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MAY 2003


Getting started on Water Work Training Training Treats Raising an Orphan Pup Pupographies Sniffing across the country… Upcoming Events Let’s Do it! Emma goes to Portugal PWDCC Merchandise

Cover shot: Hunters Great Gaddabout, CWD, FMX, OA, OAJ, AD, Versatility Dog, CGC At the end of a water training session in Lake Ontario, Toronto, Kelsey brings to shore the buoy ball. While training our second PWD Laila for the “Go Out” exercise Courier level, the ball was caught by an on shore wind and swept out to sea. Laila gave up trying to retrieve it and swam back to the beach. Kelsey, standing on the shore, decided to plunge in through the waves and swim out to rescue it. The buoy by now had been swept far from shore and was heading straight across the lake towards Rochester with Kelsey in hot pursuit. Ignoring our frantic calls and whistles to return to us he swam on. Twenty minutes later, which seemed like a lifetime to me (I had been thinking of how to get the lifeguard to rescue him) he returned triumphant and delivered the buoy to my hand. Brave, self-willed and resistant to fatigue, Kelsey, now thirteen years old, epitomizes the true character and working temperament of the Portuguese Water Dog. Catherine Gadd and her family share their home with three PWDs They have fun in agility, flyball and water work. This page clockwise from top right: Cathy Gadd with Kelsey and Laila earning their Versatility titles. A PWDCC Water training day at Shadow Lake, Ontario Donna Gottdenker’s Milly rescuing Joan Prokopchuk, who is coercing Mieka to jump from the dock at Royackers pond on May 8, 2003. Yikes it was cold! Mieka finally jumps! I got it Mom! – Mieka

ThePresident’sLetter Spring? Summer? Whatever season it is, when you have a Portuguese Water Dog, it's water time. This issue of the Water Log should help get you started. Most of us are water-loving people or we would have run the other way at the mere name of our breed. And, whether you realize it or not, we are constantly training our dog. "Get off the table" and "Give me that" are typical at-home commands that are very similar to the jump from boat and the dummy retrieve. Water work starts with these simple concepts and tries to do something a little more constructive. While striving for that retrieve to hand or swim with handler, keep in mind that "water work" is just another amazing thing we can do with our dogs for fun. Learning about water trials doesn't mean you can only do this if you intend to get a title. Owning a PWD means you get to do this just for the sheer enjoyment. I would like to congratulate our Alberta members in their successful organization of their new regional club – the Alberta Portuguese Water Dog Club. What a great opportunity for all the PWD owners in the province. The club has already organized a CKC Agility Match and its calendar is filling fast. ( The BC club held a successful Spring Fling dog romp and potluck. Great time to get everyone together to meet old and new friends. They even managed to try their dogs at a couple of relay races. Certainly was lots of fun for everyone. The club is busy organizing its first Regional Specialty for late October. ( Don't forget to check the club's web site regularly for information on upcoming events and reports on various happenings. Try out the FORUM as well. It's a great place to ask questions, share ideas, and brag about your PWD. Enjoy the warmer weather, Debra Barcon, President May 20, 2003

PWDCC Board of Directors and Officers Effective January 24th, 2003 President and Director

Secretary and Director

Debra Barcon

Mavis McClintock

White Rock, British

Duncan, British Columbia


Treasurer and Director

Vice President and Director

Lorraine Wilson

Brenda Brown

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Bon Accord, Alberta

PWDCC Waterlog

Directors Fran Archambault Everette, Ontario Manon Bousquet St-Bonaventure, Québec

Roslyn Eskind Toronto, Ontario Donna Gottdenker Waterloo, Ontario Audrey Hawthorne Calgary, Alberta

MAY 2003


Water Work Fun in the Water Starts on Dry Land

Top: Laila retrieving a buoy line Below: Catherine Gadd with Laila jumping to retrieve a bouy

Working with your Portuguese Water Dog in the water is fun – whether you are competing at a trial, or playing with your dog at home or at the cottage. “Water” is in the PWD’s name and in its genes! As a canine crew member on a sardine fishing boat in southern Portugal, he had an important job – pulling in the nets, diving for gear lost overboard, retrieving articles, delivering items to shore or from shore to boat, the work list goes on and on.

Kelsey and Cathy at the end of his Courier test, October 11, 1999 at the PWDCA Specialty in Rhode Island.

Goals of the PWDCA Water Trials • Provide an environment that encourages the development of the working attributes of the breed • Help to develop a strong bond

skill your dog needs most is BASIC OBEDIENCE. Sit, stay, come and down

• Create modern water work activities

Eagerness to work and a willingness to

unique abilities and historical function

please you is also an asset.

In the USA there are six (6) levels of

Training for water work is like all other

water competition with escalating levels

good training. Remember to train for

of difficulty. To find out more about the

short periods, make it fun and always

U.S. levels, rules, and equipment, refer

end training on a positive note. Using a

to The PWDCC does not

clicker is a wonderful positive way to

currently have organized trials. As the


Club grows and evolves, the Board of be held in Canada.

became the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Water Trials.

Getting Started in Water Work

MAY 2003

Start on Dry Land I always start my water training on dry land. Some trainers like to get straight into the water. In our Canadian climate,

Most of water work consists of swim-

particularly using Lake Ontario, we do

ming and retrieving from the boat or

not get into the water until early July.

from the shore and then delivering items

With such a short season, land work is

to hand.

essential and has proven to be very

First, your dog needs to be able to 2

– without these you will not get far.

specifically related to the breed’s

ness, intensity, swimming and retrieving

designed water work exercises, which

I hope that if you are keen to start water work, your dog loves to swim! Next, the

working companion

Directors is hopeful that trials will also

small group of dedicated PWD followers

Some can be taught, but others never want to get more than their tiptoes wet.

between owner and dog’s heritage as a

The PWD today still exhibits the eagerability. To keep these attributes alive, a

swim. Not all PWDs can or will swim.

effective for us before competing in the USA. I should add that I like to train for PWDCC Waterlog

Top left to right: Lorraine Wilson and Hogan, training for Junior Water Dog, Motes shaking off. Hogan leaping in and bringing the bumper to shore.

all the levels in a random order. Each

Below: Catherine Gadd with Laila being sent to retrieve the buoy line for her Courier Water Dog title. Laila and Cathy at the end of her Courier test, October 11, 1999 at the PWDCA Specialty in Rhode Island.

dogs love to clear up, delivering to my

exchange the item for another, then call

level has much the same basics. It stops

hand and being rewarded with a treat

the dog to return you. Receive each

you and your dog from getting bored.

when the job is done. If you need help

item in your hand. Start playing this

Also it is inspiring to know your dog is

teaching your dog to retrieve, refer to a

game standing close together, and move

working towards his Courier level, the

basic obedience book.

apart as the dog gets the idea. I like to

most coveted of all!

Bumper and Float Line Retrieve

Retrieve and Deliver to Hand

(Apprentice level skill)

One of the most useful things you can

Put the dog in a sit stay beside you.

teach your dog is to deliver all retrieved

Toss the bumper 20-30 ft. away from

items to hand. The dog must put the

you. Send the dog when you are ready.

turn and run away from the dog as he is coming towards me, it adds to the excitement, speeds up the delivery and makes it fun. It also appeals to the prey/ drive instinct of the dog.

object in your hand, not drop it a few

Work up to a distance of at least 60 ft.

Underwater Retrieve

yards away or at your feet. (The earlier

Ask your helper to lie out the float line

(Apprentice level skill)

you teach this the better, but an old dog

on the ground the same distance away.

Use a child’s wading pool to help get

can learn new tricks.) Every thing the

Make sure the dog is watching, send the

the dog used to getting his face wet.

dog brings you – make sure he puts it in

dog when ready. Again work up to a

Hold hot dog pieces under water and

your hand.

distance of 70 ft. If your dog anticipates

gradually increase the depth. Train when

Spend a few minutes every day retrieving different items – a ball, bumper, toy, float line, stick, etc. – make it tons of fun. Throw everything into a pile; get

and starts to move before you are ready,

the dog is hungry. Try to teach the dog

snap a leash onto his collar, step on the

to pick up a sinking toy under water. I

end and let the dog go when you tell

had one ball crazy dog that refused to

him to fetch.

do this until I filled his tennis ball with

the dog to bring each item to you. A fun

Pouch Exchange, Fishing Net Delivery

game we play is to clear up the yard of

(Courier level skill)

toys (dog and child). Amazing how many

In the yard teach your dog to take an

things get carried outside, including the

object (bumper) to your training partner,

odd shoe or sock lying on the lawn. My

e.g., “Take it to Mike”. Have him

PWDCC Waterlog

stones. (He would have jumped off Niagara Falls for a tennis ball!) Find something the dog loves to work for and use it. We are all driven to work for different rewards.

MAY 2003


Blind Float Line Retrieve

Remember the more you teach your dog,

As you can see, these are also cues for

(Working and Courier level skill)

the more he enjoys learning. It also

every day life, obedience, agility, herd-

“Hide and Go Seek” is a great game to

strengthens the bond between you and

ing, etc. In water work, because the dog

play with your dog. Place your 10-foot

your dog. A happy working water dog, at

is working in a much more fluid environ-

float line a few yards from the dog,

the end of the day, is a tired dog. A tired

ment, there is more reliance on hand

where he can see it. Send him to fetch

Portuguese Water Dog is a good dog.

signals and visual cues than one finds

and make a huge fuss with lots of treats when he returns. Gradually make it more difficult to find. Say, “ Go find it”, and your dog will use his amazing sense of

Good luck with your training, go out this summer. Catherine Gadd

smell and return it to you quickly. Very

otherwise, but the actual cues are the same. How are they chained together? Well, that depends on the method one uses. For example, in the style I use, there is

soon you will have it hidden long dis-

a natural progression and order in which

tances away.

they should be taught.

Directed Double Retrieve, and Multiple

For example, the hand signal for stay

Retrieve (Working level skill)

becomes – in order – stay, watch, mark,

While out walking in the park, locate 2

and a combined go/take.

picnic tables a few yards apart. Sit on one with your dog and have your walking

So, one starts with training those cues

companion on the other. Send the dog

on land. Water is not needed. Teach one

to him to collect an article and then

thing at a time. For example, when

return to you. While on the table, throw

teaching take, when you get the dog

2 bumpers 30 feet apart, 40 feet away from you. Direct your dog to get one then the other, deliver them to your hand while you are on the table. Drop a number of articles off the table. Send the dog to hand each one to you. A word of caution re the picnic table: train when the park is empty and not during picnic season. My dogs have on several occasions embarrassed me by popping up on the table to join a family picnic! These are a few of the land exercises you can use to get your dog ready for the water. Once you have read the training manual, you can invent your own dry land training. Of course, not everything can be trained on land, but it’s a great place to start. Have Fun in the Water When it is time to get into the water you may have to take a step or two backward in your training, as the dog has to become familiar with water added to the

Here are some water training tips from Kathryn Monroe. Water work, exciting as it is, with its 19 different tasks, 7 different articles, and multiple patterns of movement, really

Attend a water trial or water practice, and watch.

in our water trial is on developing a

• chained together, and *only after* they

team with your doggie. Have fun!

are solid on land, are • taught in the water The tasks are:

Kathryn M. For more info on our W.A.D.E. get togethers contact Catherine Gadd at

Three "Be by me" cues 1. Stay 2. Come 3. Heel Six "Object cues" 4. Mark ("the object is over there") 5. Go (or "go out") 6. Take (or "fetch") 7. Bring (also called "hold" or "keep") 8. Release (also called "give" or "drop")

9. Jump (also called "hup")

MAY 2003

and teach release at another time.

Most of all, remember that the emphasis

One movement command


want the dog to release the dummy. Be glad you've got a good "take" response,

• taught

exercises. Keep the sessions short and become very excited as you gather your

for dear life, don't say "NO" when you

boils down to 10 basic tasks that are:

fun, be inventive. Your dog will quickly gear to start a session.

grabbing that dummy and hanging on

And one pay attention/watch me cue 10. Ready (also called "watch") PWDCC Waterlog

The beginning of WADE (Working Aqua Dog Enthusiasts)

The 2002 WADE Group (from left to right): Donna Gottdenker with Millie and Vasco, Fran Archambault with Tugs, Laila, Roslyn Eskind with Motes, Sam, Connie McCandless with Tashi and Cathy at Royacker’s for the inception meeting.

Lorraine Wilson with Hogan and Water Trial Judge Chuck Robinson at the U.S. PWDCA National Specialty, 2002, in Wisconsin after successfully finishing their Junior Water Dog test. First of the group to successfully trial.

June 17, 2002, was one of the hottest days in 150 years in

Catherine put us to work on land practicing our retrieves,

Toronto. What better day to spend in the cool blue water of

stays, go-outs, takes, drops with the pups and then we lined

Royacker’s pond with our best buddies – dogs and people!

up to try our first Junior water trial practice! The dogs sur-

When we all arrived we realized by our unbridled enthusiasm,

prised us with what they could do, but after all, they are Water

that we certainly had the makings of the first Canadian PWD


Water Trialing Ladies’ group. Of course Catherine Gadd, now designated our official coach and humorist, brought her boat which turns from a pancake into a vessel in under 5 minutes. Her two dogs, Laila and Sam, were there for encouraging demos and retrieving whatever got too far away. Lorraine Wilson brought Hogan and all his eagerness to please. Roslyn Eskind was there with Motes, a veteran of water work. Fran

When all were tired out and cooled off, we refuelled with Cathy’s banana muffins and Donna’s Sagres beer and decided we would all work to compete at the PWDCA National Specialty in the fall. Lorraine came up with the perfect name for our team, W.A.D.E., (Working Aqua Dog Enthusiasts) and we would try to recruit new enthusiasts to join in the fun.

Archambault came with Tugs, much to the chagrin of Tilly who

PWDCC will be holding a Water Training Day in June – see the

will come next time. Connie McCandless was there with Tashi,

Event Calendar on page 7.

with the advantage of being close to Catherine’s training abilities. And I was there with Vasco and Milly who were definitely eager to get out of the heat and see what this boat was all about! In a true team like spirit, we managed to unfold and assemble the pancake boat in record time and so far, there was no yelling or fighting!

PWDCC Waterlog

Anyone interested in doing water work should contact Cathy Gadd ( Donna Gottdenker "Diving into Water Training for the Portuguese Water Dog" by Cynthia McCullough and all the water trial equipment is available at Note: Donna Vasco and Milly have been training for agility and obedience at Royacker’s Kennel in Ariss, and wish to thank Adrien and Susan for the use of their beautiful pond and wonderful facilities.

MAY 2003


Sniffingacrossthecountry… From Ontario

From British Columbia

The PWDCC presence at the the All About Pets Show was a ringing success.

Portuguese Water Dog Club of British Columbia 2002 Booster, October 27, 2002

Lot's of people participated and contributed the presence of their very well-behaved dogs. The booth and handouts were outstanding. The Parade of the Breeds were marked by PWDS strutting their stuff, retrieving and having a great time. Thanks to Lorraine Wilson for organizing everything, to Cathy and Mike Gadd for the use of Mike's exhibit structure, to Donna for organizing the merchandise, especially her mug program which is adorable! (mugs are available, $15.00 each) Thanks for being there with your dogs: Cathy and Connie with Laila and Sam Donna with Millie (mom) and Lotus and Blossum (4 month old pups who stole the show!) Jen and Matt with Ponto Jo with Anise Marlene with Maia Michelle with Lola

Presenting the first Christi Overton Memorial Perpetual

pictured at right:

Challenge Trophy is Christi’s mother, Sandy Overton. Winning

Lorraine and Hogan

the trophy for Best of Winners is J EWEL

Roslyn with Motes


Ann with Bogey

Donna and Susan Salvin. Susan is handling.


Paolo was bred by Katrina Jez and is owned by

Other booster winners were: Congratulations to

Open Dog and Winners Dog and Best of Winners



C AN C H . A RMADA ’ S H ELM ’ S A LEE , bred by Lana Langley

and Joanne Forsythe and owned by Teresa Zorad, Best of Breed

Open Female and Winners Female

at the 2003 Westminster Kennel Club show in New York in



Morgin Quirin and owned by Linda Adams



bred by

Best of Breed

From Alberta From Brenda Brown

C AN C H . A RMADA ’ S B OATSWAIN H ELM ’ S A LEE , bred by Lana Langley and and Joanne Forsythe, owned by Teresa Zorad Best of Opposite Sex

On April 29, 2003, we received "official" recognition from the


CKC for the Alberta PWD Club. What an endurance test!

Barbara Schmit and owned by George Winter

Visit us, the Alberta Portuguese Water Dog Club, at

Best Puppy in Breed



bred by


bred by Linda Hinkle and Linda Campbell and owned by Sybil Lambert 6

MAY 2003 PWDCC Waterlog





June 14

CERF Clinic with Dr. Melanie Williams Cerf Clinic Dr. Melanie Williams @ Fran Archambault’s house. All breeds welcome • start time will be at 10:30 am, booking every half hour • Location: Everette Ontario (near Alliston) • snacks and PWDCC merchandise available Details/registration, call Fran at, or at (705) 434-3209 for appointments Directions will be posted on on the Events page.

June 28-

Water Camp @ Huntsville Ontario • small private lake for the weekend • dog-friendly motel down the road • for dogs that can swim and retrieve and have basic obedience • limited space. Pre-registration required Details/registration, call Cathy Gadd at (416) 690-5977 or email Directions will be posted on on the Events page.

Sept. 7

Canine Good Neighbour Test and Fun and Info Day @ Royackers Check out to prepare for this worthwhile event. If you’ve done your basic obedience you can qualify.

Oct. 25

Hike Join us for the Fall colours and a romp in the woods. PWDs love to meet their relatives.

Cover Pup Claircreek Hyacinth, Lotus was born Dec. 27 2002, in a litter of 8 beautiful pups with human Mom,

Waterlog features planned for: Aug. 2003 Agility Nov. 2003 Conformation Shows/U.S. Specialty Feb. 2004 2002 Canadian Specialty May 2004 Water

Donna Gottdenker and Midwoof, Joan Prokopchuk, in readied attendance!! It was Mom, Milly 's (CH Aarion Emily Carr) first litter and she handled it like a pro!

Please put together your contributions for these features

while Dad, Vasco (CH Windsong Bold and Brassy) was

and other general interest stories about your wonderful PWDs

out with the boys. Right from the beginning, Lotus,

for publication in our next issues. We always want to hear

formerly known as, Gold, Black then Pink, (because

about the trials and triumphs of our brilliant companions and

she kept out growing her ribbon

will give you $5.00 off your next club merchandise purchase

colours) was a snugly gregarious

for every story used. Your pup could be featured on our cover

little pup – always the first one

masthead or the pupographies page, just send a photo and

to say hello with a waggy tail.

short story for possible selection. Send us photos (hard copies,

Lotus is well on her way to a

colour or black and white will be returned), or electronic files

career in show biz. Training for

of your images (jpegs, tiffs, eps saved at minimum 150dpi).

obedience, water work, agility

Text can be emailed or sent as a Word attachment to Donna

and confirmation are all under

Gottdenker, Waterlog Editor at or mailed to

way, so look out you big dogs –

Donna Gottdenker, 95 McDougall Road, Waterloo ON, N2L 2W4.

here she comes!!

Call her at (519) 885-9928, for additional information.

PWDCC Waterlog

MAY 2003


Raising Orphan Puppies Pawsitively Delicious

Training Treats

I know it happens to every breeder even-

Two of the pups, the smallest ones, did-

tually – a litter of pups that have to be

n’t make it past the first week – so sad

hand raised. It happened to me this

– but the rest managed to cling to life

year and while it was a stressful and

and grow.

exhausting experience, it was one I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

I can get along on a small amount of sleep, but I was beginning to notice my

The litter was born at 56 days, legs and

memory was very poor – that is to say

feet had no hair at all and they looked

worse than usual, and it was a great day

1 package good quality hot dogs

more like little mice than puppies.

when they slept four hours during the

paper towelling

Their dam was unable to care for them

You will need:

the largest flat baking dish that will fit in your microwave


and my biggest problem was keeping

At 7 weeks old they were smaller than

them warm while she tried her best.

normal but their behavior and develop-

Unfortunately, all she was able to do

ment of teeth is what you would expect.

was continuously lick them and then,

They were now on solid food – the raw

when they cried so piteously, sit on

chicken diet I use – and the only linger-

them. I had to remove her after a day

ing effects of their upbringing is that

Slice hotdogs quite thin, while semi-

because I couldn’t stay awake any

when I picked them up to cuddle or play

frozen, into little circles. Place on three

longer rescuing them from under her.

they only wanted their bottle. They

microwave air freshener and/or beeswax candle

layers of paper towels in large baking

They could not hang on to nurse and

would cuddle with Don, but with me

dish (one layer of hot dogs works best –

could only suck weakly if they were held

they just wanted FOOD!

I cook one package at a time). Put in microwave on high for 15 minutes or until dark and almost crispy. Start your candle and/or spray air freshener now. A word of caution – if you open your windows all the dogs in the neighborhood will come calling! But it may be worth the risk!

on one at a time. There were not enough hours in the day for Don and me to hold mother down and put puppies onto her.

every moment of it. Now. at 11 weeks

milk, one cup water, one tablespoon of

old they are robust, active little pups

corn syrup, one egg yolk and a few

and apparently normal in every way.

drops of prescription vitamins. I started

These little ones will always have a spe-

out using an eyedropper, then later a

cial place in my heart.

syringe fitted with a rubber tip, then a puppy nurser, and finally, a regular baby

they will smell even worse!! watch them

bottle. I was feeding them every 1-2

Turn them out on another paper towel to absorb any other grease and store in baggies in the fridge or freezer. When they are finished they are virtually

time I spent feeding them was a most lovely and precious time and I loved

They were fed a formula of 1 cup goat’s

BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN THEM – for the last few minutes.

It was hard weaning them because the

hours at first and it was an almost continuous task as each puppy had to be stimulated to eliminate after feeding. There are so many things Mother does that we take for granted – like keeping their eyes clean. Keeping them warm

grease-free and can be put in your

was very difficult and was accomplished

pocket, but must be well-guarded from

by putting them into a small wicker


laundry basket lined with towels and fur fabric. I put a towel over the top and suspended a heat lamp above it. They were finally quiet, comfortable and sleeping after the first 24 hours.


MAY 2003

Mavis McClintock PWDCC Waterlog

PUPOGRAPHIES NAME: Seashadow Renewed Hope, aka. Anise NICKNAMES: Baby Spice, Sita, Girly AGE: 9 months L EADER OF MY PACK :

Everyone in the family…except

Uncle Inca, we’re still deciding if he’s the boss or I am!

EDUCATION: Obedience courses…I’m the only puppy in my novice class but I’m keeping up with all the big dogs. Show handling, but then I have to forget that part about sitting for treats that I learn at the obedience classes. It’s so confusing!


FAVOURITES : Long walks in the forest,

wrestling Uncle Inca, barking at Uncle Inca until he chases me, being a lap dog, licking faces.


PEEVE : Burrs!! Anything that takes attention away

from me!! Not being allowed to go everywhere that my humans go!!


NON - CONSUMABLE : Kleenex, my

mother’s plants.


SKILLS : Jumping, standing on my hind legs.

My most favorite skill is my bear rug act, you know the one where I have my back legs stretched out all the way back and I look like I have no bones.



CHOICE: Uncle Inca, human sisters Tania,

Olivia and Ivana. Last but not least, chew toys. My favorites

BIGGEST CATASTROPHE: Hey, I’m a good girl! I really didn’t mean to make a mess when I got into the trash the other day.


are those nice soft fabric ones that my mom takes away from me before I can do any real chewing on them. She lets me keep those hard rubber ones and I can really get my teeth


both but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Getting tangles out of my curls can be a real pain.


DESTINATION : Anywhere! I love going out

into them!


ASHAMED OF : Well I can be a bit demanding

and yes I do get a tiny bit vocal when I want something and nobody is paying attention to me. I get very embarrassed

– does not matter where as long as I’m with one of my family

when people think I’m a poodle – how dare they!




Like Uncle Inca… the best dog in the world!

Your pup could be featured on our cover masthead or the

your images (jpegs, tiffs, eps saved at minimum 4”x 6”

Pupographies page. For the Pupographies page use the format

150 dpi). Text can be emailed or sent as a Word attachment

above and send us a photo. For the cover send a short story and

to Donna Gottdenker, Waterlog Editor at or

colour photo for possible selection. Send us photos (hard copies,

mailed to Donna, 95 McDougall Road, Waterloo ON, N2L 2W4.

colour or black & white will be returned), or electronic files of

Call her at (519) 885-9928 for additional information.

PWDCC Waterlog

MAY 2003


How to use the Member area of has a member-only area where we can chat, check up on club events, activity results, health issues, training concerns and anything else the members want to discuss. It’s simple and easy to use.

Accessing the Members Only Section

Using the Member-only FORUM

1. From the homepage, click on members box:

1. From the members page of the site click the FORUM button:

2. log on with user name and password. If you have any problems remember the system is case sensitive (upper and lower case as per your original log on. If you have any problems contact and I’ll help you out.)

2 a. If you’ve never used the FORUM before If you never used the FORUM you will have to register by clicking the REGISTER NOW button:

The FORUM is set up with topics under the headings of OFFICIAL CLUB INFO, CURRENT EVENTS, HEALTH AND SAFETY, ACTIVITIES (AGILITY, CONFORMATION, OBEDIENCE, TRACKING, WATERWORK) AND PUPPY (BREEDER INFO AND PUPPY INFO). We can add or change any of these topics as members’ needs evolve. Only the site administrator can post in the OFFICIAL CLUB INFO FORUM, but everyone else can post in the other Forums. In fact we need you to make this a lively and active area of club discourse, sharing triumphs, problems, ideas and interests. Although it looks quite formidable, it is quite easy once you get used to it. (This program was acquired as a template so we can’t change the pages.)

Here’s how you navigate around If you’re interested to see the OFFICIAL CLUB topics, you can click on OFFICIAL CLUB INFO

2 b. If you have used the FORUM before 3. choose from the menu items across the top of the page.

Once you register for the FORUM you will have to enter your username and password:

and you will go to a directory showing all the posts. Then click on the post you are interested in. If you click on the Topic Starter you will go to that person’s member profile. Or click on the last post at the right to go directly to it.

Here’s how you post a topic Click on the topic title of interest. Click on new topic button at the top right. Congratulations! You’re now in the membersonly area of the site. Check out the MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY where all our contact information is. The FORUM is our chat area, more about that later. The WATERLOG area has current and archived Waterlog issues in PDF format for everyone to have as a handy reference – you can view onscreen or print out. The HOME button gets you back to the homepage of the public area of the site.

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10 MAY 2003

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When Emma (Neocles Samador LadyHamilton) came to me in December, 1993, I would never have guessed she would eventually be living in the Algarve. Rehomed in 1998, her owners

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decided in September 2002 to take a long sabbatical in Portugal and would not think of leaving Emma behind. Getting her there was an interesting process. A company in Vancouver does these things…for a price, and they looked after all the paperwork, arrangements, reservations, overnights and a million other details. Emma’s family went 6 weeks ahead to do some sightseeing and get settled while Emma stayed with me. When it came time to travel, all the arrangements were in place and I took her to Nanaimo for a tearful goodbye.

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She was met in Vancouver and stayed over two nights while last minute details were confirmed. She then flew to Frankfurt, Germany, where she was met at the airport and taken for another overnight rest. The following day she flew to Lisbon where she was met by her joyous family. Meanwhile, I was waiting anxiously to hear of her safe arrival. You can imagine how relieved I was to get their call saying she had stepped out of the crate in Lisbon as if she did this sort of thing every day! She is having a lovely life on the beach and is making friends with some of the local

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dogs. Unfortunately, none of them are PWDs and her family have, so far, not seen any others. Who would have thought: like coals to Newcastle. Mavis McClintock

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PWDCC Waterlog

MAY 2003 11

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada New Membership Application The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada was formed for the benefit of Portuguese Water Dogs and their owners. The club provides an opportunity for us to have fun sharing our common interest and to learn more about all aspects of living with a Portuguese Water Dog. Our web site has general information and a protected section for members only at The Waterlog is our quarterly newsletter, available to members only, distributed on the web site and by mail. It reports on events, current issues and showcases our members and their dogs. The club also sponsors events that are fun and informative, including seminars and demonstrations on the many activities you can enjoy with our wonderful breed, all working toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle for our dogs. Annual membership is $35.00 (CDN) due at the beginning of the calendar year. Family membership is available at $35.00 for the 1st member and $10.00 for each additional family member. Please mail your completed application and membership fee to Lorraine Wilson our membership contact: Lorraine Wilson 29 Bingham Street T 905 884 9020 Richmond Hill, Ontario F 905 884-8439 Canada L4C 8Y7 Name Kennel name (if applicable) Address

Postal code





Please mail the Waterlog to me

Family Membership

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Dog’s Registered Name (for multiple dog households please copy this portion and submit for each dog) Call Name Date of Birth





How would you like to participate in the club?

What are your interests? (please indicate below) Conformation


Fun Days

Health Seminars


Water Work





Other (please specify)

I agree to abide by the Constitution and By Laws of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada (, and the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club (


12 MAY 2003

Date PWDCC Waterlog

Shopping New clickers and mugs available, check with Donna

2002 Canadian Specialty T-shirts

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MORE Views

Clockwise from top left: Three PWDs doing what they were born to do! Focused on shore, in topknot and harness, Motes, a 10 year-old bitch The Junior boat ride, Roslyn Eskind and Motes Leaping in, the Motes, it’s never too late to start water training

The Waterlog May 2003  
The Waterlog May 2003  

Official Publication of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada