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Q3030 is a digital media network that produces and distributes innovative video content that highlights the urban community. As a part of this group, we pride ourselves on having a firm grasp on what the urban culture is transmitting. What results is a revolutionary media experience that satisfies the call for authentic, quick, entertaining, and informative content - on demand. THIS IS GLAM: This Is Glam is a new cutting edge web series that serves as the insider’s guide to what’s hot and trend-setting in urban beauty and style. Creator and Host, Ivirlei Brookes, caters to the urban lovely that values an honest and unique view on the newest beauty and fashion trends. This Is Glam offers a platform that allows urban women to celebrate their confidence, ambition and individuality. This Is Glam targets the trendsetters, the savvy shopaholics and the urban fashionista! Each weekly episode is packed with product reviews, celebrity exclusives, beauty tutorials, and fashion features.

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About Ivirlei If you look up the word “Glam” in the dictionary, right next to it you’d find a picture of Ivirlei Brookes…the beauty and fashion Gods’ latest gift...a reflection to all things glamorous. No stranger to the fashonista way of life, Head Glam Girl in Charge, Ivirlei Brookes, is a native of Cleveland, currently making major waves in Atlanta. She is the Creator, Executive Producer, and Host of This is Glam the net’s newest and “HAUTEst” online show. This is Glam is an extension of Ivirlei’s popular online magazine The League, a publication catering to the sophisticated yet vivacious urbanistas’ shopatite. Influenced by the likes of fashion moguls Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks, Ivirlei doesn’t just talk to talk, she is making it happen! According to Ivirlei style comes from within and is a form of self expression…”style is what you tell the world without saying a single word”. Ivirlei loves to mix high and low end fashions. Take a peak in our hostess’ boudoir and we’re sure you’ll hear her style loud and clear as her closets boast H & B, Bebe, and Married to the Mob. Look even further and you may catch a glimpse of Alexander McQueen. Destined for icon status, this passionate, down-to-earth, and hardworking knock-out is guaranteed to provide you with a wide and wonderful window into the world of Glam. Copyright © 2009 Q3030 Media, LLC

The Show This is Glam approaches fashion and beauty in a new way through not only educating viewers but also providing an encouraging platform. The goal of each episode is inspire women to reach thier most fabulous potential. Each weekly episode of This is Glam features a new topic focusing on urban beauty, style, and well being. The pilot episode, “5 Minute Face” teaches viewers how to achieve a flawless casual look in a snap. Industry professionals are featured as guests on the show to demonstrate many different techniques and give viewers useful tips and ideas. Each episode features a special guest or eye-catching image based content. Every show topic is thoroughly researched in order to provide the most relevant and accurate tips and tutorials for viewers. The unscripted format of This is Glam allows Ivirlei Brookes to create a realistic, funny, and entertaining perspective on urban beauty and style.

This is Glam is based on the spirit of individuality and self confidence that all urban women can relate to.

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Demographics Target Age: 18-34 . 70% College Educated 18% College Students 12% High School Graduates

98% Female 2% Male Ethnic Makeup: 68% African-American 21% Latino 9 % Caribbean and African 2% Caucasian or other

Household Income: 40% $50k-$100k 30% $100k-$150k 20% $30k - $50K 10% Less than $30k As of August 2008, 73% of adult women use the internet.* 69% of women use the internet for shopping. In current times, urban women are using the internet for everything from dating, banking, education, networking,and entrepreneurship. * Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, August 12-31, 2008 Tracking Survey

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Social Glam This Is Glam offers viewers a number of ways to stay connected! Facebook: Our Facebook fan page offers fans daily updates on recommended items, products, services and exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. Fans can comment, add photos, and invite friends to connect and stay updated on This Is Glam. Twitter: As a Twitter follower, viewers will receive up to date tweets, twitpics on product, and can enjoy interaction with the This Is Glam team! Ustream: Ustream consists of network of diverse channels providing a platform for lifecasting and live video streaming of events online. Each month, This is Glam broadcasts live to interact with viewers. Logging on to the This is Glam Ustream channel will allow viewers to get to know the This is Glam team and glam squad in behind the scenes exclusive interviews.

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The Luxe Mob Each weekly episode is accompanied by a bi-weekly E-newsletter that showcases the newest fashion, beauty, and celeb interests. Viewers who sign up for the newsletter instantly become members of, “The Luxe Mob™” which allows them to be eligible to win, “The Gimme Goods” which are select giveaways and contests. This is Glam partners with reputable companies to provide the latest giveaways The Luxe Mob newsletter is issued bi-weekly and delivered via email. Periodically, Luxe Mob members recieve discount codes for online shopping, free gifts, samples, exclusive previews of upcoming episodes. This is Glam also will hold private events for Luxe Mob members which include: * Girls Night Out * Private Shopping Events * Spa Weekends * Brand sponsored soirees * Celebrity Hosted events

The Luxe Mob members will also receive branded merchandise such as t-shirts, widgets, product, and more.

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Exclusives Giveaways & Discounts This is Glam™ offers product and service giveawayss that members of The Luxe Mob™ can enter to win. Discounts to various retail sites will also be offered to readers using a This is Glam discount code.

Product Reviews: If you are interested in having your apparel ,footwear, accessories, cosmetic product, or relevant product featured in an episode of This is Glam, newsletter, or blog post; please submit your interest and company information to us at (enter an email address here) DISCLAIMER: Any items solicited to Q3030 Media are not returnable and do not guarantee usage in any outlet.

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