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Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless: Harnessing the Networking Power of Social Media By now everybody is aware of the communicative possibilities of social media sites. Social media mainstays like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all provide someone the opportunity to stay connected to friends, family, as well as the chance to keep updated on news and popular culture updates from around the globe. Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, a professional in the wireless telecommunications industry, understands the power of professional networking, both as a career enhancement tool and as a way to build your business. Social media, he believes, can be used for more than just a way to find out what your friends’ plans are for the weekend, or to stay apprised of the latest celebrity gossip. Social media sites, according to Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless can have innumerable professional networking benefits, increasing your visibility as professional, your ability to reach a broader consumer audience, and a way to stay involved in industry conversations. As he explains below, social media networking provides ample opportunity to stay in touch with your fellow professionals, and to build an influential professional network. Facebook. Though many may not view Facebook as anything remotely resembling professional, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, the social media giant is home to literally hundreds of millions of user profiles, providing the professional with an endless opportunity to begin cultivating a professional network. Facebook’s search tool, he says, allows you to search through millions of potential contacts, and to determine if any may share the same professional interests or ambition as you. LinkedIn. A social media site designed specifically for professional networking, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, LinkedIn provides users an enormous opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals within your industry. LinkedIn, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, offers a plethora of professional groups, industry-related articles and opportunities to build your network. Increasing your value on LinkedIn, he says, puts an endless supply of networking possibilities at your fingertips. Twitter. Twitter is also built to network, making it incredibly easy for people to latch onto or attach themselves to multiple threads or conversational opportunities. Don’t be afraid, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, to ask a question or make a comment on another professional’s tweet. The networking possibilities are as endless as the site itself. Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless encourages professionals to also mix up their social media activity. Make an attempt to network with other professionals on all three sites; a multi-faceted social media strategy that may vastly improve your networking capability.

Paul greene of liberty wireless harnessing the networking power of social media