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Marian Leannarda and her staff offer top notch service for a customized experience for each patient.

needles in their face, it is not a medical consideration, it is an emotional one.” Asked what is the most requested service, Leannarda said it was laser hair removal. Typically, clients need five sessions, with each session between one-to-two months apart. “You can buy a package which is more cost effective, or you can purchase individual sessions,” she said. “We have more than one type of laser so we are able to cater to all skin types,” she continued. While you may think that spring and summer are the most popular times for laser hair removal, professionals will tell you otherwise. “Lasers create a reaction from the sun and you have to stay out of it. This is a challenging situation when people have activities, kids games, etc. to attend outside. So a lot of people wait until activities die down,” Leannarda said.

the facility about it. More important to know is that this service is not just offered to breast cancer survivors, it is for anybody who has undergone radiation and has that telltale radiation mark or tattoo. Marian also works with church organizations in helping the homeless get rehabilitated. One such homeless man had a tattoo on his face and “we helped get rid of this so he could seek employment,” Leannarda said.

Qualified for the Job

Some services such as bikini lines and men’s backs are services that Artisan does all year round.

A medical laser specialist, Leannarda is also the CEO and owner of Artisan Laser Skin Care Center. She employs three other people including a second medical laser specialist and two administrative assistants. She offers what she describes as a “fair, skilled, honest service for a fair price.” For now, this is her only location, but who knows what the future might hold for this Dale City resident.

Giving Back

You can find Artisan Laser Skin Care Center at, on Facebook, or alternatively, call 703-878-4848.

While not a well-known service (yet!), Artisan offers free laser treatment for cancer survivors. “Breast cancer patients who undergo radiation treatments almost always have a tattoo on their décolleté,” said Leannarda, “and some people do not want this reminder.” With the use of a laser, this can be removed. While Artisan has only recently begun informing organizations about this service, staff have been telling people who come into

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