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The nature endows activities of all four seasons in Pyhäjoki. Do you need a peaceful respite or sporty activities and excitement? Enjoy nature – your style!



Pyhäjoki riverbank roads were built in the 1950s to protect the lowlands of the riverside from flooding. The riverbank roads not only provide flood protection, but are also excellent hiking trails and part of the hiking trails under development. Jump on a bike or go by foot and witness the season cycle of the river nature from a front-row seat. Tip for summer hikers: wild raspberry grows along the riverbank roads!

Kielosaari Nature Trail , 600 m

Pohjoishaara Riverbank Road

Palosaari Nature Trail, 2 km

You can get all the way to Pirttikoski along the riverbank road north of the river. The trail starts from the town centre at the end of Koskikuja, with parking spaces for cars. At the start of the trail you can enjoy open fire in a hut, sit on a bench, and observe the riverside nature.

The nature trail circulates in the forest landscape, in the surroundings of a restored forest ranger's farm. You can explore bird and tree species of different forest types along the trail. It is worth to take a look around during the berry season – there are good berry and mushroom sites in the nearby forests of Palosaari. Palosaarentie 107

Pirttikoski Trail, approx. 19 km. Take the Pohjoishaara riverbank road to Pirttikoski, cross the river along the Bridge Kuusiniemi and return along the Etelähaara riverbank road.

Saari Riverbank Road, 1,5 km Saari ("Island") riverbank road, true to its name, runs on an island, between the southern and northern forks of the river. There are parking spaces and a small pier at the start of the road that derives from Highway 8. There are benches and a resting place along the trail, perfect for a picnic. 2

Kielosaari camping site is home to a picturesque nature trail that introduces you to the diverse river nature. Small bridges carry you from one island to another and the duckboards take you all the way to a small bird-watching tower and a campfire. Have a seat on the benches along the trail or on the water-polished rocks, and listen to the water ripple and enjoy the scenery. Vanhatie 73

Ylimattila Arboretum – a Tree Species Park You can admire the spectrum of over 300 trees, shrubs and perennials at Ylimattila Arboretum. Different species of birches, conifers, apple trees and rowans grow along the paths of the park. Decorative, rose and berry shrubs bring colour to the park. Established in 2010, the tree species park is open all year round. Free entry. Ylimattilantie 9, Parhalahti




Barbecue sausage, boil black pot coffee or just enjoy the atmosphere of the campfire. Campfire sites available for everyone can be found in different parts of Pyhäjoki: • In the town centre: Rautiperä sports area, Pyhäluoto public beach, Tervo fish harbour, Kielosaari and its nature trail • In Pirttikoski: Oravisjärvi, Bridge Kuusiniemi swimming site, and Kupuliskoski south of the river • In Liminkakylä: the courtyard of Limingoja youth association building • In Yppäri: Pörkkä • In Parhalahti: the mouth of River Liminkaoja. In addition, hunting clubs have their own break and campfire sites across the municipality.

Pyhäjoki nature has lot to offer in the summer and autumn. Pick vitamin-rich berries and tasty mushrooms – you can enjoy them in the winter! Cloudberries are the first to ripe, followed by blueberries. In the autumn, you can pick sea buckthorn, lingonberries, cranberries and black crowberries. You can fill your basket with different mushrooms, for example milk-caps, russulas and boletes. The forests also hide the Japanese delicacy, matsutake. If you are sharp-eyed and lucky, you may find the early summer delicacy, turban fungus, and chanterelles later in the summer. Have you collected plants from the nature? Greater plantain, nettle, fireweed and dandelion, for example, are easily recognizable food plants that you can collect in the spring and early summer. Only eat plants that you know are edible! Follow the advertisement – Wild herb courses are occasionally held in Pyhäjoki.

A diverse range of nesting birds live in the heartlands of the forests, on the lush riverbanks and by the seashores in Pyhäjoki. The location on the main migration route of arctic birds brings us thousands of winged guests in the spring and autumn. Pyhäjoki is one of the most bird-rich regions in Northern Ostrobothnia – approximately 280 bird species have been observed in the municipality region. Grab your binoculars and take a bird-watching trip: to the beach, to the forest or just to your own backyard. Tankokari bird-watching tower is one of the most well-known sites to observe migration in the Northern Ostrobothnia. The most bird-rich time is from mid-April to the end of May. On the busiest days of migration, you can see thousands of taiga bean geese, swans and waders, and hundreds of birds of prey from the tower. Tens of thousands of chaffinches and thrushes can migrate in one day! The tower is successful every year in the national "Tornien taisto" competition organized by Birdlife Finland.

GET A MAP You can download or print a map of Pyhäjoki cycling routes, Pirttikoski riverbank trails, Rautiperä routes and Pyhäjoki hiking trails (updated as the trail implementation progresses) on the website: www.visitpyhajoki.fi

FIND A GEOCACHE Geocaching is modern-day treasure hunting! You can easily make at least 20 geocaching adventures in the Pyhäjoki region... Can you find all the caches?! www.geocaching.com

Other bird-watching sites: • Elävisluoto bird-watching tower, Yppäri • Kielosaari bird-watching tower • Perilahti–Rajalahti bird water area, Yppäri 3

HEAD TO THE WATERS Surging rapids, tranquil flowing pools, winding seashore and open seas – Pyhäjoki has many alternatives to offer for the water enthusiasts.



To listen to the roar of the rapids, head to the major rapids of the municipality of Pyhäjoki: Hourunkoski, Ruukinkoski and Kupuliskoski. The rumble of the rapids peaks during the spring floods, when over 450 m³ of water flows in the river per second. You can also observe the flooding river from the Bridge Kuusiniemi in Pirttikoski. In dry summers, the flow rate remains a fraction of the usual, but even then, the river pool sections are well suited for rowing and stand up paddling.

Pyhäjoki is home to approximately 90 kilometres of coastline. Wade in the salty water, sit on the beach looking at the horizon, or build a sand fortress! Handsome cliffs are the specialty of the locality. You can find old autographs and other engravings on the cliffs in Hyytämä region. You can best enjoy your stay by the seashore at the swimming sites and harbours.

You can admire Hourunkoski rapid from the south side in Koskipuisto Park in the town centre, in which the access routes are also suitable for disabled people. A lean-to is located north of the river, on the shore of Hourunkoski. Grab a snack with you and sit back to enjoy the roar of the rapid. Koskipuisto Park: Niskantie 15 Ruukinkoski rapid roars in the southern fork. The bridge on Highway 8 has good visibility of the surges.


Kupuliskoski rapid is located in Pirttikoski village, approximately 9 km from the town centre. There is a barbecue hut on the south side of the river. In dry summers, you can see handsome giant's kettle on the north side of Kupuliskoski.

Keep in mind the power of flowing water – enjoy the roar of the rapid safely!

TO SMALL WATERS When the big waters – the river and the sea – have become familiar, pay a visit to the small waters of Pyhäjoki. You can find Lake Oravisjärvi, which is very suitable for recreational use, in Pirttikoski village. Lakes Polusjärvi, Pelkosjärvi and Liminkajärvi locates in Liminkakylä village. River Liminkaoja flows into the sea through Parhalahti village, and River Yppärijoki in Yppäri.


TAKE A DIP IN THE WATER Pyhäluoto beach in Etelänkylä is the public beach of Pyhäjoki. The sandy beach is also ideal for children. The water quality is monitored throughout the summer. There are dressing rooms, a dry toilet and waste disposal at the beach. Take care of your safety – there is no lifeguard in duty at the beach. Pyhäluodontie 144 Informal swimming sites are located on the riverside, by the seashore and at the rock quarries.

CANOEING & STAND UP PADDLING Trip to the River The river in Pyhäjoki provides an excellent canoeing and stand up paddling route in the summer. It is advisable to start the trip, for example, from the Kuusiniemi swimming site in Pirttikoski. There is also a good landing site to take off with a canoe or a SUP board at the beginning of the Saari riverbank road. Ruukinkoski in Pyhäjoki is one of the best spots in the region to fool around for the white-water rafters. Pyhänkoski rapid that surges on the Merijärvi side offers even more challenge.

Swimming Sites by the Seashore

Trip to the Sea

• In Parhalahti: Kultaranta by Puustellintie road, sandy beach • In Yppäri: Letto and Merimaja sandy beach, Pylhy and Veteraanimaja beach

There is plenty of water to canoe in the sea! Take a relaxed trip along the coastline or head further away. The best starting points for beginners are the beaches and the boat havens and harbour areas. A canoeing map series by Raahen Purjehdusseura covers the coastline from Yppäri in Pyhäjoki all the way to Varjakka in Lumijoki. Lean-tos, huts and landing sites are marked on the maps. Maps are available on the yacht club website: www.raahenpurjehdusseura.com

Swimming Sites on the Riverside • In the town centre: Kielosaari and Kittipuhto swimming sites and Hourunkoski beach on the north side of the river • In Pirttikoski: Kuusiniemi swimming site near Bridge Kuusiniemi

Swimming Sites at the Rock Quarries • Rautiperä swimming site • Grekunperä swimming site in Yppäri, along Alavieskantie road.

Guided canoeing trips to River Pyhäjoki: Botnia Outdoor, www.botniaoutdoor.fi

LAND THOSE BOATS There are several boat landing ramps across the municipality of Pyhäjoki: • Tervo fish harbour, a small boat harbour at the mouth of River Pyhäjoki, Tervo 60 • Jokipuoji boat harbour in the town centre, Jokipuojintie 87 • Kaukonranta boat harbour in the town centre, Kaukontie 29 • Tankokari fish harbour in Parhalahti, Tankokarinnokka 83, Parhalahti • Elävisluoto fish harbour in Yppäri, Elävisluodontie 243, Yppäri • Yppäri fish harbour in Sahtela, Pörkäntie 116, Yppäri 5


You can enjoy fishing at the sea, by the river and on small lakes in Pyhäjoki.

PYHÄJOKI STYLE CATCH You can catch, for example, grayling, trout, perch and pike by the River Pyhäjoki. The lucky ones may even catch a migratory salmon. There are great fishing sites along the River Pyhäjoki, for example at the Kupuliskoski rapid. Pyhäjoki is also home to the traditional whitefish fishing method, skimming net fishing. In the sea areas in front of Pyhäjoki, you are most likely to catch whitefish, pike, perch and herring, as well as Bothnian Bay vendace. Pikes can be rather huge. Or would you manage to catch a salmon – or even a burbot?!


Fishing Sites • Kielosaari Vanhatie 73 • Kaukonranta boat harbour Kaukontie 34 • Tervo fish harbour Tervo 60 • Kupuliskoski rabid Penkkatie 451, Pirttikoski • Liminkaoja Parhalahti • Elävisluoto fish harbour Elävisluodontie 243, Yppäri Fishing Tourism Services Aino Tuuttila 044 5264 656

Lampreys – or not Round-mouthed lamprey is a catch that surely awakens emotions. Lampreys are caught from the river in the autumn with basket traps and fyke nets. A delicacy or a monster that you do not want to even taste? Decide for yourself!

HUNTING There are five hunting clubs in Pyhäjoki. The region has long traditions especially in waterfowl and elk hunting. You can apply for a membership in a club if you live or own land in the operation area of the club. Guest permits are available, for example, for waterfowl and small prey hunting.

Hunting Clubs • Pyhäjoen Metsästysseura • Parhalahden Metsästäjät • Pirttikosken Metsästysseura • Pyhäjoen Metsästysseura Tarmo (Liminkakylä, Keskikylä) • Yppärin Erämiehet

ICE FISHING Winter fishing has its own ambiance. Pack your rod, line, baits and snacks in the backpack. Grab the ice-picks and the auger, and head to the bay to chase the whitefish and perch. Dress warmly and move safely on the ice!

Shooting Ranges You can practice on a rifle range, an elk range and on the renewed clay disc shooting range on the shooting range of Pyhäjoen Metsästysseura. Ouluntie 155 Pyhäjoen Ampujat have an air gun range. Ollinmäentie 39


Water-specific Fishing Permits

Fishing Permits in Pyhäjoki

You can ice fish or angle without a permit from the sea, lakes and stagnant waters.

You will always need a water-specific fishing permit if you want to fish • in rapid and river areas designated as migratory fish waters • with several rods • with a trap.

Water-specific fishing permits are sold by the owners of the water areas, for example fishing clubs, and permits for the state waters are sold by Metsähallitus. See contacts: visitpyhajoki.fi • Water areas of Pyhäjoen Kalastajainseura: lure fishing permits for flowing waters, rapids from Vuotinperä to the Bothnian Gulf: www.kalakortti.com • Water areas of Parhalahden Kalastajainseura • Water areas of Yppärin Kalastajainseura.

State Fisheries Management Fee The fisheries management fee must be paid if you are between 18 and 64 years of age and fish with a lure or a trap, or catch crayfish. With the fisheries management fee, you can fish with one lure in the public waters of the state in the sea and in stagnant waters, i.e. lakes and ponds. www.eraluvat.fi

At www.kalastusrajoitus.fi, you can check whether the location is marked as a migratory fish water.



Pyhäjoki is about being out and about all year round, indoors and outdoors!



The renewed routes of Rautiperä outdoor recreation area are perfect for all ages. The illuminated and well-marked routes are easy to move along with a stroller as well. Please note that the disc golf course crosses the exercise track in some places! Hiihtomajantie 94

There are approximately 20 fitness boxes in the Pyhäjoki municipality, where you can mark your exercise in a booklet. Record the date, your name, and your performance (walking, cycling, rollerskating...) in the booklet. You may win a small prize if you are lucky!

Annalankangas also has an exercise track (700 m). Annalantie 24

ATHLETICS FIELD At the Pyhäjoki athletics field, you can high-jump or long-jump, practice throwing sports, run, and play soccer. The field is located in the Kielosaari Sports Park and is open to the public in accordance with the opening hours and the booking situation. The field will be opened in early summer and closed in September-October. Ruukintie 37

CYCLING ROUTES You can record several kilometres on the Pyhäjoki cycling route network. Cycle in Pyhäjoki or roller-skate to Raahe!

SMALL PLAY FIELDS AND BALL FIELDS • In Kielosaari Sports Park, • In the Saari School Centre • In the village schools of Parhalahti and Pirttikoski • By the Merimaja – the lawn is well suited for, e.g., soccer and throwing sports. Rannanmäentie 70, Yppäri.

ORIENTEERING The orienteering areas of Pyhäjoki are located in Etelänkylä and Yppäri. In the summer, you can take part in Kuntorastit organized by Saloisten Reipas in Pyhäjoki.









PLAY TENNIS Pyhäjoki is an ideal place for playing tennis – a new tennis court was completed at the Kielosaari Sports Park in the summer of 2017. You can book shifts through the electronic booking calendar of the municipality or from Pyhäjoen Tennisseura. Ruukintie 42




Annalanpuisto is home to a 12-fairway disc golf course. You can warm up with two practice baskets. Annalantie 24 Rautiperä sports area has an 18-fairway course. Hiihtomajantie 94

There are several different exercise groups in Pyhäjoki. You can find their calendars on the municipality website: pyhajoki.fi/liikunta

Pyhäjoki has plenty of terrain to cover, with or without a dog. Communal walks and other dog activities are set in the Pyhäjoen koiratreffit Messenger group. Please contact the leisure activities department if you would like to join the group! Our four-legged friends are also allowed to roam the Rautiperä area during the summer season, provided that they are kept on a leash. The other end of the leash naturally makes sure to collect the poop of their hairy friend and puts it to the bin.

BEACH VOLLEY Throw your friends a serious challenge or have a relaxed game – in beach volley, both styles work. All you need is a couple of friends and a ball. • Kielosaari sports park court Ruukintie 42. Bookings: www.pyhajoki.fi • Letto court in Yppäri Rannanmäentie 70, Yppäri

EXERCISE INDOORS The Sports Hall, located within the school centre, provides a diverse setting for indoor sports. You can play volleyball, floorball or badminton, for example, in the sports hall gymnasium comprising of three sections. A stage with mirrors is ideal for dancing. You can exercise in the premises also during school holidays and evenings if you have booked a shift and redeemed a token. Koulutie 7 Other indoor sports facilities locates within Pirttikoski and Yppäri village schools.

ENERGY GROM THE GYM The gym in the Pyhäjoki Sports Hall is suitable for all from beginners to exercicers. The weekly program includes a gym shift for women, youth gym, and free of charge shifts for seniors and the unemployed. You can exercise at the gym by redeeming a token, see instructions: www.pyhajoki.fi Jokikartano gym is also available for the elderly. Pajahaantie 6

PERSONAL TRAINER SERVICES Do you need a personal trainer or instructor to support your exercise hobby? Pyhäjoki is home to several private operators that offer personal trainer services, for example Tarja Raivio, Vilja Romppainen and Tuulanvire.

MOTOCROSS Get the rounds up at the Motocross track! The Motocross track, maintained by Pyhäjoen Moottorikerho, is located in Viirre, approx. 5 km from the centre of Pyhäjoki. The track is 1,400 m in length. Kokkolantie 606

AIRSOFT Have you played airsoft? You can find a place to play by the Motocross track.

BOOK SPORTS FACILITIES ONLINE You can book available shifts at the Pyhäjoki sports facilities through an electronic booking system. Facilities include, for example, the Sports Hall, tennis courts and athletics field. 9




The renewed tracks of Rautiperä are ideal for skiing! The area has illuminated routes of 1 km, 2.5 km, 4 km and 5 km. The lights work with a photoswitch and automatically turn off at 10 pm. Up-to-date track information is available in the Rautiperän ulkoilualue Facebook group. Rautiperä has a spacious parking area and a time-locked toilet, available from 8 am to 10 pm. Hiihtomajantie 94

In Pyhäjoki you can skate in the indoor ice rink from autumn to spring. You can head to the ice rink during the skating shift of the leisure activities department, which is free of charge for everyone. Hockey is played in a number of hobby teams and in the Pyhäjoen Joki-Kiekko team. The indoor ice rink is also a great place to the bench athlete: feel the atmosphere of PJK home matches and encourage your favorite team in the annual Ice Hockey Village Tournament! Ruukintie 42 B

ICE SWIMMING HOLE CALLS Head to the Rautiperä sports area if you want to refresh yourself with a dip in the ice swimming hole. You can redeem a key to the locker room from the municipal hall information desk.

GO SLEDDING The youngest of the family, and why not the slightly older as well, will enjoy the sledding slopes of Pyhäjoki. You can go sledding in Rautiperä and Parhalahti in the schoolyard. There is also a small slope in the forest next to the Pirttikoski school.


SKATE ON OUTDOOR ICE Parhalahti, Pirttikoski and Yppäri have outdoor ice with illuminated rinks or skating areas in the village schoolyards. Outdoor ice rinks are freely available for everyone.

TO THE SPRING SNOW You can enjoy the spring snow on the sea and river ice in the winter. Skiing, kick sledging and walking on natural ice have an ambiance of their own. Move safely: make sure the ice is durable.

CULTURAL EXPERIENCES Literature, theatre, music, art exhibitions... Nearly a hundred performances or artist visits are available in Pyhäjoki yearly for the culture-hungry.



Pyhäjoki Library is a meeting place that provides, in addition to information, keys to entertainment and stay. You have access to client computers and wireless internet. The event offering of the library includes, e.g., puppet theatre, book club, concerts, and outlet of books. Ruukintie 1 • www.pyhajoki.fi/Iibrary

Theatre performances by Pyhäjoen Näyttelijät entertain during the summer in the courtyard of the Annala Local History Museum and during the Christmas party season in the Pauhasali Auditorium. They provide drama, comedy, improvisation, monologue... combined and individually. Should you be on the stage or in the performance workgroup instead of the audience? Join the joyful crowd of the theatre! www.pyhajoennayttelijat.net

CULTURE IN PAUHASALI AUDITORIUM The 150-seat Pauhasali Auditorium of Pyhäjoki upper secondary school offers activities all year round. The auditorium hosts concerts, theatre performances, lectures and other events. Follow the advertisement in the Pyhäjoen Kuulumiset newspaper and Visit Pyhäjoki Facebook pages. Koulutie 8

MERIMAJA PAVILION DANCES Merimaja Pavilion in Yppäri hosts open-air dances during the summer evenings. Traditional summer stage, seashore, top Finnish dance orchestras and wooden floor suitable for dancing – Merimaja Pavilion is home to perfect open-air dance culture. Rannanmäentie 70, Yppäri

SING IN A GROUP You can get involved with the singing hobby in Pyhäjoki mixed choir Soliseva and Church Choir. Soliseva: www.raahe.fi/raaheopisto Church Choir: www.pyhajoenseurakunta.fi The Pyhäjoki local association of the Finnish Pensioners' Federation has a singing group called Harmaahapset and it hosts karaoke activities. www.elakeliitto.fi/yhdistykset/pyhajoki




Visit monthly changing exhibitions in the library gallery: paintings, photography, design, handicrafts, student works. The exhibition is open during the opening hours of the library and has free entry. Ruukintie 1 You can also enjoy art exhibitions in the Annala Local History Museum during the summer.

ART LOANS At the time of its establishment, the Pyhäjoki art lending shop was presumably the first municipal art lending shop in Finland. You can lend art with the OUTI library card the same way as library books, free of charge. See the works: pyhajoki.fi/ kirjasto/taidelainaamo

SCULPTURES BY KARI JUVA Sculptor Kari Juva (1939–2014) spent his childhood and teenage years in Pyhäjoki, Raahe and Iisalmi. Juva's works include the statue of "Pauhalla" in front of the municipal hall, tile relief "Kymmenen neitsyttä" in the church, and wood relief "He näkivät Kristuksen" in the church community centre. Juva's bronze sculpture "Runoilija ja muusa" can be found in the library. Kari Juva is buried in Pyhäjoki and there is a small sculpture on his grave.

MONUMENTS OF THE "GREAT HATRED" The "Liekki" statue made of concrete and stone designed by Oskari Jauhiainen was completed in the midsummer of 1937. Vanhamaantie, Yppäri The Monument of Ruumiin Risti, mounted in 1996, stands in Ruumiinristikangas in Pirttikoski. The monument is located in a place where hideaway worth of people were burned during the Great Hatred. 64.24655°/024.25705° 12

Annala is one of the largest local history museums in Northern Finland. There are 22 buildings and nearly 8,000 items to admire in the museum area. The local history museum is home to a village shop of the depression era, a lock-up, a military croft, and a windmill. There is a wide range of items at display from bankers’ hats to lumberjack tools. The origins of the Annala estate date back to the 1500s and 1600s. The large estate was transferred into the ownership of the municipality in the 1930s, after which the estate was home to a municipal office, a wartime supply of goods, and a municipal secondary school. Annala Local History Museum was born in 1963 out of the Museum Department items of a municipality exhibition held in Pyhäjoki in 1957. Annalantie 20

BRIDGE ISOSILTA In Etelänkylä, you can cross the river along the oldest wooden Aframe bridge still in use in Finland. The bridge, completed in the spring of 1837, is a national road museum site. It is 77.5 meters long and 5.8 meters wide. Regular maintenance and repairs ensure the condition of the bridge – the latest repair made in 2018–2019. The 1987 studies revealed that the bridge still had original logs that had been supporting the bridge for 150 years at the time. Vanhatie 73

PALOSAARI FOREST RANGER'S FARM Located in the border areas of Pyhäjoki and Vihanti, Palosaari served as a forest ranger's farm between 1861 and 1975. The restored 19th century farm and its cottage milieu are one of the oldest forest ranger's farms of Metsähallitus. Nowadays, Palosaari is a model farm of the game services, where 27 ideal areas for different game species have been established. In 2009, the farm was awarded an international Wildlife Estates acknowledgment. Palosaarentie 107

PYHÄJOKI CHURCH The modern church of Pyhäjoki was completed in 1977. The church was designed by architect office Karvala & Silvennoinen. The wall of the bright church hall is decorated by sculptor Kari Juva's tile relief "Kymmenen neitsyttä". The church is the third built in Pyhäjoki: The first church was built already in the 16th century. The candle chandeliers and the baptismal font dating back to that time decorate the present church of Pyhäjoki. Built in 1736 within the first church, the bell tower designed by Simon Knup still serves the parishioners. The second church of Pyhäjoki was a large 1200-seat empirical cruciform church drawn by C.L. Engel, and it was completed in 1844. The fire that broke out of a lightning destroyed this magnificent building in the midsummer night of 1974. A traditional pauper statue stands under the canopy of the present church, which was rescued from the doorpost of the burnt church. Soldier Kalle Närki sculpted the pauper statue in 1855. Vanhatie 27 The Old Cemetery of Pyhäjoki and its extension are located by the churchyard. Another cemetery is located along Vihannintie road.

OLD MILLS Tekevä mill in Yppäri and Ruukki mill in the southern branch of Pyhäjoki in Ruukinkoski represent the old mill tradition in Pyhäjoki. The mills are privately owned.

OLD FISHING BANKS The old fishing banks of Pyhäjoki tell a story of the fishing traditions of the past centuries. Boats were set to the sea, nets were dried, and the boats were tarred in the fishing banks. There are dozens of protected boat and net houses and fish sheds on the three fishing banks of Pyhäjoki. • Kaukonranta fishing bank at the mouth of River Pyhäjoki, Kaukontie • Jokipuoji fishing bank along the southern fork of River, Jokipuojintie • The old fish harbour of Parhalahti along River Liminkaoja, Kalarannantie, Parhalahti 13


CHILDREN & YOUTH PLAYGROUNDS The new playground of Kielopuisto and the recently renovated Kirkkopuisto are goods places for the children to run around. Kirkkopuisto also has sports equipment for the parents – a great opportunity to improve your physical condition while the children play! Kielopuisto: Ruukintie 42 • Kirkkopuisto: Vanhatie 27 More nice playgrounds can be found in the schoolyards in Parhalahti, Pirttikoski and Yppäri. Take a playground tour and visit them all!

GUIDED PLAYGROUND ACTIVITIES Children in Pyhäjoki are provided with guided playground activities every June. They play games, draw and play together every weekday for 3–4 hours. The guided activities are arranged in Kirkkopuisto and Kielopuisto in the town centre, and in the schools of Parhalahti, Yppäri and Pirttikoski.



Pyhäjoki parish, Pyhäjoki 4H Association, Pyhäjoki Association of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Pyhäjoki Motor Club and Pyhäjoen Tulitaistelijat (Pyhäjoki Fire Fighters) / Youth Department of the Fire Department organize activities for children and teenagers.

Pyhäjoki is home to a mixed local group Hanhikiven Kiertäjät that provide activities for all ages. The groups gather once a week and organize several camps and various events each year. Scouts welcome all ages – including adults. sites.google.com/site/ partiohaki

MUSIC PLAYSCHOOL The Ylivieska College of Music has music playschool groups in Pyhäjoki, where children aged 0-6 receive playful early music education. ylivieska.fi/musiikkiopisto 14

CHILD CHOIRS The parish child choirs gather in the parish community centre, as well as in schools. Saari school also has a choir of its own.

ASSOCIATIONS SPORT CLUBS • Pyhäjoen Ampujat • Pyhäjoen Frisbeeseura • Pyhäjoen Joki-Kiekko • Pyhäjoen Moottorikerho • Pyhäjoen Nuorisoseura (skateboarding) • Pyhäjoen Pauhu (powerlifting) • Pyhäjoen Tennisseura • Pyhäjoen Wirta (athletics) • Yppärin Urheilijat (adult sports, dancing)

YOUTH DEPARTMENT The Youth Department of the Municipality of Pyhäjoki organizes camps, excursions, courses and events for children and young people by themselves and in cooperation with many of the actors in the region. Information on events can be found on the social media accounts of the Youth Department, on the municipal website, and on the Visit Pyhäjoki Facebook page.

YOUTH CENTRE KAHAVELI The municipal youth centre Kahaveli is a meeting place for young people to get together with friends, watch TV and play pool or PlayStation. The coffee pot is always hot - and you can drink coffee free of charge. There are two adult supervisors. The youth centre with its yard areas are non-smoking and have zero tolerance for intoxicants.

YOUTH CENTRE SARPATTI The Pyhäjoki parish youth centre Sarpatti is located within the churchyard. Sarpatti hosts a Gospelcafe aimet at young people on Saturday nights. SarpattiÄxön activities are aimed at the school-aged. Vanhatie 27C•pyhajoenseurakunta.fi

PIRTTIKOSKI HOBBY VENUE The hobby venue downstairs of the school has gym equipment. Pirttikoskentie 585, Pirttikoski

YOUTH COUNCIL The Youth Council represents the voice of the Pyhäjoki youth in decision-making. The council consists of nine young people between 13 and 20 years of age who live, are registered in, or study in Pyhäjoki. The term of the office of the Youth Council is 2 years, and the council is elected by a majority vote.

ASSOCIATION HOUSE Pyhäjoki-based associations, organizations and other actors have access to a municipalityrun association house. The facilities of the association house can be booked through the electronic booking system and the keys can be obtained from the municipal hall information desk or from the leisure activities department. Vanhatie 80 C 3




• Liminkakylän kylätoimikunta • Parhalahden kyläyhdistys • Pirttikosken kyläyhdistys • Yppärin kyläyhdistys

The Ylivieska College of Music offers music education in accordance with the advanced syllabus of basic arts education in Pyhäjoki. Flute, guitar, piano, violin, electric bass... what is your instrument? Entrance exams for the College of Music are held in the spring and are announced in the local newspaper. ylivieska.fi/musiikkiopisto

OTHER ACTIVITIES • Eläkeliiton Pyhäjoen yhdistys • LC Pyhäjoki-Merijärvi • Operaatio Ruut • Parhalahden Puutarhayhdistys • Pirttikosken maaseutunaiset • Pyhäjoen Kotiseutuyhdistys • Pyhäjoen Maa- ja kotitalousnaiset • Pyhäjoen Martat • Pyhäjoen Meripelastusyhdistys • Pyhäjoen Näyttelijät • Pyhäjoen Yrittäjät • Pyhäjokialueen Luonnonsuojeluyhdistys • Raahen seudun Omaishoitajat ja Läheiset • Rannikon Venäjä-seura • SPR:n Pyhäjoen osasto • Yppärin maa- ja kotitalousnaiset

RAAHE COLLEGE Raahe College offers courses in, for example, arts, crafts, sports and languages. You can check the course offering of the community college online! www.raahe.fi/raaheopisto Shorter courses are also organized by Pyhäjoen Martat and the Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation. Follow the advertisement in Pyhäjoen Kuulumiset newspaper. 15



LAN event for young people

Easter bonfires



National Tornien taisto

Family week


Ice Hockey Village Tournament


Motorist church service

Children's art camp, Pyhäjoki Canoeing, Iltavilli evening party in Pirttikoski, Quarter marathon in Yppäri, Summer residents’ get-together IN JUNE:



Pike Royalty Competition

Summer theatre


Merimaja Pavilion Dances


Parhalahti Day IN JULY:

Maritime church IN JULY:

IN AUGUST: Children's camp,

Yösyödään yhdessä event

Homeland Week Homeland Day

IN SEPTEMBER: Elderly week,

Evening of new residents

Heinäkuussa Kotiseutuviikko Kotiseutupäivä Kesäteatteria Merikirkko IN AUGUST: Merimajan tanssit

Venetians – end of the holiday season 16


Christmas party theatre


Pyhäjoki Autumn Fair




Christmas opening


Kaarlo Isotalo (1918–1989) Author, e.g. proletarian novels "Telakka" (1960) and "Maantie" (1961). His later extensive production addressed the most vulnerable.

Anna Luoto (1922–2014) Municipal midwife. Wrote atmospheric, honest memoirs of her time as a midwife, of the war and her childhood when she retired.

Kari Juva (1939–2014) Sculptor, e.g. the statue of "Pauhalla" and more than 30 other public artworks. President of the Republic of Finland awarded Juva with the title of Professor in 2009.

Petter Niklas Mathesius (1711–1772) Pyhäjoki vicar and one of the most prominent politicians of the age of liberty. Wrote the earliest description of Ostrobothnia.

Valter Juva (1865–1922) One of the first Finnishspeaking poets. The most well-known poem is "Jo karjalan kunnailla lehtii puu" (1901). He translated the works of Topelius and Runeberg, and poetry from all over the world. Olli Kangas (s. 1953) Docent, Professor. Became known as the Head of the Social Relations of Kela in the basic income experiment. Worked at universities around the world. Jorma Keskitalo (s. 1949) Doctor of philosophy, project researcher and non-fiction author of the University of Helsinki. Has extensive knowledge of ecology and environmental protection. Margareta Keskitalo (1921–1999) Author, poet, e.g. novel "Tabut". One of the first to bring social awareness into youth literature in the 1960s. Karoliina Kudjoi (s. 1962) Actor, e.g. in the film "Aleksis Kiven elämä", TV series "Salatut elämät" and "Teletubbies", as well as in several city theatres.

Jorma Puranen (s. 1951) Photo artist. E.g. the works "Imaginary Homecoming", "Reflections" and "Icy Prospects". Won the Fotofinlandia award in 1992 and was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal in 2005. Juha Röning (s. 1957) Head of the Information Technology Department of the University of Oulu and one of the leading robotics experts in Europe. Anneli Sauli (s. 1932) Actor, i.e. in the films "The Milkmaid" (1953) and "The Man Without a Past" (2002), and in several city theatres. Elias Seppälä (s. 1955) Music Lieutenant Colonel, become known as, e.g., Orchestra conductor of the Independence Day reception. Chief orchestra conductor of the Defence Forces between 2008 and 2015. Leo Viirret (s. 1967) Scriptwriter and dramaturge in several TV series and films. E.g. "Putous", "Salatut elämät", "Downshiftaajat", "Itsevaltiaat" and "Priest of Evil".



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Van hat ie



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PYHÄJOKI 1 Pohjoishaara Riverbank Road 2 Saari Riverbank Road 3 Kielosaari Nature Trail 4 Ruukinkoski Rapid 5 Hourunkoski Rapid, Koskipuisto Rapid Park 6 Hyytämä, cliff engravings 18

2 4


7 Tervo Fish Harbour 8 Jokipuoji Boat Harbour 9 Kauko Boat Harbour

Swimming Sites

10 Pyhäluoto Public Beach 11 Kittipuhto 12 Rautiperä


16 28

e nti ylä k n lä Etelänkylä Ete

Fishing, boating



15 13





An na lan tie



Van hat ie



lähaa ra



Ka uko ntie

Sports Facilities


12 Rautiperä Sports Area 13 Indoor Ice Rink 14 Athletics Field 15 Tennis Court Beach Volley Court 16 Sports Hall 17 Annala Disc Golf Course 18 Shooting Range

History, culture

8 Jokipuoji Fishing Bank 9 Kaukonranta Fishing Bank 19 Bridge Etelänkylän Isosilta 20 Annala Museum 21 Pyhäjoki Library 22 Pauhasali Auditorium 23 Pyhäjoki Church Youth Centre Sarpatti


15 Kielopuisto Playground 24 Kirkkopuisto Playground


25 Municipal Hall 26 Fire Station 27 Health Center 28 Saari School

Hanhikivi 36

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29 Ylimattila Arboretum 30 Palosaari Nature Trail 31 Lake Oravisjärvi 32 Kupuliskoski Rapid 33 Tankokari bird-watching tower 34 Elävisluoto bird-watching tower


Keskikylä Liminkakylä


Fishing, Boating

7 Tervo Fish Harbour 32 Kupuliskoski Rapid 33 Tankokari Fish Harbour 34 Elävisluoto Fish Harbour 35 Yppäri Fish Harbour

Swimming Sites

10 Pyhäluoto Public Beach

45 50 32

Swimming Sites

12 Rautiperä swimming site 36 Kultaranta Beach 37 Letto Beach 38 Merimaja Beach 39 Pylhy Beach 40 Veteraanimaja Beach 41 Kuusiniemi swimming site 42 Grekunperä swimming site

Sports Facilities

12 Rautiperä Sports Area 43 Motocross Track 44 Parhalahti School 45 Pirttikoski School 46 Yppäri School

History, culture

30 Palosaari 47 Parhalahti Fish Harbour 48 Merimaja Pavilion 49 Liekki Monument 50 Ruumiinristinkangas Monument 19


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Get Active in Pyhäjoki  

Enjoy nature, head to the waters, go fishing, exercise, get cultural experiences!

Get Active in Pyhäjoki  

Enjoy nature, head to the waters, go fishing, exercise, get cultural experiences!

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