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QI shot list: Camera/Shot/Camera Action/ Duration

Script/Screen Action/Addition Info

Intro VT - 30 Seconds (Slow Fade)

No. 1

VT playing on screen, magnifying glass etc.

Wide Establishing Shot 8 seconds - Slow Zoom (Slow Fade)

No. 2

Lighting down low - Camera Zooms Presenter starts “Hello, hello, hello...”

Slow Zoom toward Host (Cut to ʻLee Mackʼ)

No. 3

Lights have come up slowly, Host introduces, “Lee Mack!”

Mid Shot of Lee Mack (Cut to Bill Bailey)

No. 4

Introduction to next Contestant

Mid Shot of Bill Bailey (Cut to host)

No. 5

Host continues “The well cool...”

Mid Shot of Host (Cut to David Tennant)

No. 6

Host gestures to next contestant “David Tennant!”

No. 7

Contestant nods

No. 8

Host gestures to next contestant “Alan Davis”

No. 9

Contestant acknowledges

Long shot of two contestants (Cuts to other two contestants)

No. 10

Contestants sitting at chairs

Long shot of two contestants (Cuts to long/wide shot of Host and Contestants)

No. 11

Contestants sitting at chairs

Long/wide shot of everyone (Cut to Host)


Everyone sitting at chairs

Mid shot of Host (Cut to Lee Mack)

No. 13

Host speaks: “We were slightly afraid that...”

Mid shot of Lee Mack (Cut to Bill Bailey)

No. 14

Contestant sounds the buzzer. “Its beginning to look a lot like christmas.”

Mid shot of Bill Bailey (Cut to David Tennant)

No. 15

Contestant sounds the buzzer. “So here it is Merry Christmas.”

Mid Shot of David Tennant (Cut to Host) Mid shot of Host (Cut to Alan Davis) Mid shot of Alan Davis (Cuts to two contestants)


Shot No.

QI shot list:

Mid shot of David Tennant (Cut to Alan Davis)

No. 16

Contestant sounds the buzzer. “Last Christmas.”

Mid shot of Alan Davis (Cut to long shot)

No. 17

Contestant sounds the buzzer. Jewish song.

Long shot of the whole stage (Cut to Host)

No. 18

Contestants and Host sitting at their chairs.

Mid shot of Host (Cut to QI Cow)

No. 19

Host speaks to audience about “Panto Season.”

Medium Long shot of Cow and Host (Cut to Long shot of stage)

No. 20

“Sheʼs Behind you!”

Long shot of Host, Contestants and Cow (Cut to close up of Host and Cow)

No. 21

Cow sneaking up behind host.

Close up of Host and Cow (Mid shot of host and cow)

No. 22

Host jumps, startled by cow.

Mid shot of Host and Cow (Cut Mid shot of the host and cow from side)

No. 23

Host explains his surprise

Mid shot of host and cow from side (Cut to cow walking around guests)

No. 24

“What Iʼd like you to do...”

Long shot of cow walking around (Cut to mid shot of Host)

No. 25

Cow is walking past contestants

Mid shot of host (Cut to Close up of cow)

No. 26

Host is talking to contestants

Close up of Cow (Cut to mid shot of host)

No. 27

Host still talking

No. 28

Host still talking

Mid shot of two contestants (Cut to David Tennant)

No. 29

Contestants observing the cow

Mid shot of David Tennant

No. 30

David Tennant acknowledges the host

Mid shot of Host (Cut Mid shot of two contestants)

QI shot list:

QI shot list  

A shot list of the show QI that has been made for media. I learned nothing making this and the point of it has illuded me.