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Integral Lens


multi-perspectival approaches to architectural photography Pygmalion Karatzas

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Integral Lens


multi-perspectival approaches to architectural photography by Pygmalion Karatzas a project awarded by the Fulbright Foundation Greece with the Artist Scholarship 2015-2016, and sponsored by the University of Tennessee Knoxville, College of Architecture and Design

Pygmalion Karatzas

web edition

content 1_nortigo III 2_boomeritis III 3_fringe 4_future memories III 5_aperspectival II 6_empire state of mind III 7_aqal views III


Integral Lens is a visual journey of contemporary architecture and cityscapes from the United States taken during the 5-month visit between October 2015 and March 2016. The project was awarded by the Fulbright Foundation Greece with the Artist Scholarship and sponsored by the College of Architecture and Design of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Volume two and three continues on the same spirit as the previous collection, displaying the work done in thematic series, from streetscapes and structural details to intimate urban areas and man-altered landscapes; from architectural profiles to urban waterscapes and cityscape vistas. Representational and expressionist approaches are combined to illustrate a wider spectrum of architectural photography. Artistic series continue the long exposure and abstract themes, while editorial selections present exemplary contemporary design projects. The integral perspective pays homage to the major past and present genres of the field, from the early realists and pictorialists to the postmodernists and editorialists. Put together, they highlight four broader functions of the historic relationship between architecture and photography: - Documenting and portraying the built environment and the urban condition, - Making architecture with photography, - Producing architectural critique and contributing to urban discourse, - Establishing an expressive dialogue with the contemporary urban landscape and aspiring to something greater. May you, in viewing this visual journey, share the enjoyment of discovery and aspiration. Pygmalion Karatzas Architect, Photographer M.Sc. Urban Design Selianitika Greece, November 2016

1_nortigo III In the ‘Serial Vision’ series streetscapes are combined with architectural landmarks. The black and white high contrast rendering and the candid moments are a reference to the classic street photography genre. Street photography is associated with the joy of simply walking around the city, observing closely the interaction between people and their surroundings, and creating a dynamic balance of the elements by way of framing and composition.

Space Needle, Seattle Center

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

De Young Museum, San Francisco

Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago

Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Stephen Goldring Hall, New Orleans

Harold Washington Library, Chicago

Ray and Maria Stata Center, MIT, Cambridge

Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Contemporary Art Extension

Knoxville countryside, Tennessee

Perez Museum, Miami

Brickwell Plaza, Miami

MIT Chapel, Cambridge

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey California

Urban Lights LACMA, Los Angeles

Inter Active Corp HQ, New York

NoHo neighborhood, New York

Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans

2_boomeritis III ‘Nortigo II’ series continues the collection of new compositions by looking straight up towards the ceiling, atrium or sky, from the visited contemporary architectural subjects and urban landmarks. The progression from indoor to outdoor spaces supplements the introvert/extrovert design polarity, while the pairing of classical buildings with modern, postmodern and cosmogenic architecture allows for comparative viewing experiences.

Hindu Temple, Los Angeles

The Broad Museum, Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

De Young Museum, San Francisco

Community Rowing Boathouse, Boston

Convention Center, Boston

EMP Museum, Seattle

JFK Library, Boston

Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles

Battery Wharf, Boston

Fort Point Channel Tunnel, Boston

Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs

Lake Point Tower, Chicago

Jane’s Carousel, New York

Lake Pancoast, Miami Beach

3_fringe From the 80 visited projects, approximately half of them were photographed and are being presented in a descriptive editorial manner. A selection of the remaining projects is presented in this series (as well as in other series of the collections, like ‘simulacra’, ‘serial vision’, ‘nortigo’) in order to include the full range of the trip’s subject matter.

Brookfield Place Pavilion, New York

High Line Park, New York

Zuccotti park, New York

Olympic Park, Seattle

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Visitor Center, Denver

Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles

Hindu Temple, Los Angeles

U.S. Air Force Academy Center for Character & Leadership Development, Colorado Springs

Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, New York

Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans

Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans

Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago

Faena Forum Museum, Miami Beach

4_future memories III ‘Future memories II’ builds on the previous series with a more detail editorial presentation of the contemporary architectural projects visited. A sample from the 80 projects visited and documented from the 12 cities, is meant to provide an inspiring and striking glimpse of the latest achievement in design and construction from the American continent, with a tireless dedication to architectural photography high standards, in service of the profession’s dissemination and cultural asset value.

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

Fort Point, Boston

Fort Chicago Point,skyline Boston

Red Rock Visitor Center, Las Vegas

WMS Boathouse, Chicago

Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco

Waterfront Kiosk, Chicago

Pier 15, New York

Morgan Library, New York

Perez Museum, Miami

Union Station, Denver

State Street Village, Chicago

Oak Park Library, Chicago

MIT Chapel, Cambridge

Contemporary Art Museum, Chicago

College of Architecture & Design, Knoxville

1111 Lincoln Str Parking, Miami

Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs

Art Museum, Denver

California Institute of Science, San Francisco

MIT Lab, Cambridge

Ray and Maria Stata Center, Cambridge

5_aperspectival ‘Aperspectival’ is taking a more intimate look at urban landscapes, influenced by the visual vocabulary of the ‘New Topographics’ movement and the metropolitan condition ‘terrain vague’ as defined by Ignasi de Sola-Morales. In contrast to the carefully designed and integrated urban projects, contemporary cities are also characterised by their obsolete and unproductive spaces, undefined, without specific limits. As such they manifest as spaces of freedom and represent an anonymous reality outside the urban regeneration tendencies. This highly influential photographic movement from the 70ies was a break from the romantic and idealistic view of both urbanism and countryside and offered a more candid, and sometimes blunt, look at the manaltered landscape. It was a timely critical realisation of the cognitive dissonance maintained by the modernist ideal, and as such became more than just a viewing perspective, it expressed the condition of postmodernity. The irony of creating a style stripped of any artistic frail is layered with a similar treatment as in fine art photography to further juxtapose the polarities.

Art Deco District, Miami Beach

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

1111 Lincoln Str Parking, Miami

French Quarter, New Orleans

Art Deco District, Miami Beach

Art Deco District, Miami Beach

South Beach, Miami

Charles River Esplanade, Boston

1111 Lincoln Str Parking, Miami

Pier 15, New York

Pier 14 & Bay Bridge, San Francisco

Highway 101, Los Angeles

Midtown Manhattan, New York

Fort Point, Boston

6_empire state of mind III ‘Empire state of mind II’ series continues on the same scale and tone set out with the first collection. Experiencing the vastness of the American landscape and cityscapes, I am reminded of Rem Koolhaas ‘Bigness’: “Beyond a certain scale, architecture acquires the properties of Bigness. The best reason to broach Bigness is the one given by climbers of Mount Everest: “because it is there.” Bigness is ultimate architecture.” The coupling of urban with rural locations reflects the dominant dichotomy of contemporary living, while the 2x1 pano format follows the panoramic feeling of the open vistas.

Riverwalk, Chicago

Malibu Pier, Los Angeles

International Fountain, Seattle

Malibu Creek State Park, Los Angeles

Maverick Landing, Boston

Joshua Tree National Park, California

MIT Sailing Pavilion, Boston

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur California

Lo Presti Park, Boston

Big Sur, California

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

7_aqal views III ‘AQAL Views’ concludes this collection in a similar manner as the first series did. Blurred waterscapes and moving skies meet building silhouettes and auxiliary structures in a merging dance between the perpetual and the ephemeral. As the shutter takes more time to let light in the sensor, so the photographer takes more time to get absorbed by the scene, and invites the viewer to have a similar unifying visual experience. Having lived most of my life near the water, a deep connection with this element has been formed. Scenes that combine landscapes with waterscapes are dear to my heart in a primal level, which also explains my attraction to the minimalist long exposure imagery of photographers like Michael Kenna, early David Burdeny, and the plethora of other artists that comprise this expanding sub-genre. Arriving in places, the new and unfamiliar instinctively is counterbalanced by the familiarity of the waterfront.

Aquatic Bay, San Francisco

MIT Sailing Pavilion, Boston

Pygmalion Karatzas DuSable Harbor, Chicago

Aquatic Pier Bay, Dancers, San Francisco Denver

Aquatic Pier, San Francisco

Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara

Pygmalion Karatzas Aquatic Aquatic Pier Bay, Bay, San Dancers, San Francisco Francisco Denver

Tennessee river, Knoxville

Navy Pier, Chicago

Embarcadero, San Francisco

Pier 14, San Francisco

Edgewater, Seattle

South Beach, Miami

Hunters Point South Park, New York

Long Island waterfront, New York

Manhattan Bridge, New York

Bay Bridge, San Francisco

Main Street Park, New York

acknowledgements I am grateful to the people at Fulbright Foundation Greece for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime: Artemis Zenetou, Els Siakos Hanappe, Christina Paraskeuopoulou. Their continuous guidance during the whole process was pivotal for the successful completion of this demanding and complex project. I am thankful to Sidsel Hartlev from the Danish Architecture Center, May East from the Global Ecovillage Network and Yiorgis Yerolymbos for their supportive recommendations during the application process. Lily Banning and Rachel Koepsel at the Council for International Exchange of Scholars and the Institute of International Education for their liaison with the American Institutions and administrative processes. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the people who’s warm hospitality made this trip possible. Without their loving support I wouldn’t have been able to cover as much ground as I did, nor get a closer impression for the visited places. Mark DeKay and Susanne Bennett in Knoxville provided the perfect welcoming environment to start and end this journey. Their introspective spirits coupled with caring guidance were, and continue to be, instrumental. It is inspirational seeing them both as individuals and as a couple to exemplify the integral spirit in their work and lives. Maria Rogersen in New York gave me a “first-row sit” to East Village and Manhattan and introduced me to interesting and unique fellow artists. Experiencing the city’s vibe with a local professional who has such a positive and sociable energy was truly a gift. Miranda Loud in Boston, being a fellow artist and highly conscientious spirit, shared her studio collective and non-profit organisation experience for problem-solving, fundraising, and maintaining our vocation within the daily struggles. I felt like family with Stella and Petros Petridis in Chicago. A tough city can be better lived with grace and grit. Such qualities are definitely embodied when witnessed in the lineage of three generations, and their presence lifted my spirits as well. I am indebted to my dear cousins Natalie Naimi-Yazdi and Tom Wypych in Los Angeles. In the midst of their demanding work schedules, they always had time to answer my endless logistical questions; their tips for adjusting in California made me anxious at first but ultimately were the reason I had a smooth journey without any troublesome incidents. Aside the practical matters, they are both a wealth of a range of intelligences, from business and technology to multicultural perspectives and a variety of skilful means beyond their years. I especially enjoyed my time in San Francisco with Elizabeth Naimi-Yazdi and Ehsan Rezvan.

From the serene Monterey Bay and the majestic Pebble Beach to the intoxicating Napa Valley; from the historic Hillsborough in San Mateo to the prestigious Stanford campus and the picturesque Sausalito in Marin county; the Bay Area is full of a calm dynamism, just like Elizabeth and Ehsan themselves. Andrew Samaras is a gentle force and a pillar of the Greek-American community in Denver and I am privileged to experience the mile-high city with his hospitality and network of friends. One of the many gifts of Andrew’s social fabric, was to meet with prof. Kimon Valanavis at the University of Denver and get a taste of the pioneering work done by the ph.d. candidates on unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes; another was to meet with local architect James Nordlie. Part of the trip was to meet with colleagues and other related professionals for interviews, discussions and photo-walks. A warm thank you for their time, feedback and support to: Dean Scott Poole, Director Jason Young, professors Hansjörg Göritz and Diane Fox at the College of Architecture and Design in Knoxville; John Kosmopoulos, Michael Massaia, Erica Stoller, Jade Doskow, Alex Grey, Elena Kapompasopoulou, Julie Grahame, Andrew Prokos in New York; Thibault Roland, Alexa Mills, Kyle Sturgeon, John Deitering from Anmahian Winton Architects in Boston; Angie McMonigal and prof. Lisa Norton in Chicago; Juergen Nogai and the Julius Shulman Institute in Los Angeles; Nathan Wirth, Mohsen Ghoreishi, and Tim Griffith in San Francisco; prof. Steve Badanes and Michael Kenna in Seattle; prof. Kimon Valavanis, Ken Wilber, James Nordlie, Don Symanski, Konstantinos Kanistras in Denver; Dennis Ramos and Sandra Canning in Miami; Ruahh Adya and Elaine Langley in Nashville; Liz Walker in Ithaca; and curator Pedro Gadanho. I would also like to acknowledge Vassilios Bartzokas and Anthi Rozi from Archisearch, Sissy Nikolaidi from Artnouveau, Designboom, Lynne Bryant, Tim Mitchell and Nicola Charalambous from Arcaid Images, Pepi Spiliotopoulou from Filodimos, Venkat Prakash from 121clicks, Robert Martin from Arcspace, for their publications. Last but not least, I am deeply appreciative for the friendship of Christos Maragopoulos, Panos and Magdalini Bazos; Nikos Skartsilas for helping with the photographic gear; and for the generosity of my family Yiannis Karatzas, Georgia Spyroulia, Giorgos Karatzas, and Caterina Georgiopoulou.

Fulton Center, New York

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about Pygmalion Karatzas was born in Greece in 1973. He studied architecture in Budapest, urban design in Edinburgh, and Ecovillage Design Education in Findhorn. He worked as a freelance architect since 1999, designing more than 20 projects in the Achaia region. A self-taught photographer, since 2012 being involved systematically with artistic and commercial architectural photography, focusing on architectural portfolios, business rebranding, construction yearbooks, editorial. Distinctions include international competitions Architizer A+ 2014, Sony World Photography Organisation 2014, International Photography Awards 2014, 2015 & 2016, Spider Black & White Awards 2014 & 2016, PX3 Paris Photography Prize 2016. His images are being featured regularly in numerous publications in Greece and abroad. His three collections 'Morphogenesis' are available through blurb.com. Exhibitions include 'Eye See the Story' in Thessaloniki Greece, 'Points of View' in Rome Italy, 'Misty Landscapes' in Athens Greece, 'The Margin - Panhellenic Architecture Exhibition' in Patra Greece, 'KTIRIO Magazine - 30 Years of Greek Architecture' in Thessaloniki Greece. Selected among the 'Grand & Prestigious photographers featured with 121clicks' for 2013 and 2014, and among the 2015 Best Pictures of the Year by Interior Design Magazine.    Recent projects include the coverage of the Expo Milano 2015 pavilions, Barlas Architects, Valia Foufa & Panagiotis Papassotiriou 'Villa Melana', Anmahian Winton Architects 'Community Rowing Boathouse', the 'Mimoa Architecture Guide - Doha’, R.C. Tech Architecture Construction & Technology. In 2015 he was awarded the Fulbright Artist Scholarship for a five-month architectural photography project in twelve cities in the U.S. sponsored by the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, College of Architecture and Design.    He collaborates with the Danish Architecture Center as photo editor of arcspace.com, a contributing photographer on Arcaid Images London and iStock Getty Images, and a member of the Association of European Journalists. His on-going research is towards an integral approach to architecture, sustainability and art. Based in Aigion, travels in Greece and abroad for his personal projects and assignments.

Pygmalion Karatzas


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Print editions: http://www.blurb.com/user/Pygmalion01 Web editions: https://issuu.com/pygmalionkaratzas

Integral Lens vol.3 multi-perspectival approaches to architectural photography by Pygmalion Karatzas web_edition print edition: upcoming on www.blurb.com/user/Pygmalion01 Credits: Pygmalion Karatzas: photographer, author, editor. http://karatzas.wixsite.com/photography Š 2016 Pygmalion Karatzas. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author. The publisher of this book has used his best efforts in creating this product. Neither the publisher nor the author make any representation of warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this edition and assume no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Pygmalion Karatzas

Publisher: Pygmalion Karatzas Photography

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Integral Lens vol.3  

A visual journey of contemporary architecture and cityscapes from the United States sponsored by the Fulbright Foundation Greece with the 20...

Integral Lens vol.3  

A visual journey of contemporary architecture and cityscapes from the United States sponsored by the Fulbright Foundation Greece with the 20...


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