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????? Production s Title: Client: Producer:

Production schedule: Budget Fears and phobias exhibition  Lisa Sproat Lee Dorney, George Hales and Jack Bennett

Director: Date:

Lee Dorney, George Hales and Jack Bennett 11/11/10

Materials DV camera tapes x SLR batteries x Hazard tape x Production Equipment DV camera hire Tripod hire Microphone kit hire SLR camera hire PROJECTOR hire LAPTOP hire Post Production Equipment Editing suite Editor Graphic designer Voice­over artist Rights to ARCHIVE footage

Cost £5.90


£17.00 £4.00

3 days hire £40.00 2 days hire £20.00 3 days hire £20.00­£30.00 3 days hire £45.00 £300.00 a day £126.66 for 3 days

None None Lee Dorney, George Hales and  Jack Bennett                       Total

Contingency fund @ 10% of budget Total Budget

£578.56 £57.85 £636.41


Tripod hire 2 days hire £20.00 DV camera hire 3 days hire £40.00 SLR camera hire 3 days hire £45.00 Rights to ARCHIVE footage Lee Dorney, Ge...

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