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Valeria Chenchevaya: Educated Valeria Chenchevaya is an educated individual. Throughout her life, Valeria Chenchevaya has pursued education as part of an on-going goal to become as knowledgeable and skilled about aspects pertaining to areas of her interest. Valeria Chenchevaya has attended numerous institutions of higher learning, and, in 2008, Valeria Chenchevaya earned her certification as a Certified Nursing Aid. Currently, Valeria Chenchevaya works as a Certified Nursing Aide at a Detroit, Michigan hospital.

Valeria Chenchevaya: Professional Valeria Chenchevaya is a current employee of a hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Having many years of experience in the medical field as a Certified Nursing Aid, Valeria Chenchevaya has a keen insight about the needs of patients whom she treats. Valeria Chenchevaya is known to her friends and peers as a professional and kind individual. For many years, Valeria Chenchevaya has provided excellent care as a CNA.

Valeria Chenchevaya: Highly Qualified Valeria Chenchevaya is an eminently qualified nursing professional. In 2008, Valeria Chenchevaya earned her certification as a Certified Nursing Aid (CNA) from the Robert Morgan Educational Center in Miami, Florida. Since becoming a CNA, Valeria Chenchevaya has served at a number of medical centers, clinics, urgent care facilities, and hospitals. Valeria Chenchevaya has demonstrated her qualifications as a CNA time and time again in the completion of all her duties.

Valeria Chenchevaya: Volunteer Valeria Chenchevaya has worked as a volunteer for many years. Valeria Chenchevaya believes in doing what she can to help those in need, including homeless individuals as well as foster children. Valeria Chenchevaya has volunteered for the foster care system in the cities of Miami, Florida as well as Detroit, Michigan. Valeria Chenchevaya has also helped in a number of fundraising events to benefit Habitat For Humanity, which has built homes in the cities of both Detroit and Miami.

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