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Asset Log Name: Jack Bennett, George Hales, Lee Dorney





Production Title:

Phobias ‘Fire’ Production





Soundtrack: Audi Fire sound o effect. File

Present throughout the video, on a complicated loop cycle that was edited on Garage Band.

An audio file that was downloaded from the internet and edited on Garage Band to suit our needs.

http://www.therecordist.c om/ultimate-fire-hd-prosfx

Fire Alarm sound.

Faded in at the beginning of the video sequence and played continuously from then until the end.

An audio file of a fire alarm that was also downloaded from the internet and looped to fit the large video file.

The loop had to be edited into many different places in the file and certain noises that were present in the file such as crashing trees had to be removed. The file was the sound of a Forest Fire. The fire alarm was needed to make the installation more realistic.

Audi o File m/results.asp? Type=1&CategoryID=103 2&SubcategoryID=39

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UNIT 112 Field Lane London SE3 9PX

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