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The Future of Work: It’s Virtual April 3rd, 2012 :: Karen Axelton inShare9 How badly   do   today’s   employees   want   to   work   virtually?  An  overwhelming  89  percent   of   workers   in   a   new   survey   by   project   management   pla?orm   provider   Wrike   said   the  ability  to  work   virtually   is  a   crucial  fringe   benefit  in  a  job.

spend more   Ime   working   outside   the   office   than  a  few  years  ago.

What were   the   biggest   benefits   of   virtual   work?   Employees   in   the   study   cited   Ime   savings,   increased   producIvity   and   the   opportunity   to   focus   on   work   rather   than   Both  small  business  employees   and   Fortune   office  poliIcs  or  other  personal  issues   as  the   500   workers   felt   strongly   about   the   factors  they   appreciate   most  about   working   importance   of  virtual   work,   with   83  percent   remotely. saying  they  already  spend  at   least  some   Ime   Of   course,   virtual   work   is   not   enIrely   each  week   working   outside   the  office,   either   without   challenges.   Asked   what   were   the   on   the   road   or   from   home.   What’s   more,   biggest   obstacles   to   working   virtually,   37   two-­‐thirds   expect   their   offices   to   go   fully   percent  cited  a  lack  of   direct  communicaIon,   virtual  within  the  next  few  years. 21   percent   menIoned   the   difficulty   of   PoinIng   up   how   rapidly   virtual   work   has   accessing  data  remotely,  and  19  percent   said   grown,  more  than  43  percent  of  respondents   not  knowing  what  colleagues  are  doing  made   said  they  now  work  remotely  more  than  they   it  more   difficult  to   work   effecIvely.  The   vast   did  just   two   or   three   years  ago.   The   biggest   majority   (87   percent)   said   having   effecIve   growth   has   taken   place   among   execuIves:   collaboraIon   soYware   was  “mission-­‐criIcal”   one-­‐half  of  these  respondents  said  they  now   in  the  success  of  virtual  teams.


Despite these   challenges,   workers   sIll   like   working   remotely   so   much   that   they’re   willing   to   sacrifice   quite   a   bit   in   return.   Almost   80   percent   said   they’d   rather   work   virtually   than   get   employer-­‐provided   free   meals,   54   percent   said   they’d   give   up   employer-­‐paid   cellphone   plans,   31   would   accept   a   reducIon  in  paid  vacaIon  days,  and   25  percent   would   even   be   willing   to   take   a   pay  cut.


MONEY FOR  BUSINESS Invention  Financing

Your plan   may   not   be   completely   accurate   resource   and   asset   -­‐   someone   that   could   nor  will  it  reflect  what  actually  will  happen. contribute  to  their  business.

When someone   reads  your   plan,   they   must   have   confidence   that   you   have   a   good   InvenIon   financing   requires   a   plan   and   a   potenIal   for   arriving   at   your   desInaIon.   strategy.   You  need   a   plan,   to  go   along   with   Your  invenIon  financing  is   dependent  on  the   your   invenIon,   if   you   want   to   a_ract   perceived  potenIal  for  reaching  profitability. finances.   Individuals   that   may   be   potenIal   investors   understand  plans   and   proposals.   If   Importance  of  Planning you  want  to  communicate  effecIvely  to  them   about   invenIon   financing   you   should   know   During   my   associaIon   with   the   Walt   Disney   Company,   I   had   the   opportunity   to   meet   their  language. many   interesIng   people.   On   one   such   A   business  plan   contains   the   language   they   occasion,   I   was   having   lunch  with   a   wealthy   understand.   It   tells  them   the   potenIal  for   a   businessman   that   controlled   dozens   of   profitable   return   on   their   investment.   companies. Financiers   know   from   experience   that   just   because   a   product   solves   a   problem,   or   has   The  companies  he   owned  were  very  diverse   -­‐   benefits,  it  doesn't  mean  it  will  make  money. c o n s u m e r   p r o d u c t   m a n u f a c t u r e r s ,   restaurants,   gold   mines...   and   I   was   curious   about  this  diversity. Purpose  in  PreparaIon inventor-­‐

Your business  plan  is  a  detailed  descripIon  of   how   your   invenIon   will   be   manufactured,   packaged,   promoted,   shipped,   distributed   and  marketed  for   a  profit.  These   are  required   details  for  invenIon  financing. You   would   not   invest   in   a   home   without   knowing   the   details   about   what   you   were   buying.   You   would   not   expect   the   seller   to   tell   you,   "It's   a   beauIful   home   in   a   nice   neighborhood  -­‐  everybody   wants  to  live   here   -­‐  what  else  do  you  need  to  know?"

Most wealthy  individuals  are   usually  involved   in  businesses  that  are  related  in  some   way.  I   asked  him  about  this  and  here  is  what  he   said   -­‐ "Randy,   I   don't   invest  in  businesses.   I   invest   in  people." He   went   on   to   explain   that   profitable   ventures  are   operated  by   people   that   know   how  to  make  profits.

I found  this  very  interesIng.  Over  the  years,  I   discovered   that   investors   are   oYen   as   A   business   plan   for   an   inventor   is   like   interested  in  the  inventor  as   they  are   in  their   planning   a   road   trip.   You   have   a   starIng   invenIon. point  and  a   final  desInaIon.  It  is  a  predicIon   They   want   to   know   if   the   inventor   is   based   on   research,   knowledge   and   someone   they   can   work   with.   They   want   to   experience. appreciate   the   inventor   as   a   talented  

BUSINESS APP REVIEW Twitter Technology

Square card reader - Accept credit cards anywhere... Square Register - Turn your iPad into a register... Pay with Square - Never swipe your card again....


This is   probably   one   of   the   reasons   that   inventors,   who  are   also   entrepreneurs,   have   the   highest   success  rate   for   markeIng   their   invenIons.

More Tips: There are  numerous  ways  to  get   invenIon  financing  depending  on  your   invenIon. • Smaller   amounts   of   financing   from   a   few   sources  is  easier  than  trying  to  get   large   amounts   from   one   source.   Smaller   sources   are   easier   to   contact   and   approach.   They   are   not   as   concerned  about  disclosure  issues. • You   can   talk   about   your   invenIon   (without   disclosing   any   confidenIal   details)   to  see   if   someone   be   may   be   interested  in  your  opportunity. • If   someone   wants   more   details,   it   means  you  did   a   good  job  geong  them   interested.  You  could   then  ask   them  to   complete   a   non-­‐disclosure   agreement   so  you  can  show  them  the  details. • The   inventor   who   understands   how   profits  are   made  has  a  be_er   chance  of   receiving   financing.   An   inventor   who   can   prove   their   invenIon   makes   money,   has   even   a   be_er   chance   of   a_racIng  financing.

that plugs  into  the  audio  input  jack  in  a   mobile  phone. It   reads   informaIon   on   a   credit   card   Jake  Dorsey,  the  co-­‐inventor  of  Twi_er,   when   it   is   swiped.   The   informaIon   is   not   stored   on   the   device   but   is   encrypted   and   is  promoIng  his  latest  invenIon  called  the   sent   over   secure   channels   to   banks.   It   Square.    The  square  is  a  small  plug-­‐in   a_achment  to  your  mobile  phone  that  allows   basically   makes   any   mobile   phone   a   cash   register  for  accepIng  card  payments. you  to  receive  credit  card  payments. There   are  no  contracts,  monthly  fees,  or   The  idea  originated  from  Dorsey’s  friend   hidden  costs   to   accept   card  payments  using   Jim  McKelvey  who  was  unable  to  sell  some   glasswork  to  a  customer  because  he  couldn’t   Square. Square   Inc.   has  offices  in  San  Francisco,   accept  a  parIcular  card  being  used.   Saint   Louis   and   New   York   and   is   currently   AccepIng  credit  card  payments  for   beta   tesIng   the   invenIon   with   retailers   in   something  you’re  selling  isn’t  always  easy,   the   U nited   S tates. especially  if  you  are  mobile  like  a  tradesman,   delivery  service  or  a  vendor  at  a  trade  show.   Source:   This  latest  invenIon  uses  a  small  scanner  


Business App Review Business Card Reader

Our Review  By  Jason  Fanguy  on  April  8th,  2010 Carrying   and/or   keeping   track   of   an   ever-­‐ growing   horde   of   business   cards   can   be   frustraIng.   Several   iPhone   applicaIon   developers   have   recognized   the   iPhone’s   capability  to  handle   our   business  card  needs  and   have   created  apps  that  scan,  store   and  integrate   business   card   data   with   our   Contacts/Address   Book.   Business   Card   Reader   is   one   such   applicaIon.   We’ve   done   a   comparison   of   the   three   best  opIons  currently  available,  but   here’s   a  closer  look  at  Business  Card  Reader. Business  Card  Reader  offers   its  users   the   ability   to  take  a   photo  of   a   business  card  then,  using   its   data   recogniIon   technology,   enters   the   card’s   contact   informaIon  into  the   appropriate   fields,   which  can   be   verified  and   corrected,  then  enters   the   contact   into   the   iPhone’s   address   book.   Business  Card  Reader   recognizes  English,  French,   German  and  Spanish  business  cards  and  contains   a   built-­‐in   browser,   enabling   users   to   make   automated   LinkedIn   searches   and   profile   views   of  scanned  contacts,  without  leaving  the  app. Business  Card  Reader’s  menu  interface  is  visually   pleasing   and   separates  itself   from   other,   similar   apps.   It   has   a   leather   aestheIc   and   its  elegant   display   and   opIons  are   neatly   tabbed,   centered   and  color-­‐coded.  From   the  main  menu,  users  can   take   a   photo,  select  an  image  from  their  Camera   Roll/Photo   Library,   view   stored   cards   in   Card   Holder  and  read  the  app’s  FAQ/Support: Read   more:   h_p:// business-­‐card-­‐reader-­‐review/#ixzz1rlQkkHU2

www .q


adarr o




DID YOU  KNOW.... A   “wild   new   motorcycle,   invented   by   19-­‐year-­‐old   Ben   J.   Poss   Gulak,   It   is   a   ba_ery   charged   machine   that   accelerates   by   leaning   forward   and   slowing   down  by  leaning  backwards.  It  weighs  approximately   129   pounds  (58  kg.)  and  has  a  top  speed   of  25   mph   (40  klms).    h_p://

Go go Gadget

Mobile Social Media Future Mobile and   Social   CompuIng   Laboratory   at   Stanford   University   is   These   mobile  devices  could  become   the   must  have  gadgets   for  users   developing   this   open-­‐source   mobile   social   media   future   that   want  the   best  smart   phone   for   interacIng   and  sharing   outside   with   support   from   the   NaIonal   Science   FoundaIon,   Google,   Nokia,   proprietary  social  networks. Sony  Ericsson  and  AVG. Current   social   networking   providers   are   closed   networks   and   they   They  have   created  a   suite   of  applicaIons  such  as  anyIme-­‐anywhere   oYen  own  your  content  posted  to  their   servers.   The   content  can   also   communicaIons  with  friends,  making  purchases,   transferring  contact   be  searched,  analyzed  and  used  for  adverIsing  purposes. info,  video  and  photo  sharing. MobiSocial   pla?orm   will   be   based   on   widely   adopted   email   These   new   smart   phones   would   be   operaIng   independent   of   technology,   where   providers   and   open   standards   have   privacy   of   proprietary   social   networks   and   will   be   open-­‐source   to   foster   content  and  non-­‐sharing  with  third  parIes. innovaIve  uses  while  protecIng  personal  data  security. Source:



The difference   between   being   a   successful   entrepreneur   and   just   another   flameout   is   oJen   the   willingness   to   keep   evolving   your   idea.   Respond   to   customer   feedback   frequently  -­‐-­‐  even  aJer  you  hit   the  sweet   spot   where   your   passion   and   the   marketplace   meet.

Putting Your Business Out There Does Your Small Business Need to Pivot? by Carol Tice In 2005,  when  15-­‐year-­‐old  Peter  Crabtree  of  Poulsbo,  Wash.,  turned   his  high  school  culinary-­‐arts  training  into  an  upscale  chocolate-­‐ making  business,  cbc  chocolates,  he  saw  some  early  success  but  not   much.  So  he  started  considering  what  else  he  could  do  to  make  his   business  more  appealing.  He  wondered  what  other  products  he  could   source  as  a  young,  bootstrapping  small-­‐business  owner.  What  he   found  and  the  new  business  idea  he  put  together  would  make  him  a   local  celebrity.   Raised  on  a  farm,  Crabtree  had  easy  access  to  natural  beef.  Living  in   the  Northwest,  he  was  also  near  other  great  local  food  growers  and   bouIque  wineries.  AYer  some  research  into  what  was  available,  he   decided  to  pivot  his  business  and  add  some  more  items  besides   chocolate.


A year  ago,  the  business  morphed  into  ChorMo,  an  upscale  chocolate   bistro  featuring  beer,  wine,  paninis,  cheese,  that  naturally  raised  beef   from  his  family's  farm  and  a  line  of  decadent  chocolate  desserts.   Soon,  ChocMo  had  become  the  new,  hip  hangout  in  town.  Where   else  could  you  get  gourmet  chocolates  and  a  great  local  glass  of  wine   in  the  same  siong?  Nowhere.  And  we  all  know  how  well  wine  and   chocolate  go  together.  Now,  Crabtree  recently  told  his  local  business   journal,  "I  feel  we've  just  hit  criIcal  mass"  OYen,  the  first  idea  you   get  for  a  business  is  really  just  the  germ  of  an  idea.  It  needs  more   work.  It  needs  to  be  developed  and  different  angles  need  to  be  tried   before  you  hit  on  the  one  customers  love. The  difference  between  being  a  successful  entrepreneur  and  just   another  flameout  is  oYen  the  willingness  to  keep  evolving  your  idea.   Respond  to  customer  feedback  frequently  -­‐-­‐  even  aYer  you  hit  the   sweet  spot  where  your  passion  and  the  marketplace  meet.


an employer   idenIficaIon   number(EIN)   which   is   also   used   by   state   taxing   authoriIes   to   idenIfy   businesses.   AddiIonal   paperwork   can   entail   sales   tax   licenses,  zoning  permits  and  more.

Start-up Highlights Tips on how to start a Small Business

From Darrell  Zahorsky,  former   Guide

Set up   and   determine   your   business   locaSon:

Build a  Business  Plan:

One of   the   mulItude   of   tasks  in  starIng   a   business   is   the   seong   up   of   your   office.   There   are   many   steps   in   office   set   up   including   where  to  locate  your  office   (home   or  office  space),  buying  the   necessary  office   equipment,   designing  your   work  space   and   geong  supplies.

For any  start-­‐ups,  a  business  plan  allows  you   to   gain   a   be_er   understanding   of   your   industry   structure,   compeIIve   landscape,   and   the   capital   requirements   of   starIng   a   small   business.   A   study   menIoned   in   "Business   Plans   For   Dummies"   by   Paul   Tiffany   states   that   companies   with   a   business   plan   have   50%   more   profits   and   revenue   than   non-­‐planning   businesses.   WriIng   a   business   plan   just   makes   good   business  sense.

Is It Worth It?

Find Start-­‐up  Money: To   start   a   business,   you   must   invest   in   the   business.   The   journey   of   finding   start   up   funds   will   be   different   for   each   individual.   Some   start  ups  such  as  consulIng,  requires  a   few   thousand   to   get  a   website   and  business   cards   whereas   a   retail   store   could   need   $100,000   or   more.   Finding   the   money   you   need   may   come   for   a   source   you   never   thought   of   or   may   just   end   up   being   the   frugal  bootstrap  method.

you choose   the   popular   LLC,   a   sole   proprietorship   or   form   a   corporaIon;   your   choice  will  have  an  impact   on  your  business   liability,   fund-­‐ability   as   well   as   taxes   due.   Don't   fret   over   your   ulImate   business   structure,   because   as   your   business   evolves,  so  too,  may  your  structure.

Managing people is not easy. However, it can be done successfully. And it can be a very rewarding experience. Remember that management, like any other skill, is something that you can improve at with study and practice.

Get Your  Business  License  and  Permits:

StarIng a   small   business   requires   the   mundane,   yet   necessary,   paperwork   and   Choose  a  Business  Structure: regulaIons.   Depending   on   your   chosen   business   structure,   may   need   to   register   Deciding   on  the   structure  of  your   business   is   your   business   with   the   state   authoriIes.   not   a   decision   to   be   taken   lightly.   Whether   Seong   up   your  small  business  may   require  

SocialMedia Examiner's Mike Stelzner on How He Got Started

Mike Stelzner,   founder   of   Social   Media  

on your   audience,   such   as   surveys,   reports,  

Examiner, offers  insight  into  how  he  made  his  

and contests.  Stelzner  calls  this  "nuclear   fuel"  

online magazine   profitable.   AYer  finding   your  

for your   business.The   idea   is  to   give   people  

target audience,   says   Stelzner,   learn   about  

something that  is  so   valuable,   and  free,  that  

what interests   them.   Above   all,   offer  

they will   be   inspired  to  share   it  with   others.  

something valuable   to   your   customers.  

Once the  content  is  drawing  an  audience,  the  

Stelzner encourages   small   businesses   to  

sharing goes   viral.   This,   along   with   insight  


combine great  content  with  the  right  people  

into creaIng   content,   markeIng   your  

BY BEHIND   THE   BRAND|   November   9,   2011|     h_p://  

before even   beginning   to   think   about  

website, and   common   mistakes   made   by  

adverIsing. Following   this   formula   Social  

blogs, are   all   included   in   this   episode   of  

Media Examiner's  following   exploded   within  

'Behind the  Brand'.  

Behind the  Brand:  Social  Media  Examiner

months.Your website   has   to   be   driven   by   high-­‐quality   content.   That   has   a   big   impact  



Did you  know  that  Facebook   may  exceed  all  of  the   internet  in  the  impact  it   could  have  on  your   business?  

Aside from   helping   to   expand   your  actual   network,   many   people   get   involved   in   social   networking   to   become   part   of   a   community.  Like   the  word  implies,   being  a   “solopreneur”   can   oYen   be   lonely   work.   Networking,   whether   face-­‐to-­‐face   or   online,   can   be   fun   and   easy.   It   may   turn   out  to  be  just  the   five-­‐   or  10-­‐minute   break   you  need  in  your  day. A  Sales  and  MarkeSng  Team? Solopreneur  businesswomen  are   oYen  leY   to   do  it   all   by  themselves.   While   this   can   oYenImes  feel   a   bit  overwhelming,   it   can   be   manageable.   It   helps   if   you   think   of   social   networking   as  being   your   sales  and   markeIng   team   at   work.   This   is   how   you   get  your  message,   your   business,  and   your   product  out  there  to  the  public. How   Can   Social   Networking   Help   My   Business?


Helps to   increase   your   search   engine   relevance

by Katy  Tafoya

It’s an   easy   and   natural   way   to   get   your   name  out  there

Learning the Basics

You’ve likely   heard   that   it’s   important   to   make   social   media   part   of   your   business   markeIng   plan.   But   what   exactly   is   social   media?   How   do   you  get  involved?   And   how   can  it  really  help  your  bo_om  line?  Here,   we   shed  some  light  on  all  things  Web  2.0. Is   It   Social   Media?   Social   Networking?   Web   2.0? Don’t   let   the   buzz   words   fool   you.   For   the   most   part,   social   media,   social   networking,   and   Web   2.0   are   all   pre_y   much   the   same   thing:   user-­‐generated  content.   Any  Ime   the   content  of  a   Web   site   is  created  by  a  person   and   not   a   program,   it’s   considered   user-­‐ generated.   This   can   include   blogs,   online   c o m m u n i I e s ,   e -­‐ z i n e s   a n d   a r I c l e s ,   networking   organizaIons   (including   your   profile),   podcasts   and   Internet   radio,   videos   and   Internet   TV   channels,   and  bookmarking   sites. Why   Do   People   ParScipate   in   Social   Networking?


Lets you  share   your  knowledge   in  your   area   of  experIse Helps   expand   your   contact   base   and   your   business  referral  network Allows   you   and   your   business   to   be   accessible Can  act  as  a   customer   relaIon  tool   for  your   service  and  products You   can   adverIse   directly   to   your   target   audience Lets   you   expand   your   network   both   naIonally  and  internaIonally Know  what  you  want   to  get  out  of  the  social   networking   scene:   Increased   SEO,   new   clients,   page   views   and   increased   site   traffic,   adverIsers   or   sponsors,   media   and   news   opportuniIes,   more   business-­‐to-­‐ business  opportuniIes,   content   for   a   book   or  arIcle,  etc.

Tips for  Service  Professionals  : • Focus   on   geong   your   profile,   experience,   and   knowledge   out   there • Share   your   resume   and   experience   online  (LinkedIn). • Write   in   a   blog   and   publish   those   a r I c l e s   ( Y o u P u b l i s h . c o m   a n d • Share   your   knowledge   in  videos  and   podcasts. • Create  a  “lens”  on  Squidoo. • Share   your   bookmarks   and   favorite   Web   sites   (Digg,,   Kirtsy,   StumbleUpon). • Use   tesImonials  whenever   possible   (again,  LinkedIn  is  great  for  this). • Use   Twi_er   to   let   your   customers   know   about   new   blog   posts,   services,  or  discounts.

Know how   much   Ime   you’re   willing   to   invest.   Plan   for   10  minutes   a   day   or   about   30   minutes   a   week   or   find   someone   to   do   the  work  for  you  (like  a  virtual  assistant). Research   which   Web   site   or   networking   opportunity   best   suits  your   needs.   Do   you   need  to  reach  the   teenage   market?  Are   you   hoping  to  become  known  as  an  expert?   Are   you   looking   to  create   a  viral   phenomenon?   Are  you  expanding  your  clientele? Don’t   spread   yourself   too   thin.   Focus   on   two   to  three   networking   opportuniIes  and   learn   the   pros   and   cons   and   the   ins   and   outs.   Otherwise,   learn   the   tools   that   can   help  you  to  cover  more   ground  while   doing   less  (  is  a  good  tool). Be  realisIc—while  things  could  go  viral   and   you  could  be   the  next   big  thing,  know  that  it   takes  Ime  to   create  your  network  and  build   your  tribe.   You  have   to   acIvely  go  out   and   find   your   new   friends   and   you  have   to   put   yourself  in  a   situaIon  where   they   can  find   you.

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Social Media Business Partners My Social   Media   Business   Partners™   is   a   Crowd   Funding   pla?orm  where  social   business   partners  and   management   collaborate   on   a   daily   basis   with   the   goal  of  making  money  on  business  ventures.   My   Social   Media   Business   Partners™   facilitates   the   c o m m u n i c a I o n   a n d   o p e r a I o n s   o f   s o c i a l   business   partners   and   its   management   team   by   providing  partners  with  daily  updates  on  the   status  of   their   company,   as   well   as   the   informaIon,   content,   documents   and   advice   necessary   to   remotely   run   their   operaIons.     My   Social   Media   Business   Partners™  will  facilitate   operaIons  within  real   estate,   entertainment,   funding,  mining,   and  special  business   projects.  Both  the  rewards  and  risks  are  shared  by  the   social   business  partners.   Individuals   that  would   have   typically   been   unable   to   parIcipate   in   certain   business  venture  can   now   have  the   opportunity  to  do   so  with  a  team.   My   Social   Media   Business   Partners™   gathers   decisions  made   online   by  its  social  business   partners   and  pass   it   on   to  management  for   execuIon  offline.   The   social   business  partners   will   make   decision  that   will   affect   the   profit   or   loss   of   their   company.     CommunicaIon   of   results,   informaIon,   and   content   will  be   provided  by   management  with  annual  reports;   if  profitable,   partner  disbursements  will  be  made.      By   combining   a   business  reality  show,   partnerships,   and   social   networking;   individuals   can  now   engage   social   media   content,   parIcipate   remotely   from   home   or   work,  and  see  real  life  results.   Social   Media   Business   Partners™   will   go   live   June   1,   2012.    Social  business  partners   will  parIcipate  in  real   estate,   entertainment,   funding,   mining,   and   small   business   projects.   Social   business   partners   and   m a n a g e m e n t   w i l l   h a v e   b a c k   o ffi c e   a c c e s s  

at   for   documents,   voIng   decision,   conference   calls,   files   and   reports,   while   non   parIcipaIng   viewers   will   be   a b l e   t o   s e e   r e s u l t s   o f   t h e i r   d e c i s i o n s   at   A   typical   day   with   My   Social   Media   Business   Partners™   will  include   an  update   on  the  results  from   the   previous   day’s   decisions,   financial   update,   open   items,  company  goals,  and  benchmarks.   My   Social   Media   Business  Partners™   was  created   as   an   innovaIve  way  to  combine   a  business  reality  show   with  social   business   partners,   and   social   networking   sites.   The   goal   is   engage   entrepreneurs   as   social   partners   while   providing   daily   content   for     Angel   Investors   and   social  media   audiences.     Many  people   dream  of  owning  their   own  business   but  the  catch  22   of   leaving   their   “job  security”  to  start  a  new   venture   can  be  horrific.   The   Goal  of  My  Social  Media  Business   Partners™  is  to  give  entrepreneurs  a  chance  to  create   and  run   a   profitable  enIty   with  other  social  partners.   The  social  business  partners  will  share   in   both  the  risk   and  profits  of  selected  business  concepts  and  run  the   operaIon   remotely   with   the   help  of   a   management   team.     Angel   investors   will   be   able   to   view   and   evaluate   projects   for   future   funding   consideraIon   while   general   site   visitors   will   parIcipate   through   voIng   and   video   commentary.     Social   business   partners,   investors,   and   general   site   visitors   can   see   first-­‐hand   the   development,   growth  and  success   of  new  companies  through  social   pla?orms.  My  Social   Media   Business   Partners™   will   facilitate   projects   in   real  estate,   entertainment,  funding,  mining,  and  small   businesses.



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