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Are you an older driver who wants to save money on your auto insurance? Like young teenage drivers older drivers are also sometimes considered to be a high risk driving group by insurance companies. So if you are and you do not want your car insurance rates to keep increasing, here are 5 ways you can save money on your car insurance costs.

- Get your eye checked every year. Not all insurance companies will give older drivers discounts for this, but some insurance companies do. So check with an agent at your insurance company to see if older drivers can get discounts for providing proof that you passed a yearly eye exam. - Use your good driving record as leverage. If you have never had a ticket, or an accident, or have a ticker or an accident that was NOT your fault; use that to your advantage. You can get substantial discounts from some insurance companies if you have a good driving record. - Be willing to switch insurance companies. Even if you have been with the same insurance company for years, you need to be ready to change from that company in order to get better discounts. Many companies will match the discounts that another company offers you if you threaten to take your business to another company because car insurance companies want to hang onto their long term customers. - Look for companies that offer family discounts. If your kids do not live with you anymore some companies will offer family loyalty discounts if the members of a family all have their vehicles insured by the same company. Ask your insurance company for a family discount. - Buy direct. You should consider buying your auto insurance direct online. Because you can get big savings by buying directly from the company with no middleman.

There are lots of discounts available for older drivers that are trying to save money but you have to be willing to ask for those discounts. Take charge of your finances and you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of the available discounts out there.

==== ==== Save Big On Your Car Insurance By Comparing Reputable Insurers' Quotes Here! ==== ====

5 Ways Older Drivers Can Save on Car Insurance Costs