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TOASTED TIDINGS Qatar Toastmasters Club

Club: 2910, Area: 18, Division: Q, District: 20

Volume 12, Issue 3, March 15, 2016

Together… We Can! Leaders’ Messages… Pages 3-9 Together We Can..! Cats Fight … Page 17 Club Contest… Page 19


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Toastmasters International President’s Message ·················4 District Director’s Message ···············································5 Division Director’s Message ··············································6 Area Director’s Message ···················································7 Club President’s Message ·················································8 A Message from WCPS 2015··············································9 Leaders Communicate to Connect ··································· 10 How Gavels Club Changed My Life ·································· 11 Together.. We Can! ························································· 13 Cats Fight······································································ 15 The Word that Changed My Life ······································· 17

Club Contest ································································· 19 Qatar Open 2016 - Workshops ········································· 21 A Very Special Guest ······················································ 22 Club’s Website ······························································· 23 In Lighter Vein ······························································· 24

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About Our Club Qatar Toastmasters Club email: website: Meetings: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha - Qatar Time: 7:00 PM

CLUB’S MISSION To provide a mutually supportive, friendly and helpful learning environment to allow all members to realize their potential and nurture their oral communication and leadership skills.

Qatar Toastmasters Club Ex-com President

TM Krishnamoorthy Nair

VP Education

TM Rajesh Nair

VP Membership

TM Johnny Abou Zeid

VP Public Relations

TM Rasha Abualhasan


TM Nahar Al Muthawa


TM Bincy Chris

Sgt @ Arms

TM Sinto George


From the Editor’s Desk

Dear Toastmaster, Welcome to our third issue of Toasted Tidings for the term 2015-2016! Thanks to everyone who contributed to it as these contributions are essential to the newsletter‘s success. I am really glad to get the opportunity to work on this issue with the theme “Together, We Can” that reflects the spirit of the members of Qatar Toastmasters Club. What makes this issue unique is the richness of its content, it is full of inspirations, information, achievements, certificates, trophies and success stories. Qatar Toastmasters Club has always been a leading Toastmasters Club and in this issue it show cases its continuous journey towards glory and prosperity. This issue covers a peak period of the term where many activities took place; the contest season, the preparations for preliminary round of the prestigious Youth Public Speaking Championship - Qatar Open managed by Qatar Toastmasters Club and much more…

Happy reading!

Regards, TM Rasha Abualhasan Vice President Public Relations Qatar Toastmasters Club


Toastmasters International President’s Message

Dear Club President and members of Qatar Toastmasters Club, Greetings to all! I hope you take pride in knowing that your club continues to help more and more people become confident communicators and leaders. A typical club finishes the year with 20 members, although some clubs may see 30 members progress through the program during the year. While some members stay for many years, others meet their goals much faster. All members use their improved skills and confidence to make a difference in their organizations and communities. I am always happy to see clubs and members learn about the benefits of Toastmasters and our program. In his book Onward, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz mentions, that each Starbucks store is unique, as it has different customers and employees. Likewise, each Toastmasters club is unique, because of the members who shape the club culture as they work through our program. Over the years, I’ve met many people who tell me that their Toastmasters membership enabled them to hone skills that were important to their success personally and professionally. Best wishes as you continue providing a nurturing environment for the development of our organization and members.

Jim Kokocki, DTM International President


District Director’s Message Dear TMs of Qatar TM Club, Greetings on behalf of D20! At the outset I must say though I haven't been to your club I do plan to visit soon. Through this message I only wish to emphasize on four things. 1. Have respect for the program and adhere to quality in terms of the projects you do. Be sincere to the art, don't run behind the qualifications alone. Don't do a role in leadership "because" it is needed for a higher award, instead do it for the love of the movement. 2. Do not be in a hurry to finish. You learn more when you pause and reflect and more importantly enjoy the journey. So remember there's no rush, reach when you feel you have arrived. 3. Know why you are in your club or in the movement. Do not simply be a bench warmer just paying your membership. Be active in some role or the other, speaker, leader, mentor, coach or any small role in every single meeting. The more you give the more you get.

4. Do your own work. There may be laggards, people who wing their projects all kinds of miscreants who want the "easy" way out. True they may get "certified" faster, but there's a difference between real competence and a badge or a certificate alone. Do all work sincerely and the people will know your greatness anyway. Strive not to be great or greatest, but be a legend so your life and its time will serve as an inspiration.

In service, Sujit Sukumaran DTM District Director District 20


Division Director’s Message “Individually we are a drop; but together we are an ocean” is a popular old saying. During my last eight years of being a Toastmaster, I have learned many good things; the best one being about teamwork. There are many activities that we cannot do individually, but together we can. I remember, when I was the Qatar Open Chairman, initially organizing an event of that magnitude looked huge & difficult. When the task was divided into smaller sub tasks and delegated to the team members, it became very simple. Believe it or not, every team member thoroughly enjoyed what they did. One of the greatest teamwork benefits is the collaboration of the various skills that the team brings together. Members who were good at marketing, did the marketing of the event, Operations team worked on the execution side to make it a great success. That incident proved that teamwork can result in creativity that the team can produce that individually they simply could not. Our team got the activities completed much quicker than doing it individually. The workload seemed less to the individuals when delegated. At the end, all felt so proud that we were part of a successful team. That is the result of a team work. I’m happy to note that the same team spirit continues in Qatar Toastmasters even today. Under the leadership of the President TM Krishnamoorthy & Vice President-Education TM Rajesh Nair, the entire Ex-com is working like a well lubricated machine. That’s success of the Club. Yes, together, we can. Wishing Qatar Toastmasters all the very best to be the best Club in Qatar & to win many laurels in the District too.

NV Raghavan Menon DTM Division Q Director


Area Director’s Message “I can do things you cannot; You can do things I cannot; Together, we can do great things” ~ Mother Teresa Dear leaders of Qatar Toastmasters Club, It’s my pleasure to engage with you all once again, through this wonderful newsletter TOASTED TIDINGS. We’re almost through with three-quarters of the term 2015-16, and the year has been pretty good so far, for Area 18, and in particular, for Qatar Toastmasters Club. The dynamic club leadership team, well supported and guided by the seniors, has been executing its plan with finesse. The Club President has assured me that the club will maintain its President’s Distinguished Club status.

It is a true reflection of the team spirit and professionalism in the club. This is something I always admire every time I visit the club or when I interact with the club members. And what better way to celebrate it than to make ‘TOGETHER … WE CAN’ as the theme for this issue!! With the contest fever gripping the entire toastmasters fraternity in Qatar, I take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of the club contests and to wish them all the very best for the Area Contests and beyond. No doubt, we’re sorely missing our champion speaker TM Koka Prasad. But this is perhaps the right time for another champion speaker to emerge from Koka’s shadows. I also take this opportunity to wish the Qatar Open Youth Public Speaking Championship organizing committee great success. I truly believe we’ll have a lot more to rejoice when we sign off the year on 30th June, 2016. Best Wishes, Surya Narayanan K.


Club President’s Message Dear Toastmaster, It is our pleasure to present before you the third edition of “Toasted Tidings” of the current term. The theme of this edition is “Together…. we can!”, which embodies the sprit that binds us all together. We have come together, joined Toastmasters to do things that will be difficult to achieve alone. But, help is available and we are here to help you. Let us spread this great message of fellowship though our deeds and words. This term, we have done remarkable things together - be it the ongoing Qatar Open Youth Public Speaking Championships, Club Contests, Membership / PR campaigns and many more. We have done them all with such ease and dexterity, when we look back we are amazed by what we have achieved. As we enter the last quarter of 2015-16, I have no doubt that this has been the single most important factor behind our success and let us keep it the same way for years to come. As I leaf through this issue, it is a wonderful compilation of articles, photographs and miscellaneous contributions from you all and makes wonderful reading. I take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts by our VP - Public Relations who has gone great lengths to make this edition truly remarkable.

Regards, Krishnamoorthy Nair, ACB ALB President, Qatar Toastmasters Club


A Message from WCPS 2015 Fellow brothers and sisters in Qatar Toastmaster Club, Why are we in toastmasters? Each one of you joined for a different reason. Improving communication skills, leadership skills, or simply to meet new people and kill the time, and you can tell who is in it because it is a hobby and who is in it because it is a passion. You often have seen people join for a year or two then leave, either they get tired so quickly, or they got what they were looking for and left. But toastmasters is so much more, it is a complete transformation of your lifestyle, every skill you learn in toastmasters such as confidence, time management, team building, giving feedback, working in teams and so much more are skills you are use in your daily life. It is sad that many people use the tips they learn in toastmasters only in toastmasters meeting and never take it outside, and to those I want to say “why are you in toastmasters in the first place ?� I invite you all to adopt everything you learn and implement it in every aspect of your professional and personal life, and you will see how your transform into a much better version of yourself. Do everything in life with PASSSION, not just because it is a hobby.

Mohammed A AlQahtani, MCDA, MCDP, ACG, ALB World Champion of Public Speaking 2015


Leaders Communicate to Connect George Bernard Shaw said, “The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.” The ability to speak is not the same thing as the ability to communicate. The very purpose of communication is to influence people .This is an area where most of the leaders fail. Only one thing stands between you and your success as a leader- it isn't experience; it isn't talent; it’s the ability to influence. World-renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell says “the true measure of leadership is influence ... nothing more, nothing less”. Maybe a bigger question for us to ask is, what type of influence are we offering those who are around us? The sad thing is that insecure leaders keep others down in order to protect their own position. The best leaders realize that leadership is always about raising people up to their highest potential. It’s a pity that most people live a life with unfulfilled potential. How do we influence people? We cannot influence others unless we connect with others. If we want to succeed in life we must learn how to connect with people because connecting is basic to human relations.

The biggest hurdle people face in connecting with others is self-centredness. Connecting never begins until the other person feels valued. In communication every audience ask the question ‘What’s IN It For Me’ – the acronyms WIIFM. When we value others and turn our focus on others and their needs we can communicate in a way that connects with others? Why connecting is important? You’ll have incredible resources and potential, but you’ll never be able to put them to use and grow unless you move together in a group. Growth happens in community. Every successful leader knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. Wildlife scientists have conducted studies to determine why geese and other migratory birds always fly in a distinctive v-formation. They found some fascinating results. When geese fly together, each goose provides additional lift and reduces air resistance for the goose flying behind it. Consequently, by flying together it is estimated that the whole flock can fly about 70% farther with the same amount of energy than if each goose flew alone. Geese have discovered that they can reach their destination more quickly and with less energy expended when they fly together in formation. When people work together harmoniously on teams, sharing common values and a common destination, they all arrive at the destination quicker and easier, because they are lifted up by the energy and enthusiasm of one another. Teamwork makes the dream work. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”- Henry Ford Leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could. A leader does that by communicating a vision that has taken roots within him. A good leader knows that to reach your potential you must work with others therefore he connects to create a community of people...and together they grow. TM Rajan Abraham


How Gavels Club Changed My Life

Let us go back 2 years in my life, when I was 12. I was a very shy person, who used to sit in the last bench, never used to mingle with anyone, and used to be the quietest person in my class. In fact, most of my classmates had never even heard my voice. In spite of the fact that I was good enough in studies, I never used to talk to even my friends, let alone giving a public speech. At that time, one of my dad’s friends recommended Gavels Club as the best way to improve my social skills. My dad liked the idea, and he talked to TM Thayalan. TM Thayalan recommended my name to Qatar Gavels Club, and I attended a meeting as a guest. When I reached the meeting, I was held spellbound by how these Gaveliers were speaking to such a large audience fearlessly. When I was asked to introduce, I slowly murmured, “Hello, my name is Nishit Kumar, and I study in class 6 in MES Indian School.” After that, my mind went blank, my face became red, and I went and sat down in my place out of embarrassment. In the break, I thought that everyone would laugh at me for not being able to even introduce myself. But, the exact opposite happened. People came to me and started to comfort me, as if I was their brother. Now, this is one thing I love about Gavels Club: You are not a part of a club, You are the part of a family. Their comforting gave me the strength to give a speech and discover my speaking skills. So, in the next meeting, I signed up for a speaker.


I was a very shy person, who used to sit in the last bench

Now, in the P1, you basically have to speak for around 5 minutes about yourself. Most people think that it is very easy. But, for me, this proved to be the hardest part. As it is said, “A journey of thousand miles begins with a small step, and taking that one step is the hardest part.” Somehow, I prepared my speech and sent it to my mentors. When they replied, I had expected a whole list of improvements. Instead, the mentors had appreciated my speech. I delivered it in the next meeting. Along with me, 6 other Gaveliers were also delivering their P1. I was the last speaker. When I was sitting there listening to the other speakers, I felt inspired at the way they were all delivering their speeches effortlessly. When my turn came, I gave the speech, stammering a bit in the middle, but after that it went a bit OK. And, guess what?? I was voted the Best Speaker, and all the Gaveliers appreciated my sense of humor.

And, guess what?? I was voted the Best Speaker

After this, I became a little more confident. I gave two more speeches, winning two more Best Speakers. Then, our Club Counselor asked me to participate in the Club Contest. I gave my name for Table Topics and Humorous Speech categories. I wasn’t expecting to win any prizes. Imagine my surprise when I won Second in Table Topics and First in Humorous Speech categories! I later won the First place in the Division Level for Humorous Speech.

Now, I have given 7 project speeches, and won 6 Best Speaker awards. I am confident while addressing an audience. Qatar Gavels Club has changed me from a shy boy to a confident teenager. I would recommend Gavels Club to anyone who wants to improve their social skills.

Nishit Kumar Singhal Vice President Membership Qatar Gavels Club


Together.. We Can!

As a child I was fascinated by the birds flocking together. I used to follow them as far as eyes can go and always wondered how orderly and artistic these formations are. It was much later until I was in the high school that I understood more about flocking and the science behind this behavior. It was many years later, when I started working I also realized that this sheds light into many aspects of leadership and teamwork that we can put into practice in our everyday lives. When geese fly together in a formation, each goose provides additional lift and reduces air resistance for the goose flying behind it there by enabling the flock to fly an additional 70% distance or reach the destination earlier than when the geese flew alone. When people work together harmoniously on teams, sharing common values and a common destination, they all arrive at the destination quicker and easier, because they are lifted up by the energy and enthusiasm of one another. When a goose drops out of the v-formation it quickly discovers that it requires a great deal more effort and energy to fly.  Consequently, that goose will quickly return to the formation to take advantage of the lifting power that comes from flying together. Sometimes people playing


on teams will drop out of the group and try to accomplish goals on their own.  However, like the geese, they usually discover that they miss the synergy and energy that comes when they are an active part of a cohesive team moving toward their destination, and want to return to the group. The goose flying in the front of the formation has to expend the most energy because it is the first to break up the flow of air that provides the additional lift for all of the geese that follow. Consequently, when the lead goose gets tired, it drops out of the front position and moves to the rear of the formation, where the resistance is lightest, and another goose moves to the leadership position. Being in the lead is very tiresome when energy is in full force that you need to slow down and let someone takes charge, at least temporarily. When a team is functioning well, various members of the team may take the leadership role for a while because of a particular expertise or experience.  Consequently, in good teams everyone has the opportunity to serve as a leader as well as a follower. Geese frequently make loud honking sounds as they fly together. Scientists speculate that this honking is their way of communicating with each other during their long flight. Similarly, when working on teams, it is exceedingly important for each team member to communicate regularly with all the other team members.  Teams frequently fall apart because of the lack of adequate communication among the various members of the team. 

Being in the lead is very tiresome when energy is in full force

It is discovered that when one goose becomes ill, is shot or injured, and drops out of the formation, two other geese will fall out of formation and remain with the weakened goose.  They will stay with and protect the injured goose from predators until it is able to fly again or dies. Likewise, human teams work best when they do more than just work together, but care for the well being of each other. In Toastmasters, we have come together to do things which are difficult to accomplish alone. Let us work as a team. Together… we can do better.

Krishnamoorthy Nair, ACB ALB President, Qatar Toastmasters Club


Cats Fight

When I saw the scene, for first time, I knew I am witnessing unforgettable moment . I was in my way to bed tired after long day then a disturbing noise from the back yard.. looking from the window, It was 2 stunning cats just below the window. each has taken a warrior position and slowly approaching in preparation for a fight‌. and after loooooong 5 minutes of roaring .. Suddenly jumped on each other like a flash. The fight started, and could end up ONLY with a glass of cold water borrowed from the same window. After years of observation I have noticed this pattern is applicable in humans. 2 parties fighting , a round shouting storm for some time and then, the situation vanished with a glass of water borrowed by a 3rd party.

A child screams like a hill! the parent get shamed and angry and screams back AND the older brother keeps a sort of smile in his face, avoiding a differentiate the parent steps back and drink a glass of water. Football players fights after strong tackling, the audience shout with bad wordings ‌ till the referee steps in and convert the fight into hand shake .. the audience applauds and cool down drinking a glass of water!


Wars about to start the media plays tremendous role in roaring and amplifying the situation BUT, the resolution comes by sharing peaceful conversation on a diplomatic table under a glass of water. Dictators ruin civilizations fighting with protestants, under the eyes of politicians and miseries mostly end up with a glass of poison! If we come to reasons behind cats fights we see anger .. madness! That is why they always concluded by a glass of water ( or a glass of poison).

But still people keep fighting… They like that coz there is self steaming part in it… they like to prove for each other their existence … they like to prove they are right! Or they may be experience great fears And there is the 3rd party… the contributor ..Being a 3rd party is huge responsibility that could clear the sight or smoke the fight. For me fighting is annoying! Being not part of the cat’s fight is the greatest wisdom I can share and I thought being .. the good witness…. is a good idea.. I just need to keep a glass of water nearby .. one day I will need it…

when you fight, fight for the rights…

2 adult staff once came to my office complaining, each had a genuine reason not to cooperate with the other ..then, I put my glass of water on the table and I ask first party: Drink this… He did and I asked him: borrow the remaining on your colleague face. Both got shocked!!!!

"If you don’t do it then you are ready to listen to him. get out of my office and then come back with a compromise… Get out of here!", Now they are best friends! My wife always screams in face of my housemaid and somehow shift the fire back to me for not taking the strongest stand …. so whatever I do is not strong enough! You know what I do? I bring a glass of poison… for me…. And it works like magic! Cats fight and fight … because they don’t have wisdom… But on the other hand, lions do fight! do you know when? When they got hungered .. So they fight for a reason. And that is why the lion is great king of the jungle! And sometime I wear the hat of the lion king, with my own fights I could stopped spending 60 millions QR in unsuccessful projects .. I could develop 6 Qataris to take up managerial positions while they were underestimated .. I could position myself in different industry so rapidly .. and my fights go on and on… So in my conclusion, take the advice .. in this life, clear sights, don’t start fights and when you fight, fight for the rights…

TM Nahar Al Muthawa Treasurer Qatar Toastmasters Club


The Word that Changed My Life It is amazing the power of one word. "Yes" changed my life, "yes" changed me… That is how Shonda Rhimes starts off her famous TED talk "my year of saying yes to everything” … As I was listening to that talk, I felt there is a mirror experience that has been going on for the last 11 months... which is my Toastmasters journey... I joined Toastmasters in May 2015 after coming for a couple of times as a guest... I could say I stayed a passive member up till meeting no. 400 that took place on August 9th, 2015... That day, our Vice President Education TM Raj approached me, would you like to deliver your icebreaker in the next meeting? Hesitantly I said let me think about it, I was not sure I wanted to do that but for me it was a sign, I said to myself you need to actually start and eventually I said "yes” ... August 23rd, 2015... I delivered my first speech, an experience that I had not done for years... October 2015, I learned about Speechcraft program, which is a fast track program targeting non toastmasters, just considering the fact that I needed to spend 5 Fridays in a row away from my family's weekend plans was not a pleasant idea... But I said "yes” ... After the program I saw myself not only on the fast track but also on the right track... My Toastmasters family grew bigger in Smedley Toastmasters Club… Last day of the program I got the chance to meet Division E Director who requested me to be part of a Youth Leadership Program in Al Khor and again, I thought to myself... Do you want to spend 7 Saturdays in Al Khor!! Another yes was on the way because such a program was an opportunity for me as well as for the young ladies over there... The result showed in the grand finale, in the eyes of the girls, their parents, their teachers and the invitees... November 2015, a WhatsApp message notification shows on the screen of my phone, TM Rasha, are you interested in being a target speaker in our club's evaluation contest? Of course yes! I would not lose the opportunity to be evaluated by 5 TMs at the same time. And that yes allowed me to express a tiny part of how I feel towards my Grandmother... And that was another occasion to meet my new family members in Filcom International Toastmasters Club!

My Toastmasters family grew bigger

A couple of weeks later, I received a call from my inspiration, Distinguished Toastmaster Raghavan asking me to be the Master of Ceremony for the club officers training, I just asked him do you think I am up to it, and he said I'm sure you are... Without any hesitation I said “yes” ... December 4th, another milestone in my life, the day of the training... I did it! I was the MC and it was a big crowd, roughly 200 people… Something that I have never thought of! The feedback and comments I received not only boosted my confidence but raised the bar of my energy level to the maximum... And my sense of achievement was high in the sky...


Many other yeses followed... And recently in Feb 2016, Qatar Toastmasters Club assigned me a big responsibility to be the Public Relationship chair, saying yes this time... I proudly revamped my club’s website in only 2 weeks… I proved to myself that nothing is impossible... It only takes a couple of steps to open many new doors that I did not even know existed... March 2016 witnessed my most recent achievement in Toastmasters, I was able to publish my first newsletter which I thought was impossible… Collecting the content, editing, layouting, communicating with the contributors, writing articles myself…

Fellow toastmasters, being part of this fraternity is the wisest decision that I have ever made; Toastmasters is simply a practice platform where you actually live what you learn, in Toastmasters I learned that when you give you get much more, I learned that everything happens for a reason and for the good... Every speech you listen to is a lesson by itself. Toastmasters made me appreciate shaking hands minimum 20 times each meeting... the importance of the applause and what difference it makes in members' morale… the value of the constructive feedback and how to be honest without scratching others' hearts... the value of the oneness and unity towards a cause... How strong we can be if we are one hand... I believe in Toastmasters we are the voice... We hold even a bigger responsibility than others because we are mastering the art of communication... Today in this moment, I will be achieving a critical milestone in my life... I will get the Competent Communicator title... This recognition will give me the push to carry on... To keep up the pace or even accelerate it... Because my only competitor is myself... That sense of attainment and my desire for more are the main motivation...

Together we can if we say “yes” …

Toastmasters taught me that you never know what you can do unless you try, that you need to push yourself to the limit to simply define your new limit! That sense of achievement you get in Toastmasters is not guaranteed elsewhere, you rarely get surrounded by this number of positive people who are here to be better people, better communicators, better leaders...

I believe everybody in this room can make a difference, can contribute in a way or another and can take his/ her journey to the next level… "Yes" changed my life, "yes" changed me… If I had not said “Yes” to delivering my first speech on meeting 400, I would not be standing here delivering my milestone speech in less than a year… If I had not said yes to being Master of ceremony on Dec 4th, I won’t be doing it next May in front of 800 people at work… If I had not said yes to all the opportunities, I would not have known my talents in writing newspaper articles, publishing newsletters and building websites… What will “Yes” do for you? You never know the magic any opportunity brings... Unleash your potentials and turn them into strengths… Explore your talents… Get out of your comfort zone… Take big steps, volunteer, sign up for roles, go for the ex-com, suggest, break the walls within yourself and with others, use every moment in your Toastmasters journey and remember that “Together We Can” ... Together we can be better... Together we can improve our club… Together we can if we say “yes” … TM Rasha Abualhasan VP - Public Relations 18

Club Contests Congratulations to the winners. Congratulations to all those who participated. You are all winners and keep it up!! Thanks to the Judges, Role Players and all those who to made the contests memorable events.

January 23rd, 2016

First Place : TM Sarita Jacob

First Place : TM Johnny Abou Zeid


Humorous Speech Second Place : TM Lesiley Susan Mathew

Table Topic Second Place : TM Sameh Eskander

Third Place : TM Nahar Al Mutuwa

Third Place : TM Rasha Abualhasan

February 21st, 2016

First Place : TM Johnny Abou Zeid

First Place : TM Lesiley Mathew 20

Evaluation Speech Second Place : TM Nevine Kamel

Third Place : TM Sameh Eskander

International Speech Second Place : TM Sameh Eskander

Third Place : TM Nevine Kamel

Qatar Open 2016 - Workshops We are fast approaching the much awaited 19th edition of the Qatar Open Youth Public Speaking Championship, for which preparations are well underway. The Qatar Open Team lead by TM Azeez Mohammed is ready and raring to go. To ensure the students are well prepared 2 workshops in 2 independent schools were conducted; Al Bayan Girls School and Al Ahnaf Bin Qais Boys School, followed by the general orientation workshop for participants at the DeBakey school wonderfully conducted by TM Nevine Kamel and supported by the Qatar Open Team. The enthusiastic response from the students, parents and teachers was overwhelming.


A Very Special Guest.. DTM Aditya Maheswaran

We were privileged to have the 2nd place Winner at the World Championship of Public Speaking 2015, DTM Aditya Maheswaran with on Sunday February 21 st, 2016. He gave a short but very thought provoking talk on the life of a Toastmaster, how to navigate through the troughs and crests of the Toastmasters journey and to reach that Productivity plateau, to realize the Toastmasters experience in full.

Many thanks to our VP - Education, TM Rajesh who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this visit a reality.


Club’s Website Qatar Toastmasters Club’s Website has been revamped with a simpler and more professional look and feel. The new website is has a responsive design and is frequently updated with the club’s news and events. Have a look at our website: and share your thoughts to


In Lighter Vein


Snaps from Our Meetings


Upcoming Events

Area 18 Contest April 1st, 2016

TAC-Q 2016 April 29th, 2016

Qatar Open 2016 Preliminary Round - March 25th, 2016 Semi-Finals - April 15th, 2016 Finals - May 6th, 2016

DTAC 2016 May 26th - 28th, 2016 26

ENVISIONED FUTURE “To be the first-choice provider of dynamic, high-value, experiential communication and leadership skills development.�

MISSION We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.

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GO GREEN To save the trees and to leave planet earth with all its flora and fauna to our future generations, this magazine is circulated to members only electronically. Think before you print this. 27

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