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t _,,足 To speake all that I know Would show small wit. To speake more than I know Were worse than it. John Tay/or- /6/2.

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Vol. I.





Pub lis hed eve ry ot her Saturday in t h e interests of t he North

Shore of Long I sland by th e


N. Y .

H. K. LANDIS, Editor. Subscriptions: One dollar cents per copy.


year, payable in advance; five


No. I.

wheneve r an y interesting event occurre d. '1',11i s j Ol1l'­ 11a1 must depend upo n the good will of contributors fo r S0111e time; no sala ries are paid and all income goes to­ ward improving t he paper. Vve give our time and effort freel y in orde r that neighboring communities may learn w hat we are doi ng in t his part of the No rth S hore and wha.t a fi ne place it real ly is. VVith t his prospectus we lau nch "Plain T alk" upo n the sea of local affai r s.

Advertising rates will be fmn is hed on application.

EDITORIAL. "pLAJi\ TALK" ent ers the jonrnalistic field withou t apology, 'exi)ecting to stand upon its l11crit s ~ ancl endeavoring to supply a need whi ch is self-evident. All topics will be han d led in the man ner indica ted by on r title, wi th out equivocation , quibb li ng, inl1enc1o or other form of indirection . The ed itorial policy adopted is liberal and llGll-partisan; it is un influenced by party, sect, cl ique or interests; and it will cheerfu lly and valiantly suppo rt any en terpri se or purpose which is for the best in terests of th e community. Those wbo disag ree with the editor will achieve more by stating their grounds to hi m rath er tha n to street corner or smoki ng car audi­ ellces. Corr espo_nc1ence f.or publication is welcomed, bu t it shoul d be condensed and to the point, as we have at present a limited amount of space. \Al e do not seek quarr els with indi viduals, btl t if we consider their poli­ cies injurious to ~ the community the principle itself will be ventilated rat her than the person. Vl e stand for honest opini.on, fearle ss telling of the truth, the best in­ te rests of our community, constructive criticism, 'devel­ opment o f our r esou rces, music and culture, optim ism a nd helpfu lness, and other things grou ped unde r the name of com1110 n sense. '''' e aim to in terest our rea ders and help ou r adverti sers, Vlithc ut their co-operation this journal would not be possible. Readers can help us by send ing in yearly subscription s in place of trusting to buying separate copies. and also by dropp ing l1S a note


at- ­ t he extra sess ion of Congr ess introdu ced a bill p ro vid ing for a commiss ion of fifteen which sh all make a study of flllanc ial and indus tri al cond it io ns in th is coun t ry: an d a broad, and it see ms probable that it ",,·ill pass. IIe co ntended in a recent inter view that the Sh erma n law is already ina·c lequate and ou t of da te a nd tha t all th e previolls anti-tr ust legislation sho uld be rewritten. 1\0 do ubt he is righ t. Our legisl ati ve and legal status "w o ul d be muc h imp roved if most of the enactmen t s in the past we re shelved and we start ed anc"w with laws a nd law des igned to m ee t present clay co nditi ons. U nless the presel~t s itu­ ation is carefully hand led we will m os t probably be p lu nged in to a period of dep re ssion as depl o rable as un necessary. T he rabid enelilies of ves t ed interest s 011 one side and the g rasping combinations of co n­ serv ati ves 0 11 th e other c011stitllte a problem rich ill poss ibil ities for good or evil. The u nscrupu lous and greedy must be curbed, not destroyed, a nd the radical must be brough t to see reason . To solve a problem like tha t requir es fac t s, no t op inio n, and this provisio n fo r a 'comm iss io11 propos ed by Congressman Littleton seems a ve r y necessa ry measure,



is t h e largest ancl one of the oldest co mm u nit ies in Nassau County and the cesspool system of se\vage di sposal has been in operation since colonial times. That was satisfactory a nd not part icula rl y dan ge rou s v,ihi le t he comlTIttnity





\Vas s mall, but we have grow n in to a village of impo rt­ ance du ring t h e past ten years, a water system has bee n in stalled, sectio ns built up compactly a lo ng well­ ke p t-up stre ets and we have outgrown the cesspool system. It w ill ve ry soon be inade qua te. It is at present extre m ely und es irabl e. If it were not fo r t he sa nd formation up on ·w hi ch the village is built, t he w a ste water from t hese dep osita ries of refu se wou ld (;'.re t his have sa t urated t he soil w ith d isast rous C0 11- · seq uences. 'The -cesspool system is neith er cleanly, s anitary 110 r an adeq uate system of d isposal at pres­ en t and sewer pipes and co ndu its are badly needed. Of course th is com m uni ty ca nn ot afford to pay fo r their s ewer s)'stem them selves, and the problem has iJecn how to obta in o ne. \ tV e wot1ld suggest t he fol­ low ing p rocedur e : Fi r st show some general interest in the s ubj ect b y pop ula r meetin gs . If r eq ues t ed, th e State Boa rd of Heal t h will send lect urers here wh() w ill c1eli ve r inte restillg lect ures, illu strated b y lantern s lid es, a nd sho \\' ,vha t can be clone along this line. _ Th cn, hy popu lar peti ti o n or oth envise, req uest the State -I~ o ard of Health to in te rest th emselves in 011r predicament, a sk the m t o instruct the T ow n Boarel t o build o ur sewer syst em for 115, and so m ethin g will be clone if th e matter is judicio usly followed up . It may be that t h e State and Co u nty will stand part of the expe n se, so that this will not all fall upon the tow n , but that is a ma tter for ad jus tm en t. Th e prin ­ cipa l t hin g now is to sh ow t he pop ula r demand and necessity fo r su ch a syst em. It is a m atter about wh ich so m ethin g lll ust be done very soon. E migh t h ere call a tte ntion to t h e recommenda­ t ion of the Board of S up erviso rs t hat $ 566,000 be spe nt upo n t he Cou nt y roads. This is a good and necessary action and it is ho ped that t he Comptroller will s ee it in that light. It costs m on ey t o bui ld a ro ad, but a r oad does not last foreve r, and the better it is m ai ntain ed in good conditio n the lllore satis­ factory it "."ill be t o t h ose w h o use it, an r1 the longer it will last . Le t a road ta ke care of itself and it w il1 S0011 be ruin ed and have t o be rebu ilt. Nass a11 Cou nty is justly pro ud o f its roads, w hich b rin g man y strangers amon g u s.


N the v illage of Hempstead is being built a . town a lmsho t1 se at a cost of $30,000. U n de r th e prese n t svstem each tow n builds and maintain s its ow n alm s­ h"'o use. Each of these requires a full set of officials. Thei r s mall size res ults in all sorts of inadeq uacy and


limitati o ns, so tha t few are entirel y satisfactory in­ stitu t ions. It wo uld be much better to establ ish a county alm sh o u s~, w h idl co uld f Ull u pon a moder1l . system a nd save money as well as do more for the unfortun ate inmates. 'I'h e tow n almshouse syste m is ,vay beh ind the times. A ll up- to-d a te c01llmun ities now hav e CO Ullty ins ti tutions. It is the duty of t he Board o f Supe r viso rs to look in to t his m atte r. .:I-



THE CRUSTACEAN. '.rhere w as a man in o u r tOW ll \ V1Io , ere yo u'd half begun, \~Vo t1l d spe nd a day to te ll you how ··Th e d urn t ilin g can ·t be clo ne."

I Tc said i<Flar mon ic" g irl s and boys Could sing alrigh t for f11n , ] ~ \lt "Cr eation" wi t h an orchest ra! ·' Ueg·osh, it can't be do ne." T he n when wc talked o f "Pin afo r e," A lld a ca rni val fixed Up Oll, 1-:1 e rolled his eyes an d to ld us how "Th e foo l thin g can't be do ne .." \iVhen "Plain 'Talk" was proposed, He ,vas the very o ne T o saw the a ir and te ll us ho"v "Such big t h ings can't be done." A nd then-b u t what's th e use ? I-Ie kn ows not h ow to rll n, But wiggles backv,Ta rd like a crah ; T hat's one th ing can be dO ll e.

A co rrespondent has a sked us to descr ibe the latest s tyle in harem s k irts. Si nce these g arments ha ve hopes o f b eco m ing either bloomers o r t ro ll se rs so m e clay and being m ore fam iliar with t h e latter, we wou ld like n a h arem ga rm ent to trou se r s very bag'g'y at the knees, corp ulent ar olln d t he pistol pockets an d qu ite loose where one strikes a match . They are or it is cut decolle te at the so uth ell d a nd la shed sec urel,Y somewhere between the a n kl e and the kn ee to keep the m ice ou t. It shou ld not be pulled ove r the head like a shirt no r a round one like a coat, but one must si t upon the Aoor an d in se rt o ne's several feet con­ secuti vely into each co mpa rtment. YOll call tell t he sid e which shol11d come in front by the huttons u pon t he neckband.




PLAIN AN OPEN-AIR THEATER. J :y _Rich a r d Vv' arn c r.

O ne o f th e m ost att ract iv e feat u res of moder n i\ mer ica n life-t he life w hic h ti ll ti ::; its cen le r ill th e co untry rath er t ha n ill t he cit y, as for me rl y, is t h e s erio lls a n d th o u g h tful cultiva t io n o f t he g ard ell . T'i mc was w hen a t ree he re an d t here, som e g rass and a purposeless a nd unused gra vel wa lk s at i~:;ll ed th e o w ne r s o f CO Ull t ry e~tates and se r ved t he m well eno ug h du ri ng t he brief in terv als w hen th ese places becam e t he ir act ual d we llin gs. B u t now th a t th e cot11l t ry ha s beco me so u niversa ll y the p ermanell t abode, t h e OW 11 e r is tu r ning h is at t ent ion more an d mo re se rio usly to t he layi ng o u t o f g a rd ens th a t are r eall y bea u ti fu l, and is end eavori ng to cult ivat e th e ma g ic to uch \vh ich will crea te su ch g a rd ens fro m lan d eith er w ild o r, eve n mo re d iffi cult, culti vated ac­ co r ding to the lig hts of ot her d ays. T he " fro n t yard" is a fa r cry in deed fro m the ga rde J1 , as we have 'c o me to kll o\-" it . Defin ite Illo ti ve is t he u nd erlyi ng sec ret o f su ccess­ fu l garde n m aki ng , accordi ng to Add iso n :\l iz ner, t he wel l-kno wn a rchitect. 1\1r. 1\'I izn er, ·w hose P or t \ IVa sh­ ill gto ll ho me attest s eloq uentl y to his geniu s fo r a r­ t isti c a nd orig in al tra ns fo rm at io n, is em inent ly' q ual i­ fie d to speak all this s ubj ec t, fo r ma ny of t he m os t



beau t iful ga rd ens in this coun t r y a rc t hose w hic h ha ve re spon ded t o h is treat m en t . "Th e clay of g ar den s planted helter-skel ter, wi t h­ o ut an y p reco nce r ted idea o f t he u lt imate res ult, is o ve r," s aid M:r. lVl izner. "\Ve ar e 11 0 lo nge r b uild ing' the useless to 'vvers an d m inaret s whic h fo rm erl y se r ve d o nly to ho rr ify t h e eye. T h ings t hat ha ve me ri t mu st also hav e a rea son o r so me o ne id ea to hold t he man )' t re es, shr u bs an d no wers in pleasin g co mbi na tion . "T'he J ap anese," 'Co ntinued 1\1,1'. :\'l iz ner, " be ing li mi ted ill spa ce, arra nged h is r ocks a nd la ke s to im i­ tate natu r e in m in iature, even goi ng to t he extreme of dwa r fi ng fo rest t r ees so that t he o wn er, s ipp ing h is tea upo n hi s vera nd a, e nj oyed a vie w o f seem ing ly unlim ited exte nt w here, as a matter o f fact, his who le possessio n m ig h t be less t h an a n acre . " 'I'h e Italian car r ied out th e l ines o f hi s archi­ tect ure w it h s tiff cl ipped hedges a nd beau t ifu l r ugs of f1 o~'ve r s t hat made t he passing ove r hi s t hr esh old less a b r up t. T h e g ard ens o f th e F renc h co mbi ned hedges, balustrades an d nat ura l effect s in s ti ch a way th at o ne fi tted in to th e o t her so cl everl y th at it w as diffi cult t o de tec t wh ere o ne beg an a nd t he o ther le ft o If ." O ne of t he most stri ki ng exa mples of h is t heo ry, 1\1' 1'. !\'[i zner co ns iders, is t he g arde n h e is no w COIl­


.­ O pen a ir th eatre landscapin g on t he 'es ta te o f th e lIon. \ V. Dourk c Cockran .



stru ct in g 0 11 th e estate of 1\11'. Bou r ke Cockr a n i ll 1)o1't \\'as hi ng to ll . 'To th e left o f t he honse, sloping gen t ly, is a sma ll "a lley which h ith erto has been neg­ lected and screened fr0111 view by a hig h hedge of rriveL The possibilities o f th is p iece oi la nd w ere ma 1li fest both t o the o w n e r an el ::\11'. AI iZl1cr. I t wa s dec ided to rem ove the he<{g'c an d soften t he d ecl in e, abo ut eig hty fe et ill length, hy grading it into a se ri e,s of s teps, t h irty in all, abou t two a nd o n e -haH feet w ide and six inches high. T hese step s we re heav ily t u rfe d. A t t h e foo t was a 250- foo t ap p roach, a lso, with a rich carpet of t urf. B ut a ll a pp roach to w ha t ? H ere t he quest io n of motive a rose. To w hat should this velvety s t re t ch lead ? A t t he end was t he bed of a sma ll la ke, e. n t irely dry, an d sk irted by an occasio na l tree , U nde r ~rr, IVli zner' s directio n this lak e was cu t in bvo, th e half nearer t he approach being grassed over a nd con ­ ,"er te d in to a mi n ia tu re a mp h it heatr e, t he othe r ha lf be in g m ade into a stage, also coye r ed wi t h turf. T he o ld p ri vet hed ge is to be Jl til izecl in the [orma t io n of wings, vv ith t he' scene at the back co nsistin g of t r e e~ a nd a d is tan t view o f ge n t ly ro llin g h ill s , O n th e ~ stage will be a ta ble a nd be nch o r t wo of white ma rb le an d w ill be a n id eal spot for ou t-doo r theat ri cals or a ft er noon te a. T he a m phitheatre will, of cou rse, b e p rov ide d w it h benc hes, T his tiny theatre, bes ides being of grea t beauty in itse lf, p rov ides a reaso n for th e r econst r ucti on of t he enti re litt le va ll ey and goes to com pl et e w hat w ill be o ne of th e 111 0st e .....:q tti s ite an d o ri g ina l gard ens in the CO Ull t ry. I t is an exemp li fication of th e necessity of lll o ti ,'e in ga rde n ma k ing, a nd a splend id examp le of ~rr. ~l.izJ1er's a rt.


"" "" ""

LITTLE BLUE STREAKS . By Btl rk e Jenk ins, T hey' re her e ! And getti llg bigger every day ! Diminu tive dark ies dan gle t hei r dusky bare legs over the edge of the lu mbe r ya rd dock and watch their brig ht­ colo red Aoats bob mean ingly in t he tide, S nappers, Sure-that's what we're tal king abou t. 'They're small but clean-cut gentlemen, taki ng the hook ,vith v im and determ ina tion, wri ggli ng ple nty vio­ lell t whcn yank ed fro111 the bri ny, glisteni ng brill iantly on the st ri ng, lend ing pri de to the step as you walk home, and tu r ning to tempt ing brown in the sizzling f ry-pa n, Ko long jou rney to get this spo rt, eit her, It's right here in onr ow n bay, not twe nty miles from t he feve r­ billen Wh ite W ay.

.\l.ake an early sta rt and stowa way some IUllch 111 you r pocket. \IVe'l1 make a day of it; for it's worth it. .\'Ol" wi ll your pocket book be strai ned, Here it is, t heil, Yo u get n p in the mo rn ing, fres h f rom real sleep; you clown a hea rty br eakfast and step ou t into t he breeze t hat freshe ns from the north west, On your way to the to wn clock stop in an ci buy yo ur simple tac kl e, (You can get it 1.110st anyw here,) A ten­ cen t cane pole, a line of about t he sa nle lengt h, two hooks 0 11 a spreade r, and a fl oat (if you like to lIse one). Then the bait. Do w ll to the fi sh shac ks in front of the hotel YOll beat it, clutching valian tly th e wh ile a to­ 111ato can yon have acqui red either nefar iously or oth er­ wise, Follow the signs and you can't go wrong, 'They'r e big enough and read, "BAIT -SNAPPER BAIT, " A d ime here does the busincss, No w for a boat. If you haven't one o f you r OW 11, or if you have one of your own a nd so me friend knows it, or jf you haven't O Il C o f yo ur ow n an d nobody knows it, there are ways of acquiring one, You can evcn rent one. S tep firml y all th e gu nwale u pon en te ring, and when Y011 have righted the cra ft agai n an d bailed ou t, g rasp each oa r fir mly by t he right end, pu t your lusty mu scle in to oily, r ippling play; ami head a lI t for P lu m Beach Point. S Cllle of t he lazy stop by 1'0111'5 Point; bu t the longe r row wi ll do you good, Hcmcmoe r you a ren't a fter fi sh en ti rely, Yes; you 'll fi nd you rse lf in plenty of compan), when /' YOll get just off-shore o f th at r eal estate sig n {hat's planted at high tide mark. Down with you r a nchor a nd bait up wi th glistening "silve r-sides," :\0 need of instructi on as to the actual catchillg­ ya nk nicely an d co nvin cingly when the bob disa ppea rs; that's al l. Of conrse, YOti kn ow t he ones that get away are the biggest; bu t all according to Walto n, th at is, Th en you get hungry, Fact! Honest to ·M aud, you clo, You ea t, T hat is, you eat wha t you've brought. By 4 o'clock YOllr back aches li ke thu nde r ; you have a niceJ fi shy smell all ove r ; the ancho r co mes n p tw ice as heavy as it went dow n ; the ve ry oars have taken o n fles h, and YOli wi eld t hem no longe r with nav y p reCISIOn, You'r e dead t uckered out and, as you glance ove r your tired shoulde r to where th e big school house is glinting to the setting sun, you vow that if you o nce get home, never aga in for yours ! A fter su pper you wonde r if th ey wouldn' t bite bett er ove r by the Great Neck shore-to-mo rrow,





P ORT WAS H INGT ON. Dr. Bu rn e, of Glen Coye, was in tow n on Sep­ tember 9. Frank Ja co bu s. presiden t o f the Phoe n ix Towing Co., has ret urn ed from a te n weeks' t r ip to El1 rop e. ~Ir. lvfe rr itt L un d, wh o has been vis iting 1\f r. Ad­ dison lUizncr this sum mer, has b een sudde nl y ca ll ed to Chicago.

The first s ubsc riber to Plain Talk \yas Al'thur Kec\'il o f P o rt \\' a sh ingtoll, the popli lar leader in O llr Illu s ical evcll ts. Jacob \Veiss, who runs th e P ort VVashingtoll wire less statio11, has beco1l1 e the prone! possesso r of t he auto for­ merly ow ned by Dr . Cocke, thus adding motorin g to his 1lt1111crOtl S acco11lpl isil111cnts. ~ I rs. l\Jart in Littleton, of Port \ Vash ingtol1, gave a birthday party rece nt ly w h ich was mu ch e nj oyed. 11r. and l\Jrs. Littleton sailed all Sept€ lTI bcr 9 for Enrope for a fOll r wee k s trip.

1\lrs. \Varner 1\1 . Leeds, of P land ome .:\Jill s, h<Js taken :Iiethpage l?lace, S u rrey, Engla nd , for an ex­ tended period. Newsp apers ila\le rep o rte d th ~ as being done by 1\[ rs. \Villiam H. Leeds, he r sj./t'er- in­ law, \vh ic h \",as llli~i Jlforll1at jol1. /

The choir c f th e ~rctho(li~t Church ~ l begi n re­ hearsal s a t Ollce, f or t here is !'.ome i -cre sting m usic in pros pe~ct. . Those des i r~ng to. joi'.!?'the choir should see 7\I r. l, eevil , the o rgalll st. \ o lk1iiteers are always wel ­ come. Rehearsa l:, will be hel('.- 0 11 VVed nesclay even ings, as usual, the 1110rllil~ g serv o'e choi r at 8 p. Ill. and th e eve ning ser vice choir at • -45 p. 111 .



)'I r s. lJaskell proposes to dose t he season" about Octo­ ber 1. .AJllong t hose who left rece nt ly arc ~1 r. and ~1rs. Selway and daughter, 1\l rs. Ifayd CJck o f ~[olltdair and he r daughter A lma, ~I i ss Sayes, :\lr. and1\Irs. \,Vibert an d daugh ter lJelcll o f ),'cw Yo rk, :M iss Clary, the ac ­ complish ed pianist 0'£ IJ ,l'.-erstraw. etc. , )'1rs. Payne ~pellds a fo rtnight ~he mounta ins alid returns the mi dd le of Se p te n~i-. ~ I rs . :\l o 1'ro left 011 September 5. the day after ; h e celebrated her seve nty -seven th b irth­ clay. T he l aJ~ i'es prepa red a su rp ri se for the k inclly old lady, illelll d ng H'soll1tio ns engrossed by A rtist \Vibert a nd a bin1Hlay ca ke having tw o rows of ca ndles, sevell in eacl l row. and tIl L' years 183-+- 19 [ 1. Her SOil made ;t neat acknowkdgl1lcnt to t he asse m bled gu ests. 011 Sep­ tembe r G ).rr:'. Reed held an othe r of her popu la r bridge pa rt1e~.

Y AC HTI N G. ).J r. Geurge Co rry kept lip hb record [or expert yac htin g th is season with n ineteen I1rst prizes, t inct: secol1d prizes a n d tw o thirds. The new " sta r" class has g iven ov er a ~c or e o f s ki ppers some rare sport this Sum me r.

\Vhen t he .I:ritish contestant :\[a plc Leaf broke dow n t he int erna tional motor boat }'aee on Sep tember 4, it was the K ni ckerbocker boat Target that had the hOll or o f towing her ill. The Target got he r na me t hrot1 gh being ram mcd in her ea rli er days by another boa t. I1l

The one-design cla ss of th e Po rt '\ \"ashi n gton Yacht C lu b went to .uay ~i de o n September 9 to race wit h th e Bayside Yach t Cl ub b oats of th e same design. Th e Po rt \\ rash ing toll boat V i\'a, \V illiam \ \T . Trench sk ippe r, \ ·V O Il the ti rst prize. Kidd o, owned by Art hur Andrews, came in seco n d, and Go Co, 1\. A . :\Iack in ­ 110n's boat, was t hi rd.

will go up al . g the Hu dson River to Albany, Ogdens­ burg. to til lakes. Roches te r, J\ u ffa lo, back to th e D ela­ wa re \ ,V' er Gap, and th en home. Last yea r th ey took a trip f 800 miles thro ugh the Uerksh ires and Ve rm ont ;tt'jd had 11 0 tire trouble <:ul;ing the whole trip.

T h e h ou se boat Seyilla, wit h 1\11'. and 1\[1'5. H o w ard D o ug-las and l\ l r. and :\ \' rs . John D. EYans Oil boa rd, w ill rema i.n in com mi ~sioll t hrough t h is m o n th and in to Octob er. T h ey co ns ider t h is th e bes t season ill the cOl1lltry and are not anx iolls to ge t back to their city h ome as yet. D u r in g Labo r Day week end th~} had 1\1r . a n d :\\'1'5. C. L . A r m st rong an d dau gh t e r as g uests amI the September 10 v·,reek end was e n joyed a board t he Se\·illa by l\Ii~s rh illi ps of ]jrook lyn.

T he ".-\nchorage," loca ted on the shore f ront nea r the yac ht cl ubs, has had a prospe rOl1 S summer, hav ing at no time du ring the season proper less tha n 50 guests and ~oliletim('s ente rtainin g as many as 80. Duri ng t he mont h of September there will be about 30 people, ancl

The fo llow in g houseb oa ts we re in com m issio n dllr:" ing the first part o f Septe m ber, beginning at t h e 11l 0 ~ t so uth ern: Loitere r, 'Toi'toise, lJ arllacle, Yankee, 'feme.,) ga n. Stopa\.v hi lc, Sev illa, 1\ocl, Ab r igac1a, Loto~, ' Vc T \'\' 0, ).,'all1 e le s~, l\t[ inn ie T .. Ha pp y Day, U hed;.1ll11 .

and wife and :\1r. \Vall er alld wife







Genevic\'c, P eyton ia, Hostess and La .lVlariposa; the la tter went ou t o f commissio n o n September 10 and t he Indian o n Sep tember 1. In a dditio n, there arc o ther boats ab oa rd which their ow ners have lived a ll s LImm er, such as the launch Chancciah, yawl 'Toread or, launch Ida II, anel a 'i1t,'mb ':T of s team yachts.

'I'he New York State Ga~~rotector's boat O li ve lay at th~ town dock from Septel~r 9 to Septemb er II, when she was j o ined by Captain "l-J arry Haft and headed to the ca st. ~late Crav" fo rd \~I a s in charge. T he boat is a 45 ho r sepower cabin lau n ch,>! 471 -2 feet lo ng, 141-2 feet beam and draws 3 fee t. Tlic re ge n er~ ally are fou r 011 board, th e wardens of th e district serv­ mg . The Riegel engi ne ( Buffalo) is declared " be a wonder by the mate. 'Th e Oli ve was bo ug ht a t A t­ lan t ic City last A pril and made the 140 m iles \ fro m t hat place in 14 ho urs and 10 minu tes; her avei'ag e speed is 10 kno ts. S he is pai n ted lead color, wi th mahoga ny top, and ha s s earchlights, etc. They C<'.l.l)­ tured two lobster cars and th e transgressors were taken in cllstody; the latter ove rturned the cars blH vvere too late and fourteen "shorts" (lobs ters under' nine in ches in length ) v"' ere fOllnd ·w hich ran fro m s ix to eight in ches. 'fh e ho useboat U bedamn, Capta in Bob Addam::" sunk o n September 5 whi le he wa s in ~ew Yo rk a nd fill ed up to t he ceilin g . No one was aboa rd but Di pp y Ja ne and her five th ree-week-old puppi es by Forwa rd Agitator o f Gr eat Neck, Ga rboa rd Stra ke and S ur vivo r, a s ix-mon t hs-old pupp y na m ed afte r his ad ve n tu re. These B osto n bull dogs are reg istered and Garboa rd S trake never g ot lowe r t han s eco nd prize in any bench show; she has bvo firsts, t",,,·o second s anel two special s il ver trophies and is 18 m on ths o ld. \ iV hen his boat was flooded lvIr. A ddams lost man y va lu able water colors , s ketches and photographs. The fmniture Aoa te d about, t he dogs on top: and bumped into a ll the han gings a nd pictu res, punching holes in to o il pain tin gs, i ncl ud in g an o riginal b y Ruterdahl, and chaos, soaked a nd fo rl o rn, prevailed. B ob Addams says he w ill sell ou t a nd move · so uth if th e weat her and water do n't treat hi m better. The Labo r D ay cl'llise of the Kni ckerbocker Yacht Club was we ll timed, for t he w ind held and the weather was unu suall y plea sant. O n Saturday, September 2, t he flee t assembled at th e rend ezvous at Glen Cove, where t~ l C captains gat hered in the cabin of Commodo re Zoel­ J..~ r 's yacht Cherokee and decided u pon courses and ports. They left Glen Cove Sunday morning and ran

to L loyds Harbor, leaving t here 011 :M onday at 9 a . m.,

amI racing back to Gangway Buoy, o ff Barkers Point,

the first boat fini shing at about I o'clock. The Piute

came ill first. The Hee t co nsisted o f the Cherokee.

(Zoelker) , Bonn ie Kate (Lind er ), T o reado r (Torry ) ,

P ill te 11 (Beam ) , Kayak ( Lincoln ) , Ouananiche

(Sands), Maiden (Duffield), Ly nx (A igenti nge) , Sata­

nita ( Fa irchild), all of l\.Lan hasset Day, and Yankee Boy

(S ulzback ) o f College Point. .1-1. B. Ca rson haul ed on t

his yawl Kerry and houseboat ]nc1 ian on September 1.

)'Iost of t he boats remain in the water un ti l the end o f

th is month.

T he .M a n ha sset Bay Yac h t Cl u b fa ll regatta wi ll be

held ou t s ide in the Sou nd all Septem ber J6. A ll mem­

bers of clu bs belonging to t he Long I s land Sou nd

Y acht Rac ing Associa t io n a rc elig ib le to enter the

rac es . T he regatta will be followed by a dinne r and

dance at the club hOll se. The big event, however, \.vi ll

be t he barn dance at the club house On September 23,

o n t he occasion of the cl u b going o ut of commission

fo r the seaso n. The veran da will be decorated to re­

semble a ba rn , with such th in gs as co rnstalk s, pump

ki ns, ba rn yard fowl, etc., and all participants w ill

come d ressed in sunbonn ets, ap rons, ovel')a.11s and

boo ts. There will be fou r prizes awa rd ed fo r the best

\ os tumes. Be fore the da1lce refresh men ts will be s e r vecl. The fea t ure of th e da nce tha t is especiall y in'tcresting is th a t t he entertainm en t co mm ittee has g iveri\way to the lad ies o f th e club and they are mak­ ino' all )}l' ran~tem c nt s, Th ere .was a t imc whe n ladies were not p ·ticul arly welcome about t he club hous e,

and th is rcco g .. ition o f their po wers of entertainmen t

and exec u t ive C<ll.. acity is a no teworthy indication of

the prog ress the clr b has made as a resort for the

g eneral entertainment ' of its m embers . T'he seaso n

opened rather qu ietly, L ut s in ce ca1'l1i\'al \yeek, the

open-air performance o f inafo r e an d the interest

taken in these events by clubs ~. I O ll g t he Sou nd, things

have boomed and the seaSon closeS o ne of the best in

the h istory of th e cl ub, both fin a nc ' 11)' and socially.

)'1r. H owla nd, who w a s re cent ly seve rt: bu rn ed in a

mo tor boa t explos ion, ha s entirely reco\ red. It is

said tha t Commo do re O JH.ollrke is very prOl d of hi s

pO\ve r boat, Lady Jane, w h ich won o ne of the races

during t he H un tington rega tta.



AUDITING COUNTY BILLS. 'NiH ian, H. Bou rn e, Co unty S uperin tencie;, t of H ig hways, had his first experience with the COHnt y Comptroller last week. Bou rne, in his capacity as ciiv i


PLAIN TALK e ngineer, \Va:; au tho rized by the COllnty Hoa rd oi S u­ pe r viso rs to make su rycys and maps, etc., of certain hi g hways throughout the cOlln ty, preparatory to tak­ ing" them in t o the connty system. His bills were made o ut ill dupli cate and cluly verilicd as r equired, approved by the 13 0ard and sellt to the Comptroller for his ap­ l)1>oval. The re were thirteen bills, am o un ting ill t he aggregate to $ 1,120 . lJ o li rn c was s urprised, to say the least, when t he bills were ret urn ed to the Boa rd o f S upe rv iso rs, s itt ing a s th e A udi ti ng Com mittee, with a long opil1io n att ache d, recommending t hat the claims be disall o wed because they were not approved by the C ivi l Service COlllmi ss io n at Al bany. :.\/fr. Bourne declared that his prede cesso r wa s n ever asked to ha\'c his work ce r tified to by the Civil Ser vice Com­ mi ssion a nd wa nted to k now th e reason for th is dis­ t inctio n. He wa nted to k n o w wh e ther t he Com p­ troller wished to make a g oa t of him beca use he was a new ma n. County Attorney Edward]. Deasy then looked into the matter and \vr ote all opinion to thc effect that the Board of A u d it sho uld pass favorabl y upon the bills, "w h ich was d01H:!. True copies of t h (; bills, opinions, etc., we r e t h e n passed to t he Co un ty 'rrea s urer w ith a wa rrant fr0111 t h e S upervisors, au ­ t h or izing the payment. 'T he Treasu re r refused to pay them until once for all it was se ttled as to t h e legality of paying ove r the Cou nty's mo n ey fo r s li ch \v o r1-: without p roper approv al fr0111 the C ivil Serv ice Co,rn­ miSSIOn. As th e matter st and s no w , E ngineer Bou rn c l11u st do wit h ou t the money fo r awh ile; in the mea n ­ time he ca ll re Aect up o n the \ov ays o f obstn, 6 io:listic co mptrollers an d w h y th is is t hus . ./


;PORT WASHINGTON JC HOOLS. Th e sc hools werc fo rmall y oJ71 1cd by P alm er J o nes, thc Superintend ent, a ll Septel~~~fe r 5 with an u llltsLla Jly large attenda nce, e~p ec i 3ll Y)-°1 1 til e lligh School grades. The gro~1l1 (!s of thcUigJ,.~ch oo l hav e bee n kept lookin g like a park by Eng~er I towa rd Smi th an d the H igh School is 11\... t onl0t::culll ing th e ce ntra l but also o nc o f the IllO:;t or l1a111 ltal fea tu res in Por t \,Vash ingtoll. The build ing it:-e is kept clean an c1 orde rly and th e work don e is i kind. 1;"01' example, it contains the labora ­ to r ies nd art depa rtme nts, in bot h of \.v hich the State allo\ 's stu dents c red its, laborator y work a nd sci ence 20 {r cent an d drawi ng 50 per cen t. 'That means that in th e examinat ions the State allows students to skip 2 0 pe r cent and 50 per cent of th e qu esti on s because thei r note books 011 the work clone dll ring the year indicate tha t the volOrk has been thorough an d above th e average in proportion to the credit given. These t wo depart­


llle nts art: nut excelled by any sc hool in N assau COUllty, both in equipmcnt and work do ne. Fi re escapes have been put upon thc schooi bu ildi ngs of the Sands Point and Flower Hill sections. 1t is ill tcrc ~ ti llg tv llok th a t gradll(ftcs from the 11igh School are goi ng upw ard ill /dj;eir cdl1cational ca reers. F or example, Gu stave ::>i l':..I1, Gc.:urge A llcn and Russell ~\lcKee arc going t. '::;y raclisc Uni versity;. Stephen Cocks is go ing tf' Cornell un iversity a nd E liza beth A llen and F lo r' .Ice S mith \Yill attend th e ~ew llaltz S tate 1\ o r111al ':;chool. Everett :~'llitchell has entered High School in a post­ gradua te C011rsc. All of the fOllr schools in the district have new teach­ ers. 111 the High School may be mC11tioncd :M r. Carl Carsou o f .'\ cw Yor k C ity, ~\1i ss F lo rence Case of Brooklyn, 1Uiss Emma Patterson of \,V est \'Vi nfield, and ~[i S5 Myra .'\lcClean of Ne w York. The San ds Point School will have :} Iiss Grace :M cKee o f Port Washing­ ton, l\l iss Ida .M.etzger of Amste rdam, N . Y., and M iss Cora Fegley of Dl1nkirk, N. Y. Flower Hill School has the follow ing !lCW teache rs : )dro George S tilwell, prin­ cipal, form erly p r i11cipal at \: cw C ity, N . Y.; 1\'1i5s Car­ r ie C raas of DU11kirk, 1\. Yo , :M iss Bessie Sardeson of Freclon ia, N . Y., 1\Iiss Sophia l:-lickok of Poughkeepsie, N . Y., an d ~1i ss Edith Grego ry o f Paterson, )1 . J. The Hempstead Harbor School will have Miss Hildega rde l'vIay tull1o :Mi ss Patterson has been give n lea vc o f ab­ sence for a month and her place w ill be filled by Miss :.\IcClean while ~Vlr s . Fred T hatche r su bstitutes in her work in the mea nti me. School athl etics have bee n reorga ni zed. F o rm e rl y each sport had its OW11 clubs, sHch as baseball, tennis, bas ket ball and general ath letics, but these have all been consolidated u nder the name of Port Washin gton fl igh School At hletic Associati on, with the following officers fo r the coming season: President, Everett -:\'litcbell : Vicc­ P resident, Edith Donley; Secretary, E lsie :1'1ar5h, alid T reasurcr, Allyn l\'la r sh. 'They began th e year \v it h a cas h balance in th e treasury and about 75 membe r s. Pro­ fessor Carl Carson will sup ervise the athlet ic work and as he h as had a great dcal of expe ri ence ill th is li ne, incl u ding coac hi ng college basket ball tea ms and college gymnastic work, th e season looks bright for good teams. 1\[r. Carson s\.1c<.~eeds 1\1r. D elano in the English and science su bj ects. It might be mentioned also that the se ries of free evening lect ur es in the High School will be continued this yea r. T he best lecturers obtainable wi ll be secm'ed a nd the re are some extra att ractions in this line that Principal Jones is not yet ready to announce,


---. .-..b




Constable I s aac S m it h on September 8 stl cceeded capturin g t h e m an wh o w a s w an ted fo r theft from the Guggenhe im estate. 111

).1"r . Ralp h 1I. JjlO111 as char tered a stea m yachtTor th e rac ing week at I J t~ ' oton an d enterta ined a g roup of hi s friends duri ng that ga' 0ccasioll. :\[ r . an d )'lr5. Peter Geddes lll.'l1t hav e been ab road thr ee mont hs, spendi ng the g reate r p rt of that time ill Scotla nd a nd Pari s. 'The)' re turn ed Scpt:' lll ber 1 2. .\\ r. :H owa rd Gou\ rl will ret l1r n h o m l f~ shootillg box ill Scotland abo ut the end o f October. :(t . . is expected that a po rti o n of Ca stle Cou ld w ill be read y.. fo r OCCl1­ paJlcy by tha t t im e.

)'1r. \V111 . Bou rk e Cock ran an d wi fc ar c n'loto ring through Spai n with her fat her, J~l d gc hI e, and his (laugh­ ter, l' r~ rjo r y. J udge Jde is l\ mbassador to Spain , They will retu rn thi s fa ll. ::' [ r. Charles 11 atch r et urn ed on September 9 fro III a th ree w eeks t ri p to the Ad iron da cks. 'Th e t rip W a ~ vc ry beneficia l as we ll as enjoya ble and he is feeli ng m uch imprm'ed in healt h, ' M r. Fra n k C<. Ho A'stot, of Sa nds Point, preside n t of t he P r essed Steel Ca r Compa ny, ha s p urchased a new m otor car and is \'cry we ll plea sed w ith its r u nn in g. It is a n A m plex o f the latest mode l. :M r. E dw in Arno ld, w ho has had the George Th ayer place nca r ] llan D Ollle fo r the SU1ll mer, on Septe mber 2 to ck sever al o f hi s fr iend s 0 11 a tw o weeks' fishi ng tr ip to :M a ine, ::'[ 1"5, Ar nold joilled him a week later. T hey had a royal good time. 1\1r. L o ui s ::'Ion tan t married ::\li~ s .\l ice A nd erson 0 11 Septem be r 16, ::'li ss Anderso n is the da ll g h te r of D r, A n de r so ll , a soc iety physic ia n o f Ne w Yo rk City, llumb erin g a mo11g h is pat ien ts such soc ial lea d er s as 1\l rs. Asto r, 1\'frs. ,F' isher, etc, ::'lrs. I-Ter man U lrichs all d her son motored f rom Xew Y ork on September I and took h(llcheol1 \dth A r ­ chitect :-' fizller at the O ld Bax ter J-I omestead, By th e way, ::. rr. ::.rizller has made a nU1llber o f improvements to the man sion, i1lclud i1lg a bricked cou rt wi th w al1 ~l1 rr ot1n d in g and a tr ick ling foun ta in at o ne eJl c1. 1\[r. i' r ed Lyolls has had an 8S- foot crl1ising yach t hu ilt \vh ich is pro vided with all the latest equipment an d elegant fi ni sh t hc builder could provide, Her speed is rated at 18 m iles per hou r and her na mc is Bettina ITT. \)l1 r ing the in tel'11a tiona i m et or boat races at Hunting­ lon the)' enter tain ed a num ber of their fr iends aboard,

The ol d T ibbit s p rope rt y. at t he heacl of Wes t Creek, belween Barker's Poin t an d Sa nds P o int, i ~ bei ng re m od el ed b y th e heirs of George Ti b bi ts , 1\J r. C ha d es D od ge has recei\"ed t he contract a nd ::'1 r. Fra nk JL Smi th , Jr" drew the plan s for th e al terations <Ill d addit io ns. 'rhe il11p rovemcn ts a r e expect ed to cnst ab o u t $6,000. T he ceil ing of OIlC o [ the fi rst flo or roo ms ha d to bc ra ised to admit a colonial sec r eta r y oye r 200 yea r s o ld, w h ic h t he fa mily p r ize highly, JI.



REAL ESTATE. 1\l"!', Jo h n E. Col es, th e enterpri s in g blacks mi th of :M an ha sset, has p u rcha s ed fro l11 Cha rl es L , Ho rm o dei n the prop erty up on whi ch his s hop is loca ted, and bu ilt an att racti,'e co tt age upon it. l'r r. George .\, J Itlh n" of Ph ilade lp hia, has re n ted the \ V. G . Drokaw house fo r t he yea r, It goes u nder t h e !la m e of "Xi n 'ana ," ::.rrs , Hllhn is on a visit to ~ rr. a ll d Mrs. :l 1em)" S. Lell r. at J\e wpo rt. 1\lr. F l'a nk B , 1'1 ill er, of Ne v\" Roc hel le, expect....: soon to b ui ld o n hi:; lot o n Day View Av enue, adjacent to the residence of ) ..I" r , \\' ill iam 'Vard. N[ r. ,Var d, by the \\" a y, has j u:->t pu t a yery at t rac t ive gree n hou se upo n hi s p rope rty. ',,- ::'1r. i' rank n, S mith rep or ts t he rea l estate bus i­ ness as loo ki ng brig'hter each day , T hro ug h h im the bt1'!ld ing s it e 0 11 the II eig hts east of the Bootay h om e­ ~te a (~ n ]Jay V iew Avenue ha s j ust bee n sold to 'V i lli a l1~l i l1cr, o f Ne wark, N, J. The pu rchaser c:\­ pects to b.Jtkl, th is w in ter. The D l1 s in ~-e l:rot hers, co nt racto rs a nd bui ld er s. ()f ,I' or t 'V a shillg~l . w ho ,al:e b uild ing a han d so me re:--1(lence fo r '.\ 1r ~. J~ h n \ \ 'h ltOIl at IIcwlet ts, L o ng; Isla nd, a t a cost of $j\),ooo, have b een favo red wi t h ~'ood wea~her so th at c~t1ction ~las adv an ced r ap­ Idl y , It IS probably t he fN:st reSidence erected o n .......

L.o n g- Isla nd to ha\'e a ll t he s~ and sim ilar fini sh , u:--ually m adc o f cu t s tOI1~, btl ilt~ conc ret e stone. wh ich closeh ' imi ta tes lim,e s t 01~ e. ~ . . 'The Plan D o m e sectIOn IS unc1erg ng a r apHl Ill eta m orphosis. T he real estate c1evelop m nts h ave Il1 ac1e it a p rom ising resident ial locality, an d wi , n the channel h as bee n d redged at the head o f '.\fan I12~ct Day t he sho re fro11 t w ill be very attrac tive. 'T he mo~ . re cent transaction is th e pu rchase o f th e o ld B lood ­ good Cutter far 111 , lying bet ween the Pla n Dom e 'I I"eights, devel opment and t h e ra il road, hy n , Th o mp­


PLAIN TALK SOli , fo r about $200,000. :Mr. 'l"hompsOll 0 \·\,115 oth er adjacent plots in th e vicinity . ' :\,Ta r k o n c1reclg·in g the channel ha s commenced.

sh or e i!'i a bo u t t we nt y feet deep at low tid e and the b u lkhead will be re m o ved llcxt Sprin g to be replaced by a wide and slopi ng sa 1l d b cach. A 'c asi no o r enter­ t ainm ent r esort fo r dwellers up on the Es tates w ill be e rected next S p ring . l'erhaps \ve ma y h a ve a " Cha­ tea u d es Bea ux A rt s " o f o ur o w n so me cl ay. A t a llY rat e, th ere \vill be a h ath h ouse fo r each of the resi.­ d e nt s u pon the Est a tes ;'; l d a ha nd so m e dock alld float for yachtsmen. T1 .e beach is reserved all al ong the fron t for th e E s t:l[eS people ill general. 'fhere w ill also be a pla yg roll nd fo r chi ld re n. One o f the mo r e rece nt sales was made to ::\J1'. Ai ns le y, of Ivro ntc1air. :.J. l, an d t he land is ,being cleared rea dy to begin r , completed in J u ne , builrl in g t h is 1al1. l-:l otl s e N o . _ is n o \-\" occll-pied by His h op Fa llows, of Chi cago.

The Daxtcr Estates, ly ing 11 0rt h of the main p o r­

tion of the v illage and ha vi ng a long \vater fro nt o n

the Cove, is proceeding q ui te rapidly in its deve lop­

ment . 'fhe clock ha s been co mpleted anel t he sa n d

beach is nearly finished. The lake with its r ustic

hridge and shrubbery is a very attractive fe ature at

lile weste rn entrance. Arc hitect :M iz ncr g uards the

western e ntr ance and hi s tre atm ent o f th e natu ral

picturesque features o f the Baxter Homestead add

Illllch to the attr,acti vc ncss of t his deve lopme nt. :tVI r.

ta y lor's r esidence is about co mp le ted a nd will be the

firs t erected up o n thi s tract. T he re are a bo ut seve n ty

acres laid o u t in plots and park deve lopment, a brook

runs along one s ide, and fro m the high g round the

vie"" is attractive. 1\1Ia llY o f the p urchasers of pl ots

arc people of Po rt \\lashington .

\Vampage is th e na me g iven to the de velopment of

Plum Beach and so me 120 ac res of bluff and h eigh ts

which th e \Vampage Rea lt y Co mpan y ow n. Stephen

H. Pell has the princ ipal inte rest a nd Osgood Pe ll & Co. ar e the se ll ing age n ts. A grea t deal o f work ha:, bee n do ne in ra ising the h eig'ht of t h e bar, covering the sand with loam, pla ntin g t rees a nd shrubs, m a k ing' road s, putti ng ill w ater m ai ns and electric light con­ duits , p lanting h edges around each plot, etc. They 11a ve bui lt two h otlses, tv\'o garages, on e la rge bat h ing pav ili oll , one b oat pavil ion with do ck, an d ha ve j ust .:: ~o ld o ne cottage fo r a bOlH $22,000. The roads ('I'"ld pa ve ments ha v e a cin d er fo un d a t io ll , UP O Il wl~~h is pi<lced bro ken stone and a top s urface of ta r v).?.:, ma k­ in g- practically an asphalt st re et.


'The Por t ' \las h ing to n Estates th e

Heights 011 the so uther n s id e e mb races/ {65 acress, 93

ac re s of which have b een develo p ed a!.iid laid ou t into

175 pl ots, a numb e r ot" wh ich ha ve bee"ll sol d . They ha ve

540 feet o[ sho re fr o nt o n l\{al1ll ?, ~ se t Ba y, and here

h as bee n bui lt Cl r et-ai n i ng blll k h ( 1.d to hold the 70,000

cllbic y ards o f sa nd d redged ~ r o m the bottom of the

bay, so that th e ten -a c ~ract be twee n the road a nd

th e 'Nat er no w lies £r0..-'' '1 scy e n to fou r teen fe et above

high tid e. A b ou t Leve n ty. men are at work on th e

Estates at pre~r,f, g rad ing, lan ds capin g and puttin g

in 2..:l--in c h j ;{'in pipe to lead .a way su rface drainage.

Th is te ll 3... c res \-v ill be laid out into bui lding pl ots with

a pa rk,:, ay dow n th e cente r to the sho re, consis tin g of

t v·,' r.:., dri ves and a flower bed between . 'r he water off





COUNTY SEAT NEWS. 'rh:, Board of S up e r viso rs at a meeting held in thei r r:hambe rs 0 11 F ri day, Sept. 8, I 9 ' 1', o rdered the clerk to pttrchase so me add itional law books fo r til e usc J f th e Co unty Judge.

··fh e Co urt House grot1 nd s will be cleaned and the pr .vet h edg e t rimmed b y the time th is issue a ppears, thus givi ng the visito rs d urin g fair week all oppor­ tu ni ty to sec th em at their be st.


The 1\ ew Yor k and Lo ng Islan d Traction Co. \Ve r e g ive n the privi lege t o buil d and ma in tain a swi t ch and sid ing in front of th e Court I-l ou se fo r the pur­ p ose of fac il itati n g th e handlin g of la r ge c rowd~ , especial ly du r ing fair "\-vee k. 'The s id in g will b e 750 feet 101lg, th us permi tting the s ide tracki ng of fifteen {.~a rs of fifty feet length. O n S epte mber 5 the Tovvn B oar d held a meet in g a t w h ich t hey au d ited the fo ll ov.,' ing bil ls fo r Po r t \\lash in gto n: N assau Co un t y 'Vater Co., I28 fi re hyd rants fo r s ix mo nth s, $T,920; T h omas Carma n. dock master, t wo mo nt hs, $40; elect ri c ligh t bill, $520. P rogress is be ing made in rega rd to the road imp ro\'c­ m e nt s 0 11 S ixth Av e nue, Ba y View Ave nu e, l\1 ackey f\ve ll ue, Prospect Ave nue and ' Ve bst er Ave n ue. T he C ha ir ma n of the Board of S up e r visors, w h o w a s auth oriz ed b y r esolutio n to proc ure lo r Co mm is­ sio ner of Juro rs James P . Brown, of Va ll ey Str ea m, su itabl e offic es at th e b es t price obtain able ha s leased the o nl y vaca nt r 00111 in th e Denton bu ild ing. 'rhi~ roo m was fo r me rl y tlsed as a Justi ce'::; Cou rt hy JIIS­ tice of th e Peace Ch arles R. vVeeks. COlllmissioner








Brow n has app ointed a s his Deputy 'I'ho m as B . :'lalo ney of Great Neck Station at a salary o f $ r,roo per ann u lll . 1\ stenographer, to be appo int ed, w ill com p lete the o ffice forcc. T he o ftiCC:-i of the Com miss ioner o f E lections, wh ich a re plea sa ntly located- in th e P ayne and Scu dd er b u il d­ ing, :rvli neo la, have ope ner! w it h the followi ng force i ll charge : CO lll miss io ners K~n\l ill and Lewis at a sal ­ ary of $2,500 each; Ch i ef-CI ~ I, ex-S heriff J osep h H. Foster of J nwood, salary $ 1,500; T ho mas H. O'Keefe of Oyster Bay, Deputy Clerk, $ [,300 ; S tenographer ex-Town Clerk of No r t h H em ps tead, $goo; C ustod ian Ja m es Do ugherty of ""Vestbl1 ry, $720. It is now th eir b us ies t tim e as elect io n is d rawi ng nea r and many applicants for the position of Inspe.cto rs , £ Elections mllst be examined accord ing to t he prov isl.I ll S of t h e Le,'Y bil l. An av iation to urn a men t will be held a t N a ssau Boulevard, near } l ineo la, o n Septem ber 23 tl) 30, at the h eadquarter s of the \"'r ig h t and t he Cu r tiss schools fo r airm en. The r e is a m easured course of 011e a nd o ne-fourth mi les lined by g randstands hav in g a ca­ pacity fo r 25,000 spectators. ]'here will also be jlar k­ ing space fo r 3,000 automob iles and sta ndi ng 1'110 111 fo r 50,000 p erso ns, w ho ·will be charged So ce nts <~cl ­ mi ssion. Pre parations we re begu n Oil t he 11th. ..(\ h ig h fence will s h ut out the free show spectator s, fo~ wh ich co n t racts were let o n Sep tember 4. \IVell kn ovvn' aviators w ill com pete, an d it is expected t h at thi s event w ill take the place of the Va nderb il t Cu p races fo rm erly held in this co un ty. T he m eet w ill be u nd er the a us p ices o f t he Ac ro Cl ub of N ew York a nd t he Aero Cl ub of America. O ne o [ the fca t ures be a race from Boston to New York. 'The I-Ion . T imothy L . \ Vood ru ff. of Ca rd en City, is one of t he prim e m ove r s in t h e enterp ri se.


T h e 70th A nnual Exhibi t ion o f t he Ag ri cu lt ural Society of Queens an d N a ssau Co un ties, held a t t he Fair Ground s at ),1 in eola Sep te m be r 26 to 30, will be of u nu sual int e rest. Ass isted by the a," iati on m eet held in th e v icin ity a t th e sa me time, will h rill ~ a crowd of peop le a rou nci th e cou n ty seat tha t \'vi ll be un p reced ented. Adm ission is 50 ce n ts, ch il d ren be­ twee n 10 and I S yea rs of age 25 ce n ts, and t1l1 cler t hat free . Carri ages wit h 1\;VO ho r ses w ill be cha rged one do ll ar. A nnu al member's- t ickets are t wo do llars each. School child ren's d ay is F r iday, Sep tembe r 29- 'f homa s I-I. B aco n of I-Iem pstead, secreta ry-treas u re r, wi ll re­ ceive a ll remittances a nd entr ies. The horse rac in g


entries closed September ] 2, fo r poultry the 9th, and o ther d epartments the 16th . ...\ rt icles in competitio n mu st be on t he g roun ds befor e 12 o'c lock o n the 26th. T he p ri ze list is a hea,') o ne. 1-'01' the trotti ng a nd pacing races $9,000 ,·vill be g iven out. An interesting depart ment is the Ed ucational Ex hi bit, open to all p u blic schools in the COU ll ty, of wh ich "V ill iam \ \t'. \i\Tright of M ine o la is sup erintende n t. She ri ff C har les 1'. De ::\lott has been engaged to fur n ish 22 men fo r police p rotectio n at the Fair Grounds dur in g the {i,'c­ d ay ex hibi t io n o f the Q uee ns-Nassatl f\gr icult ural So­ ciety.

AROUND THE COUNTY. Carnivals, fa irs, ba rn dances and races seem to be in order in Sep tember. L ikewise fa irs, and th at maybe is w hy t he fa ir and ca rn iva l o f Rockvi ll e Cen ter was he ld Septemb er q ., ]5 a nd ]6. Jt was for the benefit of the v illage cl ub, which is a sort of ge neral social an d bett erme n t cl u b fo r t ha t vill age and adj acent COlll ­ lllu n ities. The idea is a good o ne a nd res ulted in ma ll Y pe rsons ou tside Rockv ille Ce n ter partici pat in g in the celebl"atio ll . The chairm an o i the fa ir co m11l ittee ,'v as F. :'\I. Da Costa, with ~Jrs . George H.oeckeI as ass ist­ ant an d Andrew Edwards as secretary a nd t reasu rer, a lt hough there were a score of committees. I n con­ n ection w ith the wo r k o f th is club is a branch of t h e Boy Scout s under Cap ta in \"' hi te. The club is re ­ ma rkabl y successful. and ,,,,hen P o rt \iVash ington starts a clu b along similar lines it wou ld be well to 1:;~t suggestions fro m John \V. De :.\fott, presi dent o f th ~'BockviIle Center Club. H~ry Payne \Vhitney, o f : Ves t bu ry, is just hav­ ill er cont"n leted a handsome stucllo garden . ~




, POLITICAL. Joh n " d~'~~IJ o f I s lip , S uffolk ,

~.rr. Co unty , LOllg' I sla nd, who has b~n associa ted pol itical ly w it h As­ se mbl y m an Scheide, ~...Jlas gone over to the opposing' fact ion an d has been ~11.lQ.inted as confidential agenl u nder the ne w COll servatio'h- Co m111i ss io n at a sala ry o f $1",800 p er yea r and $700 '). low£l ll ce fo r tra ve lin g expe nses. 'T"he Nassau Co u nty Democrat ic COl. l t y Commi ttee hc ld a mceti ng on Septembe r 8 at \ i\feicl.l1an's IIotel and fixed th e date for t he primaries. 'fhe Dem ocratic prima ries will be held o n September 26 and t he de lc­ .



--------~~--~~~~ -­-~--------------------------------------------~~~

- ,



PLAIN TALK gates elec ted w ill m eet in c011 ve nt io n o n O ctobe r 4, 0 11 w hi ch date the de legates fo r bot h t h e Asse m bly and Ju d icia ry conve n t io ns will m eet to select ca ndi­ {!aLes fo r the fall el ectio l1 s . 'The re is to be voted fo r th is fa ll one Asse mblyma n and t h ree S up reme CO LI n J us ti ces. Coin ciden t with the a pproach of 1vJ i11cola fa ir . pol­ ~\t p r esent t here is co nsid ­ era b le tal k o f can d ida tes fo r t he llo1ll ina t iol lS for As­ sembly ma n a mo ng bot h pa r ties. T he ' Democrats seell l to have seve ra l aspi rants, mos t promi nen t o f who m a re T homas ]-1. Bacon and F loyd \ Vee ks o f H empstead. J oh n E . .F a ber a nd Hen ry A. I [all man, t he p rese11t in c tltl1b cl 1t, bot h o f Sea Cliff. It is early ye t to p roph esy who w ill be s uccess ful ill t he cOll,'cnt ion tu he held o n October 4 t h , ' 9 11, 011 t he ot her han d, t he Hep llhl ic<1 1l s will un ite all t heir st rong'est l11 an, and he will u ndo ubt ed ly prove to be J. lIu yler 'E ll iso n uf J''r ee port. ]\ ["r . Ell iso n's close a ffi lia tio ns w it h t he :'\a:-osal1 Co u n t y \ t ol ull teer F ireme n's A:-osoc iat ioll , h <1"­ illg· !-icn'ed t1"lC I11 fai t hf ully as t hei r presid ent fo r a 11l1l11her of years. i:" looked upo n by th e part y lead ers as a 1110 st ,'aluable asset in th is all off ),ea r. T he r e is so me me nt io n o f Je re m iah ' \ioo d, who \Vas d efeat ed by Assemb lyman 1:":101 1111 <111 last r'-all. h ut t he :"cnti lllc n t for him d ocs not crysta lizc. Itl Cla ll S res um e a c t 1\"1tlCS.




B OARD OF ASSES SORS' INVESTIGATION, Th e New Yo rk Sta te Boar d of E qu al izati on re­ ceived com plaint and ch arges fro m l7 ra nkl in B. Lo rd , counsel fo r th e 1\assau Co u n ty , iV ate r Co., s tat ing th at t hei r p roperty was 11 0t assessed p ropo rt ionately, a nd th at t he fo r mer Boa rd s of Assesso rs ha ve not done the ir du t y . "rh e law reql1ires th e assess ill ent for taxa­ tion to be approxilllately the face va ll1 e o f t he prop­ er ty. The "Boa rd ap po inted a s l1 b-colllm it tee consist­ ill g of Secretar y of S ta te L azan sky and Co mmissione r By rn es to in\" estigate t hese comp lai n ts a nd a ppointed the da te as Sep te mbe r .r r, at :'\[i neola . Nf r . Lo r d co n­ tends that t he a verage assessme nt is 0111y 2+ per ce n t a nd th at in so m e cases it is as low as q per cen t, a nd in t h e case o f the ,vater co mpa ny it is l OO pe r ce n t. H e g ives a n l1 m be r of exa mples of u neq ua l assess men t a nd shows th at t h is m ea ns gTeat inj ust ice to so m e. 'The h eari ng of t he th ree boards of r\ssessors of Xassa ll C01111ty was he ld in Supen' isors' chamb er s on M onda,'- last (Sept. ]I ) befo r e Secretar y o f S ta te L aza nsky a nd State Tax Comm issione r Byrnes, re p-

resenti ng t he S tate Board o f E q ua lizatio n, an d Secre­

tary T homas ' I\ fee d. A ft er COlll mi ssio ne r Byrnes

had s tated t he object of t he m ee ti ng, Secreta ry \ I\feed

rea d a comillu nica t io n fro III Fra n klin B. Lo rd , of t h e

law fi rm of Lord. Day and Lord, rep resen t ing t he • Q uee ns Co unty ' Vater Co, T he He mpstead Boa rd of Assesso rs, C harl es VV. S m it h of , iVa u ta g h, Charl es E. \ iV hi teho use o f Roose­ \"el t, a nd T ho m as H , Hrower of \ Voodm er e, a ttended by S u pe rv iso r Cra ft , we re t h e fi rst w it nesses call ed , Assessor Sm ith, rep rese n t ing th e Board , wh en as ked wh y a cert a in p iece of p ro perty in La wr ence, which \\' a s sold in Nove mbe r . 1909, for $225,000, was o nly a ssessed a t $ 55,000, sa id that t he p rese n t Doard had inc rease.d t he assessmen t $30,000. He admi t ted se r v­ ing t he tOW 11 of l Tempstead fo r two years and f; ,'e mOllths a s Assesso r a nd d u r in g- pa r t of t hat ti mc a nd some yea rs before t b is piece of p rop ert y ha d o nly becn a ssessed fo r S25,OOO, It was st ated b y l\ll r. Lord that at t he t ime of sale t h er e was a mo rt g-a.!.!,·e on pu rc hase p ri ce of ove r $ roo,OOO, All th r ee Assessor s adm itte d t hat t hey. neve r loo ked after mo rtgages whe n assess ing p rope rty . Comm issio ner J1 y rn es t he n as ked S m ith if he th ough t t hat V'las a competent way tu assess prope rt y . a nd sa id if th at wa~ t he prevail ing id ea of assess m e nts he ( Dy rn cs) , if he was in S mi t h's place, ,,,a uld lose no ti me in ha nding in his res ig na­ ti o n. C0111 111i ssioil er By rn es then as ked Co u nse llor Lo rd if he had eve r obj ect ed to the $25,000 a ssess­ me nt to p rove his consistency, a nd L ord a ns w ered t hat no objection had been made until he ha d sold t he p ropert y. Abra m "\'Volf, ch air man of t he Boa rd o f Assessors o f the tOW\1 of No rth :r femp stead. w a s then a sked if h e had personall y v i ~ited any of th is p ropert y he had assesse d, a l1 d t hrollgh a m isu nde r­ stan d in g he a nswered, no. I-Tc v.'a s adv ised by Com­ m issio ner Byrnes not to say a ny t hing mo re, b u t buy a book a nd stn dy up on h is d l1ties. L a ter o n th is m istake was expl ai ned to t he Hoa rd of E q uali za t ion in a sa ti sfactory m ann er a nd t h e rloli stak e rect if-ie d . I-Ja r ry D e Forrest Ba ldwi n, assoc ia te cou nsel with 1v[r. LOt-d, t h en exp lain ed to the Board t h a t in hi s op inio n t he a sse:"sors th rougho ll t t h is co u nty did the best they co uld t1l1der th e circuill sta nces, bu t Hthei r best" w a S all w rong·. Af r. La;:ansk y t h en asked ]\Ifr. Baldwin if in h is opinion t he poo rer people d id no t pay t he larges t

pro po rt io n of taxes . a nd ::\11'. Halc1 wi n though t t hey

c1ic1 , l\'fl-. Laza nsk." then quest ioned Cla rence C. Do ud .

cha irma n o f th e Board of Assesso rs o f t h e tow n of

Oyste r Bay . at g reat len g t h ab o l1t t he vari o tl s a ssess­

me nts specified in i\if r . Lord 's complaint, a nd each o ne






was satisfa cto rily explai ned. At th e conclusion Com ­ Byrnes com plimented l\l[r. D oud, saying he ha d g iven the most in te lligent expla nat io n of any a ssessor present. The commi ttee then ad jou rned to await th e ac ti o n of t he State Board of Equal izat io n. Illi ~s i o n cr

ROAD IM PROVEMENTS. O il A Ug ll st '25 \ IVill iam H . Bowne, Superi ntende nt of Highways for :\:assau County, macle an estimate to the Doarcl of Super visors o f 1\ assau Cou nty upon the cost of bu ild ing ancI imp rovi ng a number o f cou ntry roads in the towns of ..:\orth I-Ic mpsteacl an cI Oyster Bay, aggre­ gating $566,000, for wh ich bo nds mu st be issu ed. O n Septem ber 8, George Th1 . Goodale, s u pe r ViSD1"S' clerk, wro te from t he Supervisors' chambers at ".\1ineola to the HO Il. JOh l1 Lyon, Ic o mptroll er of :\Tas­ s alt cou nty, t he fo llo w ing comm un icatio n: "I a 111 directed by the Board of S up erviso rs to a scc·r taill from YOtl at o nce what steps h ave been ta ken by Y0 11 in r egard to your adve rti sing for sale the tv\'O issu es of bo nd s, Se ries "L" and Series "1\T," cop ies of reso lut io ns o f w·hich we re filed w it h yotl 0 11 or ab out f\ ugust 3' , ' 9 1 r. As the p roceeds of these isstles o f bond s is to be u sed fo r the constn lct io n of much needed nc w road s, a nd as the ·w inte r is com ing O Il, t he Board o f Su per\· iso r s are an xiolls to ge t the work s tar ted so that th e peo ple ma y deri \-e the benefit of t he m as early as possible. T he Boa rd of Stlpen-isors wo uld tha nk YOll fo r an im media te reply to this C0 111 ­ mUll ica tio n ." O n September II, Comp tro ller Lyon answe red this reql lest ill a very in teres ti ng- com1l1uni cation, which w e g ive ill full :

T o t he B oard of Su pe r viso rs, Kassa t! C011n ty, Ne\-v Vor k. Gentlem en : . In reply to yo nr com mu nicatio n of the 8t h in st .. I beg to- in form yo u tha t I have ta ken no s teps fo r t h e sale of the bond serics mentioned in yo u r letter. If you w ill s ubmi t to me such notice o f thc sale of the bon d series m ent ioned in your Ic ttcr a s you deem prope r, I w ill give it conside rat ion. n y a recent dec isio n 'of th e court it was he ld t hat thc Co unty Comptroller is s imp ly a mi ni s tc rial officer ill bo nd iss ues of the cha racter under consider ation . I think all paper s an d notices in th is and s imil a r matters sho uld he prepared by the learn cd cO t1 nsel to th c Hoard of Su per viso rs.


I do not care to s hare any further, th an a s a mi n isterial offi ce r, the respo nsibility of these proceed­ in gs, for after stich exam inat io n of the pro ceedings as I ha ve bee n ab le to make, I ha ve some misgivi ngs abotl t bei ng ab le t o dispose of t he bonds for th e pur­ poses menti oned . It seems to be propc r a s a n offi cer ha vin g supcrin ­ tcnde nce over the fina ncial affair s of the Cou nty, t o exp r ess m)· views in re ga rd to these two bond iss ues agg regatin g $ 566,000. Tn the fi rst pl ace, several o f the streets nam ed fo r thc issue of $300,000 of the bonds are s mall st ree ts in the \"il lagc of G len Covc. Resol uti o ns for t he impro\·cmcnt of at least fOllr of them we r e s llbm itted to th e clectors at the town meeti ng in the tow n of Oystcr Bay he ld o n A pril 4t h la st a nd voted dowll; a resolu t io n fo r the imp rove­ ment of an o thcr of th em was carried. The s tr eets to bc imprQ\·ed are unimp o rtallt streets in Nassau COllnty, som e of wh ich are o nly two rods in widt h. 'The clecto rs of th e town of Oyster- Bay voted down t he propos itio n to im provc sai d r oads at the expense of thc tOW11 . N ow th ey a re to be il11prQ\·ed at thc ex­ pe nse of ::.Jassau Co un ty, and o f t he bOllcl issue of S300,000, the tOW1l o f ITcll1pstead alo ne will pay nearl y $ 18o,QoG-n o t a d ollar o f whi ch is to he expended fo r impro\'ements with in its li mits. Of the other bOlld iss ue of $ 22 5.000. the tOWll o f He mpstea d w ill havc appropriated fo r improv ements to be ma de in the to\\l11 abo ut $75,000. al;d pay of sa id bond issue $ 135,000. Therefo r e, of th e t wo bond issues, agg rega ti ng ab out $75,000 is to be ex pended in the town of T·Jemps tead , o r about I S per cent. wh il e the tow n pay s abou t 60 pcr ce nt of the two bond issues. 'Thi s issue of $225,000 fo r res urfac­ ing· the al ready ex is t in g m aca dam roads wotll d be un­ necessary had the mOll cy anl1uall y 1c\·icd ill tax es and approp ri a ted for road ma inteJlan ce becn prudently ex­ pended for t hc p11r pose of maintaining· the cOllnty ro ads. I a111 sati s fi ed fr0111 what I hfl. \"c seen that mo re than t\\' o-third s of the a mo unt of these bo nd issues wi i! be wasted aJl d l1lisap pl ic(i a nd o ne sccti on of thc cou nty is to be pl u ndered and op prcssed , bu t th e tax- . payers may console th clllseh·cs th a t t hc op prohri ul11 li gh ts 011 the opp ressors, not o n t hc oppressed _ J O H l\ LYO N, Co unt y Comptroller. .]I.



]\ ervot1s E mpl oyer-T don' t pay yo u fo r w histling. ;.:: ew Office Boy-'fha t's all ri g ht, sir ; I can't whist le well cnou g h to charge for it.





Phoenix Sand and Gravel Co.











Looking southwest fr om o ffi ce o ve r t he s h o re front o n Ma nhasset B ay



Shore Privileges


EDW ARD H. FALLOWS, President Office on Property

30 Church St., New York City

Plain Talk: Sep. 16, 1911  

Plain Talk Newsletter Port Washington, NY September 16, 1911 Vol. 1, No. 1

Plain Talk: Sep. 16, 1911  

Plain Talk Newsletter Port Washington, NY September 16, 1911 Vol. 1, No. 1