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Clever Storage


Clever Storage

by Kesseböhmer

There’s an art to organising storage in your kitchen. It’s not simply about having a lot of space. It’s having the right space in the right place, so food and cookware is at hand when you need it. Ultimately, a well-organised kitchen is a pleasure to work and entertain in. It’s all in the planning Essentially a successful kitchen design starts from the inside out. Too often the kitchen plan considers the position of the sink, cooker and refrigerator but often overlooks the location of utensils, small appliances and critically, packaged groceries. Endless frustration and compromise can be avoided by spending valuable time at the planning stage to ensure your storage is easily accessible and sufficient for all your needs. For more than 50 years Kesseböhmer has been the world leader in creating exceptional storage solutions designed to maximise space and efficiency. Their products are tested to exacting standards, ensuring a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Your kitchen designer can demonstrate Kesseböhmer storage systems and discuss the most efficient solutions for your new kitchen.

Perfect Storage

clever storage by Kessebรถhmer


Larders are at the heart of the Kessebรถhmer range, intelligently designed to bring everything to view at once with effortless access. They offer the perfect way to store non-perishable groceries within easy reach. There are 3 larder specifications: Classic, Arena Classic and Arena Style. Each features easy and quiet opening and closing even when fully loaded, 5 adjustable shelves which can adapt to your storage requirements, a runner to bring the larder all the way out of the cabinet for easy access and enough storage for most of your weekly shop. Arena Classic and Arena Style designs also include anti-slip shelves with Arena Style benefiting from luxury chrome rails.

Arena Style

Arena Classic


CONVOY The Perfect Storage Unit KessebÜhmer’s CONVOY provides enough space to store all the groceries for a household in one centrally positioned, space-efficient unit. One gentle push and the entire contents glide out of the unit - giving fast access and a clear view from either side. Saving time and effort, it avoids the risk of items being overlooked at the back of a cupboard. Planning your kitchen with a CONVOY unit and your refrigerator side by side will provide you with easy access to all your fresh and non-perishable groceries.


clever storage by Kesseböhmer


Perfect, well organised storage for all your packaged groceries

Maximum storage in minimum space

Larder pull-out, Arena Style

• Easy loading and unloading, glides effortlessly in and out • Height-adjustable shelves for optimal space Larder pull-out, Arena Style

Quick and easy access to all items

Tandem larder pull-out, Arena Style

• Creates a practical, well arranged storage system

Corner Storage Clever ideas for all your pots and pans

Effortless corner storage

Maximum storage in corner cupboards

Le Mans, Arena Style

Magic Corner, Arena Style

• Each shelf pulls out independently and is height-adjustable • Eliminates unnecessary lifting, bending or reaching

• The entire contents of the cupboard comes to you

Eliminate dead space

Spin your cupboard contents towards you

Revo 90 carousel, Arena Style

• Height-adjustable shelves to suit your contents • Ideal for storing bulky everyday items

3/4 carousel, Arena Style

• Holds 20kg per shelf, equivalent to 20 bags of sugar! • Adjustable top shelf to suit your contents



storage by Kesseböhmer

To make the most of small spaces

Making good use of narrow space

150mm pull-out with curved door feature Arena Style

Smart base cabinet storage


Effective use of limited wall space

300mm base unit pull-out Arena Classic

150mm wall unit pull-out Arena Classic

Stylish wine racks • Great storage for your favourite tipple! • Creates an impressive feature



Pull-Out bins Easy recycling

Capacity and recycling are key when choosing the right waste solutions for your kitchen.

Pull-out waste bin 70 litres, 550GY

Recycling bin 948GY

Recycling bin 538-GY

Pull-out waste bin 20 litres, 286SS

Automatic pull-out double bin 28 litres, 250SSGY

Avoid the frustration of constantly emptying a small bin and instead opt for a system that allows you to separate packaging and food at the point of disposal, taking the hassle out of recycling.

Ask your retailer about the options available

Drawer Storage There’s no excuse for cluttered drawers with the extensive selection of drawer accessories and organisers to keep everyday items such as cutlery and utensils in order. With a vast range of widths and depths available there’s a solution for storing everything from pots and pans to crockery.

Also available in walnut

Dovetail drawer


Dovetail spice drawer DSDS5


Beech plate holder NDPH1000

Beech utensil insert, includes utensils NDAT6

Beech knife block insert, includes utensils NDKT6

Cutlery insert plastic NDPCI1000GY

Pantry Storage The essential ingredient for a classic kitchen is a pantry. In many of the Second Nature ranges pantries can be designed to your individual requirements. Create dedicated and accessible storage with an array of features such as wine racks, spice drawers, rotating carousel systems and granite shelves to keep food cool.

Bespoke corner cupboard pantry

Bespoke corner pantry

Create a corner breakfast pantry with dedicated areas for coffee machine, cups, saucers and plates, plus plenty of room for tea, coffee and preserves.

This beautiful curved corner pantry mixes old and new with the modern carousel central to the unit and classic touches of spice drawers, scalloped wine rack and granite shelves.

Shown in Milton Ivory

Shown in Milton Ivory

Bespoke pantry A classic pantry with some quirky detailing. Features include a plate rack, spice drawers and two pull-out baskets for storing fresh vegetables. All combine to create a pantry with Shown in Broadoak Sage practicality and style.

Bespoke pantry In many of the Second Nature kitchen ranges pantries can be designed to your individual requirements. Shown in Astor Oak

More Storage Ideas For all those items that often don't have an obvious home, we have a range of storage solutions. Plate racks

Show off your best china with our timber plate racks.

Spice rack

There's no excuse for not being able to add a bit of extra taste to your cooking with this neat little spice rack.

Wicker basket

For a country kitchen feel store fresh food in rustic wicker baskets.

Lindo baskets

Ideal for storing fruit and vegetables and available in oak and walnut finishes.

Wine racks

Access that bottle of wine when you need a glass with our range of wine racks.

EVOline port socket

Keep power sockets out of view with the pop-up evoline solution.


A stylish chrome rail & hooks so you can hang up all your favourite cooking utensils.

Cleaning utensil basket

The perfect solution for keeping cleaning accessories in one neat and tidy place.


kitchen work for you Refrigerator

Le Mans

150 pull-out

Tandem larder pull-out

Magic Corner

• Position dedicated cupboard space for your packaged groceries adjacent to your refrigerator. Kesseböhmer larders come in a range of options so finding all those packets and tins is far easier • Maximise lost space in corner cupboards: Le Mans or Magic Corners transform inaccessible corner cupboards • Larders and pull-outs are perfect for storing packaged foods. Larders offer several advantages over drawers for one, you can read the labels and view the contents more easily • Even a small space can be useful. A 150mm pull-out positioned next to the sink is ideal for the fairy liquid, dishcloth and dishwasher tablets! • Store heavy items lower down and in height-adjustable spaces. A Le Mans or Revo takes the physical strain of reaching and lifting.

Kesseböhmer have solutions for all your storage needs. Your retailer will show you how they can work perfectly in your kitchen.


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Clever storage by Kessebohmer

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Clever storage by Kessebohmer