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HIGH TECH, HIGH TOUCH, HIGH GROWTH Who knows what jobs will be born a decade from now? Though unemployment is at a 25-year high, work will return eventually. Here’s one way you job will change....

• WANT TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS?..................p10 • ETHNIC PARTNERS....................................................p11 • A GIRL ON A MISSION...............................................p12 • WHAT IS SIL INTERNATIONAL...................................p14 • SMBP.........................................................................p15 • MAY CALENDAR........................................................p16

by: ALEX ALTMAN On a gloomy afternoon earlier this month, a group of Harvard students took a break from crafting final papers to peer into the future. Surveying a shattered employment landscape, they summoned the optimism to regard looming obstacles as opportunities for scenic detours. "There are definitely downsides to it being harder to get a job," says Alex Lavoie, a 21-year-old junior from Avon, Conn. "But it's forced people to look harder at what they really want to do instead of following a standardized path." During the fat years, that path led many of America's élites to Wall Street. These days, that's a less appealing destination. In 2008 the financial sector, which had ballooned over the past three decades, contracted for the first time in 16 years. "The glamour is gone," says Bridget Beckeman, 20, a junior from Westford, Mass., who will intern at an investment bank this summer. But it hasn't disappeared. Financial centers like Charlotte, N.C., will flourish anew; driven largely by a banking boom, the city's workforce has grown 50% over the past decade, according to John

Connaughton, a professor of economics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The fall of finance has its upside. Top grads will tack toward a variety of potentially lucrative positions that prize technological savvy and analytical aptitude. According to consulting giant McKinsey & Co., nearly 85% of new jobs created between 1998 and 2006 involved complex "knowledge work" like problem-solving and concocting corporate strategy. Job opportunities in mathematics and across the sciences are also expected to expand. The U.S. Department of Labor spotlights network systems and data communications as well as computer-software engineering among the occupations projected to grow most explosively by 2016. Over the next seven years, the number of jobs in the information-technology sector is expected to swell 24% — a figure more than twice the overall job-growth rate. There will be some limits to that growth. "This place is going to get more and more high-end talent and less and less commodity-type folks," says Mark Dinan, a Silicon Valley recruiter. "The real question is,


What's the next big thing, and what's going to be the big moneymaker?" Cloud computing? Nanotechnology? Genomics? The answer will come from the companies that entrepreneurs can create — and destroy — more easily than ever before, because the cost of start-ups is dropping rapidly. Richard Freeman, director of the labor studies program at the National Bureau of Economic Research, says that "these really sharp, aggressive, Harvard-type students doing entrepreneurship, forming new businesses ... would be the best thing that could happen to this economy." Where else could your next job come from? Health care and education, the labor market's traditional bulwarks in lean times, show no signs of abating. An aging population will open up opportunities too. "Construction of senior communities, assisted-living facilities, nursing homes ... these things are all going to h a v e t o e x p a n d t r e m e n d o u s l y, " s a y s Connaughton. The key to finding the jobs of the future will be knowing where to look. — With reporting by Steve Goldberg / Charlotte and Matt Villano / San Francisco


MONEY FOR BUSINESS How to Finance Your Business Idea By an eHow Contributor 1.

Write a comprehensive business plan. This

document outlines your idea, including how you plan to develop it, and most important, how you see it making money. Consult the wide variety of books, or type "business plan" into a search engine for more sources to help you write a business plan. 2. Build a convincing business model for your company. This will have detailed financials that describe every aspect of your business, including costs for sourcing or manufacturing your product, projected sales, and marketing expenses as well as general and administrative overhead. 3. Determine how much money you are going to need. Include start-up funds and sufficient capital to keep the business afloat until your revenue covers your expenses. Add up all of your anticipated expenses during start-up: Salaries, building leases and equipment purchases, furniture, office supplies, telephone service and business card printing. The more specific your list of expenses, the lower your chances of running out of money. 4. Seek out help from those who have done it before. Consider offering them stock in your company for their assistance, but not before you decide if you want to retain full ownership.

come with being an investor and, most important for them, how investors get paid back. 7. Decide what kind of investors you want. Many companies want powerful executives or financiers as investors, but fi n d them meddlesome and impatient. Friends and family can be an excellent source of friendly money, but investing in start-ups is risky, and relationships can go sour if people start losing money. 8. Use your savings. Any lenders or investors will expect you to fund your business to the best of your financial ability and selffinancing is the best way to retain control. 9. Go to a bank or credit union that you have a relationship with, and ask about a business loan. You'll likely get a better reception from an institution you have a proven track record with than from a new lender.

5. Hire a reputable law firm to set up the legal structure of your business. Business entities come in many forms and include S or C corporations, limited liability corporations (LLC), partnerships and sole proprietorships. Set up your business correctly from the beginning to facilitate financing and shield your assets. Use a firm with experience handling companies in your field. 6. Work closely with your law firm and create a financing structure. Determining the deal you give to investors, and codifying it properly, is crucial to eliminating problems down the line. Decisions include whether to take money as debt or to give up equity, what kind of rights and privileges (if any)

A great business idea without money is like a brand-new car with no gas: Both are sweet to look at but don't go anywhere. Fortunately, there's a wide range of sources you can tap to drum up money to fuel your new venture.



MONEY FOR BUSINESS How to Finance Your Business Idea 10. Turn to vendors you plan to use and ask whether they would be willing to provide products or services up front, as a means of reducing your start-up costs, in return for full payment plus interest within a specified amount of time. Their ability to do so may lower or even eliminate your need for external financing. 11.Ask potential suppliers if they would help finance your company, either by providing extended payment terms or extending a loan. Since vendors have the most to gain when it comes to landing a significant contract, some may be willing to give you some starting help in return for a guarantee of business. 12. Put up collateral. Depending on the size of the loan, you might offer your car, house or other type of property. 13. Investigate the government's Small Business Administration ( loan programs. The SBA oversees programs that

guarantee small-business loans, and encourages banks and other institutions to fund businesses they might otherwise turn down. The terms and fees are usually comparable to conventional financing. 14. Tap into your own assets. Many entrepreneurs have valuable assets they can borrow against to start their business. Home equity is the most obvious choice, with the added bonus that interest payments are tax deductible. Some 401(k) programs and life insurance policies may also be borrowed against. Entrepreneurs have to gauge the degree to which they leverage their personal assets against the risks of start-up businesses. 15. Consider using a credit card. It's relatively easy and quick to get needed funds from your credit cards through cash advances, although the interest rates are much higher than those from other sources.


TIPS & WARNINGS • When it comes to business fi n a n c i n g , i n v e s t i g a t e a l l possibilities. Often, you can combine funding from various sources to create a suitable package. • The only grants available these days to entrepreneurs are hard to find and most require some investment on the part of the business owner in order to qualify. Call your local small business development center to find out about available grants. • Although investors provide what seems to be free money, they also want to own a portion of your business in return. Many venture capitalists and angel investors will only consider business opportunities where they can own 20 to 50 percent of the company.



Best IPhone Apps for busy CEOs By Tom Kanshige CIO

For executive road warriors and super-busy CEOs, the iPhone has become indispensable. Here are 15 musthave free and paid business apps that tap into the great mobile experience and keep executives productive

OmniFocus: Task Manager High-powered CEO’s start their day super early and finish around dinner time. That is, if they’re not flying from meeting to meeting and living out of hotels most days of the year. A simple task manager app won’t do. They need OmniFocus, a powerful app that keeps track by project, place person or date, as well as notify users about upcoming deadlines.


Expensify: Expense Reporting After a weeks-long business trip, the last thing you want to do is sit down with a stack of receipts and a confusing expense report form. Why not file expenses as you make them via iPhone app, such as Expensify. The app syncs with credit cards to track purchases in real-time, pulls in electronic receipts, scans paper receipts using the iPhone camera and produces a PDF report that can be emailed to those annoying guys in finance.


Evernote: Note Taking Most CEOs we’ve met have a thousand thoughts running through their busy brains. Interesting ideas, even great ones, come to mind all the time, while in high-level m e e t i n g s , re a d i n g d o c u m e n t s a n d l i s t e n i n g t o presentations. How do they remember it all? Maybe they’re quietly whipping out their iPhone, firing up Evernote and making quick notes in either voice, picture or text.




PUTTING YOUR BUSINESS OUT THERE Nuts about it: Justin Gold's line of natural and organic nut butters has expanded from stores like Whole Foods Market to non-grocery markets, including airports.


Gold started researching how to launch a natural and organic foods business in 2002. He wrote a business plan and scoured his contacts to find a commercial kitchen to borrow, ultimately driving the hour from Boulder to Denver late at night to use a kitchen there. He worked at outdoor-gear

When Justin Gold first moved to Boulder, Colo., to ski, bike and decide what he wanted to be when he grew up, he did what most

retailer REI during the day and delivered his products on weekends.

underemployed twentysomethings do: He found

The first Justin's items were natural peanut and

roommates. And they did what most roommates

almond butters packaged in jars. The line was

do: They took his stuff without asking.

successful, but the category was crowded,

That stuff included Gold's homemade almond

offering limited potential for growth. In 2006,

butter, which he relied on to increase his protein

Gold got an idea from the goo packs, gels and

consumption before long bike rides. Eventually,

other squeezable energy boosts sold at REI. "I

tired of his roommates' pilfering ways, Gold

did not want a sugar gel; I wanted a protein

scrawled his name on his nut-butter containers.

pack," he says. "With squeeze packs we could dictate prices and we could sell them

But today Gold is grateful to those former roomies, because Justin's--yes, he still puts his name on every jar--brought in $11 million last year, with a loyal customer base, national distribution and plans for expansion.


"It has made our team members an army of people who care about the product." --Tom Rich, Whole Foods Market




He raised cash from friends and

Market. "[Gold] has great people

family, threw in his own life savings and bought

working for him. They connect with

a squeeze-pack machine. Soon Whole Foods

customers; they are focused and

Market began stocking Gold's squeezable, single-serve nut-butter packs in its stores. But instead of placing them near the other nut

present when they do sampling. It has made our team members an

butters, the packs were mixed into the energy-

army of people who care about the

bar section. And they failed.


L u c k i l y, G o l d ' s c o m p a n y h a d

developed good relationships with retailers, thanks to years of doing demos and undertaking

Justin's single-serve

other brand-building initiatives, not to mention

packs were placed in

handling its own restocking--all of which earned

the peanut-butter aisle.

Justin's products another chance.

"Two things happened,"

"They built really good relationships

with team members," says Tom Rich, Rocky Mountain grocery coordinator for Whole Foods

The candy and

The second time around,


squeezable packs have also allowed Justin's to expand into non-grocery markets, including airports. Gold hopes to reach the


$20 million revenue mark this

"Consumers knew what it


was. In the energy-bar aisle they said, ‘What the hell is it?' And for the consumer who never tried almond

create natural, fair-trade and organic versions of conventional foods already

known and loved by consumers. Trade magazine Progressive Grocer named the candy one of the best rollouts of 2011.

butter before, they could try it for 99 cents. And then they would

The candy and squeezable packs

come back and buy a $10 jar. They

have also allowed Justin's to expand

ended up spending more money."

into non-grocery markets, including airports. Gold hopes to reach the $20

Justin's turned a profit in 2008. A

million revenue mark this year.

year later, after REI decided to stock his nut-butter packs, Gold

Despite all the success, there's one

quit his retail job. Next, he raised

thing about Gold's life that hasn't

$1 million from angel investors and

changed. Even though he's married

expanded again, this time into

now, he says he and wife are content

peanut-butter cups, including a

to reinvest their extra cash in the

dark-chocolate vegan variety. The

business, not in rent--so they live with

candy fits with Gold's mission to





If you stack one million US$1 bills, it would be 110m (361 ft) high and weight exactly 1 ton.

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See: Money fast facts






Let the Power of Blogging Work for Your Business by Pratik Dholakiya

You hear all the time why blogging is great for business. Well, practically speaking it is.  Companies more than likely shy away from it because of the time it requires to formulate a well-meaning blog. Blogging has just about as much power than social media does to attract people – the only difference is you don’t have to log on frequently to cast your message. Blogging tells your potential clients a few things about your site like detailed information and important news – it puts the client within the confines of your business and gets them to see what it is like from the inside. It gets the client involved with you. With a blog you essentially have free reign to write about anything and everything and in the end, the goal is all the same: to win over clients. This is an important aspect of viral marketing but where blogging works well for people is that it is so personable.  Think of this: without a blog, there is no other information about the company (or the employers or owners) other than what’s on the site. This is exactly why social media is widely popular.  You can know all you want with the frequency of posts that are being made on social media (but the understanding is that you can turn off clients by posting too much). A blog, or web log, is more or less a diary on your business.  When you strike a tone that is personable, you develop followers, which means

you have to consider a few things when blogging: 1)     Relevant Yet Fun – Blog writing does not have to be stiff writing. In fact you should never approach blog writing that way. Have fun with it.  Grammatical construction is important but it’s okay to not emphasize it.  Tone can be more relaxed.  Information can be freely dispersed.  You have the writing world at your finger tips.  In today’s business you want to be relational with your customers. 2)      Relevant Yet Credible – Establishing your credibility will take more than one blog.  What’s important is that blogging must be backed up by your ability to deliver.  The more blogging that takes place and the more you deliver, the more you will gain more notoriety for your business. 3)      Relevant and SEO-Friendly – Blogging plays an important role because it leaves room for companies to apply SEO concepts to their blogs.  The more blogs that take place the more SEO friendly your site becomes. 4)      Relevant and Good Communication – Communication is the key to any successful business venture.  It is often said that bad communication will shut down a business in less than a year. While it is a saying it shouldn’t surprise you if that is the case. Communicate to your customers and you will


see major results. Blogging can be fun and exciting and it is easily implemented into your site. As far as Internet marketing is concerned, you can do a lot with blogging and its very nature is already SEO appropriate and friendly, depending on the blogging software you use.  Add pictures, videos, be short, be long, tease, etc.  A blog, especially if it is customized, can do your business wonders…it’s just a matter of how you want to implement it. Most companies do blog as a habit, but they don’t necessarily have the right approach to it.  Never underestimate blogging as an Internet marketing tool.  If you use all the other sources of Internet marketing at your disposal then you’ll



Staples Free Stapler

Clarion DriveEve


Taking inspiration from the popular police car chases shot by police vehicle cameras, Clarion comes out with a car camera for the general public. The DriveEye is a small digital camera that starts recording as soon as its G-force motion sensor detects sudden braking. It records up to 15 seconds of video once the brakes are applied. It fits snuggly on your windshield out of the way of your line of vision for safe driving. Not just for the average public but a great tool for your business as well. If you have a business with several vehicles, the DriveEye will contribute to and promote careful driving by your employees.


Give yourself the ability to have all your credit cards on one card, leave all of them at home.  iCache can make that possible. This device simplifies your business life, practically replaces your wallet. If your credit cards gets stolen, someone can use them for purchase; if someone takes your iCache they cant use it without your fingerprint. It uses biometric security to protect your credit card and personal information. The iCache digitally replicates your credit card magnetic strip signatures for all of your shopping needs. You can swipe iCache at your gym, make car rental reservations, buy theater tickets and more. I know I am going to get it for my travels. It is very cool device.


Staple without staples? Sounds too good to be true; well yes; if you have more than 5 sheets to staple. However, if you only need to staple 5 sheets or less, then staples are history. Become more eco-friendly and impress your co-workers. Comes in five colors: blue, black, red, chrome, and green.




Floating Islands: Using Garbage to Clean Polluted Water By Marc Gunther It would not be accurate to call Floating Island International, the business led by Bruce and Anne Kania, a mom-and-pop operation -- for one thing, although they are married, Bruce and Anne don't have children -- but that description gives you a sense of the scale of their startup. With fewer than a dozen employees, the Kanias are tucked away in the small town of Shepherd Montana (population: 208) and the firm's annual revenues are less than $1 million. But Floating Island International already lives up to its name: Its man-made islands can be found in New Zealand, China, South Africa and Canada as well as in the U.S. Its customers include U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, American Electric Power and Disney World, which suggests that they may be onto something. And the Kanias' ambitions seem to know no bounds. "I'm pretty sure we are going to be one of the most successful businesses of all time," says Bruce. Bruce, who is 57, is an inventor and entrepreneur who worked in prosthetics, textiles and sporting goods (he invented a broadhead arrow). Then, about a decade ago, he came up with the idea of turning plastic trash into man-made floating islands that can clean polluted water, spur the growth of fish, provide species habitat and sequester carbon. Not to mention create beachfront property. "We're learning how to grow real estate," he says. I met Bruce and Anne recently at the Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Missoula, MT. Their company is just five years old, they told me; it was inspired by the floating peat bogs of northern Wisconsin, where Bruce grew up and worked as a fishing guide. He graduated from the

University of Wisconsin with a degree in social studies, and much later bought a farm on the Yellowstone River in Montana. His business got started with a smelly dog named Rufus. The pooch jumped into an irrigation pond on the farm and emerged with a stinky, reddish tinge. The water was overloaded with nitrogen and phosphorous, runoff from nearby farms and ranches -- the same kind of runoff that pollutes waterways everywhere, from the Mississippi River to Chesapeake Bay to the New Jersey-sized dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. What might be done to clean up the pond, Bruce wondered. He had by then heard of biomimicry, a term coined by biologist Janine Benyus, another Montanan, to describe a discipline that draws upon nature's designs and processes to solve human problems. (See Buildings inspired by nature at Says Bruce: It was so extreme and graphic that it drove me to ask the question: How does nature handle this? Nature handles it with wetlands. This concept of using nature as a model seems a lot more elegant that the bombs and bullets approach of turning to a chemical solution or mechanical device. It's a vision of trying to live more in harmony. So how can you develop more wetlands? About 400,000 islands have been built using Floating Island's intellectual property. Most are small -- they can be put in a backyard pond -- but this year the company has commissioned four islands that are more than 20,000 sq. ft. Two of the biggest were bought by the Army Corps of Engineers and located in Dutchy Lake, Oregon, and Sheepy Lake, California, to act as nesting habitat for Caspian terns. The goal was to get the terns to locate away from the Columbia River,


where they were preying on migrating baby salmon. (The designers placed 250 tern decoys on the island to lure the birds.) Early results are promising. The Kanias and their employes make some of the islands in Shepherd, frequently for research purposes. (The Kanias have grown tomato, raspberry, asparagus, watercress and wild ginger on their islands.) Most are built by eight firms — six in the U.S., and one each in China and New Zealand — that have licensed their technology. They cost about $30 per square foot. You can read a lot more about the islands, and how they work here. Bruce has a big idea, literally, for a floating island he calls Leviathan that, when equipped with mechanical aeration, could circulate and clean up to 1 million gallons of water per minute. He had hoped to test one out to clean up the BP oil spill, and enlisted the help of Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, but so far, he hasn't found a buyer. Most of his customers so far are municipalities that want to clean up their local water supplies. Eventually, he's hoping to expand the supply of oceanfront real estate, he tells me. There's no limit to how many islands can be lashed together, and larger ones can be anchored, he explains.



LEARN NOT TO FAIL It is also important to note going out of business

business plan. The climate does not guarantee

is not a bad thing because you can come across

success but your planning will give you better

better opportunities related to the business you


open. An important aspect about opening your

Know Your Customers

own business is knowing there is a growing

Without customers your business will not exist

demand for what you are going to offer and

so you have to place great importance on

being honest enough in your assessment about

customer service with clients and business

being able to offer it.

partners. Customers and business partners


are a great source of business referral. Have a

Most people open a business because they

customer service policy in place so the all the

have extra money and they think they are pretty

staff understands great customer service is

good at what they do. This however is not a

part of your normal business operation.

formula for a good business. You have to

Studies show good customer service is a big

research your competition, location, demand,

reason people become repeat customers and

expected growth, market, profits, loses,

recommend a business.

expenses, insurance, labor laws and of course

Technology Integration

taxes and this is a short list. There is a lot of

It goes without saying you have to integrate

information out there so you have to identify

technology if you want to increase your

what is important to your business and go more

chances of success. Learn how to use

in depth to gain a full understanding of how it

accounting software to help you track

will affect you.

inventory, billing, payroll and other business

The Money

operations. If you are not technologically

Unless you are a non-profit you are going into

savvy do not hesitate to hire someone who will

business to make money. When you open your

make your business be more productive

business you have to have contingency controls

operationally and online. It takes know-how

in place just in case your plan to make money

and time to build traffic to your website, blogs

does not materialize, which is sadly the case for

and social media sites. These are tools you

most new businesses. Before your grand

have to incorporate as part of your marketing

opening make plans to generate money right

to attract more customers.

away, create a base for recurring revenue and

don’t spend more than you make.

Thousands of business open up and close

Know The Climate

each year. If you want to avoid being one of

You can open a business during any economic

the ones that close learn as much as you can

climate as long as you are meeting a demand.

before you start your own business and

The business you open can thrive even if

continue learning while you are open.

economic conditions are not ideal. Just as in good economic climates you have to finance your business properly and have a great


The vast majority of businesses have a failure rate of 33 to 69%depending where they are located, this however should not discourage you from starting your own business.

BUSINESS FOR EVERYONE MAY 2012 “Our mission is simple: strength in unity, power in diversity and success in collaboration. The goal is to promote communications and cooperation among the various chambers and to provide better services and more effective use of community resources.”


Local ethnic business promoters form partnership DEARBORN — Local ethnic chambers of commerce this week entered into a partnership that is believed to be the first of its kind in the United States. At a formal announcement ceremony Tuesday held at the Hyatt Regency Dearborn more than 100 people showed up, including state senators and house representatives, general consuls, business and community leaders, local, national and international media. The name of the new organization is the Council of Ethnic Chambers of Commerce. “This is an exciting day,” said Ahmad Chebbani, chairman of the Council and chairman of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. “Our mission is simple: strength in unity, power in diversity and success in

collaboration. The goal is to promote communications and cooperation among the various chambers and to provide better services and more effective use of community resources.” Doug Smith, senior vice president of strategic partnerships with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, congratulated the groups on forming the council. He said the council would be an important partner as the state works to bring new vitality to Michigan’s economy. “Diversity should pull us together, and there is no better time to form this Council than now,” he said. All chambers retain will their separate identities but work together through the Council to promote each other, cooperate on various activities and provide better services

and more effective use of community resources. Some of the areas of cooperation include: Hosting and leading business delegations, hosting business expos and or business conferences and providing business development targeting the ethnic communities for multi-ethnic business counseling. The council includes: The African Business Chamber of Commerce USA, the African Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, the Detroit Chinese Business Association, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Michigan and the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of Greater Detroit.

CPEHN's Ethnic Partner Organizations Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) California Black Health Network (CBHN) California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB) LOREM IPSUM


quis, quis. Ligula nulla pretium, Latino Coalition for Malesuada a Healthy California (LCHC) Donec ac sapien. Ut rhoncus fermentum, orci. Duis ultricies, metus a feugiat, dolor mauris convallis est, quis mattis lacus eu augue. Sed facilisis. Morbi lorem mi, vitae.


enim integer volutpat. Nisl turpis est, vel elit, congue wisi enim nunc ultricies sit, tincidunt. Maecenas ligula nostra, taciti.

A DOLOR NETUS DUI Aliquet, sagittis, mauris, vel eu libero cras. Interdum at. Eget habitasse sociis elementum est, ipsum purus pede porttitor class, aliquet dolor sed ut auctor.



! No one ever said starting a non-profit was

epidemic in the United States. And there is

profit was born, but not without frustrations,

easy, but…

no reason for children and women to die from

disappointments and sometimes tears. I had

illnesses that are easily preventable and

no idea what I was getting myself into, and I

treatable with very inexpensive interventions.

had a very sharp learning curve. I had to

It’s all worth it. This process has been by far the most challenging endeavor I have ever

learn everything: from registering as a non-

undertaken (and I have run and finished two

I learned the value of international

marathons!). The Global Penicillingirl Project

humanitarian work at a very young age as a

was bor n from my passion to help

Jewish-Iranian immigrant. Throughout my

underserved populations globally, and my

career as a clinical Pharmacist, I have tried to

belief that every individual has the right to live

give back and have volunteered in medical

with dignity, basic healthcare and nutrition.

missions to Honduras and Peru providing

Our non-profit is dedicated to providing

much needed help to the poorest and most

healthcare, medications, and nutritional

vulnerable populations in the world. After

supplements to underserved populations in

witnessing the outcomes of poverty first-

developing countries, and our goal is to “help

hand and realizing the unbalanced lifestyles

distribute the world’s abundance”. The truth

that my friends and I share, I made it my

is there is enough food, water, medications

mission to start a non-profit where I could

and basic human necessities for everyone.

raise funds and collect goods to distribute to

There is no reason to have starving children

underserved populations in developing

in the world, while we have an obesity

countries. And in February 2011, our non-


profit, to creating a logo and a brand, and creating a website from scratch, all with very little money. I had to get people’s buy-ins to believe in my cause and donate their time and money. I have had to ask doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists to give up their vacation and time off to volunteer their services for a one-week mission where they would be working long days and in very poor conditions. I have called, emailed, texted, facebooked every friend and contact in my network and my friends’ networks for donations and attendance to my fundraisers.

The truth is there is enough food, water, medications and basic human necessities for everyone. There is no reason to have starving children in the world, while we have an obesity epidemic in the United States. And there is no reason for children and women to die from illnesses that are easily preventable and treatable with very inexpensive interventions.

Throughout this process, I have learned some

boxes, hosting events, talking to press, and

In just a short six months, we have had two

great lessons that I wish someone had shared

writing a blog, all while fulfilling the

fundraising events: one in San Francisco and

with me when I was starting my project. First,

responsibilities of a full-time job, and trying to

one to be held in New York City, on July 19th.

you don’t need to pay a lawyer or an

maintain a social life.

We have raised nearly $10,000 and are going

accountant to help with the registration process. Most lawyers will do it pro-bono, you just have to ask the right people. Second, don’t rely only on your friends as members of your Board. Find people that are just as passionate about your cause as you are. Although your friends love you and have been there for you throughout your life, they may not necessarily share your passion about this cause, which may cause disappointments and arguments. And finally, no one is going to care about your non-profit as much as you do, and unless you can hire help, you will have to be prepared to do whatever is required, including writing, editing, creating,

to Guatemala in October 2011 for our first What I have been most surprised with in this process is not only the generosity of strangers, but also the lack of compassion in others that I thought would be my strongest supporters. One former pharmacy resident from Spain donated $300, and when I asked her about her generous donation, she replied: “I am really glad to help in such an amazing project. I wanted to do something interesting and useful with part of the last money I made as a resident, so instead of buying a gift for myself, I made this gift for the people in Lake Atitlan [Guatemala]. They need it much more than me.”

Medical/Dental Mission. And, most incredibly, we are going to be the subject of a documentary film. The film will document our journey from New York City to Guatemala and will reveal the trials of raising funds and organizing a mission from start to finish. The process has already been more rewarding than I could have imagined.  And I know the best is yet to come. Nina Yousefzadeh is a Clinical Pharmacist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and the founder of The Global Penicillingirl Project. For more information please visit

buying, cleaning, mopping, lifting heavy




WHAT IS SIL INTERNATIONAL? SIL International is a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. SIL does this primarily through research, translation, training and materials development. Founded in 1934, SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc) has grown from a small summer linguistics training program with two students to a staff of over 5,500 coming from over 60 countries. SIL's linguistic investigation exceeds 2,590 languages spoken by over 1.7 billion people in nearly 100 countries. The organization makes its services available to all, without regard to religious belief, political ideology, gender, race or ethnolinguistic background. Faith and Service SIL's service with ethnolinguistic minority communities is motivated by the belief that all people are created in the image of God, and that languages and cultures are part of the richness of God's creation. Thus, SIL’s service is founded on the principle that communities should be able to pursue their social, cultural, political, economic and spiritual goals without sacrificing their God-given ethnolinguistic identity. Though faith-based, SIL limits its focus of service to language development work. SIL does not engage in proselytism, establish churches or publish Scriptures.

! Language Development SIL works with ethnolinguistic minority communities as they build their capacity for the sustainable development of their own languages. Language Development is the series of ongoing planned actions that a language community takes to ensure that its language continues to

serve its changing social, cultural, political, economic and spiritual needs and goals. SIL's expertise related to language development includes training and consulting for activities such as linguistic analysis orthography and writing systems development, literature development and multi-lingual education and literacy.

! Academic Research Over 950 of SIL's workers hold advanced degrees, and many regularly present papers and publish their research. Through its extensive language survey efforts, SIL is a leader in the identification and documentation of the world's languages. Results of that research are published in Ethnologue: Languages of the World, a comprehensive catalog of the world's more than 6,900 living languages. SIL has produced over 40,000 publications—adding an average of 1,000 new titles annually—with more than 20,000 listed online. Building Capacity and Training SIL offers technical expertise and training to support local communities decisions about how to maintain their cultures and use their languages in new ways to address their changing needs. To do this, SIL assists with multilingual education programs—for both children and adults—to help students learn effectively through both their mother tongues and other languages. more than 20 institutions around the world to offer classroom and online training in applied linguistics.


Materials Development SIL works in partnership with local speakers to develop new written and oral materials in their mother tongue. The kind of materials is determined by the community, and might include print, audio or video items. Content covers a variety of subjects such as primers, folk stories, textbooks, health and hygiene guidelines, games, history, etc. In addition to new materials, local workers are trained to adapt or translate literature from other languages on subjects such as nutrition, farming, health (including HIV/AIDS) and Scripture texts. SIL also works with communities to foster the effective use of these materials. Partnerships SIL's primary partnerships are with local language communities and with other agencies serving them. In many locations, SIL has agreements to provide expertise, training or consulting for language development with universities, government departments or local organizations involved in education, development or Christian service. At the international level, as a nongovernmental organization, SIL has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and consultative status with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). SIL is a founding member of Maaya, the World Network for Linguistic Diversity. SIL also partners with other faith-based organizations that are committed to the social and justice needs of minority peoples. SIL is a member of the Micah Network and the Forum of Bible Agencies International. Primary partners for funding and volunteer staff are organizations affiliated with Wycliffe Global Alliance. SIL International 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road Dallas, Texas 75236-5629 USA Phone: 972-708-7400 E-mail: Web:


Social Media Business Partners My Social   Media   Business   Partners™   is   a   Crowd   Funding   pla9orm     where   social   business   partners   and   management   collaborate   on   a   A   typical   day  with   My  Social  Media   Business  Partners™   will  include   an   daily  basis  with  the  goal  of  making  money  on  business  ventures. update   on   the   results   from   the   previous   day’s   decisions,   financial     update,  open  items,  company  goals,  and  benchmarks. My  Social  Media  Business  Partners™   facilitates  the  communicaAon  and     operaAons   of   social   business   partners   and   its   management   My   Social   Media   Business   Partners™   was   created   as   an   team   by   providing   partners   with   daily   updates   on   the   innovaAve   way   to   combine   a   business   reality   show   status  of   their   company,   as   well   as   the   informaAon,   with   social   business   partners,   and   social   content,   documents   and   advice   necessary   to   networking   sites.   The   goal   is   engage   remotely   run  their  operaAons.    My   Social   Media   entrepreneurs   as   social   partners   while   Pending Projects Business   Partners™   will   facilitate   operaAons   providing   daily   content   for     Angel   We Find You Close within   real   estate,   entertainment,   funding,   Investors   and   social   media   audiences.     Real Estate Royalties mining,   and   special   business   projects.   Both   Many   people   dream   of   owning   their   own   the  rewards  and  risks  are  shared  by  the  social   business  but  the   catch  22  of   leaving  their   Savvy Exploration business   partners.   Individuals   that   would   “job  security”   to   start   a   new   venture   can   The Entertainment Network have   typically   been   unable   to   parAcipate   in   be   horrific.   The   Goal   of   My   Social   Media   certain   business   venture   can   now   have   the   The Greatest rAPPer B u s i n e s s   P a r t n e r s ™   i s   t o   g i v e   opportunity  to  do  so  with  a  team. entrepreneurs   a   chance   to  create   and  run  a   “Put me on” Show   profitable   enAty   with   other   social   partners.   My   Social   Media   Business   Partners™   gathers   The   social  business  partners  will  share   in  both   decisions  made  online   by  its  social  business  partners   the  risk  and  profits  of  selected  business  concepts   and  pass  it   on  to  management  for  execuAon  offline.   The   and   run   the   operaAon   remotely   with   the   help   of   a   social  business  partners  will  make   decision   that  will  affect  the   management  team.     Angel   investors  will   be   able   to  view   profit   or   loss   of   their   company.     CommunicaAon   of   results,   and   evaluate   projects  for   future   funding   consideraAon   while   general   informaAon,  and   content   will   be   provided  by   management  with  annual   site   visitors   will   parAcipate   through   voAng   and   video   commentary.     reports;   if   profitable,   partner   disbursements   will   be   made.       By   Social   business   partners,   investors,   and   general   site   visitors   can   combining  a   business  reality  show,  partnerships,  and  social  networking;   see   first-­‐hand   the  development,  growth  and  success  of   new  companies   individuals  can   now   engage   social  media   content,  parAcipate  remotely   through   social   pla9orms.   My   Social   Media   Business   Partners™   will   from  home  or  work,  and  see  real  life  results. facilitate   projects  in   real   estate,   entertainment,   funding,   mining,   and     small  businesses. Social   Media   Business   Partners™   will   go   live   June   1,   2012.     Social   business  partners   will   parAcipate   in  real   estate,   entertainment,   funding,   mining,   and   small   business  projects.   Social   business   partners   a n d   m a n a g e m e n t   w i l l   h a v e   b a c k   o ffi c e   a c c e s s   at   for  documents,  voAng  decision,   conference   calls,  files  and   reports,  while   non  parAcipaAng   viewers   will   b e   a b l e   t o   s e e   r e s u l t s   o f   t h e i r   d e c i s i o n s   WATCH  VIDEO  :  h]p://­‐U at




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MAY 3 MAY  1 TEN  SAN  ANTONIO 4:00pm-­‐8:00pm

MAY 2 Pudng  Your  Business  Out  There  at   JF  -­‐  11:00am-­‐1:00pm

Team Spirit  CompeAAons  (All  Day) TEN  TENNESSEE  -­‐  4:00pm-­‐8:00pm GET  F.E.D.  -­‐  5:00pm-­‐8:00pm

MAY 7 Qadar  Business  Academy  at  Jerry   Farbers  (All  Day)

MAY 4 GET  F.E.D.  Business  Brunch 11:00a.m.-­‐12:00pm

MAY 6 TEN  ALABAMA  -­‐  4:00pm-­‐5:00pm

MAY 9 TEN  Orlando  -­‐  4:00pm-­‐5:00pm

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MAY 14

GET F.E.D.  Business  Brunch 11:00a.m.-­‐12:00pm

Qadar Business  Academy   (All  Day)

TEN SAVANNAH  -­‐  4:00pm-­‐8:00pm

MAY 16 Qadar  Business  Academy  GA  (All  Day) MAY  17 Team  Spirit  Business  CompeAAons   (Various  LocaAon)  -­‐  All  Day Get  F.E.D.  5:00pm-­‐8:00pm MAY  20 Good  Hair  Day  (Natural  Styles   EducaAon  Series)  -­‐   11:00am-­‐2:00pm MAY  18 MAY  21 Qadar  Business  Academy  GA  (All   Day) TEN  Louisiana  -­‐  4:00pm-­‐5:00pm MAY  23 TEN  Atlanta  -­‐  4:00pm-­‐8:00pm


Get FED  Business  Brunch  (Various   LocaAons)  -­‐  11:00am-­‐12:00pm




MAY 28 MAY  24

MAY 26

TEN Houston  -­‐  4:00pm-­‐5:00pm Get  FED  -­‐  5:00pm-­‐8:00pm

DCR &  S  Event  and  “Shoe  Game”  -­‐   12:00pm-­‐2:00pm

MAY 25 Get  FED  Business  Brunch  -­‐   11:00am-­‐12:00pm

MAY 27 THE  TABLE  (All  Day)

Qadar Business  Academy  -­‐  (All  Day)

MAY 30

MAY 31 Team  Spirit  Business  CompeAAons   (Various  LocaAons)  -­‐  (All  Day)

TEN Dallas  -­‐  4:00pm-­‐8:00pm

Money Party  -­‐  8:00pm-­‐12:00am

Development | Management | Marketing | Procurement | Services Main Office: 41 Crossroads Plaza #121, West Hartford, CT 061117 GA Office: 3780 Old Norcross Roads #278, Suite 103, Duluth, GA 30096 P: 877-212-6546 | F: 866-413-5440 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: @qadarroyal [18]



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