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Pyke Shock / July ‘10

Pyke Notes

WE HEARD YAH! Yap after what seems like centuries (it’s actually a decade) we at The Insyder Magazine finally heard the voices of all young’uns who love The Insyder but wish that their skools i.e G.C.S.E skools featured more prominently in the magazine. Well, say hello to Pyke Shock, a love child created to entertain and captivate all teeniez in G.C.S.E schools across this great nation of ours. Hot teen personalities, sizzlin school events and all the latest skool vybe/dirt, technology, music & entertainment....anything and

everything that moves you. You can get a dose of Pyke Shock every fortnight ,but we need to collabo to keep it poppin, ya heard? We are asking you to help us put your skool on the map by hollarin’ at us all the juice/tid-bits of hot goss making rounds in your skool, hottest movers & shakers in your skool and all the coolest events going down in your area code. On your mark get set spill....


Separated @ Pumwani Maternity WARD Brothers from another father; that’s Ghanaian World Cup 2010 revelation Andre Ayew (20) and US hip hop superstar Bow Wow. You decide, were these guys separated at birth or what?

Bow Wow

Search: pyke shock magazine Andre Ayew Do you know of any two famous celebrities who look as if they were separated at birth? Send your suggestions to:

Holla at us all your comments, feedback, suggestions,scoop on all the low-down/vibe in your skool at:


Pyke Shock / July ‘10

De a r D ia r y

Kawangware Hamptons (Rusinga School)

‘’ No class today… Yay! Well, not for me at least. I’ll be spending the whole day in detention at the common room. Mr. ‘Korner’ is at it again, he gave me the ‘receipt’ coz I didn’t do my Math assignment…arrrgh! I don’t work with numbers that ain’t cheddar. Besides, my pops told me I’d be flying to the States soon so I really won’t need all that jive. Soooo glad I’m leaving this place. I’ve had enough of those ‘Saunya’ cats calling me at the gate. It’s had studying in ‘Ngwach’ with all the madness around the school. I think my grades


st Mr. Korner - Mr. Connor - The stricte T.A in school. He’s got the weirdest shaped shoes. o Saunya - The Kawangware OBs wh at pick on ‘unattended’ Rusinga kids the school gate

will def improve in the states...oh the possibilities! I’ll probably be the token black kid in an all white school. They’ll just love me! Now I can act like those kids in the movies without having to be criticized by anyone. I’m pretty good at it. Been polishing my American accent and it sounds good in the shower. No more Kawangware Hamptons for me (DKY they insist that this school is in Lavi.). Alex.

ks The Reciept - Detention note that loo t like a common supermarket receip Ngwach - Kawangware t Common Room - A study room tha doubles up as a detention hall. Jive: Talk


Pyke Shock / July ‘10



Mo bil yze d

Tekken 6 New features include high fidelity graphics, new action game mode, the largest character roster ever, you can battle online anywhere in the world, dynamic, interactive, destructible environments, plus there are endless possibilities to customize and design.

COD 4 (Call of Duty) One of the most highly anticipated games of the year, the additional war effects mod for Call of Duty adds various effects to the game such as anti-camp measures, team kill punishment, updated weapon code, and more.

Status Symbols Ever wonder how peeps create those funky symbols on their FB status updates, check out our simple how to DIY menu. All you have to do is press the Alt key and hold it down, then type in a number on the number pad (far right of the keyboard) then release Alt. It’s that easy!

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Pyke Shock / July ‘10

Pyke Candy


Beautiful & chilled out. 15 year old Nadra Racine aka ‘Goth chic’ (French School) is the street style model in the July issue of The Insyder Magazine. My style is: Skater/Emo. I like: Emocore music, black veil brides, skating, partying with my bezzies; Solange, Maylis and Sarah (Love you guys XO), animals, black eyeliner. I dislike: People copying my style My hang out joints: V-mac, Westgate & Yaya Randomly Nadra: I’m addicted to lip balm. I once woke up at 2.00 a.m. to apply lip balm! I love animals and have two pets Kasuku (parrot) & Jacko (dog). I’m a skillful skater,(oh yes, I love skating!) I say ‘LOL’ to everything, in every sentence.



Pyke Shock / July ‘10

Ne w S k o o l

Wes.... I’ve got a different

state of mind from most dudes my age. I don’t conform to what everyone else is doing.” I’m from Westie, Wes is from the word ‘West’. I cut out the letter ‘T’ to avoid being labelled a Kanye wannabe. Prodigy is self-explanatory.


.. I used to rap to other people’s songs until I started writing my own stuff. I’ve always loved music especially conscious hip-hop You’ll definitely not find me listening to Soulja Boy. I even have a permanent Tat with my fave lyrics on it. I get my inspiration from everyday life. My galfriend, family, pals, school life you name it. My lyrics are deep ALA Lox, Tupac, Lost boyz…yeah.

M C CHECK From Saints with attitude, ill rap skills and street cred, Kevo Wang’ombe (304) aka Wes Prodigy 17 years is well on his way to becoming high school’s next hit sensation. Sample videos from Wes’ Child’s Play mixtape on You Tube.


Pyke Shock / July ‘10

Be atL a b PLAY it on your i-Pod!

New look, amazing sound and video, STL’s flow is cool on this one. She combines some hip hop elements and the whole “jerk” culture to blend in what is a definite street banger. As always the gal gets a pass for originality especially on the hook and the lyrics... But I’m a keeper I’m a real heavy hitter And my clothes they glitter, I’m a trendsetter, follow me on Twitter... Rating: 3 3/4

Joint: Love The Way You Lie Artist (s): Eminem Feat. Rihanna

Em’s back and this joint is on fire! Not just because it’s Em’s twisted idea of a love song. “Wait, where you going? I’m leaving you,” Eminem raps on the opening verse, “No, you ain’t, come back...” Having Rihanna’s vocals on this joint about an abusive relationship, super! Throughout the song, Eminem’s voice builds and becomes flush with a mix of fondness and angered regret from his failed relationship. Can’t wait to see the video on this one. Rating: 4 1/2 stars


Pyke Shock / July ‘10

Un de rc ov a Do g

HIGH SCHOOL MAFIAS It’s shocking but it’s true, high school mafias are creeping up everywhere and right below the noses of school administrations. Its so baaad that no one really gives an oink about after school activities as getting home from school safe is a gamble in itself. We wrapped up some inside storoz from teeniez on what actually goes down and why the mafias are teeniez worst enemy..

A hunk from Braeside and a victim of the mafias, revealed to us that the mafias in his school are like a family and basically their work is to organize for fights to take place in a secluded area within the school e.g. washrooms and even get guys to record the fights on video which are later sold or passed around for peeps to watch. We learnt that guys would rather solve their beefs personally at home than let the mafias know since once the matter is brought to their attention, they handle it their way. If at all they learn of bad air around certain people and its not been brought to their attention, the parties involved get serious whoops and punches from the mafias before being made to fight each other. Snitches who report what goes down to the admin are also not left unpunished, though such cases are rare as no one really wants to be in the mafias bad books!

tell’ story. “Some dude was hitting on me but I didn’t know that his ex was a senior in my school. My head was hit on the wall in the bathroom, I fell and blacked out immediately only to wake up later to s stench all over my body. They had emptied a sanitary bin on me!” And you would think that’s all! The mafias also deal in alcohol supply and sell in school, stealing goodies or even demanding stuff from peeps. Another shocking one we learnt of is the ‘act of slicing’. If one has hot dude or chic and one of the mafias want this person, they simply tell you to break up with the person, failure to comply would lead to panel beating. These are just some of the tales we could get as teeniez were scared stiff to reveal their ordeals and what they have witnessed in fear of being tracked down by the dreaded mafias.. While it may seem bold, cool and powerful,

Twist in the tale

dangers and risks involved can be costly as one

Shockingly, we thought it was a dude’s only affair. *Brenda 204, shared with us her ‘never

can suffer fatal injuries from these fights! Be warned!


Pyke Shock / July ‘10

WTFus s

What we’re lovin... Go team Jonas! Why? For bringing back the skinny jeans for dudes look... sillies.

Everything rock rocks from the music to the mo-hawk. Join the band-waggon and jack Taylor Momsen (Jenny Gossip Girls) style because this chic has cracked the punk look from head to toe! Beiber Fever...have you caught the bug?

Attention all Twi-hards Eclipse has arrived see it at any Silverbird Theatres.

Get intouch with your wild side by rocking animal prints. This trend is here to stay, jeans, earrings, belts, blouses, tops and shoes are all available in this bold prints.

Kick ass in funkie hi-tops kicks (with skinny jeans). FYI we love the Supra footwear Sky High Collection.

What we’re HATIN...... HATE SPEECH.... Spread love not war.

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Pyke Shock / July ‘10


Grea t Yea


STATOE, QUABBZ & CHOXX Shocking Truths



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CHANGEZ & PATCH End of a legacy

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