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Celebrating 30 Years of Serving Our Communities

Our 2009 Report to the Community

Mission Statement Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide quality, patient centered primary health care services to individuals regardless of their ability to pay.

Our goal is for culturally relevant primary healthcare to be made available, accessable, affordable, appropriate, adequate and acceptable to all community members, particularly for individuals, families and groups who are vulnerable and underserved.

Values Statement

We value our patients, their uniqueness, diversity, health and their contributions to our community. We value providing our patients access to appropriate primary health care in a compassionate and respectful manner. We value a clinical and administrative system which provides primary health care in an efficient, cost-competitive and cost-effective manner while maintaining a financially solvent non-profit corporation. We value a corporate environment which fosters data driven problem solving and collaborative efforts among all (patients, staff, board directors, vendors, volunteers and donors) who participate in CHC and encourages creativity, diversity, innovation, teamwork and the highest ethical standards.

First CHC Clinic Opens Northwest Multipurpose Center in Rose Park



Time Line Northwest Dental Opens

A Letter from Our Leadership Dear Friends, In 2009, Community Health Centers, Inc. celebrated 30 years of providing primary health care services to improve the well-being of the Greater Salt Lake community. We celebrate the vision of the grassroots’ community residents who identified access to care as a core need. We celebrate the dreams of a small, committed staff who believed that with hard work and dedication, they could make Salt Lake County a healthier home. We celebrate our current staff members, many of them Salt Lake County residents, who uphold that vision and live that dream. We opened our doors in 1979, with modest beginnings at the Northwest Multipurpose Center. Today, our health centers look quite different. As our patient population continued to grow, our faculty and staff implemented new programs, expanded existing ones and reached new heights in terms of patient care. Over 34,000 patients choose to receive care at one of our five locations annually, totaling over 105,000 visits. While our core service remains primary health care, we have added many other clinical and social services to care for the whole person. Our commitment to the original mission of providing quality, affordable health care to those most in need is unwavering. We look ahead with optimism. Within the next twelve months, we will replace the Copperview Clinic with a new larger facility. We have long range plans that create more opportunities for our communities to be healthy. The tools we’re creating through the use of electronic medical records will improve our ability to care for each patient and to better care for the entire group of patients who see us as their medical home. Although hypertension, diabetes, and poverty often take the joy of good health away from the communities we serve, we remain committed to restoring that joy. By taking the time to read this letter and this report—a report that keeps the community at the center of our vision and our growth—you have in some way joined our mission. Thank you for partnering with us.

Copperview CHC Clinic Opens


Redwood CHC Clinic Opens

Dexter Pearce Executive Director



Suzie Draper Board President

Founding Member of Association of Utah Community Health (AUCH)

Services That Make a Difference Primary Medical Care

24,897 patients with 83,555 visits

CHC patients gave birth to 1,127 babies in 2009. Our low birth weight rate was 5.32%. 88.6% of female patients ages 21 - 64 received a pap smear. 7,352 pediatric patients (age’s birth to 11 yrs) had well child visits. 95.7% of 2 year old patients were immunized.

Oral Health Care

2,851 patients with 7,252 visits

2,385 pediatric dental patients received fluoride treatments or had cavity preventive sealants applied to their teeth. An additional 5,479 children received fluoride varnish from our outreach program from 18 Title 1 elementary schools. 2,649 patients had cavities filled at our two dental clinics

Behavioral Health Care

165 patients with 410 visits

Intermountain Community Care Foundation begins to fund Central City CHC


CHC becomes independent from U of U



712 CHC patients received counseling for depression and/or anxiety in 2009 from our mental health staff or by a family physician during a medical visit. 59 patients were treated for various addictions, including alcohol, tobacco and/or street drugs.

Wasatch Homeless is started by CHC & later given back to the community

Who We Served At Community Health Centers, Inc. our doors are open to anyone regardless of the ability to pay. We accept all community members, with or without private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and/or Utah CHIP. By the end of 2009, we had served 34,262 patients with 105,262 visits. Our patient population was predominately uninsured (61%) and 99% of our patients lived on incomes at or below 200% of the 2009 federal poverty guidelines ($36,620 for a family of three). The majority of users were female (61%). sixty percent of CHC’s patients were from Latino heritages who suffer healthcare disparities. Fifty-three percent of our patients were less than 18 years old.



Female 61%

White - 21% Latino - 60%

Male 39%

Black - 1% Asian - 2%

Unreported - 13%

Native American - 2%

Payor Mix Medicaid - 20% Uninsured - 61% CHIP - 14%

Clinica de Buena Salud opens in Brigham City and clinics in Midvale and Provo


Kearns CHC opens

100% and Below - 66% 101% to 150% - 16% 151% to 200% - 3% Over 200% - 1% Unreported - 14%

Medicare - 3%



Private Insurance - 2%

Federal Poverty Line

Ryan White AIDS program begins

Program Highlight 30 Years of Quality Prenatal Care

Sometimes it is hard to measure the impact a non-profit healthcare organization has on a community. Uninsured women may be up to five times as likely to delay prenatal care until late in pregnancy. They have a much higher rate of adverse health outcomes, including low birth weight (less than 2,500 grams) and prematurity. CHC estimates that our doctors have delivered between 20,000 - 25,000 babies since 1979! With an average of 5.25% low birth weight, the majority of these children will grow to be healthy adults. Per the 2000 US Census, CHC deliveries would be equivalent to the population of Tooele! Of course, over our 30 year lifespan, many of those over 18 years old have had children, too. Two urban counties, Utah and Salt Lake, had the first and second highest birthrates of any counties in the nation. In 1992, Utah’s average family size at 3.66 was above the national average of 3.16. There is little wonder that between 1980 and 1990 the number of school-age children in the state actually grew from 24 to 26 percent of the population.

Kearns & Redwood clinics merge into Oquirrh View CHC


Mountainlands is started by CHC and later given back to the community



Using a family practice model provides our prenatal patients a medical home. Our integrated program offers the pregnant mom a dental visit, chronic disease management, mental health counseling and health education classes. Of course in a family practice, we extend our services to the newborn. An aggressive vaccination program, reading program and integrated dental care helps to assure your baby will grow up healthy. Community Health Centers, Inc. is proud of its’ prenatal program and its’ contribution to the health and well being of the communities we serve.

Indian Walk-in Center contracts CHC to provide healthcare for Native Americans

News... Farewell to Copperview

By the end of 2010, we will be saying goodbye to one of our oldest clinics - Copperview. Opened in 1984, Copperview has been a medical home for many residents of Midvale. Thanks to a Capital Improvement Grant from HRSA through President Obama’s administration, our dream of a new facility will come to realization. Approval from HRSA for the relocation and expansion of the clinic came at the end of July 2010. The new facility will feature a large comfortable waiting room with a kids area, 13 exam rooms, two procedure rooms, offices, a lab area, meeting rooms, rest rooms, a counseling room and a staff break room. Funds have also been secured for equipping the new site with new up-to-date exam equipment and furniture. CHC wishes to thank Salt Lake County for their past support in providing space at the Copperview Commu- Copperview CHC, 8446 S. Harrison St. nity Center for the clinic.

Oquirrh View dental clinic opens

At the annual United Way Day of Caring, Laborer’s Local Union #295 volunteers came to the Stephen D. Ratcliffe CHC. The union members hydro-blasted the north wall of the building and prepped it for new paint. The wall was in disrepair and needed retucking. Numerous cracks in the walls were also filled. The wall was later painted with funds from our ARRA grant. Our thanks to United Way of Salt Lake and the union!


Reach Out and Read program begins at Northwest CHC



United Way Day of Caring

Pharm D Program begins at Central City CHC in co-operation with U of U

Financials Sources of Funds: Patient Fees & Insurance Charitable Contributions Federal Funds* United Way of Salt Lake Other Income TOTAL

Uses of Funds:

Community Health Services Farm Worker Health Services Ancillary Programs Management & General Fundraising TOTAL

Balance Sheet: Assets

Source of Funds

Patient Fees & Insurance - 38.9%

$7,140,746 $6,160,105 $4,452,345 $208,873 $408,403 $18,370,472

$12,038,200 $381,203 $3,215,223 $2,054,581 $36,879 $17,726,086

Charitable Contributions - 33.5% Federal Funds - 24.2% Other Income - 2.2% United Way of Salt Lake - 1.1%

How Funds Were Spent

Management & General 11.6% Farm Worker Health 2.2% Fund Raising 0.2%

Community Health 67.9%

(as audited by Tanner LC)

$ 2,863,136 $ 875,406 $ 21,085 $ 3,759,627

Current Liabilities Long Term Liabilities Net Assets TOTAL

$ 264,269 $ 1,144,785 $ 2,350,573 $ 3,759,627

Most Valuable Asset

Current Assets Property & Equipment Other Assets TOTAL

Ancillary Programs 18.1%

Liabilities & Net Assets

CHC obtains JCAHO gold seal of approval


Oquirrh View Family Practice residency program begins



* Includes $600,033 in ARRA Funding

Northwest is renamed Stephen D. Ratcliffe CHC

2009 Annual Fund Raising Event We celebrated our 30th Anniversary this past October during our 3rd Annual Fund Raising Event at the Point Restaurant located in the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Our guest speaker was Dr. Stephen D. Ratcliffe, one of CHC’s first medical directors. Dr. Ratcliffe and his family flew here from Pennsylvania for a vacation and at the same time to take a moment or two to reflect on Community Health Centers, Inc. While Dr. Ratcliffe spent sometime reminiscing about his younger years at CHC, he also took time to discuss the importance and impacts of Community Health Centers, Inc. One thing that stuck with me was the number of children our doctors have delivered...around 25,000 over the 30 years. That’s a small city!!!

Over 147 people attended the event - some friends of Dr. Ratcliffe’s and some friends of Community Health Centers, Inc. Although the event was free to those wanting to attend, 62% donated funds to further our mission in the Greater Salt Lake Area. The event raised $15,425 for patient care. David and Dallas Dutson were recognized for donating the money they had saved for a trip to Disneyland to CHC. Gerry Marty and Daniel Hacking were recognized for their years of service on the board of governors.

OB/GYN/FP physician hired


Re-engineering project completed



The Frayed Knot String Band provided our entertainment for the evening, featuring our own Gillian Tufts. Attendee’s enjoyed various wines and other beverages with chocolate and cheeses from around the world. Other food included brochette, fruits and veggies. Plans for the next fund raising event began soon after the lights were turned out. Be sure to reserve Thursday evening October 7th, 2010 for our next event....

Medical Manager software became operational

Friends & Contributors

Without the compassion and generosity of our donors, we wouldn’t be able to provide the families in our community with services, support and educational classes to respond to their specific health care needs. To individuals, corporations and foundations listed below we give our heartfelt thanks for helping us care for others, so that no one is left behind.

$1 Million or More

$200 - $999

Health and Human Services - CHC and MHC Funds ICCF - Intermountain Community Cares Foundation

Anna L. & Peter G. Erickson Anonymous Bob Bunnell, PA-C* Camille Collett, M.D.* Carlos & Paula Guerra, M.D.* Cheri D. Zeringue & John F. Wallace Chris & Susan Cochella United Way Combined Federal Campaign David K. Turok, M.D.* Edward R. Ashwood, M.D. & Candice A. Johnson Elizabeth B. Vierra Gregory G. Petersen J. Preston Hughes, M.D. Jerry and Laura Shane McWhorter, PharmD, CPS Joan Abele, M.D. John Houchins, M.D. Karol A. Aldrich* Kathy Pedersen, M.D.* Kay B. Walker, M.D. Kenneth J. Houck Linda Lames Lorris & Ann Betz, M.D. Michael R. Adams Paul & Ruth A. Cherecwich, Jr. Paula F. & Michael V. Morris Phil & Carolyn Weimer* Rebecca Chavez-Houck Renee & David Justice* Richard Bachman, M.D. Susan Baca Tina Shen

$100,000 - $250,000 Intermountain Medical Group IWIC - Indian Walk-In Center Salt Lake County United Way of Salt Lake Utah Department of Health - SPCG

$10,000 - $99,999 American Academy of Peds - CATCH Grant American Express Center for Community Development AUCH - Association for Utah Community Health C. Scott & Dorothy E. Watkins Charitable Foundation George & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation Salt Lake City - CDBG University of Utah

$5,000 - $9,999 Taylorsville - CDBG Wells Fargo Bank

$1,000 - $4,999

A. A. & Berta C. Guerra, Jr. All Saints Episcopal Church - ROR Amy Geroso Andrea Huynh Anna Scholes Anonymous - two donors Arthur M. & Ann C. Holloway* B.A. & R. Maxfield Betty Jill Carlston, R.D., C.D. Bretton Newman & Jason Castor C. Hillman Castle C. Richards Carol Johnson Charles W. & Mary Sue Howisey Christopher Hill, M.D.

2nd OB/GYN/FP physician hired


JCAHO re- accreditation

$199 & Under



Castle Foundation City of South Salt Lake - CDBG Dennis A. & Helen V. Pearce Janet M. Balbierz, M.D., P.C. Kennecott Copper Visitor Center Foundation Midvale - CDBG Murray - CDBG Questar Corporation Randy Butler* Robert K. & Evelyn D. Pedersen Family Foundation Sandy City - CDBG Shahab & Jan Saeed Smith’s Neighborhood to Neighbor Fund Steiner Foundation, Inc. Thomas H. and Jody Neuman, PharmD, CDE Union Pacific Railroad Foundation West Jordan - CDBG West Valley City - CDBG

Advanced access implemented

Friends & Contributors Continued

Every effort has been made to ensure that this report of giving is accurate and complete. Please accept our apology for any errors or omissions. We ask that you report them to the Office of Fund Development so that we may correct our records. This listing reflects all gifts received January 1 through December 31, 2009. *Denotes a CHC Staff or Board Member.

In-kind Donors

Alta View Hospital Abbott Laboratories Astra Zeneca Foundation PAP Boehringer Ingelheim Bristol-Myers Squibb Carole Stipelman, M.D. - books for Reach Out & Read Dexter Pearce – computer hardware Direct Relief USA Eli Lilly & Company Express Scripts FedEx - free shipping on products from Direct Relief USA Forest Pharmaceuticals Frayed Knot String Band - Entertainment at provider event Gabriela Richardson – books for Reach Out & Read Glaxo Smith Kline Globus Relief Healthwell Foundation Johnson & Johnson Jordan Valley Medical Center LDS Hospital Merck & Company Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pfizer, Inc Planned Parenthood Association of Utah Primary Children’s Hospital Robert J. Debry and Associates – bike helmets Salt Lake Regional Hospital Sanofi Aventis Schering-Plough - Asthma inhalers through Direct Relief USA St. Mark’s Hospital Takeda Pharmaceuticals America Teva Pharmaceuticals - Asthma inhalers through Direct Relief USA Together Rx Access Ultradent Products, Inc. University of Utah - Department of OB/GYN University of Utah - Pharmacy Program University of Utah Hospital Utah Department of Health - Vaccines for Children Utah Imaging Associates Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Xubex Pharmaceuticals

Collaborate with Salt Lake County & State emergency management


JCAHO re-accreditation

Speedy’s Printing Stan Inman Stefani J. Day, M.D. & Christopher J. Mageril, M.D. Thomas Higgins, M.D. Timothy W. Brown & Anegela Marie Dean Tricia Petzold & Theodore S. Paisley William Gallin Winifred & Matthew W. Hobson-Rohrer, M.D.



Cindy Rosenlund* Dallas & David Dutson Daniel G. Hacking* Danny J. & Lorraine M. Crouse Dave and Christie Madsen* David & Constance Goldgar Dennis & Nola Harston Dominic & Virginia Albo, Jr., M.D. Donald Null, Jr., M.D. Doris Dalton Dr. & Mrs. Wain Allen Emergency Physicians Group Gary & Marilyn Chan Gerard E. Van Gerry A. Marty* GoodSearch Harrison N. Pham Intervivos Revocable Trust James G. & Jennifer J. Allred, M.D. James V. Antinori, M.D. Janet Marie Shaw, M.D. & Mark Gaskill, M.D. Jay M. Spector, M.D. Jeff M. Coursey, PA-C* & Mary Johnston-Coursey Jennifer L. Thomas* Jennifer Seeling* Jolynn S. & Mark C. Miller Judith Montague Julianne & R. M. Peck-Dabling Kathleen Wilkinson Kenneth Nye Kenneth Schaecher, M.D. Kevin McCulley L. Edwards Weeks & Kimberely Schappert Linda Stearns* Marc E. Babitz, M.D.* & Sandra Babitz Mark and Elizabeth Greenwood Mary Louise Bright Mary Louise Eilber, R.N. Michael Alonzo* Osman N. & Amy Sanyer, M.D. Pamela Silberman, M.A. Paul Sagers, Ph.D. Richard L. Bachman, M.D. Richard Schimdt, M.D. Richard Sheinberg Robert & Carolyn Hoffman, M.D. Robert C. Toth & Kirston L. Stoesser Robert Keiter Sara Woolsey & Michael Rubin, M.D.* In Memory of Alberta M. Phillips by Sarah M. Phillips Scott A. Leckman, M.D.

CHC celebrates 30 years of service!

1798 S. West Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (801) 412-6920


2009 Board of Governors Community Representatives

Consumer Representatives

Ex-Officio / Non-Voting

Marc Babitz, M.D. Bob Bunnell, PA-C Randy Butler, Treasurer Richard Chapa, M.D. Suzie Draper, President Renee M. Jimenez, Secretary

Joaquin Chavez Kristy Finkelstein Jose Manuel Gaytan Dan Hacking Gerry Marty, Immediate Past President Dalia Nelson Mike Weiler Cindy White

A. Peter Catinella, M.D., Emeritus Dexter Pearce, Executive Director

Š 2010 Community Health Centers, Inc. Produced by CHC Development Department All rights reserved.

Community Health Centers, Inc. 2009 Annual Report  

The 2009 Community Health Centers, Inc. annual report digital edition.

Community Health Centers, Inc. 2009 Annual Report  

The 2009 Community Health Centers, Inc. annual report digital edition.