regards, TM Rasha Abualhasan Vice President Public Relations Qatar Toastmasters Club


Dear Toastmasters, I feel like we just started and now I suddenly find myself in the last quarter of the current term. I am happy and pleased by the way the members in the Qatar Toastmasters club have performed till date. Our members swept the Area Awards and gave a decent performance in the Division Level too. Our members did an excellent job in the Arabic Contest as well. I am pleased to inform that we have met the club objectives very well. We have achieved the status of Select distinguished club and is on the way to achieve Presidents Distinguished Club. Our members leading the Area 18 and Division Q also did a tremendous job and achieved the Presidents Distinguished status for Area and Division respectively. In short Qatar Toastmasters Club witnessed a variety of interesting meetings conducted with different themes in a fun filled atmosphere. The members enjoyed some outdoor meets as well and we also saw an increase in member base, which reinforces that we are one of the most sought after clubs in Qatar. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the contest winners for their terrific achievements and the ExCom for their splendid performance and making QTM Proud. Let’s not forget our theme, which needs to be a continuous process – Reflect, Refine, Redefine. I wish all the members of Qatar Toastmasters Club a memorable toastmasters journey! With best wishes,

TM Rajesh Nair President, Qatar Toastmasters Club


Dear Members of Qatar Toastmasters Club and Guest Readers, Every triumph follows a challenge. Qatar Toastmasters Club rises to every challenge that comes its way. The result is triumph after triumph, year after year, and this year is no different. This year the club has triumphed in speech contests, membership building and in the DCP program. Our members have triumphed in organizing successful area and division conferences. We even triumphed in sponsoring a new club, Qatar University Toastmasters. I take this opportunity to congratulate Qatar Toastmasters on all this and more. In just 9 months QTM has become a Select Distinguished Club, with its eyes firmly fixed on becoming a President’s Distinguished Club by the end of the term. QTM has also helped Area 18 triumph in the Distinguished Area Program. Area 18 is one of only two Areas in the whole District to achieve President’s Distinguished Area status. This could not happen without the triumphs of individual members like you. Thank you.

Every triumph follows a challenge, and perseverance is the secret of all triumphs, as Victor Hugo rightly said. Your perseverance, which is a combination of your commitment, hard work, patience and endurance, will lead you and your club to experience even more triumphs at DTAC Bahrain, at the Division Q Awards evening, and beyond. Just remember, you don’t have to win trophies or ribbons to experience the joy of triumph, though QTM members do win them a lot! You just need to challenge yourself…to become a better speaker, a better leader and a better person than you already are. There’s no better place to challenge yourself than at QTM. Where Triumph Masters are Made. With best wishes, Rukhsana Khan Area 18 Director


Triumph of Spirit Qatar Toastmasters came on top in the recently concluded Area contests and Division Contests- TAC-Q 2017. We salute the champions and their triumph was a matter of joy and pride for all of us. We had a grand celebration to honor them and we wish they bring more laurels in the contests ahead. While listening to speeches in the Division Contests, I was deeply touched by many speeches. TM Nevine Kamel talked about how winning a contest is important, but more important is to learn from it and how improved you are and how you made the audience feel listening to your speech. When we look around we see a lot of suffering, bitterness, hatred all around us. When you open a newspaper or listen to news, we mostly encounter “bad” news than “good”. We often wonder where all the goodness have gone. In many life situations, we see the winner takes all leaving the looser devastated and lost and dumbfounded and beyond any hope. In this contest I remember another speech in which the speaker talked about how important is to let the other person save his face. This is empathy, being in the other person’s shoes. I still remember what the second place winner in the world champion of public speaking said when he visited out club two years back, how he felt on his slip between the lip and the cup. He said, if I had won, that would have been the end of the road for my contests. Now I can aspire to be back, as an improved speaker, a better speaker. Contests are all about speeches and more speeches. There will always be winners, but after listening to amazing speakers, I feel winning is not everything. You can be a winner, even if you lose. Only thing is to learn from it and be better and not bitter. That is triumph, the triumph of the spirit.

TM Krishnamoorthy Nair, ACB ALB Immediate Past President, Qatar Toastmasters Club


Could you please close your eyes for a few seconds. And now please imagine a small boy. He’s around 7 years old. This boy is sitting in a classroom in a maths lesson. All of the sudden the teacher calls this boy’s name and asks him a question.

Tell me how much is 2+2 ? Then there’s a silence and the boy replies, I don’t know. What?! You don’t know?! The teacher says, You must be an idiot. You can open your eyes now. That boy was me, me many years ago. Of course, I knew the answer but I couldn’t say it because I stutter. Stuttering had huge impact on my life. School time was really hard for me. My colleagues and teachers would be laughing at me and they would be thinking I’m stupid. It was easier for me to say I don’t know the answer than try to answer and face laughing.


When I finally graduated from school I was happy because I thought that when I finish school and I get a job, I wouldn’t have to talk anymore – guess what – at work I had to talk as well! Then my problem doubled up because I moved to a foreign country and now I didn’t only have to speak but I had to speak in a new language. Then to make things worse I met my future wife and we decided to get married. In my church the vow has to be said through the microphone but I knew I was not able to do that, so I approached the priest and asked him: Can we say the vow without the microphone? Lucky for me, he replied: Yes sure, no problem. Later on, during the reception so many guests approached me and asked me questions. What happened to the microphone? I lied. I said Technical issues. Even at that point of my life I was not doing anything about it, and then I got a phone call with a fantastic job offer. It was a job which I wanted and I was sure I could do it, but I didn’t get it because I was not able to pass the phone interview. And then I said to myself enough is enough. That’s when I decided to do something about it. I could not live like that anymore. I joined a few stammering programs and these changed my life. After spending some time on these programs I was advised to push myself even more and join Toastmasters which I did. I fell in love with you guys. So I’m really happy to be here.

I’m not cured, I still stutter and I always will. But I’ve learned how to control my stutter so I can say what I want to say it and when I want to say it. Let me finish with a piece of advice which helped me and I’m sure will help you as well. Somebody said: Do what is easy and your life will be hard or do what is hard and your life will be easy. TM Mark Chmielarz


I remember the day when my Manager asked me to launch a new product to our Agency Team consisting of 90 sales professionals made up of managers, team leaders and sales executives. An extremely tough and hard-hitting audience nobody would like to face. Despite my endless list of excuses, I had no choice but to deliver the presentation. I had absolutely no clue about public speaking. All I knew is that people are more afraid of speaking in public than of dying. May 13, 2004 was the big day. Although I was well prepared I was feeling uncomfortable. I don’t remember how the presentation went but all I remember was that my Manager conducted and covered 60% of it. I was thrilled and astonished to see him talking with confidence, whereas I was whispering most of the time. I had the curiosity and the guts to ask him how come he is very confident although we almost have the same level of knowledge and information about the product. He simply replied, “It’s all about triumph.” He added, “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” I asked him What do you mean by that? He said, I was never a good speaker and I was never born like that. But I learned how to conquer my fear through triumph. Toastmasters is the best cure for fear of public speaking. That is when and how I first heard about Toastmasters. He went even further and recommended me to join “Star of Arabia” a Toastmasters club in Dubai where I knew that he was serving as Club President. I joined just for the sake of pleasing him. I was not a regular or active member and I did not register any victory or triumph. I even was transferred to Oman and visited a Toastmaster Club many times as a guest but not even thought of joining. I had a strange feeling of fear inside me that was still holding me back. Only then I realized that it doesn’t matter how long you know about Toastmasters or how long you have been with Toastmasters. What matters most is how many roles you took up. How many times you participated in a contest. How may times you served as an Ex-com member. How many triumphs you scored. Although I knew about Toastmasters since 2004, unfortunately I did not know its real benefits until 2012 when I first joined Qatar Toastmasters Club and started to be partly active as a member as well as an ex-com member. Only than I started learning the true meaning of triumph. I have to admit that so far I have not achieved even 1% of what I can achieve in Toastmasters. The best is yet to come. There is a great potential, tremendous triumphs and countless victories laying ahead of all of us. Here I would like to conclude with this famous statement: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”-Nelson Mandela. Dear colleagues, let us all conquer our fear of public speaking by being actively involved and taking part in Toastmasters various activities. Don’t miss any opportunity to show your greatness and score your triumphs. TM Saad Ghosn Vice President - Membership 9


TRUIMPH – A great victory or achievement. Truimph was also the processional entry of a victorious general into ancient Rome. If someone or something triumphs, they gain complete success, control, or victory, often after a long or difficult struggle. April brought in exceptional moments of Truimph for Qatar Toastmasters. And what a string of achievements to boast of! 7th April, TAC-Q 2017 saw our star performers shine in all categories ; be it English or Arabic; be it Speeches or Evaluation; they aced them all. In all glory our winners, much like the ancient Roman General, marched up the stage to pick the awards. It was a glittering night indeed! But before this feeling of ecstacy could sink in …there was more in store. 8th April TM Rukhsana Khan announced that Area 18 was officially a PRESIDENTS DISTINGUISHED AREA. 12th April Tm Rukhsana was in the news once again for receiving 2 District 20 PQD awards – Area High Achiever Award and Area High Motivator Award.15th April, DD Thayalan and Division Q team achieved The Presidents Distinguished Division Award. Well! Well! Well! Qatar Toastmasters has a reputation to hold up to! No! I’m not writing here to tell you what you already know from our Whatsapp group. I write because this emotion called ‘Truimph’ has always intrigued me. The feeling of deep satisfaction and fulfillment that accompanies a win. Arguably, one of the most intense motivators of life. It takes me back to the moments of triumph in my life. Starting my own training consultancy and bagging a few good opportunities in the first month itself. Being invited at my Alma mater Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, to spearhead the Soft skills department. Conceptualising and co-ordinating the first ever Soft Skills Certification course for University Faculty under the University Grants Commission, Government of India. After 8 long years in the training industry, I knew that I had finally arrived. What I reflect upon today is what got me here. Was it my own drive and ambition. Was it to carve a niche for myself in this rat race; all for the lust of fame. Or for that matter ‘the money’ or ‘identity’ or ‘professional standing’?. Or was it something deep-seated beneath the societal garb of ‘recognition’. Despite a Masters in Microbiology and Medical lab Technology, my professional fate put me on a different journey. A chance brush at the British Institutes for a crash course on Personality Development turned my life around! Literally!. I still remember the words of my coach Anita Correa as she handed over my ‘Certificate of Participation’, as she said ”I think you can become a good trainer. Why don’t you join our team?” I did not trust her feedback and thought it was one of those soft sales pitches everyone makes! A month later, while I was browsing through job portals, her voice rang in my ears once again. I brushed it aside. But, then a strange feeling crept in.


“If she sees potential in me, why shouldn’t I give it a chance?” The next thing I did was pick up the phone to fix up an appointment with the British Institutes. 10th June 2006 I became a certified Personality Development Trainer. That was the beginning of my journey as a facilitator. A few months into The British Institutes, and I was having a ball of a time training for many more courses apart from Personality Development. I was doing etiquette training, Professional presentations, Spoken and Business English, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, personal coaching, corporate training, panel member on make-over assignments. It was cathartic. In the process of transforming others, I was actually re-inventing myself. My senses had taken on a new perspective. Such was the power of heeding and acting on a positive feedback.

And then the day arrived. Like all other trainers at The British Institutes, I was yearning to hear our very savvy Director, Gautam Gupta, speak at his famous ‘Success Recipe’ program. Gautam Gupta was the pioneer of Personality Development courses in Mumbai. There I was, an excited fresher sitting in the conference room, as he began his power packed pep-talk loaded with humorous punches. He would offer the audience a real ‘Value for Money’! Training, stand-up comedy, acting all rolled into one. And then admist squeals of laughter, came the golden words…”Never say NO! NO is the HIV of the mind!” I stopped laughing. I thought I didn’t hear right. NEVER SAY NO! Was he serious? For someone who had prided herself on being extremely choosy and selective in every little decision, this came like a jolt. Unbelievable. My mind raced back in time to recollect all the major NO Moments of my life. Bad company, swear words, unprincipled behavior, late nights, odd jobs, smoking, drinking, 20 relationship proposals! I had a long list. Well, how would my life have been if I’d never said NO. I came back to the room. He was still talking.. ”With every NO, you have lost an opportunity. With every YES, you open doors to possibilities”. And that was my moment of truth. Uneasily though, I knew that with all those refusals, I had shut out several life opportunities. Before I knew, my mind had made a life resolution! NEVER SAY NO… unless it challenges your integrity. And so I did. Today I’m an ambassador of this belief. Becoming a YES person helped me cross milestones in my career. A feat I would not have achieved otherwise. “Get out your head and get into your mind”. Dick McHugh shouted out loud, standing tall on the podium , to the 50 eager participants, gathered at The Retreat House, Mumbai, for a 10-day course on Neuro-linguistic programing - Level 1. It was 28th of November 2008.This program was the best birthday gift I gave myself. I realized then, that the two were seemingly different entities. What followed was a brief description on Left Brain vs Right brain. And another surprising revelation. He sighed “The East is going the West way! Why on earth are you doing that? You Indians are amazing at doing NOTHING, and being absolutely fine with it. That’s mindfulness. That’s spirituality. That’s your re-charge. All of the west is struggling to be able to unplug and be OK with themselves alone..and do nothing . You guys are pros already. But sadly I see you going their way, all in the name of Competition in this fast-paced life.” That was it! He had affirmed a belief that I has held on so strongly all through my growing up years. When a 70-year old German, born in the USA, sent to Bihar (India) for 13-years as a missionary by the church said that…all beliefs crystallized!

That it was not merely talent, intelligence, strategy, ambition, competition, achievement that are life’s ultimate trophies. It is integrity, character strength, positivity, resilience, forgiveness and above all MINDFUNESS that truly make a COMPLETE YOU. Success, achievements, trophies…that give you a sense of TRUIMPH… are but mere labels. 12

So, it was believing in a feedback, Never say NO attitude, and being mindful, that made possible my moments of Truimph. Were they moments of Truimph? OR moments of Pride?Is Truimph different from Pride? Is it a spontaneous behavior ? or is it a deep seated emotion? What exactly is Triumph? Lets take a look at the Sports world, one of the most competitive arenas. Often we see athletes react with some sort of gesture after earning a victory, like throwing up their arms or clenching their fists. These victory gestures were formerly lumped into the official emotion of "pride." However, a recent study published in Evolution and Human Behavior suggests that victory gestures are conveying signals of triumph, not pride. Little research has previously been conducted on triumph as an emotion and new research suggests that triumph may be an emotion after all. David Matsumoto, professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, performed a more recent study to investigate whether some of the expressions deemed as pride in 2008 were actually forms of triumph. "Triumph has its own signature expression that is immediate, automatic and universal across cultures. One of the biggest differences between triumph and pride can be seen in the face," Matsumoto said. "When someone feels triumphant after a contest or challenge, their face can look quite aggressive. It's like Michael Phelps' reaction after winning the 2008 Olympics. It looks quite different to the small smile we see when someone is showing pride." According to the Psychology of emotions, the only authentic emotions/feelings are Anger, Fear, Sadness and Joy. They are authentic because when expressed fully, they provide relief and help solve one’s problems. Sadness frees us of the pain of the past, Fear helps us perform better with care, Anger helps us to express and get what we want and Joy/ Happiness helps us to relax. And then there are the inauthentic emotions that are used to cover up for the authentic emotions. And they seldom help solve problems. Infact they are a real threat to our intimacy and wellness quotient. They are called ‘racket feelings’. Let me share list of racket feelings. They are Indifference, Fright, Resentment, Rage, Guilt, Depression, Hurt, Confusion, Guilt , Lost, Stuck, Cornered, Helpless, Desperate, Inadequacy, Envy, Jealousy, Blamelessness, Purity, False pride, Self-righteousness, Triumph, Shyness, Blankness, etc are examples of racket feelings. Yes, Truimph can be an unproductive racket feeling. It is the unhealthy expression of the true emotion Happiness. To Truimph fully and positively, let it be born of happiness. Let it have the spirit of pride , rather than the darkness of envy. Let it be pure, free flowing and virtuous. In a sport, healthy competition is one in which team players strive to achieve personal victories and satisfaction (JOY), but also look upto and congratulate players of the other team upon winning the game. That is character strength. So, do we have a clear choice here? Let there be happiness for our achievements but accolades for all participants, let there be joy for our team but respect for all other teams. Let there be passion for Qatar Toastmasters but adulation for all others too! And so for stalwarts who will undoubtedly glitter at the DTAC too! Cheers and JOY to one and all! TM Bhavyata Bendre



On 19 February 2017, Qatar Toastmasters Club received a message from Toastmasters couple who happened to be in Doha for vacation and stayed at the same hotel where the club meetings are held; Radisson Blu Hotel. The couple was interested to attend our first coming meeting and coincidently it was on the same day when the message was received! And of course, we always welcome our guests especially if they ar International Toastmasters..

TM Laurence and TM Jean-Philippe Stijns are Toastmasters from District 59, area B7 (Luxembourg). They attended Qatar Toastmasters Club’s meeting no. 437, it was a special meeting during which the Table Topics and International speech contests were held. TMs Stijns gave a valuable feedback on the conduct of the contests and they were impressed by the level of organization which the contests were at. Qatar Toastmasters Club offered a token for the gusts which was that latest version of the club’s newsletter - Toasted Tidings. Looking forward to meeting you again Mr. and Mrs. Stijns someday somewhere within Toastmasters International big family..


On behalf of Divisions E, Q, S and T an educational workshop was organized by Qatar’s TLI Chair - DTM Raghavan Menon. The workshop took place on 12 March 2017 at Birla Public School. The first part of the workshop, titled “Lessons from My Parents”, was delivered by the third place winner of 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking, TM Josephine Lee. TM Lee explained how her parents armed her with weapons to defeat the three enemies she believed were controlling her life; humiliation, fear and negativity. Lee spoke about her journey of becoming a competent and capable woman who learned to let go! TM Lee touched upon her definition of peace which is depicted in Toastmasters, she said if we communicate, listen and understand we will definitely have a common ground.. The second part was presented by Lee’s mentor, TM Munjen NG who is also a champion speaker and a TEDx Youth Speaker. His presentation “Club to World” consisted of a detailed and thorough methodology to become a Worldwide Champion, he addressed: choosing the right topic, creating an advanced speech, moving on stage, adding humor and finding our xfactor.

TM Munjen used TM Lee’s speech delivered at the TMI convention to illustrate his methodology, that showed clearly the importance of mentor - mentee relationship and how it could be a life changer!


The Toastmasters of Division Q in Qatar conducted their 2017 annual conference on 7th April 2017 at College of the North Atlantic – Qatar. Opening the conference, Division Q Director, Thayalan welcomed delegates and announced the theme of this year’s conference “the art of artiQulation”. He explained how Toastmasters is helping people realize their full potential and be successful by making them better communicators and leaders. This was followed by an impressive banner parade by leaders from division, areas and clubs. Division Q of Toastmasters in Qatar comprises of over 350 members spread over 12 clubs in 3 Areas. Of these, 2 are Arabic clubs catering exclusively for Arabic speakers. This is the largest annual gathering of Toastmasters in Division Q and the highlight of the conference is the speech contest in four categories; International speech, humorous speech, evaluation speech and Table Topics (impromptu) speech, in both English and Arabic. Contestants, who have qualified from the club and then area levels, compete at the division contest and the winners will progress to district conference to be held during May 2017 in Bahrain. In the English international speech contest, Kynah Canabano was the winner whereas Sarita Jacob claimed top spot in the humorous speech. Kit Barritt was the winner in the evaluation contest and Johnny Abou Zeid claimed top honor in the table topics speech. In the Arabic segment, Abdelmohimen Almaslmani was the winner in Arabic speech whereas Mohd Alaaeddin Moosa was the winner in the evaluation contest. Fadel Al Humaidan claimed top spots in both humorous speech and table topics contests. Another highlight of the conference was an informative presentation on the revamped Toastmasters education program “Pathways” conducted by the Toastmasters Leadership Institute chairman and Pathways ambassador Distinguished Toastmaster Raghavan Menon; a member of Qatar Toastmasters Club and Pathways Ambassador. The presentation focused on how the


revitalized Toastmasters education program is adapted to the needs of changing world and more focused on members needs by harnessing the power of technology. The full day conference concluded with the award ceremony in which the winners were presented with trophies and certificates. Qatar Toastmasters Club members’ contribution to this event was outstanding; led by TM Thayalan (Division Director), TM Juttas Paul chaired the conference and it was co-chaired by TM Krishnamoorthy. TM Williams Anthony chaired the education committee and was assisted by TM Azeez Mohammad who was the banner parade organizer. TM Rasha Abualhasan managed the marketing campaign and TM Bhavyata Bendre anchored the show. TM Rukhsana Khan chaired the Table Topics contest. TM George Joseph and TM Senthil Kumar handled the registration on event day. TM Rayyan Sheikh provided technical support. TM Alvaro Diaz played the timer’s role. And of course TM Pradip Sadiye ensured all logistics matters were as per the plan. Believing in the importance of SERVICE, which is one of the Toasmasters’ values; we at Qatar Toastmasters Club grab every opportunity to support our Toastmasters fraternity in Qatar and worldwide.







ENVISIONED FUTURE “To be the first-choice provider of dynamic, high-value, experiential communication and leadership skills development.�

MISSION We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.

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