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Filmfestival Rotterdam Stichting Filmfestival Rotterdam zet zich in voor het stimuleren van de vertoning en productie van de kwaliteitsfilm middels, onder andere, het Hubert Bals Fonds, de CineMart en Rotterdam en Route. In januari organiseert de Stichting jaarlijks het International Film Festival Rotterdam dat een kwaliteitskeuze biedt uit de internationale onafhankelijke, innovatieve en experimentele cinema. De selectie is afkomstig uit alle werelddelen, altijd voor het eerst in Nederland te zien en voor het allergrootste deel gemaakt in het voorgaande jaar. Gedurende twaalf festivaldagen presenteren honderden filmmakers en kunstenaars op 18 festivallocaties met 27 bioscoopzalen in het centrum van Rotterdam hun werk aan een groot festivalpubliek en ongeveer 3.000 internationale festivalgasten.

Het International Film Festival Rotterdam zoekt een

Stagiair(e) voor het Press Office

voor de periode half oktober 2008 tot en met half februari 2009. Deze afdeling draagt zorg voor de communicatie van het festivalprogramma, festivaldoelstellingen en festivalactiviteiten naar een groot aantal media in binnen- en buitenland. De taken van de stagiair(e) hebben een administratief, dienstverlenend en representatief karakter. De stage biedt de kans om mee te maken hoe een groot publieksevenement met een internationaal karakter tot stand komt, hoe de organisatie werkt, welke middelen voor de persvoorlichting worden aangewend. Wij zoeken een stagiair(e), studerend aan een WO of HBO-opleiding, die full time mee- en samenwerkt met het Press Office-team en de overige festivalmedewerkers, communicatief is en onder tijdsdruk kan werken. Goede beheersing van de Nederlandse en Engelse taal in woord en geschrift is noodzakelijk. Nadere inlichtingen kan je inwinnen bij het hoofd van het Press Office, Bert-Jan Zoet (010-8909090). Indien je ge誰nteresseerd bent ont-


vangen wij graag op korte termijn, uiterlijk 30 juni 2008, een schriftelijke sollicitatie met motivatie en curriculum vitae.


Je kunt deze sturen aan: International Filmfestival Rotterdam T.a.v. dhr. B.J. Zoet Postbus 21696 3001 AR Rotterdam Of via email naar press@filmfestivalrotterdam. com


First time SAO When I first watched SAO I was hooked. The premise had been done before but that didn’t stop me getting in the show. I figured Kirito could grow to be an interesting considering his position in the world. But the show never gave him any true obstacles to overcome. He was literally perfect or things just worked his way. I mean him trying to be a loner so he wouldn’t have to see others was ok. But after a few episodes he was so overpowered he never had to worry. He was paper thin as a character.

That is rings me to the second half. It was entirely pointless and creepy! The return to the real world, his sister/cousin crush, and the vaudeville villain ruined the show. First off they skip over the real world ramifications of the game. We hardly even hear anyone talk about what happened. I mean 10,000 people were trapped for two years and it’s basically swept under the rug. We never really see any characters recover from the order at. TheWhen I first watched SAO I was

Character Development

Even worse than that the show moved at such a break neck pace I’m surprised I didn’t catch whiplash from it. The pacing was brutal and character development suffered because of it. The show introduced so many characters and we would only see then occasionally. Most of them seemed great but outside of a few brief appearances we never learn more about them. This made believing in Kirito and Asuna romance difficult. It just happened so fast and the show expected us to just accepted a character we hardly know is his soul mate.

hooked. The premise had been done before but that didn’t stop me getting in the show. I figured Kirito could grow to be an interesting considering his position in the world. But the show never gave him any true obstacles to overcome. He was literally perfect or things just worked his way. I mean him trying to be a loner so he wouldn’t


have to see others was ok. But after a few episodes he was so overpowered he never had to worry. He was paper thin as a character. Even worse than that the show moved at such a break neck pace I’m surprised I didn’t catch whiplash from it. The pacing was brutal and character development suffered because of it. The show introduced so many characters and we would only see then occasionally. Most of them seemed great but outside of a few brief

appearances we never learn more about them. show just skips ahead two months. The second half could have death with them recovering and making their love work in a world that they don’t know anymore. That would have been amazing. But I digress.


Then the whole sister/cousin plot line was beyond uncomfortable. It just comes out of no where and makes no sense. We barely know Sugu and she’s just trusted into the forefront. Every time she was on screen with Kirito I cringed. They could have taken her character is a completely different direction. Maybe making her a little sister desperate to make a bond with the brother she has become distant with. That would have made her presence make more sense and 1000 times less creepy. But by far my biggest issue with the show is Sugo! He’s horrible as a villain and character. Firstly how did he make a game that uses a newer nerve gear and get people to play it? No one in their right mind would use anything like that after the SAO incident. Secondly why would he announce his evil plans to Kirito? Why not just marry her and con-

tinue your plans in secret. For a genius he seems extremely stupid. And I don’t even want to get started on the final show down. I was angry but couldn’t stop laughing it was laughably bad! They should have just had he get run off and kept that outrageous melodrama for something else. I’m not trying to be overly critical of the show. In all honesty I wanted this show to be great they just wasted the chance. I would have loved for them to just slow the pace and let all the characters grow and maybe did a new arc in a second season. At least they’d have a roster of characters we know and care about to keep us hooked.


Opening and Ending Originality

The openings and endings are alright. The first opening was UVERworld and was very cool. But soon after the opening was changed, and was made to fit an anime with no real plot.

Ao no Exorcist Character Development

This anime diverges from the manga, very disappointing. Up to episode 15 or 16, the story is the same as the manga and all of the main character's stories are put out there. This pertains to Rin and Yukio and their adopted father, Fujimoto Shiro. Shiro is a priest and also an exorcist who is like a father to Rin and Yukiko at great cost to himself. Since, their real father was the devil. After this point (episode 15), it's all up in the air as to what's really from the manga.

artistic appeal of the show is good. The conceptualization of the different demons from good ones to evil ones was clever, and added a Japanese twist to what you would think is a evil spirit.

Artistic Appeal

Rin's voice actor is Nobuhiko Okamoto who also voiced Origami Cyclone in Tiger and Bunny and Niizuma Eiji in Bakuman, if you know those. Yukio's voice actor is Jun Fukuyama who also voiced Guache Suede in Letter Bee, Watanuki in xxxHolic, etc. They make good brothers haha. The


Plot Complexity

Again, this show diverges from the manga which is a disappointment. Anyone can wonder why. Was the manga too sacriligious to be exposed via television in it's fullness? Is the creator and co. trying to get a following for the manga or a newer anime? Who knows? The plot isn't complex, after episode 16 you don't really know anything else about Rin and Yukio's adopted father Shiro. This is why I started to watch the show because his involvement with them is suspenseful and shounen. He's like Jiraiya in Naruto. But then the show goes on to some filler plot.

Why fight?

so the fighting is always different, and the non-fighting is also always different. Finally, two last things. What’s with otamots and drastic measures? Like, doing something so stupidly risky that nobody knows whether or not it would

I don’t get why he has to fight every single episode, even in the fillers – I understand the story-by-story approach to build character, but can’t a shownen shou build character /without/ fights (or at least, violence)? Maybe, like, have him realize that studying is good for him? Perhaps the pace would not feel good (similar to a badly-placed flashback episode, cough cough hotd4 cough),

but at least there’d be more variety. Not that there’s not enough variety in the episodes – I love how everything changes from episode to episode,

work. It’s been happening for almost every episode – cutting


the Gehenna Gate, betting that Yukio wouldn’t shoot Rin, shooting Shiemi with a ‘nutrition capsule’ or whatever, hugging the frog, and not resorting to violence against Ukobach. I suppose, if you’re watching this week-by-week, the climax is worth waiting for so long – but for some person who’s watching this all on a marathon, I’m not sure.

access to entirety of the game’s content including races, classes, instances, equipment items, PvP and the political system with restrictions only effecting the number of character slots and safe deposit areas available to them. Anyone who purchased TERA since launch will be deemed a ‘Veteran’ and will be given complete access to all game functions, whether they subscribe at time of the switch or not. This simply means that the number of character slots available will remain at eight, safe deposit spots won’t be restricted and they’ll also be given a special in-game title so they can showcase their commitment to TERA.

Tera going free-to-play in february Specification Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements Operating System Windows XP (32 Bit Only)*, Vista, 7, or 8 (Latest Service Pack) Windows XP (32 Bit Only)*, Vista, 7, or 8 (Latest Service Pack) Processor Speed AMD Athlon64 3200+ or, INTEL Pentium4 3.20GHZ AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ or, INTEL Core2 Duo E6750 Video Card ATI Radeon X1600XT or, NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT ATI Radeon HD 3870 or, NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT Memory (RAM) 2GB 4GB DirectX Version 9.0C or Greater 9.0C or Greater Hard Drive Space 50GB Free (For Digital Edition) or 30GB (For Physical) 50GB Free (For Digital Edition) or 30GB (For physical) Optical Drive DVD-ROM Drive DVD-ROM Drive

Gameforge has announced that the fantasy MMORPG TERA will switch from a subscription-only model to free-to-play one in Europe next month. The Korean version of the game adopted a free-to-play approach last year to attract new players and soon the EU version will follow suit.

The switch When the switch happens next month, TERA’s playerbase will be split into two; Free and Veteran. Free players will receive free


Like many existing free-to-play games, Gameforge will also allow players to keep subscribing to the game, via an initiative dubbed ‘TERA Club’. The bonuses for this elite group are still being fleshed out, but those who keep paying a monthly fee will enjoy shorter cooldown times for instances, an increased rate of XP accumulation and special bonuses like epic mounts. If this MMORPG pot wasn’t sweet enough, TERA’s transition to free-to-play will also coincide with the launch of a brand new dungeon, as well as three versus three PvP battles in purpose-built arenas.

What is World of Warcraft? World of Warcraft is an online game where players from around the world assume the roles of heroic fantasy characters and explore a virtual world full of mystery, magic, and endless adventure. So much for the short answer! If you’re still looking for a better understanding of what World of Warcraft is, this page and the Beginner’s Guide are the right place to start.

We’re proud of the original Diablo’s dark, moody atmosphere and engaging item-grabbing gameplay. Diablo II added more environmental and monster variety, more diverse classes, and a number of unique elements that have since become synonymous with the franchise (like gems, runes, set items, etc.). Both games established the series’ hallmarks: randomized levels, the relentless onslaught of monsters.

Top 20 MMORPGs This is the top 20 of my favourite MMORPGs I've ever played, I've started playing MMORPGs when I was around 10 years old, it all started with Ultima Online on my uncles account. I then bought City of Heroes as my first MMORPG. Not long after that I bought World of Warcraft. I hope you appreciate my (MMO-Fortress) top 20 of Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games. Check out more news about MMORPGs on

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is the long-awaited sequel to the original StarCraft, Blizzard Entertainment’s critically acclaimed sci-fi real-time strategy game. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is both a challenging single-player game and a fast-paced multiplayer game, and it also taps into – Blizzard Entertainment’s fully-featured online gaming service. So, what exactly is StarCraft II? Read on and find out.


World of Warcraft


Ultima Online






Warhammer Online


Age of Conan




Dark Age of Camelot






City of Heroes


Allods Online


Everquest 1


Everquest 2




Kart Rider Online


Asheron's Call 1


Asheron's call 2


Runes of Magic

20 Cabal Online


Biography Carlos "ocelote" RodrĂ­guez Santiago

mate Araneae, he is known to be a very vocal player in live events, often times shouting loud enough to be heard on the live stream.

is the AP carry for SK Gaming. He was born in Madrid, Spain on June 15th, 1990. Prior to picking up League of Legends, ocelote was a notable World of Warcraft player, reaching the Blizzcon 2009 3on3 Finals. He started playing League of Legends during the beta stages, but took a break until October of 2010 to finish his studies at school. He played for the Dimegio clan before moving to SK Gaming. Trivia He has stated that he does not capitalize the "o" in "ocelote" because every letter has the same importance in his name.


He previously played World of Warcraft at a professional level. He is known primarily for his Cassiopeia. During May 2012, ocelote decided to swap roles with Kev1n, the SK top laner, because he was tired of playing in the middle lane and felt that his aggressive playstyle was more suitable for top. The two switched back shortly afterwards. Along with his former team-




Typografie & Logo MSU1 Arial

Niobium Logo




Voor het logo van Anime Gaming heb ik gekozen voor de letters A en G. Ik heb die letters in elkaar geschoven om zo tot de vorm van een driehoek te komen. De driehoek staat voor het maken van een magazine met zowel games als anime in 1 magazine. Dit betekent dat 2 punten (anime & gaming) naar 1 punt (een magazine) gaan, dat is dus de driehoek vorm.

De layout van het magazine heb ik zo speels mogelijk proberen te maken. Ik heb hierbij veel gekeken naar andere game magazines en magazines over anime. Hierbij is het mij opgevallen dat er heel veel plaatjes vrijstaand zijn, dit heeft ook weer veel te maken met de speelsheid van het geheel. Tevens heb ik bij alle spreads een achtergrond genomen van het desbetreffende onderwerp.

De kleuren heb ik gekozen gebaseerd op het onderwerp, ik heb daarom vooral gekozen voor de kleuren blauw, oranje en geel. Dit zijn de kleuren die de meeste mensen associĂŤren met games en anime. Ik heb zowel met lichte als donkere achtergrond kleuren gewerkt. Ik pas mijn font kleur aan op de achtergrond kleur, als ik een donkere achtergrond kleur heb dan gebruik ik wit en vice versa.

Bij de fonts heb ik gekeken naar de leesbaarheid, maar ook de speelsheid van de letter daarom heb ik voor de body gekozen voor Arial. Dat is goed leesbaar, maar ik heb voor de kop gekozen voor MSU1 omdat die letter speels is maar hij is ook echt groot. De subkopjes heb ik gemaakt met een font die echt heel speels is en tegelijkertijd ook artistiek. Dat is de font Niobium geworden.


Hieronder staan nog even het logo en de fonts in het groot die ik heb gebruikt in dit magazine.

MSU1 Niobium Arial




Gunz The Second Duel The second Closed Beta Test for GunZ 2 had just ended and I spent most of time during the weekending checking out the new content it has to offer. It has been awhile since I have written a review on a FPS game but since a lot of people are going crazy about GunZ 2, I decided to write a mini review of my CBT2 experience. If you're an original GunZ player the first thing that you will probably notice is that this game doesn't have K-Style anymore. A lot of elitists

version. Character Selection & Shop Features There were only three playable classes in the second CBT though the story line kind of hints that there

Gameplay PvE I actually had a lot of fun with the new PvE content that was presented in the second Closed Beta Test of GunZ 2.

will probably be upset but perhaps one of the reasons why MAIETGAMES didn't implement it is because they wanted other players to pick up the game easily without having any advantages from the previous

might be a fouth class in the future. They added a new shop feature in the latest GunZ 2 build where players will be able to purchase new equipment and outfits for their characters. If you have played a lot of F2P FPS/TPS games then you'll probably be a bit familiar with the shop system. The weapons have an expire date so if you're planning on only playing for a day or two, then you should just rent that weapon for the day! They also added purchasable life tokens for players who often die in the PvE content of the game. I also forgot to mention that shotguns kind of got nerfed!


They added a bunch of new maps and fun boss fights! Though it is most unfortunate that the AI hasn’t changed much. Even with the zombie AI’s they somehow manage to kill players that play recklessly. I actually died a bunch times during my adventures, I always found myself running out of ammo here and there.

Storyline The game has an actual story line for you to follow and the NPC’s are always talking to you during the mission. There are a bunch of story cut-scenes here and there, I can’t really tell you much about it other than you’re trying to stop bad guys! I still wish they added some kind of zombie mode for fun or other kinds of PvE modes while they still can. It wouldn’t be so bad, I mean they

Bosses The final campaign boss was very exciting even though the boss felt a bit clunky at times. A super huge missile that can one shot the team, mini guns, homing missiles, random reinforcements, and etc. It’s too bad I died near the end, I wanted to last hit the boss for fun. I kind of had trouble climbing up the boss, perhaps I should take the gun sword combo next time so that I can latch on to the boss before it moves and knocks me off. GunZ 2 had a lot of weird things in the PvE content but the thing that probably bothered me the most is the client crashes.

already got the AI down for it. I rushed through the PvE content as fast as I could so that I can get some videos of what the final campaign boss looked like.


It’s not so bad when you’re just starting out the missions but crashing out before big boss fights or in the middle of missions is kind of annoying! Hopefully they sort out this problem by the time they roll out the 3rd CBT.

Archeage XLGames have stated that there will be 8 playable races when the game is released with a few of them being unique to ArcheAge. There are currently only 4 playable races, but there was a concept sketch provided on the official page that gives us hints to what the others look like.

Each race has their own starting area. The Nuians and Elves start on the western continent (often referred to as the Nuian continent) and will belong to the western faction at the start of the game. The Ferres and Hariharans start on the eastern continent (often referred to as the Hariharan continent) and will belong to the eastern faction at the start of the game. Before anyone complains about factions let me just say that XLGames have stated that you will be able to create your own later on (not currently implemented). The starting areas/faction alignment are unknown for the other four races. Other than the first four races that we mentioned

Races The currently implemented races are Nuians (western humans), Elves, Ferres (cat-like humanoids), and Hariharans (Asian humans). The other 4 races are guesses from the concept art and some translations from Korean fan-sites: Dwarves, Faeries, Warborn, and the Returned.


none of this is confirmed, but it gives you an idea of what we believe the other races will look like. Concept art with different races:

Character development Unfortunately the character creation process doesn't have very many options at the moment. Not all races/ genders receive the same amount of options to select from for each of the following categories: face, hair, skin colour, hair colour. After you've chosen all those you can put scars and tattoos on your face and freely size/place them. Also, it seems like a good portion of the face options are designed for an asian audience. Here's a video of the current character creation options:

All races have their own racial passives but they are very minor ones so as not to force people into a decision for race. Graphics/Game World Design The graphics in this game are truly amazing. XLGames has gone to a lot of effort to make the game world as real as possible. The different world areas seamlessly blend together and there is a large variety of ecosystems included. In ArcheAge you'll find anything from grasslands and deserts to dense jungles and forests. You'll also find things like volcanoes, snow-crested mountaintops and spectacular waterfalls. The game world is extremely vast and open. There is nowhere you can't explore and some spots can be tricky to reach. There is no loading between regions (unless you teleport) so once you're in the game world it can sometimes be difficult to tell where one area ends and the next one starts.

graced with things like thunderstorms, snow falling from the sky (just in certain areas), leaves falling from trees, fog disrupting your vision, and even some whirlpools on the ocean. This game also has some of the most breathtaking sunsets (and sunrises) I've ever seen. The rays from the sunlight breaking through trees are especially picturesque as well. Even the wildlife in ArcheAge is realistic. You'll encounter birds flying above (complete with casting their shadow on the ground) and herds of zebras running together. The water on the ocean looks like real water and the way the waves break on the boats is insane. Even on low settings the game looks amazing, but as in any game, ArcheAge really comes to life when you up the resolution and the settings. Your draw distance on a lower end system is pretty good, but will increase considerably on a higher end system enabling you to seemingly look out across the land (or

While in ArcheAge you'll be


ocean) forever. Here's a few videos to show what I mean: Oh yeah, the game has a full night/day system too: Equipment, Items, Drops, etc. Good equipment plays an important role for your character. You can use swords and plate armor on a mage character, but staffs and robes will be more effective. You get certain bonuses when your armor set consists more of the same type of armor (robes – cast speed / leather – crit rate / plate – physical defense). An armor set consists of seven pieces: helmet, chestpiece/top, elbow/forearm protection, gloves, belt, pants, boots.

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Function DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW Formats compatible MP3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG-4, DivX Playback Formats compatible Progressive Scan, A/V Quality Video DAC :10 Bit / 108 MHz Audio D/A Converte: 24 Bit / 192 kHz Dolby Digital Surround Sound available, A/V Quality EZ View available 2x, 8x, 32x, 128x Super Scan Playback Instant Replay available Instant Skip available Moving Zoom available Child Protection available Physical Features Black Color LED FLT Display 6Watts Power Consumption 3470 Loading Quantity 20ft 7110 Loading Quantity 40ft Connectivity Audio Out L/R available Coaxial Digital Audio Output available Component Video Output available Composite Video Output



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