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Guided trips in Spain

Guided trips in Spain

Contents 1 The Pyrenees 2T  he rivers, streams and lakes  (What to expect in each season)

3 The flies 4 Fishing gear 5 What to wear 6 Fishing permits. 7 Medicines and allergies 8 Time table 9 Activities for companions 10 O  peration centers (Biescas and Graus)


The Pyrenees The Pyrenees are a mountain range dividing France and Spain, whose highest peaks reach over 3,400 meters. Spain, on the “sunny side� of the Pyrenees, provides unique opportunities for fly fishing. Our headquarters in the heart of the Pyrenees offers short range access to many rivers, streams and mountain lakes with thriving populations of wild brown trout, zebra trout, brook trout and catfish. Traveling in the Pyrenees is synonymous with good fishing, but also with exploration of one of the least inhabited parts of the European continent. Traditional agricultural activities have helped shape a unique landscape over 140,000 years of human history, with hallmarks ranging from folklore, language, and architecture.



At pyreneesflyfishing we want to show you the magic mountains that made Ernest Hemingway fall in love. 8


Fly fishing in Spain is more than just fishing. Live the Spanish life, enjoying culture, food and traditions!





will take you into the wild



The rivers, streams and lakes What to expect in each season



From our headquarters in Biescas we have plenty of possibilities to enjoy fly fishing all year round, at a range up to 1.5 h in a 4x4 vehicle. Our Resort is located at the gates of the Ordesa National Park very close to the last virgin river (no dams) of the entire mountain range. Its crystal clear waters and wild trout will make any angler to fall in love.



Typology of rivers depending on time of year June 1 – October 31 (Biescas Center) Fishing from our headquarters in Biescas, near to Zaragoza. Fishing in restricted access locations surrounded by stunning alpine mountain scenery. We will fish in small mountain streams with abundant trout of medium size and crystalline lakes with glacial waters where we can fish for trout and char. There is also the possibility of fishing low valley rivers and trying to capture the trophy trout.

November 1 – May (Graus Center) Fishing from our headquarters in Graus, near Lleida. Fishing for wild Brown trout (Zebra Trout) in the North rivers and for large rainbow trout in East rivers at lower valleys. It is an excellent time for fishing large trophy trout, fishing with dry fly and also nymph. Depending on the river conditions the driving time to the fishing areas will vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours.




The flies Some of the most effective fly fishing flies in the Pyrenees:

• Pyrenees rivers are unique scenarios for dry fly fishing.

Normally on all of the guided fishing days we will use dry flies, on occasion we will use small nymphs or a combination of dry blend and nymph (tandem).

• The wild trout of the Pyrenees are extremely fast, striking the fly at high speed.

• To fish the many mountain streams we advise use of

parachute dry flies (parachute Adams, attractors…), which facilitate the visibility. The colors of the wingpost with best visibility are white, pink and orange.

• Other flies that are very effective are the ones assembled

with CDC, spent flies also with CDC, small caddis imitations or small winged ants. Depending on time of year we recommend using foam imitations of beetles and grasshoppers (terrestrial).

• The most common sizes of hook for the flies are #16 and #14 and #12 but small flies are also needed on the hook size #18.

Parachute Mayfly


CDC Mayfly






Fishing gear WHAT WE RECOMMEND: we recommend lines 3, 4 or • R5 ods: and 8 to 10 feet long. Generally

we will fish in mountain rivers with medium size dry flies.

eel: to be use in this type of • Rrods.

• Polarized sunglasses ines: we will use floating lines • Lnumber 2 to 6. different types and sizes • Tofippets: tippets. Line 14 mm to tie the fly.

oots: It is important that you • Bbring dry and disinfected boots to prevent river contamination.

• Waders


What to wear • Raincoat. • Fleece. • Cap / hat. • S hort and long pants • Abundant socks • F ishing socks • Hiking boots • Pants • S hort sleeve shirts • Jerseys • Long-sleeved shirts

IMPORTANT: All the equipment is included in the price.




Medicins & allergies The angler should notify us in advance if he has any allergies or needs any medicines at any given time.


Time table Usually the day begins at 9 am at the Hotel, from where we go out to the fishing grounds. By midmorning the anglers stop for a small snack and then a nice picnic at noon. Cold drinks are available all day. The fishing journey normally finishes at around 17:30-18h in the afternoon, although guides can adjust the schedule to fit each angler’s needs. The Hotel Spa & Fitness area is at your complete disposition from 8.00h. until 22:00 h. Breakfast and dinner hours are: - From 8:00h. to 9:00h. - From 20:00h.


Fishing permits

If you have any issues after fishing hours do not hesitate to call us at: 653 08 11 73

To fish you must have a fishing license, a daily permit and permission to drive on restricted tracks to access many of our rivers (all this is already included in the price).




Tailored activities We pride ourselves on tailoring trips to our angler’s needs. You can request we organize guided tours involving sports, culture, nature walks, bird watching, horseback riding, paragliding, wine tasting, painting, tours of local villages or landmarks, and many more choices. We will gladly prepare and coordinate activities for you and your companions on request.



Transport connections


Two operations centers Biescas & Graus

For the development of our activity 365 days a year we have selected two centers strategically located as headquarters: BIESCAS: We offer fishing from June 1 to October 31 and work with 3 different accommodations (Guest House in the village of Biescas, Hotel - Spa in the village of Biescas and Exclusive Luxury Lodge 6 kilometers from Biescas). GRAUS: We offer fishing from November 1 to May 31 and work with a luxurious 4 star Hotel an old Bishop's Palace with great history.



Biescas JUNE 1 - OCTOBER 31

LUXURIOUS LODGE **** 6 km from Biescas Family and luxurious 4 stars lodge (not exclusive to fishermen) located in a village near Biescas. Next to the Romanesque church of San Pedro de Lárrede of X c. and a beautiful defensive tower of XVI c., this charming lodge has stunning views of the Pyrenees.

Biescas is located just over 1h:30m drive from Zaragoza and Graus more and less 1h from Lleida. Both villages have important services for our guests as a medical center, pharmacy, souvenir shops, “tapas” bars…

We invite you to live the rest and relax after an unforgettable fly fishing day at the dining room with large windows, or in summer, enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars, cooked with local quality products and accompanied by excellent red wine.

Our biggest commitment as a company is to offer our guests a comfortable and relaxing holiday. Our goal is to give an exquisite personal attention and this is the criteria for the selection of our different operations centers:





in Biescas

in Biescas

Charming 4 star Hotel located in the village of Biescas. Perfect for enjoying the town with family or friends after a fly fishing day.

For a cheaper holiday we offer the possibility to enjoy a “rural house” with traditional architecture with your own kitchen, where you can prepare your own meals or enjoy the many “tapas” bars or restaurants in Biescas.

With its unbeatable location, this hotel provides the perfect opportunity to settle down with a glass of wine or cup of tea and soak in the clear air, sunshine, and spectacular mountain views. It has fitness area, spa, pool, dining room and 42 rooms.



Graus NOVEMBER 1 - MAY 31

HISTORIC HOTEL ON AN OLD EPISCOPALIAN PALACE in Graus Exclusive hotel - spa with a 4-star in the historic center of the of Graus, in an area with a long tradition of excellent wineries (Somontano wine). Restored sixteenth-century building, which was the house of the Bishop Esteban, completely remodeled and decorated with modernized style, has 19 rooms, restaurant, SPA circuit and a cozy multipurpose room.


(0034) 653 081 173

(0034) 653 081 173

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Fly Fishing Trips in Spain  

Guided Fly Fishing tirps in Spain. More info:

Fly Fishing Trips in Spain  

Guided Fly Fishing tirps in Spain. More info: