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Pyh채joki has power!


Municipal Manager: Matti Soronen Number of citizens: 3 400 Area: 1 365 km2 Communities: Etelänkylä, Keskikylä, Liminkakylä, Parhalahti, Pirttikoski, Pohjankylä, Viirre and Yppäri

Distances and traffic connections • Oulu 102 km (airport, railway station, port, bus station) • Raahe 29 km (airfield, Vihanti railway station, port, bus station) • Kalajoki 31 km (airfield, port, bus station) • Kokkola 99 km (airport, railway station, port, bus station)

Pyhäjoki has power!

Energetic Pyhäjoki welcomes everyone to stay, visit and work. The Municipality provides high-quality educational services for children and young people, from day care centres to our unique entrepreneurship gymnasium. Pyhäjoki offers affordable rental accommodation and sites for family homes. The sport centres and recreational opportunities provided by nature are numerous and varied. The nearby sea and waterways of Pyhäjoki, as well as the excellent traffic connections, are part of our appeal. In summer, holiday-makers provide fresh, welcome energy to the area. Pyhäjoki has approximately 600 holiday homes, and the beautiful Kielosaari campsite is also located in the region. Pyhäjoki is home to the most northerly nuclear power plant in Finland. Thanks to the nuclear power project and the several wind power projects in the area, the entrepreneurial opportunities and the number of enterprises in the area are expected to increase rapidly in the following years.

Welcome to Pyhäjoki!

Housing Pyhäjoki Municipality provides a diverse range of options for finding a new home. The centre of the municipality and the lively surrounding communities offer high-quality locations for family homes. In accordance with the land use strategy, the Municipality is currently zoning more residential plots. Pyhäjoki also offers a great range of rental accommodation suitable for all household sizes. Furthermore, Pyhäjoki is a great place for peaceful holidays, thanks to its waterways, sport centres, recreational opportunities in the wilderness and great traffic connections. r m ati o n m o r e in fo suminen •

A home of your own Free plots are available in the centre of the municipality as well as in the communities of Liminkankylä, Parhalahti, Pirttikoski and Yppäri. As Pyhäjoki is a growing municipality, new residential areas are also being zoned. You can find out more about available plots through our Internet pages: pyhä > kunnan tonttitarjonta. For more information on matters related to construction, family home sites and plots for holiday cabins, please contact Pyhäjoki’s property manager, tel. +35840 359 6052. Rental accommodation Pyhäjoki Municipality manages the municipal rental accommodation and the Kiinteistö Oy Hourunkoski real estate company. In total, there are approximately 170 rental dwellings, most of which are terraced houses. Most homes are located in the municipal centre, but surrounding communities also have rental accommodation. You can find out more about available rental accommodation at or by contacting the Housing Office, tel. +35840 359 6006. Holiday accommodation Thanks to its diverse and abundant nature, Pyhäjoki welcomes around 500 temporary residents each summer. The municipality has nearly 100 kilometres of coastline. The river that gives the municipality its name flows through Pirttikoski and the municipal centre, offering excellent recreational opportunities. Most holiday cabins and apartments are situated on rental plots owned by shareholders. In addition, the Municipality has drafted a new coastal zoning plan that allows for the construction of over 200 new holiday cabins and apartments. You can find the contact information of the plot shareholders by visiting > asuminen > vapaa-ajan asuminen.


Families with children and education In addition to the safe living environment, Pyhäjoki Municipality also provides families with high-quality basic services.

Maternity clinic • Pyhäjoki Health Station, Vanhatie 57 Pyhäjoki, tel. (+3588) 849 4560 • Each July, all services are provided by the Main Health Station in Raahe, tel. (+3588) 849 4580. Day care centres and pre-school education Pyhäjoki has one day care centre and four group family care centres. Family child care is either carried out at the care provider’s home or at the family home, if the family has at least three children under school age. Free pre-school education is arranged for all six year-olds. Pre-school education is education provided to children one year before their compulsory education begins. Taking part in pre-school education is optional. Primary schools and comp rehensive school Pyhäjoki has three community primary schools and Saari Comprehensive School in the municipal centre. Pyhäjoki Municipality also organises after-school activities for pupils. The activities are intended for grades 1 and 2 and for pupils taking part in special education. The activities are arranged at Yppäri, Parhalahti and Saari schools during weekdays and during the school’s working hours, mainly from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

r m ati o n : m o r e in fo s_ja_opetus arhaiskasvatu •

Entrepreneur Gymnasium Pyhäjoki Gymnasium emphasises an independent and self-starting approach to work, and it teaches entrepreneurship and media skills in addition to the national curriculum. The school carries out the publication and DTP of Pyhäjoen Kuulumiset, a local newspaper, in cooperation between pupils and staff. In the national rankings, Pyhäjoki Gymnasium scores highly each year.

Health and social care Pyhäjoki belongs to the Joint Municipal Authority of Wellbeing in Raahe District and the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District. The Joint Municipal Authority of Wellbeing in Raahe District is in charge of providing health and social care services in Pyhäjoki, with the exception of pre-school education and environmental health care services.

r m ati o n : m o r e in fo invointi er veys_ja_hyv •

Health care services • Pyhäjoki Health Station, Vanhatie 57, Pyhäjoki, tel. (+3588) 849 4560 • Emergency appointments from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., normal appointments from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., health counselling and treatment needs assessments from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Each July, all services are provided by the Main Health Station in Raahe, tel. (+3588) 849 4580. • Raahe hospital emergency duty, tel. (+3588) 849 4511, Rantakatu 4, Raahe • Pyhäjoki dentist services, tel. (+3588) 849 4725, Vanhatie 57, Pyhäjoki. Appointment from Mon to Thu between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. and on Fridays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Social services • Phone exchange (+3588) 849 3720, Sovionkatu 9, P.O. Box 109, 92101 Raahe • Pyhäjoki social worker, tel. +35844 439 3749 Care services • Jokikartano Service Centre, Pajahaantie 6, Pyhäjoki, tel. +35840 135 7935. Service Centre. Jokikartano provides care services, housing services and institutional care for older people in three different units. Veterinary services • Pyhäjoki Veterinarian, appointments on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., tel. +35844 4691 330 • Veterinary emergency duty in Pyhäjoki, Raahe and Siikajoki, on weekdays from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. and at weekends from Friday 5 p.m. to Monday 8 a.m. The telephone number of the veterinarian on duty is provided in the recording on (+3588) 241 430.

Recreational activities Pyhäjoki also caters to its residents during their free time. Pyhäjoki offers great opportunities for sports and outdoor activities. For example, Kielosaari campsite and the nearby sports park, with their diverse recreational opportunities and landscapes, are hard to match. Cultural services and active association enable a wide variety of recreational activities. Some of the recreational centres and opportunities provided by the Municipality and the associations are listed below.

Sports centres a nd recreationa l a reas Kielosaari sports park and nature path • Community Centre • Ice rink • Sports field • Tennis and beach volleyball courts and facilities for other games Rautiperä sports area • Illuminated exercise and ski tracks: 1 km, 2.5 km and 4 km, winter swimming, shooting ranges and orienteering Pyhäjoki disc golf park • 12 holes and 2 training baskets • Merimaja at Yppäri has three training baskets Swimming places • Pyhäluoto beach, Kittipuhto beach, Kielosaari beach and Hourunkoski Outdoor activities and fishing • Bird-watching towers: Tankokari marina, Veteraanimaja bird-watching tower and Kielosaari bird-watching tower • Kauko fishing bank, old fishing milieu at the mouth of the Pyhäjoki • Riverbank roads, a set of forest paths offering beautiful surroundings and numerous resting points for a great range of activities. The pathways go near the Saari district and along the banks of the Pyhäjoki • Pyhäjoki rapids: Hourunkoski (equipped with a lean-to, also suitable for physically challenged people), Ruukinkoski, Helaakoski and Kupuliskoski (with a lean-to) at Pirttikoski • Great fishing spots are situated all along the riverbanks of the Pyhäjoki • Motocross track in Viirre

• • • • • •

Sledding and tobogganing hills Annala sports track (700 m), linked to the disc golf course Merimaja dance pavilion organises open-air dances each summer Pyhäjoki shooting range Beach volleyball court near the sea Ball game facilities near the schools at the municipal centre and in Parhalahti, Pirttikoski and Yppäri • Skating rinks and skiing tracks in Parhalahti, Pirttikoski and Yppäri, near the schools Cultur al services Librar y • Newspapers, four computers with Internet connections, photocopier and other library services. The library also loans out art, and holds exhibitions that change monthly. Open on Mondays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. • Ruukintie 1, Pauhasali auditorium • The gymnasium’s auditorium with 150 seats, equipped with a grand piano, projection screen, projector and other state-of-the-art devices • Concerts, plays, films r m ati o n : m o r e in fo • Koulutie 8, 9 6104 / • +35840 35 l Activity Office Recreationa re 9 6102 / cultu • +35840 35 a • www.pyhajo

Services and associ ations for young p eople • Youth work is carried out by the Municipality’s Recreational Activity Office in cooperation with other operators in the area, Youth Centre Kahaveli, • Congregational youth centres Sarpatti and Pirttikoski Activity Centre • Several organisations, associations and societies also operate in Pyhäjoki. Further information: and • Colleges: Raahe College, public educational work, tel. +35840 135 6779, +35840 135 6780, • Ylivieska Music College, music education in Pyhäjoki, tel. +35844 429 4323,

Tourism Pyhäjoki is well-known for Kielosaari Camping near the centre. Pyhäjoki offers peace of nature in beautiful rural surroundings. The river flowing through the municipal centre and the wide shore areas provide opportunities for both rest and a range of activities.

Accommodation • In the summertime, Kielosaari Camping offers accommodation in cabins or caravans,, tel. +35840 359 6107 • Kielosaari Riverside Cottages: cabin accommodation open all year round,, tel. +35850 336 280 • Apartments in Pyhäjoki: furnished rental apartments,, tel. +35840 702 0857 • Puttaa Manor,, tel. 0400 265 193 • Palosaari, ranger’s farm, tel. +35820 692 424 • Pyhäjoki Veteran’s Cabin, tel. +35840 359 6000 • Louekallio cabin, tel. +35840 523 2261 Attractions • Annala Regional Museum, Annalantie 20. Free entry. 22 buildings, 8 000 objects. • Pyhäjoki Church, • Isosilta (bridge) in Eteläkylä The oldest wooden strut-frame bridge still in use in Finland, 77.5 metres in length

• Art works by Kari Juva: Pauhalla statue in front of the town hall, Ten virgins brick relief in the church and They saw the Christ wooden relief in the Congregation Centre • Flame statue, a memorial to the Greater Wrath, made by Oskari Jauhiainen • Hanhikivi, goose stone, the assumed northern border stone for the Treaty of Nöteborg from 1323 r m ati o n : • Ylimattila Arboretum botanical garden, m o r e in fo apaa-aika • Marinas • Tervo, at the mouth of the Pyhäjoki, Jokipuoji bank fishing spot, Kauko bank fishing spot, Tankokari and the old bank fishing spot at Parhalahti, trawler harbour at Elävisluoto and old fishing harbour in Yppäri Es tablished events Pyhäjoki is a lively place all year round: Family Week takes place in April, Motorcyclist sermon on May Day, Pike King competition and Battle of the Towers birdwatching competition in May, Pyhäjoki Canoeing in June, regional festival and Sea Church in July and the Autumn Fair in September.

Private services and entrepreneurship Approximately 150 enterprises operate in Pyhäjoki. The biggest sectors in terms of employees are forestry and agriculture, construction, industry, wholesale and the retail trade and other service operations. Most of the service companies are located in the centre of the municipality. Developing the conditions for business operations is one of the most important responsibilities of the Municipality. One example of this is the Ollinmäki industrial area, which was completed in autumn 2013, just 1.5 kilometres from the centre of the municipality. The area covers 27 business sites. The need for this new industrial area stemmed from the nuclear power plant which is to be built in Hanhikivennimi. It is believed that this nuclear power plant project will have a significant positive impact on the livelihood of Pyhäjoki and the surrounding regions. Contact information for companies in Pyhäjoki are listed in the sector-specific business registry maintained by Raahe District Business Services at > elinkeinot ja yrittäminen

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City hall, fire station, youth centre Church Library Jokikartano Service Centre, health care station, dentist 5. Community Centre 6. School Centre, Pauhasali auditorium 7. Kielosaari beach 8. Sports field 9. Kielosaari Sports Park, ice rink 10. Day care centre 11. Matkahuolto/postal services (Sale) 12. Annala Museum 13. Disc golf park, Annala sports track 14. Hourunkoski 15. Kittipuhto beach 16. Kauko fishing bank 17. Pyhäluoto beach 18. Tervo marina 19. Rautiperä sports area 20. Isosilta (bridge), Eteläkylä 21. Riverbank roads 22. Sledding and tobogganing hills 23. Kielosaari Nature Path




Kuntatie 1, 86100 Pyhäjoki Tel. +358 40 359 6000 Fax +358 8 439 0266,

Pyhäjoki has power!  

Energetic Pyhäjoki welcomes everyone to stay, visit and work.

Pyhäjoki has power!  

Energetic Pyhäjoki welcomes everyone to stay, visit and work.