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Eric Hauglum: Soccer Referee

Eric Hauglum: Excellent Student Eric Hauglum is a student at Washington State University. As a Boy Scout he attained the rank of Eagle, the highest rank in that organization. Eric Hauglum has volunteered many hours of his time to community service, including time at the Humane Society and in cemeteries, where he has helped clean gravesites. Eric Hauglum has had good grades his entire life. He is passionate about automobiles and designing and making things.

Eric Hauglum: Eagle Scout

Eric Hauglum has many hobbies. He is a snowboarding enthusiast who has also been an instructor at Cascade Ski School in Washington State. He is passionate about automobiles, and designing and making things.

Eric Hauglum: Snowboard Enthusiast Eric Hauglum has had an active life as a snowboard enthusiast. He is good enough to have worked as a snowboard instructor at Cascade Ski School, Summit at Snoqualmie, Washington. Eric Hauglum has also been a soccer referee, and was a member of the Pierce County Soccer Referees Association. Eric Hauglum currently attends Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, and is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Eric Hauglum