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Paulina Pytka Student No: 637869

Semester 2/2013

Group 12



Figure 1: Plan

Figure 2: Elevation

Figure 3: Section

The following orthographic drawings of an artichoke illustrate a naturally occurring panel and fold system. The object was measured through a process, which involved photography, then tracing the image before transferring it onto paper. The form of the object was observed to be the result of an overlapping pattern of individual leaves. The plan (figure 1.1) depicts the way in which the artichoke leaves adopt a concave shape as they tighten to enclose around the body of the plant, this is made possible by a central split starting at the top of the leaf and ending approximately midway. The underlying layer of leaves exhibits less splitting and in turn a flatter form, as illustrated in the sequence of figures 4.3, 4.2 and 4.1. With the assistance of the section (figure 3.1), it can be seen that the leaves originate within the artichoke, the smallest being located at the core. Accordingly, the extent of curvature grows away from it so that the outer leaves are the most developed in form and size. Nonetheless, these individual components of the artichoke’s pattern and subsequent form are almost identical in shape and highly symmetrical, mirroring across the horizontal axis.

Figure 4.1: InnerLayer Leaf

Figure 4.2: Mid Layer Leaf

Figure 4.3: Outer Layer Leaf


Week 02 - Virtual Environments


Week 02 - Virtual Environments