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Cheap Nexus 10 Price for a Hi-Resolution Tablet Apple’s iPad4 is said to found its match shortly after it was released in November 2012. In fact, the Nexus 10 by Google was reported to have features that will surely beat the iPad4 in the 10inch tablet category. Moreover, while the nexus 10 price is cheap, this is like the best deal you can get for a 10-inch tablet. If you have doubts on this device, let’s compare this device to its rival, the iPad4, along with two other tablets from Amazon and Microsoft. Comparing Tablets Nexus 10

Screen Size


Apple iPad4


Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9


Microsoft Surface RT



Nexus 10 has the perfect screen size in the 10-inch tablet category.


2,560 * 1,600

2,048 * 1,536

1,920 * 1,200

1,366 * 768

Nexus 10's screen resolution is way above than that of iPad4.

Pixel Density





Pixel density this high gives you visual crisp and clarity.

Dimensions (W*H*D)

10.3" * 6.99" * 0.35"

7.3" * 9.5" * 0.37"

6.4" * 9.4" * 0.35"

6.7" * 10.8" * 0.37"

Though bigger than Kindle HD, size doesn’t really matter when it comes to performance.


Kindle HD may be the lightest of the three. Nonetheless, its weight compared to that of Nexus 10 only makes a little difference.

Quad-core, 1.6GHz Nvidia Tegra 3

There's no doubt that devices that run on quad-core processors clocked at 1.6GHz are indeed more powerful than Nexus 10, but this doesn’t mean that it's that slow.

32GB or 64GB

iPad4 and Kindle HD have more storage options, with 16GB being the cheapest.







Dual core, 1.7GHz, ARM Cortex-A15

Dual-core 1.3GHz A6X

Dual-core 1.5GHz TI OMAP4470

32GB or 64GB

16GB, 32GB or 64GB

16GB, 32GB or 64GB

Storage Expansion





Nexus 10 has no means to expand its proided storage space, so do iPad4 and Kindle HD.

Operating System

Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)


Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Windows RT

Though iOS is undoubtedly powerful on Apple's devices, Jelly Bean is just as powerful on Android devices, especially on Nexus 10


5MP rear camera; 1.9MP front camera

5MP rear camera; VGA front camera

HD front camera

720p HD on both front and rear cameras

Hi-Res front camera is very useful, especially in videoconferencing.

USB 2.0, microHDMI

Each tablet comes with their set of connectors. Nonetheless, the microHDMI on the Nexus 10 is definitely useful when putting the display on a bigger output device.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0

Both iPad4 and Kindle HD have more network connectivity options compared to Surface and Nexus 10


Wireless Connectivity



microUSB, microHDMI

Apple 9-pin dock Lightning connector

microUSB, microHDMI

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0

Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and 2G, 3G, 4G LTE; Bluetooth 4.0

Dual-band Wi-Fi or dual-band Wi-Fi and 2G, 3G, 4G LTE; Bluetooth


10hrs of video playback


8hrs of random acitivy

10hrs battery span on video playback is something to envy about iPad4. But then again, 9hrs of battery span isn't that bad as well.

$399 for 16GB, $499 for 32GB

with Wi-Fi only $499 (16GB), $599 (32GB), $699 (64GB); with Wi-Fi + LTE $629 (16GB), $729 (32GB), $829 (64GB)

with Wi-Fi only $299 (16GB), $369 (32GB); with Wi-Fi + cellular $499 (32GB), $599 (64GB)

$499 (32GB), $599 (32GB with Touch Cover), $699 (64GB with Touch Cover)

Though it lacks side offers, you're still lucky to get the Nexus 10 at such prices. Besides, the tablet displays undeniably awesome graphics performance.

The Verdict Judging the comparison above, Nexus 10 doesn’t have an expandable storage. Nonetheless, its high screen resolution and pixel density paired with a powerful processor can compensate for

this lacking. For only $3991, this nexus 10 price makes this tablet an excellent multimedia device and a worthy match against Apple iPad4.

Nexus 10 Price  

This document provides information about the comparable price of Nexus 10 to other price of branded tablets.

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