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Basic information In Pyhäjoki you can fish in the sea, the river and small lakes. In Pyhäjoki you can find grayling, trout, perch and pike, for example. If you are lucky, you might also catch a salmon in the river. There are several good fishing spots along the river bank, for example in Kupuliskoski. In the sea areas of Pyhäjoki, you can catch whitefish, pikes, perch, herring, Bay of Bothnia vendace, and even salmon and mackerel. The local pikes in particular are considerably large. In Pyhäjoki, you can also catch lampreys in the autumn with pots and creels. However, you will need a special permit to catch lampreys (see Pyhäjoki Fisher´s Association).

When fishing, follow the laws and regulations that apply to fishing and roaming in the nature. Remember to fish in moderation; leave some fish for next time!


18–64 years of age

Under 18 and over 65 years of age

Angling and ice fishing using one basic rod

Free of charge *

Free of charge *

Angling and ice fishing with more than one rod

Fisheries management fee and permit for specific water area

Permits for specific water areas

Lure fishing with one reeled rod

Fisheries management fee OR Fisheries management fee and permit for specific water area **

Free OR Permit for specific water area **

Lure fishing with more than one reeled rod

Fisheries management fee and permit for specific water area

Permit for specific water area

Trap fishing and crab fishing

Fisheries management fee and permit for specific water area

Permit for specific water area

*) Not applicable in current and rapids sections of waters with migratory fish stocks, areas where fishing is prohibited and special areas requiring area-specific permits. **) You will need a specific fishing permit for fishing in current and rapids sections of waters with migratory fish stocks and for special areas requiring area-specific permit, etc. The website contains a map showing all the no-fishing and restricted areas. For example, Pyhäjoki, Liminkaoja and Yppärijoki have migratory fish stocks, meaning that you will need a fishing permit for fishing in the current and rapids sections. 2



During biological rest periods, you cannot place any gear in the water which is made for or is particularly suitable for fishing any protected species. During biological rest periods, any protected fish or crabs caught in your gear must be placed back into the water immediately.

Minimum landing size refers to the minimum allowable size of fish that can be caught. The length of a fish is measured from the tip of the jaw to the tip of the tail when the tail fin is stretched straight and compressed.

• Salmon: sea salmon in rivers and streams from 1 September to 30 November. • Trout: in rivers and streams from 1 September to 30 November. Trout with adipose fins protected in the sea all year round. • Grayling: protected in the sea all year round, in inland waters from 1 April to 31 May. • Whitefish: protected in rivers and streams flowing into the sea from 1 September to 30 November. • Eel: 1 October to 31 January • Lamper: 1 April to 15 August • Crab: 1 November to 21 July at 12 noon.

• Sea salmon: in the Bay of Bothnia 50 cm, otherwise 60 cm. In recreational fishing, catch is limited to max. 2 pcs / day / person. • Trout: with adipose fins in inland waters 60 cm, in the sea protected. With clipped adipose fins 50 cm. • Greyling: in inland water 35 cm, in the sea protected • Pike: 37 cm • Whitefish, eal: no minimum landing size. Also note any specific restrictions per fisher association.

HOW TO GET A FISHING PERMIT You can pay the state fisheries management fee in the Eräluvat webstore: or, for example, using the Eräluvat application. Fishing permits for specific water areas are sold by their owners, including fishing associations, while the Finnish Forest Administration is responsible for granting permits for state-owned water areas. In Pyhäjoki, the Parhalahti, Pyhäjoki and Yppäri fisher’s associations are responsible for selling permits for their water areas, of which you can find more information on the following pages of this brochure.

BE PREPARED TO PRESENT YOUR FISHING PERMIT AND PROOF OF PAYMENT OF THE FISHERIES MANAGEMENT FEE When fishing, keep a payment receipt with you so that you can prove that you have paid the fishing management fee and necessary fishing permits. Be prepared to also provide identification.

ICE AND ROD FISHING You do not need a permission for ice fishing or angling in the sea, lakes, and stagnant waters. In the Fishing Act, angling refers to fishing without a lure or casting with a reel, using only a basic rod and a hook. Ice fishing, on the other hand, refers to fishing with a single, rather small rod, and a vertically movable ice rod attached to the fishing line. 3

Pyhäjoki Fisher’s Association FISHING PERMITS FOR WATER AREAS UNDER THE PYHÄJOKI FISHER’S ASSOCIATION • Lure fishing permits: 7 €/day, 15 €/week or 25 €/year • Membership fee 25 € • Fishing permit for summer / cottage residents 35 € Lure fishing permits for flowing waters include all Pyhäjoki rapids from Vuotinperä to the Gulf of Bothnia. By paying the membership fee, members of the Pyhäjoki Fisher’s Association or the Angling Division that permanently reside in the Pohjankylä or Etelänkylä areas in Pyhäjoki may use lure fishing gear, nets, or other similar fixed gear. Only members of the Pyhäjoki Fisher Association living in the Pohjankylä and Etelänkylä areas that possess a separate permit badge may fish lampreys. Members of the Angling Division living permanently elsewhere in the municipality of Pyhäjoki may use lure fishing gear in the association’s fishing area. Members of the Angling Division who live outside Pyhäjoki may engage in lure fishing. A summer / cottage resident´s fishing permit gives you the right to use lure fishing gear, three nets or one fish trap. A lure permit also gives you the right to fish using one fish trap.

BIOLOGICAL REST PERIODS AND FISHING RESTRICTIONS • Salmon fishing with nets is allowed in the sea area at separately specified times • Fishing with nets is prohibited in the estuary from 1 September to 31 October with the exception of lamprey fishing. European whitefish roe is collected in the area. (Gear marked separately.) • With winter fishing taking place under the ice, mesh size must be over 27 mm in the sea area and at least 50 mm in rivers. • Crab fishing is prohibited. • You must comply with the restrictions and biological rest periods laid down in the Fisheries Act and other regulations. • Check bulletin boards and magazines for other restrictions! 4

PERMITS AVAILABLE AT: Online: Pyhäjoen 4H Löytöpuoti store Vanhatie 48, Pyhäjoki Note: writing fee 1.50 €/permit Pay the fee directly into the bank account of the Pyhäjoki Fisher’s Association: FI59 8000 1779 1475 12 Danske Bank. Include in the message field: name of permit holder and permit type Additional information: Angling Division Jussi Toppari, tel. 050 3042176 Chairperson Jani Westerlund tel. 050 377 9552 Secretary Vice-Chairperson Esa Ruotsalainen tel. 050 5719162



Kaukonranta Tervo


Jokipuoji Kielosaari

Pohjahouru VIHANTI

Water area requiring specific permit

Tiironsuvanto KALAJOKI


Landing site

Tervo fishing harbour Tervo 60, Pyhäjoki

Lean-to Hut

Kupuliskoski Penkkatie 451, Pirttikoski Kielosaari Vanhatie 73, Pyhäjoki

Halusenkoski Haapakoski Koskelankoski



Jokipuoji boat beach Jokipuojintie 87, Pyhäjoki Tervo fishing harbour Tervo 60, Pyhäjoki Kaukonranta Kaukontie 29, Pyhäjoki


BERTHS IN THE POHJANKYLÄ AND ETELÄNKYLÄ AREAS enting berths at Tervo harbour R Pyhäjoki municipality The Etelänkylä partition unit has berths in Jokipuoji Contact details: Juhani Haapakoski, tel. 040 523 2261 Tapio Apuli, tel. 050 028 1897

In 2021, European whitefish, burbot and pike were stocked in the area by different operators.



Parhalahti Fisher’s Association FISHING PERMITS FOR WATER AREAS UNDER THE PARHALAHTI FISHER’S ASSOCIATION • Guest permit/river permit 25 €/year. With a river permit/guest permit, fishing is allowed in the Liminkaoja river area from the old fishing beach of Parhalahti to Tankokari and in the Tankokari harbour. See the fishing area on the map below.

PERMITS AVAILABLE AT: Permits paid into the account of the Parhalahti Fisher’s Association: • Payee: Parhalahti Fisher’s Association • Account number: FI74 5381 0340 0492 28 • Include in the message field: Name of permit holder and river permit 20XX (indicate year)

NOTE: • Fishing is permitted only with angling gear. More information regarding fishing permits Olli Roukala tel. 050 417 7599

GOOD FISHING SPOTS Tankokari harbour Tankokarinnokka 83, Parhalahti T he old fishing beach in Parhalahti Kalarannantie 125, Parhalahti

BERTHS AT THE TANKOKARI HARBOUR • Guest berth, boats under 8 m, 40 €/season • Guest berth, boats over 8 m, 60 €/season • Cement berth 120 €/season • Beach places for small boats: guest boat 20 €, members 15 € Note! Remember to book and pay for your berth before you bring your boat to the dock!

More information about berths: Marko Oja tel. 045 604 2099

Water area requiring specific permit


Heinikarinlampi Landing site

Tanko k





Bird-watching tower Toilet



Selkälippi Parhalahti

Ka la








• Fishing permit 30 €/year

• 100 €/year + road toll 25 € /year If you want to keep your boat in the main dock that is locked, you can have your personal key for a 50 € deposit. More information: Matti Hautala (contact details below).

No permit is needed for angling or ice fishing. However, we recommend getting a permit from the Yppäri Fisher’s Association. Lure fishing requires paying the state fisheries management fee and a permit from the Fisher’s Association.

Yppäri village harbour:

PERMITS AVAILABLE AT: Neste Pyhäjoki Yppäri, Kokkolantie 1116

NOTE • Net fishing may be carried out with 5 nets / crew. All crew members must have a fisher’s association permit. • All sea trout with adipose fins and graylings of all sizes must be released from nets. • The Fisher’s Association can fish bream, smelt and perch in larger batches for clients.

ore information about berths at M the Elävisluoto fishing harbour Municipality of Pyhäjoki: Additional information on fishing permits and berths: Matti Hautala tel. 040 5757469

GOOD FISHING SPOTS Elävisluoto harbour Elävisluodontie 243, Yppäri ppäri village harbour/old fishing harbour Y Pörkäntie 116, Yppäri There is a place for building a fire in the harbour. Bring your own firewood!

Ulko-Harmi Rajaniemi

ppärijoki estuary (river delta) Y Yppäri


tie nmäen Ranna oki ärij tie Ypp rkän Pö




Are you familiar with the right to roam? THE RIGHT TO ROAM ALLOWS YOU TO: • move on foot, ski, and cycle through nature areas, such as forests, natural meadows, and waterways, • ride a horse, • spend time or spend the night on a temporary basis in areas where moving around is also permitted, • pick wild berries, mushrooms, and unprotected plants, • engage in angling and ice fishing • Move around by boat, swim, and wash in the water, walk on the ice. Campfire can be used when there are no warnings for forest or grass fires in Northern Ostrobothnia. Bring your own Please firewood! do not enter

YOU MAY NOT: • interfere with landowners’ use of their land, • walk through yards, plantations or cultivated fields, • cut down or damage growing trees, • collect dried or fallen wood, • collect moss or lichen, • use open fire on private land • disturb anyone’s domestic peace by camping too close to their home (<150m) and making noise, for example, • leave any rubbish in the environment, • drive a motor vehicle outside roads, • disturb or damage nests or chicks • disturb animals or • fish and hunt without relevant permits.

cottage yards.

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Pyhajoenkunta Visitpyhajoki

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