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Biology 176 Comparative Biomechanics Syllabus: version 1 Instructor: Doug Altshuler email:; phone: 2-3937

Spring 2010

Office hours: Wed. & Fri. 4:10-5:00 p.m. Office location: Spieth 2219

Text: Comparative Biomechanics: Life’s Physical World, Steven Vogel, Princeton Univ. Press. Lecture: MWF 10:10 – 11:00 a.m., STATS B650 Discussion: W 5:10 – 6:00 p.m., INTS 2130 Course Schedule Date March 29 31 April 2 5 7 9 12 14 16 19 21 23 26 28 30 May 3 5 7 10 12 14 17 19 21 24 26 28 31 June 2 4 11

Topic Introduction and History of Biomechanics Review of Biophysics Size, Shape, and Scale Jumping Fleas Material Properties I (HW1 due) Material Properties II Spider Silk Viscoelasticity (HW2 due) Geometric Properties I Slug Mucus Geometric Properties II (HW3 due) Hydrostatic Structures Burrowing Worms Biological Actuators I (HW4 due) Biological Actuators II Midterm Exam Terrestrial Locomotion Fluids at rest Gait Energetics Viscosity (HW5 due) High Reynolds Numbers Lizards on Water Boundary Layers (HW6 due) Internal Flows I Memorial Day – No Class Internal Flows II (HW7 due) Low Reynolds numbers Coasting Fish Lift (HW8 due) Thrust Final Exam (8:10–11:00 a.m.)

Readings CB chapter 1 CB chapter 2 CB chapters 3-4 Bennet-Clark & Lucie (1967) JEB CB chapter 15 CB chapter 16 Becker et al. (2003) Nature Mater. CB chapter 17 CB chapter 18 Denny & Gosline (1980) JEB CB chapter 19 CB chapter 20 Quillin (2000) JEB CB chapter 22 CB chapter 23 CB chapter 24 CB chapter 5 Hoyt & Taylor (1981) Nature CB chapter 6 CB chapter 7 Hsieh and Lauder (2004) PNAS CB chapters 8 CB chapters 9 CB chapter 10 CB chapter 11 McHenry & Lauder (2005) JEB CB chapter 12 CB chapter 13

Grading 10%: presentations and participation in paper discussions 20%: homework 25%: midterm 45%: final exam (35% = new material, and 10% = material from first half of course)

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Biology 176 Comparative Biomechanics Syllabus: version 1

Spring 2010

Homework Homework will be handed out (and posted) every Friday except for May 1st because you will be focusing on the midterm that week. Homework will be due by 5 pm the following Wednesday in class. Each day an assignment is late results in a 10% reduction in score (compounded daily) up until Friday at 5 pm, when the answer key will posted on the course ilearn site. Lecture If the lectures include any projected slides, then these will posted after lecture on iLearn. If you have any questions about the course material, you are encouraged to ask during lecture or discussion, or to come to office hours. I will not answer course content questions via email. Discussion The purpose of the discussion section is to go over questions related to the homework problem sets and the lecture material. The discussion sections will also serve as the review sessions for the midterm and final exams. If you have any questions, please be prepared to ask at the discussion sections. I will not have prepared material and attendance will not be taken. Re-grading If you believe that you were not awarded the correct points on an exam or homework set, then you may submit a concise written description of why a re-grade is warranted. Re-grades of problems or short answers will only be considered for answers originally written in non-erasable pen and when no whiteout has been applied to the page. Cheating I will maintain a zero tolerance for cheating for all components of the course. Violators will immediately receive a grade of zero for the exam or quiz in question, and an Academic Misconduct Referral Form will be submitted to Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Programs.

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comparative biomechanics

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