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01 Bridging Surfaces

02 Origami

03 Urban Thresholds

Bridging Surfaces This project considers the design of a bridge between two structures as connecting fabric that allows for a new experience. My proposal investigates the flow of space through the creation of an intertwining structure. In order to enhance the user experience, structural linear elements are thoughtfully and carefully organized to articulate the rotational and twisting movement of the Bridge achieving a sense of intertwining and flow. Additionally, the two structures emphasize the fluid movement by transitioning from heavy to light by varying the density of the cross-sectional structural elements; more dense at the starting points of the ramps and less at the endpoints. Flow of space is implemented through the user’s experience, then defined through the smooth curves throughout the structures.

Origami Apertures The project investigates the translation of developable geometric forms from 2-dimensional paper sheets into a 3-dimensional paper forms while being able to transform the basic geometry into complex forms.

Urban Thresholds The intention of this project is to construct a connection from the streetscape to the High Line at the corner of 10th Ave. and W 20th street in Manhattan, NY. Currently, this intersection is underused and the intervention will require to activate and energize the space. My proposal speculates that the insertion of an underground gallery will complement the existing surrounding activities while a new element; a landscape for people to engage with and populate will be introduced and activate the site. The concept catalyst for this project was an analysis of plant growth through time. In watching a video that not only revealed the transformation of a plant above ground, but also below, I was fascinated by the displacement of the earth and the possibility of revealing the unseen. This coupled with my observations about sound pollution, and the lack of usable green space around the site, made it the obvious choice to move the project underground. The gallery space is created through the displacement of material which spreads as it grows further. Similar methods are applied when constructing the geometry of the ground plane creating for a dynamic roof that integrates landscape and hardscape. Each moment where earth is displaced is used as an opportunity to create a view and frame a sculpture, or as a transition/connection between exterior and interior. The space created is intended to spark curiosity while providing an oasis from the business happening above. The connection between ground and High Line is articulated by a structure that extends from the underground gallery and intersects with the High Line. The abrupt connection is intended to create interest and encourage people to explore the unseen world below.

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