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Cover Digital Painting by Maryam Al-attiya, Digital Programs Coordinator, Online Marketing

Chairperson’s Message

Dear QMA Community,

The last few months have seen the

launch of several major exhibitions, and I wanted to thank you all for your hard work and dedication in making this possible. Cai Guo-Qiang, Louise Bourgeois, and Takashi Murakami are among the world’s most influential artists, and their exhibitions have helped turn the international spotlight on Qatar’s cultural growth.

I am looking forward to Mal Lawal, and hope to celebrate it with you all when it launches in September. QMA will continue to break new ground in 2012, and the upcoming Mal Lawal exhibition turns its focus on the private collections and precious objects found in Qatari homes. I am looking forward to Mal Lawal, and hope to celebrate it with you all when it launches in September.

On a more local basis, the Gifts of the Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani Sultan exhibit showcases the amazing Chairperson, Qatar Museums depth and variety of work to originate Authority in the Middle East. It also highlights the generosity ingrained in our faith, culture, and society. I encourage you all to see it.

The ambition of our organization aims to make of QMA a global leader, establishing projects that attract the attention of the world.

CEO ’s Message

Dear QMA family,

I am pleased and honored to be joining QMA and I thank everyone for welcoming me in my first few weeks here. I look forward to taking on this new role with a sense of pride and dedication to the mission ahead of us.

I congratulate everyone in QMA for all of the accomplishments that have been realized since 2005. The many successes that you have all helped deliver in just a short period of time have placed the foundations for developing a rich culture of museums, art and heritage in Qatar. This could not have taken place without the QMA employees who helped to make this a reality, and have paved the way for us to successfully deliver our mission and vision.

I want to pay particular respect to H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and distinguished members of the Board of Trustees, for their direction and foresight in making QMA what it is today. The ambition of our organization aims to make of QMA a global leader, establishing projects that attract the attention of the world. Our ambitious plans need to be supported by our hard working and loyal staff. I look forward to the future and to working with all of you. Yours sincerely, Mansoor Al Khater CEO

ALRIWAQ DOHA Exhibition Space The launch of the Takashi Murakami exhibit featured a themed photo booth

Here are some highlights ALRIWAQ DOHA isn’t your everyday exhibition space. It’s new, exciting, and full of possibilities. A place where you can discover the wonders of the world we live in, and the beauty of the people who live to tell its story. A place to showcase the world’s best artists. ALRIWAQ is located next to the Museum of Islamic Art, alongside the Doha Corniche. With a newly opened cafe and a gift shop selling exclusive products you won’t find elsewhere, it’s much more than just an exhibition space. What will you see? What will you find? And most curiously, what’s next? Discover it for yourself.

ALRIWAQ DOHA Event Schedule 12 Sep - 11 Oct 2012 Mal Lawal 9 Feb - 24 June 2012 Murakami - EGO

Fall 2013 Damien Hirst

Fall 2012 The Oriental Album of Bartholomäus Schachman

Spring 2013 Olympia: Myth - Cult - Games

The Google Art Project allows people to take virtual tours of the world’s best museums. The website includes both a ‘walk through’ (similar to Google Street View) and one featured work which is shot on a high-powered ‘Gigapixel’ camera Google Art Project The Google Art Project Team visited the Museum of Islamic Art in February and spent an entire night taking over 300 super-high-resolution photos of a beautiful voided silk velvet weave. When compiled, these images allow people to zoom in on the smallest detail in the work – right down to individual threads. It’s amazing. A week later the second part of the Google Art Project team arrived in town to map out and photograph the museum for the virtual tour. Both these sessions took place after hours and saw more than one reference to the Ben Stiller movie, A Night At The Museum. You can see the results for yourself by visiting: www.googleartproject.com

Mathaf and Art Dubai co-hosted the Global Art Forum_6 in March Global Art Form The two-day event looked at ‘The Medium of Media’ and how it relates to historic events currently sweeping across the Arab world. With guest speakers from around the world, live readings, and some lively panels, it was a great event featuring insights from Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, Douglas Coupland, Sophia Al Maria, and many others. It was also hastily re-organised at the last minute. Dust storms swept across Doha on the morning of the event, forcing organisers to move everything inside. The staff at Mathaf did an amazing job relocating the conference and most people in attendance had no idea about the change of plan. The dust storm struck again late that night - a power outage during a speakers’ dinner saw the group sharing pizzas over a candle-lit table in a dark restaurant.

Day two went ahead without a hitch, and showcased both the power of media and the scope of talent in the Arab world taking advantage of it. We are really looking forward to more of these conferences and encourage you all to attend.

The last six months have been an incredibly busy time for QMA with the launch of four major exhibitions

Make sure you visit them!

Exhibition Wrap - Up Takashi Murakami / Murakami - EGO

Open 9 February - 24 June 2012 ALRIWAQ DOHA

Cai Guo-Qiang / Saraab

Open 5 December 2011 – 26 May 2012 Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

Cai Guo-Qiang uses gun-powder in a unique way, creating both spectacular Murakami - Ego features over 70 outdoor displays and large-scale murals. monumental pieces from 1997 to the present. It’s the single largest collection He opened his Saraab exhibition with of his work ever displayed in one location. a huge pyrotechnics show in Doha (which you can view on YouTube), but It’s also a lot of fun - a technicolour world of anime, sculptures, circus tents, the full collection includes 16 newly commissioned pieces and 30 recent and murals from one of the world’s most renowned artists. Make sure you works spanning video, paint, gun-powder, and more. check out the merchandise stand.

Louise Bourgeois / Conscious and Unconscious

Gifts of the Sultan / The Arts

of Giving at the Islamic Courts

Open 20 January – 1 June 2012 QMA Gallery - Katara

Open 21 March – 2 June 2012

Conscious and Unconscious is the first in-depth study of Louise Bourgeois’ work to be displayed in the Middle East. The 32-piece installation includes sculptures, installation works, gouaches, and fabric pieces dating from 1947 to 2009. Also – giant spider sculptures.

Every gift has a story behind it. And the new Gifts of the Sultan exhibition features over 200 gifts from the Islamic Courts. As Aisha Al Khater, Director of the Museum of Islamic Art explains, “[This exhibit] is an excellent opportunity for the community to learn about the history and etiquette of gift giving in Islamic civilization.” It’s also a chance to reflect on your own gift giving and personal relationships. Don’t miss it.

Museum of Islamic Art

National Sports Day at MIA Park Qtel and Qatar Museums Authority joined forces on February 14 to celebrate the first National Sports Day

A variety of activities were organised

in the Museum of Islamic Art park and a huge crowd turned up to enjoy the beautiful weather, free concerts, and scenic views across the bay.

Highlights on the day included the martial arts displays, the kids’ athletic events, and the fun run along the Corniche.

Qatar Japan 2012

The Qatar Japan project was launched at the start of 2012 and celebrates 40 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries While there are various events and exhibitions scheduled to take place throughout the year, one of the most popular local features has been the DFI Japanese Cinema Showcase held at the Museum of Islamic Art auditorium.

Check the www.qatarjapan2012. com website to find session times and details for upcoming movies. Departures and Howl’s Moving Castle have already screened. The next scheduled film is Beat Takeshi’s Kids Return, screening at the end of May.

2012 UK Career Fair If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears. Simon Sinek, Columbia University.

The above quote set the tone

for QMA’s sponsorship of the 2012 UK Career Fair. Aimed at Qatari students studying abroad, it highlighted QMA’s work in the region and our vision of being a “Global leader in the world of arts, culture and heritage.”

What do you think is the best thing about working at QMA? Email us your responses and we’ll print some of them in the next issue. We’ll also find a prize for the best one. Contact us via marketing@qma.org.qa

Mal Lawal Mal Lawal means ‘from the old days’ in Arabic, and this upcoming exhibition is unlike any other held in Qatar Focusing on precious objects sourced from locals and private collections, Mal Lawal aims to reveal the ‘cultural memory’ of the country.

story of Qatar and the families that have shaped the region. Accompanying these pieces will be works from three generations of Qatari artists.

The works on display will highlight the sentimental and emotional value of items handed down across generations; treasurers that tell the

The exhibition launches on September 12 and there’s still time to get involved. Please contact Mr. Nasser Al Hammadi on (44525955) or (33118850) by June 1.

Education Calendar Qatar Museums Authority offers a variety of educational workshops and informal talks each month. They’re free of charge and a great way to learn more about artists and exhibitions. Here are some upcoming highlights.

The Beauty Of The Diwani Script (Workshop)

Sun, Mon, Wed and Thu in May and June MIA Education Centre – The Museum of Islamic Art

The Calligraphy department at the Museum of Islamic Art presents a course entitled ‘The Beauty of the Diwani Script’. The Dawani script was first used in Ottoman courts and was so elaborate that it was considered one of their treasures. State decrees as well as the letters of kings and the heads of states were written in this script. The Diwani script is characterized by highly ornamental, cursive characters. Email: educationmia@qma.org.qa

A Long, Long Time Ago…

Every Saturday in May and June, 1-3pm MIA Education Centre – The Museum of Islamic Art

The town of Iznik, in Western Anatolia was a thriving centre for the production of ceramics. Their pottery became internationally known for its floral designs and the çintamani, a design of spots and stripes which represented the strength of the Ottoman Empire. In this two part workshop, children will create and decorate their own pinch pots. Email: mmoura@ qma.org.qa

Louise Bourgeois Workshops QMA Gallery - Katara Cultural Village

The Louise Bourgeois inspired workshops at QMA Gallery allow you to create your own art work using the same materials as the renowned French artist.Visit LB.qma. org.qa for details.

MIA Park Events Aside from hosting the Museum of Islamic Art and ALRIWAQ Doha Exhibition Space, MIA Park features plenty of activities for all age groups.

Pastry Kiosk and Cafe

Located alongside the water, both the pastry kiosk and the park café offer fantastic views of West Bay, shaded lounges, and a great selection of sandwiches, salads, desserts, and drinks.


Designed for younger visitors, the playground features a playhouse, sandpit, swings, slides, and a bungee trampoline.

Education Centre

The Education Centre hosts informal monthly talks with members of the arts, education, and academic community, as well as hands-on learning workshops. The newly opened library has a great selection of books.


Currently home to the Takashi Murakami – EGO exhibit, ALRIWAQ Doha is a large exhibition hall designed to accommodate the world’s leading artists. The gift shop and café offer exclusive souvenirs and great coffee.

Paddle Boats

The paddle boats are a fun way to explore the calm waters surrounding the museum. You can see the iconic building up close, paddle out towards the education centre, or just circle the cove.

Gifts of The Sultan

The Arts of Giving at the Islamic Courts

Every gift has a story behind

it. That’s the message behind the Gifts of The Sultan exhibition. Whether it’s a birthday gift for a friend, or a 1000-year-old vase once bestowed upon a King, there are hidden depths and subtexts to gift giving. The Gifts of The Sultan exhibit brings together over 200 objects associated with the great Islamic courts and looks at the significance of gift giving for diplomatic, personal, and pious reasons. As Aisha Al Khater, Director of the Museum of Islamic Art explains, “[This exhibit] is an excellent opportunity for the community to learn about the history and etiquette of gift giving in Islamic civilisation.”

Sheikha Mayassa, who was in attendance at the launch, expands on this theme. “As is well-known to us in Qatar, the concept of generosity is ingrained in our faith, culture, and society. But what comes as a surprise is that it also led to the creation and dissemination of so many great works of art, as this outstanding exhibition demonstrates.” Gift giving is a universal theme and this exhibit offers visitors a chance to see masterworks from the Islamic Courts of days gone past while reflecting on their own gift giving and personal relationships.

Arif Saeed / Online project expert

Aisha Al Khater / Director at MIA

Can Balcioglu / Events coordinator

Diana Rizk / Events expert

Engy Hashem / Junior graphic designer

Esra Sharab / Merchandising designer

Fatima Saleh Al Bouanin / Marketing assistant

Nibras Kardaman / Senior advertising specialist

Staff Desk Photos The way you decorate your office desk and the items you keep on it can say a lot about your personality. We decided to take a walk around QMA towers, Mathaf, and MIA, photographing some of the more interesting examples.

Is your desk included? You can email us on marketing@qma.org.qa if you think your office desk is particularly interesting / unique and should be featured in our next issue

Rana Refaat / Events coordinator

Hessa Al Ali / Senior graphic designer

Mohammed Osman Ahmed / Senior social media coordinator

Mayi Yousuf Al Mohammadi / National research supervisor

Team Profile

[Strategic Management Office]

The SMO (Strategic Management

Office) team works closely and directly for the CEO. They are responsible for programs management and developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to help evaluate the overall performance and progress of QMA. They also work on strategic planning - which involves the investigation, research, and development of new opportunities that support QMA’s vision. Their other responsibilities include developing and coordinating international projects/agreements,

drafting reports to senior management, assisting with the budget process, and financial analysis on projects. The SMO team was established in June 2010 and has three members: Dr. Tarek Cherkaoui, Director of Strategic Management Nabil Khan, Acting Head of Programs Kenza Ziar, Financial Analyst

Dr. Tarek Cherkaoui Dr. Tarek joined QMA in September 2009 and leads the SMO team. His hobbies are Thai boxing, going to the gym, and reading. In his spare time, Dr. Tarek enjoys walking near the beach, hanging out with his friends, and shopping. When asked about a funny anecdote, he replied, “I got lost once with a friend of mine in the jungle of Malaysia. Exhausted and without water, we walked for many hours. Turned out we were turning around in circles and that we were not very far from the village we came from initially.�

Nabil Khan Nabil is Acting Head of Programs. He joined QMA in June 2011. During his free time, he tries to get as much sleep as possible. He likes going to restaurants and his favorite country/destination is Japan, where he used to live. He loves steaks and truck racing at Lusail, and speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Urdu/Hindi.

Kenza Ziar Kenza is the Financial Analyst. She joined QMA in February 2012. Although she misses her nephews and sisters, she likes Doha. She loves travelling and discovering new places. She tries to go on holidays as much as possible.

Staff Profile

Yasmine Benamara,

Faisal Saad Ali,

Job: Manages the collection and deals with inventory, loans, and acquisitions at the Museum of Islamic Art.

Work history: Faisal joined the events team in September 2011, after completing work experience at the Museum of Islamic Art.

Best part about the job: The chance to learn a lot about different objects in the collection and Islamic Art.

Best part about the job: He likes working in Events because he gets to meet different people. He also enjoys organising different types of events.

Registrar, Museum of Islamic Art

Background: Yasmine is 27 and had been living in Paris since she was four. It’s her first time in Qatar and she likes it because it is quiet and has a mixture of cultures. She also likes the fact she can practice her English. During her free time: Yasmine likes going shopping or to the beach. She loves eating but doesn’t cook, and her favorite cuisine is Italian. Her favorite restaurant in Qatar is Ciao. She doesn’t like sports. However, she wants to try Pilates. Miscellaneous fact: Her favorite language is Russian and she likes everything related to Russia, from its culture and literature to movies.

Events Administrator, Qatar Museums Authority

During his free time: During the weekend, Faisal enjoys going to the beach and to the desert. His favorite place is Sealine. His favorite food is baryani with meat. He likes sports, especially body building. Miscellaneous fact: One day, while driving through the desert on his way to Saudi Arabia with a friend, Faisal blew a tire on his car and nearly crashed. While he loves visiting Abha in Saudi Arabia, he drives more carefully these days.

7 Tips for Healthy Eating What we eat (and how much) has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. If you want more energy throughout the day here are some tips to get you feeling good and eating right. 1. Always remember to eat breakfast. It

is the most beneficial meal of the day, and the most important. Breakfast gives your body fuel for the day, keeps your energy levels up, and your mind alert.

busy in the day and forget to eat lunch, which then leads to overeating in the evening. If we skip lunch, our energy levels start to decrease and blood sugar goes down. Enjoy a light lunch.

2. Drink at least eight glasses of water

5. Try to eat dinner earlier rather than

3. Choose your snacks wisely. Choose


each day. This habit helps the body stay hydrated. It also helps in the processing of nutrients throughout the body. If you are in a warmer climate you might want to drink much more.

late. Eating late makes it harder to digest food. It might keep you up at night or feeling full until the next morning. Eating at least three hours before you go to bed is beneficial to the digestive system.

Make eating a social occasion. See snacks that are light and that give you an family or friends and talk about the day. extra boost of energy throughout the day. Turn off the TV. Research shows If you are trying to lose weight, you might people who watch TV while consuming want to choose vegetables and fruits. meals have a tendency to eat more Have some lunch. Many people get because you tend to eat mindlessly.



QMA Museum Corner at Villaggio QMA has recently opened a mini gift shop in the Virgin Megastore at Villaggio. The ‘Museum Corner’ is a unique space where shoppers can buy QMA merchandise and find out about upcoming events. Stocking everything from books and prints to toys and watches, it’s a great place to pick up some gifts for family and friends. Drop in next time you’re at Villaggio and see it for yourself.

Staff Café details Whether it’s an early morning coffee, a lunch time buffet or an afternoon snack, we’ve all spent a fair amount of time at the level 1 Café. Here are some of their most popular items. Most popular coffee: Cappuccino Most popular snacks: Snickers, Twix, Lays Salt chips Most popular dressing: Ranch and 1000 Island Most popular drinks: Pepsi, 7-Up, Tropical Juice

Upcoming QMA Events Olympics Through Media Exhibition July 3 - September 9 QMA Gallery, Building 10, Katara-Cultural Village Pearls Exhibition July 27 – October 14 Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan Hey’Ya, Female Athletes Photo Exhibition July 24 Soethby’s in London

Early Islamic Glass Exhibition July 24 2012 - January 9 2013 Museum of Islamic Art

Ferjaan: Qatar in Tokyo September Tokyo International Forum

Mal Lawal Exhibition September 12 – October 11 ALRIWAQ Doha Exhibition