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Prasad Nettem: Dedicated Professional

Holding a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico University, Prasad Nettem has led an illustrious career in the Information Technology field. Currently the Senior Practice Director at AST Corporation, Prasad Nettem has a track record of professional achievements that date back to his employ as Director of Enterprise Financial Systems for Chicago Public Schools from 1999 to 2012.

Prasad Nettem: Illustrious Career Prasad Nettem is an Information Technology veteran. For more than 20 years, Prasad Nettem has worked as an instrumental professional at companies, as well as organizations, helping them improve in many areas. Prasad Nettem worked for the Chicago Public Schools as Director, Enterprise Financial Systems, from 1999 to 2014. Now, Prasad Nettem is the Senior Practice Director at AST Corporation.

Prasad Nettem: Diligent Prasad Nettem’s educational and professional accomplishments illustrate diligence in many ways. Prasad Nettem earned a Master of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico University in 1992. After earning his degree, Prasad Nettem has utilized his skills and knowledge at a variety of organizations, including Chicago Public Schools. Prasad Nettem is currently a Senior Practice Director for the AST Corporation.

Prasad Nettem: Highly Skilled ERP Consultant A believer in utilizing his education, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of not only companies, but organizations such as Chicago Public Schools, and other entities, Prasad Nettem is recognized as a leading consultant in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). A Master’s Degree holder in Industrial Engineering with extensive experience in in ERP, Enterprise Software, Program Management, IT Strategy, and many other areas, Prasad Nettem is an eminently qualified consultant.

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Prasad nettem dedicated professional