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Michael LeRoy - Well Qualified Lawyer Michael LeRoy is a highly educated and well qualified lawyer. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska and graduated from there “Magna Cum Laude�. While there, he was a member of the Golden Key society and a recipient of the Regent's Scholarship.

Cares for Community Michael LeRoy is a Florida Lawyer, based in the Orlando area, who strongly believes that giving back to the community is a vital part of being in a community. One way in which Michael LeRoy gives back to his community is through his charitable donations. One such charity is the Gleason Initiative. The Gleason Initiative is a Project which was founded to assist in many things related to ALS, including: to help to provide necessary technology and services to people with ALS and other Neuromuscular diseases, to create a “global conversation� about ALS in hopes of finding a cure for the disease, and to document those who do not give up following their dreams because they have the disease. Many other charities have felt the love from Michael LeRoy and he continues to look for more opportunities to give back to his community.

Principles of


Michael LeRoy understands that underlying the American justice system is the idea made famous by famous English Jurist William Blackstone. The idea that it is “better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” This idea has been commented upon many times over the years and it is without doubt one of the key underlying principles of the U.S. Justice system. However, Blackstone was not the first to speak up about this legal precedent. Some of the other notable moments were: •In the Bible, the book of Genesis Abraham is supposed to have had a conversation with god, and Abraham was attempting to save a city. God agreed that if there were any innocent people in the city it would not be destroyed. •Maimonides was a legal theorist from the 12th century which claimed that It was better a thousand guilty go free then have one put to death. •Benjamin Franklin said that it was better that 100 innocent persons go free then that 1 person should suffer.

Michael LeRoy Pushes ALS month May is ALS awareness month, and Michael LeRoy wants to remind you to get involve and volunteer or donate today. Michael LeRoy, who is an Orlando based lawyer, has been a firm advocate for ALS for many years and recognizes the value of people helping. Even when people donate a dollar or two that is a sign that they understand what ALS is. Michael LeRoy was inspired by the story of Steve Gleason, especially after having seen his own grandfather battle and ultimately succumb to the disease.

Michael LeRoy - Well Qualified Lawyer